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Top 10 Trending Career Paths after Graduation in 2024

What to do next? Graduation, the time when you are happy and confused at the same time because eventually, you have to think about what to do next to have a successful and trending career path. Many questions start popping in your head, what to do, how everything will take place, requirements, scope. All of these pestering questions will be answered in this article. But before you choose any career path after graduation, first, you have to resonate with yourself with your interest and passion. It will make it easy for you to make the right decision. Here in this article, we will study the trending career paths after graduation.


List of the most trending career paths after graduation


What are the Trending Career paths after Graduation?


Before starting the discussion on career paths after graduation, the question arises why to choose courses or pursue post-graduation after being graduated. Graduation is considered as important, but nowadays, doing further studies has become super important because it increases the weight of your CV, gives you depth analysis of your subject, salary is also higher for postgraduates than graduates, some companies prefer post-graduation while recruiting jobs.


The opportunities in career paths are transforming day by day due to expansion in social media, change in technologies, moving towards growth and passion, shifted focus on creativeness and talent, scope in digital marketing, advertising, and also the scope in freelancing.


“Trending career paths after graduation” contains the sum of options that are best for career development, are very progressive, and have a very great scope. There are many areas and fields that are now extending and advancing that’s why they are considered trending and when you choose them as a career, they help you in moving forward and provide opportunities to grow in the respective field.


Now, the Question Arises: Why the Trending Career Paths after Graduation?


When you choose the career paths after graduation that is trending and according to your passion and interests, it provides you the following benefits –

  • Secure future and scope of learning and development
  • Good flow of money
  • You will never lose interest
  • Plenty of opportunities for growth
  • Job satisfaction and happiness


Trending Career Paths after Graduation 


Here, we will discuss the career paths after graduation that are expanding continuously. Some are postgraduate degrees, courses, diplomas, freelancing. After graduation, acquiring a successful career is difficult, further studies, diploma, or courses certification takes you one step closer to your dreams or goals.


All the mentioned career paths after graduation have a large scope and will provide many opportunities for growth and development. You will find scope demand and all the information about courses in each field.


The Top 10 Trending Career Paths after Graduation are –


  1. Digital Marketing/Advertising


It is one of the highest-growing industries in India. Digital marketing refers to the promoting of products, their online development, making it reach out to a wider audience by doing digital campaigns. Due to covid, digital marketing has evolved continuously and there is a huge demand for SEO experts, social media managers and google ad experts.


The skills required for the job are creativeness, analytical, statistical, and technical knowledge. In this field, it is not necessary to have a marketing background, but to reach it out for a career, the certification in digital marketing courses can be really helpful.


The topics for certification in digital marketing are master in digital marketing, the whole google analytics, social media marketing, or the whole course of SEO, digital marketing, social media.


The duration of these courses varies from 2 months to 1 year. The other option is to pursue the post-graduate course in digital marketing that is a 2-year program. The salary for freshers in digital marketing starts from ₹15000 per month.



  • It is not limited to one path, it creates opportunities, there are so many options to explore and learn because it is versatile and it includes so many activities.
  • It has a high pay scale because of the increasing demand.
  • Freelance or entrepreneurship once you know it, you can work independently, you can provide services to the clients.
  • Right now, digital marketing is expanding, the need for a digital marketer is also increasing, plus it doesn’t require any specialized degree.


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2. Entrepreneurship


You can start your own business. It is the only career path that no one can teach you; it derives from experience and taking risks. The skills required for this career are innovation, networking, smart mind, and knowledge of the market.


Entrepreneurship doesn’t require a degree to build a career. It all depends on your skills and knowledge about the nature of the company. Still, it is not easy, you have to work hard on each step, be efficient, and problem solver. If you are a risk-taker, want to be independent and your boss, and have an understanding of the market, networking then it is the best trending career path for you.


Building your own business makes you a leader, and then you have to make yourself a successful leader by motivating others, being patient, and having updates about the problems. The government has also taken initiatives for the promotion and development of entrepreneurship and their guidance.


Once the business is successful, it has a good flow of money. With the success of the business, you will have an impact on society, like you will be able to provide more employment.



  • The main benefit is you will be your boss
  • It’s an independent profile, you will be able to work according to yourself
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • It has a good flow of money
  • You will be to create opportunities for others


If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, then check out How to Start Entrepreneurship in India


3. Travel and Tourism


The travel and tourism industry contributes a large part to the growth of the economy and is one of the most progressing industries. A huge percentage of employment depends on this field. It includes cruises, adventures, transportation, recommendation, food, entertainment, travel companies, hotels, financial services, currency exchange by tourists.


The job profiles you can apply for a tour manager, event manager, guide, transportation department, adventure guide or expert, travel agencies. The skills required for the jobs are problem-solving, hard-working, networking, good communication, and organizing skills.


