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Top 10 Career Options To Pursue After 10th Standard In India

What is a Career? 

A career can be defined as when a person continues to do the same type of work. One can develop his or her career either by engaging themselves in a single type of job or by engaging themselves in multiple numbers of jobs. We can choose to work for a single organization or one can choose to work for more than one organization at the same time.

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It can also be defined as a process of preparing, coaching, and several works experience we gain from our present job or the number of years we have served. Doing some type of job for a longer period of time becomes very monotonous. We can never learn new things in our lives.


So, one needs to decide in a very brief manner how we choose to grow our career. Either we can choose to grow in an existing job or decide to change the career path. Career can be also be described as progress and measures we have taken for the establishment of the title we have achieved or what more we can achieve for a longer period of time.


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Types of Career paths:

Different types of career paths available are as follows-

  • Numerous distinct career– Our career paths can also be created out of different types of jobs which are not connected. For example, one can work as a radio jockey, then also opt to work as a sales professional, along with choosing to continue to work as an attendant in a restaurant. Each job profile is completely different from the other without related to each other. There is no way to anticipate what will be the next designation in each of the profiles. Since nothing is common between them, we can either see a rapid increase in the pay scale of one job profile or we can see just the rapid increase in the responsibilities in the other job.


  • Forge ahead within one occupation– Our career growth is also dependent upon the position we join in a particular organization. Along with it, one should also monitor that we should advance our existing position to a new designation with the passing time. For example, if one chooses to work in a banking sector as a cashier, then with time eventually one should move to customer service officer, along with handling the cash transactions and eventually one can move to the position of operations head and cashier head monitoring other officers and cashiers too. 


  • Boost in the same industry but not the position– This pathway includes continuing in the same industry, but not certainly in the same position. For example, if your goal is to become a manager in the fashion industry, one could start as a junior fashion designer, then move on to the position of the leader managing group of junior fashion designers and eventually move on to the head fashion designer. 


Some of the examples of Career path are-

  • Teacher
  • Editorial assistant
  • Customer representative
  • Sales professional
  • Human resources

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Let us study some Suggestions to find the right career options.

1. Network repeatedly– Regular connections with the older peeps, relatives can help us to develop professional connections and also help us to build a new network recognizing a new direction to our career path. No one knows which connection can take us to a new level of opportunity.


2.Be a long-time gainer– Change is a part of our lives. It always shifts to new technology and methods. Therefore, one should always continue to learn things related to their profession or business they own. Staying active on social media platforms and socializing on regular basis with people also helps to gain knowledge about what is going around. Existing certifications that are own by one should be reviewed and updated on the regular basis as the expiration of some of the certificates is near to three years only as new changes come every day.


3. Staying updated regularly with the industry news– Reading on regular basis plays a very important role. It gives a brief knowledge about what is going around the world and its impact on the industry, job, or business profession where we work. Staying updated helps us to grow in our lives at a new height.


4. Proper plans along with flexibility– Planning can be considered as a good strategy but holding on to the particular plan for a longer period of time can be proven to be a wrong strategy for anyone. One must be flexible enough to adapt to the new changes and new opportunities ahead of them and not be stiff with a particular career choice. Analyzing what is important as prioritizing as per the situation is very important for a successful career path. We should always try to try something new which is not in our comfort zone and try to grow in the right way.


5. Always be prepared for job transfer– As we move on with the career path, we have chosen but it can happen that the industry in which we are moving might not give us the growth we plan and expect in the long term. Then we should always be prepared for a job transfer which can include a transfer into a different city as well along with a salary and designation hike as well.


6.Be ready for sideways progress– Updating existing certifications we have or also pursuing extra knowledge courses to stay updated with the recent changes is also very crucial. As we know, that methods and strategies keep on changing with time. For example, the strategy to increase the sales numbers 2 years ago might not be fruitful at present. Therefore, staying updated with the recent news also helps us to progress hugely.

 Is a job the same as a career?

Career can be defined as wherein you have the training, necessary education required and also the work experience required for your growth which can be changed with time as per the requirements.


A job can be defined as wherein you work in the same field of profession or work in the same industry for a longer period of time to get a paycheck every month. 


The actual difference between a job and a career is your perspective and frame of mind with which we choose to work with.

  • People who chose not to do a job always aim for goals for a longer period of time. They start planning about what all they can do to achieve their goals.
  • Starting a job as a fresher might require us to work hard to get a high paycheck. It also requires a lot of time to grow in a particular designation. But working in low-profile jobs might not give you a higher paycheck but can be important for your career growth and the right experience required.


We can understand the difference in this way- If we are playing a game, it will definitely have many levels to end the game. But it is on us how we complete it. Either we choose to stay at the same level and play in different sections or we choose to go to a different level each time we play and end the game with a different experience.


How do you proceed in your journey?

Consider your career journey as a ladder which we need to climb one by one. Each step we climb up gives us a complete experience altogether.

  • At one profile, we might learn new skills and techniques but
  • At another, we will develop new interests.
  • As we climb the ladder, we get closer to our career goal we want to achieve.


How can you supervise your career?

The options we choose at present have a great impact on our future. All the activities we take part in, all the training we undertake, all the part-time jobs we do, experiences we gain at present play a very important role in how do we proceed to reach our goal.

Some of the important things we should keep in mind to manage our career are as follows-

  1. Constant learning is very important. To keep on growing and learning we can consider short-term diploma courses or certifications courses too to keep ourselves updated.
  2. We should also learn to balance our professional and personal lives
  3. Evaluate the sense of purpose
  4. Options can change over time, so we should also focus on reviewing our goals with time for career growth.

Importance of choosing the right career path-

Choosing the right career for ourselves is one of the most important decisions of our lives. We earn money to maintain our standard of living, fulfilling our basic needs on daily basis, and also enjoy the luxury items available. For this choice, the right career path is very crucial.


If we go by the figures, we spend almost 70% of our life on our work. So, if go by the number of years we live 30 years of our lives is spend on the work we choose to do in our lives. Some of us also go by the career which we like to take forward until our retirement. Therefore, choosing the right career decision at the beginning as per an individual’s satisfaction level is required.


For some people, it is easy to monitor what they want to achieve in their lives but the majority of them stay confused about choosing the right career growth for them. We always tend to choose a career as per the brand name we want to work, as per the peer pressure given by society as the society always tends to compare two different mindsets of people to work in the same profession.


One of the wrong career choices that people make is as per the paycheck they will receive in a particular job or an organization and not as per their goal and satisfaction level. They can also end up getting a job as per the paycheck but in the end, they remain unsatisfied and unhappy. So, the key to it is to analyze your requirements and interests and take a well-thought decision.


Career planning involves Four steps process which includes-

1.Knowing Yourself– We should begin by thinking about what we are doing at present, what we want to achieve, and how to do what we want to reach our goal. Once we analyze properly our skills, interests, and target we want to achieve we will continuously start working on it. We can begin by asking the following questions to ourselves-

  • Where I am now?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What result do we want from our job or business?
  • What are our likes and dislikes?
  • What are our strengths and weakness?
  • What is the importance to me?

At the end of it, we will have a clear idea about our goal and the individual preferences we make towards our decision.

2)Detecting Yourself– Exploring a greater number of choices and options should always be considered before concluding. To get in-depth knowledge about our options research is an important factor. Following points should be kept in our mind to detect ourselves-

  • Researching about the occupation and areas that interest us. Also, learn about the skills we need to develop to match up to our expectations.
  • Realizing the gaps which are there to grow in our career.
  • What are the skills required?
  • What are the very options available to develop our skills?
  • Where will I find the right type of job or business process?

At the end of this step, we will end up finding the right set of options for us.

3) Potential to make the right decisions– This step can be defined as a proper analysis of the number of options available to use, shortening them to our choices, and selecting the right option which suits us then. We should ask ourselves the following points such as-

  • Proper research about the advantages and disadvantages of the options available.
  • We should keep a greater number of options for us so that it becomes easy for us to choose.
  • How do my skills fit our current responsibilities?
  • What are my strengths and weakness?
  • How can I work upon it?

At the end of this step, we have shortened down the options and we will have clarity about what options are important as per the current situation and how can we work upon them to achieve our career goal.


4) Taking necessary action– In this step we need to work upon the steps required to take the final action. It involves the proper use of skills we have developed, the training we have undertaken, everything we have studied to take our plan to the next level. We should be asking the following questions to ourselves-

  • Amongst all the skills we have developed what can be used at present to start?
  • From where can I get help?
  • Who is the one who can help or support me?