If you like to travel, explore cultures and places, then there are many job options waiting for you in this industry and to increase those opportunities, either you can get a certification or pursue a diploma or opt the courses in travel and tourism. Also, you can introduce your own travel company. The beginning salary in this field varies from ₹15000-₹30000 per month.



  • A fastest growing industry, there are plenty of job options plus you will be traveling across the world.
  • It is adventurous, risk-taking, there are so many things you will explore.
  • You will adopt different skills, cultures, languages.
  • You can introduce your own travel company.
  • It plays a significant role in the economy and getting a job is not so difficult.


Recommended Read: Top 10 Travel and Tourism courses in India 


4. Content Writing


Content writing is one of the most creative fields in the world and has become a trending career path for growth and opportunities. It refers to expressing your ideas on paper, creating content either online (social media sites, blogs, advertisement) or offline (newspaper, magazines, pamphlet).


If you want to be a writer, you can opt for it. It doesn’t require a degree to build a career but for some institutions or companies, a bachelor’s degree in journalism or English is important. There are multiple job options you can proceed with for becoming a creative content writer, writing blogs, scriptwriter, product description.


The skills required for becoming content writers are originality, writing, some knowledge of editing and marketing. You can also become a freelance writer, do internships, blogging, and work from home.


Marketing is developing so fast and lots of companies require writers for the promotion of their product, development of content, either online or offline so it has a large scope and opportunities. The beginning salary in this field varies from ₹15000-₹35000 per month.



  • There are so many opportunities, not limited to one path – blogs, script, news writing, articles, product description, social media writing.
  • Freelance opportunities, you can work sitting at home.
  • It will develop your communication, writing skills.
  • There’s no degree needed to move forward in this field.
  • Companies also look for content writers for their business writing.


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5. Blogs/vlogs, Influencers


Vlog refers to the video content that can be done on daily routine, travel, or any particular product like you can become YouTuber, share content, gain popularity, reach out to a high amount of audience and many companies will reach out to you for their product promotion or collaboration.


By blogging, you can create a career in content marketing. It’s not compulsory to hold a degree for a career in blogging/vlogging, but it requires video editing skills and camera knowledge. So, you can go for a certification course and adopt camera skills. In this, you are working independently.


Similarly, for becoming influencers, first, you have to choose the type of content/niche you will be working on, then creatively you have to showcase it on Instagram account, gain followers, connect with the audience, network with other influencers. Then the companies will reach out for product collaborations, brand promotions, advertising. They can also reach for a brand ambassador, content developer for the brand.


Due to the increase in the use of digital marketing, vlogging, blogging, and influencers have become money-oriented fields and best career paths after graduation. The beginning salary is ₹5000 (it varies on the content and the amount of audience you are reaching.)



  • Companies/brands will reach out to you to collaborations or promotions
  • You will be showcasing your talent and creativeness through writings, videos
  • You will engage with many people
  • You will be making money
  • You will be able to motivate people
  • It’s an independent work, there are no restricted timings


6. Civil Aviation


Civil aviation is one of the reputed and best-paid fields. It includes all the activities related to the airline, whether it is manufacturing or airport management. This industry has a large scope because there’s always a high demand for air travel, and their work is on a large scale. 


The jobs profiles are aviation manager, flight instructor, airline marketing, airline reservations, baggage instructors. To join this industry, you have to gain a diploma or graduate in airport management or you can go for commercial pilot training.


The other courses are a diploma in aviation management, commercial pilot training, diploma in the aviation hospitality industry, diploma in ticketing management.


The skills required are communication, managerial, traveler, group management, and attitude for solving problems. The salary package for the commercial pilot is ₹5-₹12 lakh per annum and for other job positions, it starts from ₹30000.



  • You will be able to travel and explore different languages, cultures
  • You can build an international career path
  • It will develop your management skills, communication
  • You will be meeting new people daily
  • It can lead you to self-growth, confidence, finding new things


7. Hotel Management


The hotel management and hospitality sector are developing day by day and there is plenty of scope and opportunities in this sector. They add a large part of income to the service sector. If you are interested in making a career in hotel management, you can get a postgraduate degree after graduating in hotel management, or any other graduate degree or you can do diploma courses, certification courses in hotel management.


The duration of the diploma course varies from 2 months to 1 year. The skills required for this are problem-solving ability, communication and patience, and cooperation.


There are different departments where you can get jobs, hotel manager, housekeeping management, restaurant management, cruise ship management, kitchen management in hotels, resort management, or you can start your own business. The beginning salary starts from ₹10000, but it keeps on increasing after the training period and also it depends on your performance.



  • There are so many departments, job heads in this field, this creates the path for growth and development from time to time
  • You will travel, meet new people daily
  • Some hotels have training programs for their employees
  • It will strengthen your communication, management skills, and teamwork


8. MBA/MTech


MBA is considered one of the most reputed degrees. For doing an MBA, you have to clear entrance exams like CAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, and get admission to good colleges. Otherwise, in other colleges, you have to work harder to get the opportunity.