At the end of this step, we will have a proper plan to execute further options, for example, the amount of research we have done and the amount of work experience gain till now.


Career options available to pursue after class 10 are-

After class X board exams, the biggest question which comes to every student’s mind is which stream should they opt for. Choosing the right stream will help them to pursue further their career choice. If we speak about every stream, it has its own career opportunities but choosing a correct stream becomes very difficult. If we take the example of Sachin Tendulkar, he did not clear his 10th exams he failed in it but still, he was clear about what he wanted to become in his life.

But we need to ask ourselves first that are we clear on our goals. It doesn’t matter what we choose our goal to be. We don’t need to choose our goal in the education field. We can choose our career either into sports or into other extracurricular activities. But we need to be clear on what we aim for. Some of us are clear on what we want to become but many of us are confused.

So, some of the questions that come to our mind are:

  • How to decide what to do after class 10?
  • Which stream should we opt for?
  • Which board stream should we opt for?
  •  Should we opt for Arts, commerce, or science?


There are a lot of options available nowadays which confuse us with which option to opt for. Here if we take the help of a career counsellor it helps us to give the right direction. They take us through a career assessment as per the required skills we have and help us to pursue further with a proper roadmap. Many of the students are not aware of this option of a career counsellor, they believe consulting them is a wastage of time and money. But one needs to understand that apart from our parents, relatives and friends, who could give us their suggestion as per the trend and the competition but a counsellor would guide us keeping in mind the skills we hold.


Mistakes To Avoid when choosing their career options after 10th-

1)Behaving like a herd– One of the common mistakes that students do is choosing a career path which their friends or a larger number of students opt around them. But they need to understand that everyone is different in their own way; everyone has their own skillset. Their capabilities are different and unique from each other. We must choose a career which we think we want to opt for rather than behaving like a herd and following our friends.


2) Society pressure– This is considered to be one of the most common problems in India. Students tend to take their career decision as per their parents’ choice as they always choose to compare their child with other children. Choosing science or commerce thinking it has more career options is completely wrong. Instead, we should choose to go to a career counsellor to take the right decision.


3)Insufficient knowledge– There is a lot of career options available nowadays. Several career options available now were not available 20years ago. And it is also not possible for each of us to have complete knowledge about every option in detail. Therefore, professional guidance is a must for all of us.


Career options after 10th: –

  • Science is considered to be one of the most popular streams that students opt for. And it is also considered to be the favourite stream of parents.
  • This stream offers many career options such as medical, engineering, IT and one can also opt for a research career.
  • The best thing about choosing this stream is that we can choose to switch from science to arts or commerce if we think that we don’t want to continue with the science stream but we can’t choose the other way round.
  • If we choose to take the science stream it helps us to increase our problem-solving capabilities.

Who should opt for the Science stream?

  • If someone is interested in technology and numbers fascinate them, then this is just the right option to choose. 
  •  Students can opt for physics, chemistry as well as for maths. 
  • If someone wants to pursue his career in the medical field then one can opt for biology, chemistry, and maths.

In case someone has maths phobia then they can opt to become a doctor wherein choosing physics, chemistry, and biology will be sufficient. 


  • Commerce is considered to be the 2nd favourite stream for parents and students after science.
  • If numbers and economics together fascinates you then commerce is the right stream for you
  • If someone chooses a commerce stream for themselves then they can choose many options like MBA, chartered accountancy, or also choose to become an investment banker also.
  • Anyone pursuing commerce should also have commercial knowledge which is very important for the business.
  • One should have a curiosity about numbers and economics too.

Who should Opt for Finance stream?

If you have a curiosity about accounting, numbers data, and in the business world then commerce is the right stream for you. Apart from MBA and chartered accountancy, there are many numbers of options available so to get a clear understanding of it professional career counsellor plays a very vital role in someone’s life to make a career choice.

  • After science and commerce nowadays the importance of arts or science is also increasing day by day.
  • After considering arts also students can choose to have many career opportunities.
  • Career options available under the Arts stream are journalism, languages, history, etc
  • Other well-paid options available are designing, performing arts, etc.
  • One should be self-creative and self-expressive

Who should opt for Arts/ Humanities?

If you think that you are creative enough to proceed with your career path then humanities are the best option for you. But like science and commerce, even arts or humanities also have many career options. Therefore, here also one should consider approaching a career counsellor.

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