The eligibility criteria for pursuing MBA are graduation in commerce or B.tech. The advantage of doing an MBA is that you can choose your subject specialization between finance, marketing, HR, retail chain, international business, operations. There are different job profiles in each specialization.


By doing specialization in HR, you can go for HR managers, HR analysts, HR executives, and other administration profiles. Specialization in marketing includes marketing manager, brand manager, marketing research. Specialization in finance includes investment banker, analyst, finance officer, job-related to banking. The salary starts from Rs. 25000 per month.


If you have an interest in technology and are looking for great opportunities in the engineering industry, then M. Tech is the best option for you. Senior engineer, software developer, maintenance management, system designer, computer operator, lecturer, or professor are some of the job profiles you can apply for after M. Tech.


You can go for this course after B.E or B. tech. M. Tech after B. Tech opens the gate for opportunities as many companies look for it. The starting salary in this field varies from 35000-45000/-.



  • The curriculum is full of business-related scenarios, real-time problems, it prepares you for the unexpected things that can take place in the business environment
  • You can choose your subjects for specialization
  • It is considered as highest paying course
  • You can start your own business with full internal knowledge


Other Benefits:

  • For getting in-depth and insightful knowledge of the technology industry
  • Some companies prefer MTech after BTech while considering applications
  • It increases your knowledge while doing research projects and analysis
  • It increases your worth in this field

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9. Interior Designing 


It is the creative and designing field. There is a lot of scope and career opportunities in this field. You can become a designer of a particular department of house, office or restaurants, resorts. The concept of interior designing has evolved in recent years. It is not only about designing but also textiles, architecture, color, pattern, furniture, finishing.


The eligibility criteria for this course are any graduate degree, you can also do diploma courses or certification courses in designing. Further study courses are diploma in interior design, PG diploma in interior design. It is also necessary to know the details about SketchUp, illustrator programs.


To work as an interior designer, you have to get a license or certification but there’s a lot of practice required and you have to have expertise in this field. It’s your choice you can freelance, take projects, or pursue jobs under a reputed company.


The skills required for this job are creativeness, problem-solving, and artistic thinking. The starting salary is ₹30000 but, in some cases, it depends on the project you are holding.



  • It will help you in showcasing your talent and creativeness
  • You will able to work over in different fields
  • You can freelance, take projects or develop your own business
  • You can work independently


10. Journalism 


Journalism plays an important role in our society. Gathering information based on current events is journalism. It divides into two categories- one that is written (newspapers, magazines, columns); the other is technical (receiving information through radio, television, internet). 


The skills required for this job are excellence in writing, creativeness, research, and brainstorming. To master in journalism, you have to be graduated in journalism or you can pursue the diploma course in journalism that is for 1 year. You can apply for reporter, researcher, anchor, editor, feature writer, columnist. The starting salary is ₹10000 and increases further with time.



  • You will be able to explore and research different areas of the field
  • You will be able to travel, explore new areas, and meet new people
  • It will help you in strengthening communication as well as writing skills
  • You will gain a lot of networks


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Frequently Asked Questions:


  • How do I choose career paths after graduation?


You have to explore the ideas, careers, skills that match your interest and passion. You have to work on what you need as a career for the future, areas that develop passion and research on it or you can talk to the experienced person near you about the subject areas you are interested in, they will guide you for the best career path.


  • What are the benefits of doing post-graduation?


Post-graduation is gaining in-depth knowledge of what you have studied in your bachelors’ degree. The benefits are it will strengthen your skills and subject areas. It will help you in growing in the respective field. And the most important benefit is that some companies prefer post-graduation degrees while recruiting. Also, it leads to an increase in pay scale.


  • What are the benefits of short-term or diploma courses, how are they helpful?


Firstly, the duration of these courses varies from 2 months to 1 year. Plus, they improvise your skills and provide you with extra knowledge about the particular subject. They make you an expert in those fields. Hence, it is very helpful in gaining knowledge and moving forward in a short period of time. They are valuable, and many people are choosing these courses as career paths after graduation.




Whatever you choose to do after graduation, you do it for yourself. First, analyze your interests, passion your subject areas, then choose what course suits you the best or fulfill your demands.


There are plenty of opportunities out there but make sure your decision is correct. If you like to travel, you can become a vlogger. The aviation industry is also the best choice for it, you can work in the travel and tourism industry. All of these can be suitable career paths after graduation for you.


If there’s a part of your side that is creative, then you can opt for content writing, interior designing, and becoming an influencer. They are one of the best career paths after graduation.


If you want to develop skills in management, then MBA, hotel management is the best option for you but whereas if your interest lies in the technical part, then aviation and M. Tech is the good option. If you aspire to be a writer, then content writing, blogging, journalism, advertising can be the best choice.


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