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Choose Your Best Career After 12th in Bhopal

12th has been the most important and crucial part of one’s career path. Being prepared to do our best in 12th is one side of the coin while choosing your career after 12th lies on another side. Both are equally important. This article gives you a brief overview of career after 12th in Bhopal.


The image highlights career after 12th in Bhopal

As per the different streams available in 12th like Science, Arts, Commerce or polytechnic courses after 10th, we provide you the list of choices available in choosing the right career after 12th in Bhopal (known as the city of lakes). The list includes the regular Under Graduate courses available in each stream and also the professional and the niche courses that can be pursued for a promising career which offers lucrative pay as well.


This article mainly focuses on the below agenda.


1) Courses after 12th Science stream

2) Courses after 12th Arts stream

3) Courses after 12th Commerce stream

4) Niche courses


Let us delve into each area in detail that helps to throw some light on the options of career after 12th in Bhopal.


1)     Courses after 12th Science:


People who have pursued 12th science have a myriad choice of options in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, and Science as such. Each undergraduate course provides different insights into a specialization that can be chosen based on one’s interests.


a) Details on Engineering:


Engineering mainly deals with the invention, building, and designing systems, devices, machines which is one of the most popular courses in India. Usually, the course duration is 4 years.

It offers different courses and below are the popular choices which many opt for.


  • Computer Science and Engineering: If you are more into IT/computers, then this would be the right choice for you. It intertwines Computer Engineering and Computer Science fields. Main subjects include software development, networking, programming, and others.


  • Electronics and Communications Engineering: This stream deals with designing, researching electronic equipment and also involves the manufacturing of circuits, and electronic devices. Main subjects include Digital Signal Processing, Electronics and Devices circuits, etc and job opportunities will be manly in telecom and software industries.


  • Civil Engineering: This is professional engineering which involves the art of planning, and construction of infrastructure like roads, dams, buildings, townships, ports, etc., the fieldwork mainly deals with construction companies, builders, etc. for designing and constructing the physical models. Main subjects include Surveying, Structural Analysis, Geology, etc.,


  • Aeronautical Engineering:  This field deals with studying and developing aircraft and spacecraft. It also has a different wing called avionics which deals with the electronic side of aeronautics. Major subjects include Propulsion, Aircraft Performance, and structures, etc.,


  • Mechanical Engineering: This field involves with design, manufacturing, and operation of machines. It mainly deals with mechanics of the systems wherein the main subjects include Statics and Dynamics, Materials engineering, Solid Mechanics, etc., The underlying concepts are very interesting but the area of Mechanics is huge as such.


  • Chemical Engineering: This field mainly combines chemistry and engineering to solve the problems in chemical production. It mainly deals with the study and design of chemical plants and equipment for better productivity. Main subjects include Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Industrial chemistry, etc.,


We also have other fields in Engineering like Textile Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Agriculture Engineering, etc., which provides a myriad number of options in diversified areas. Many reputed institutes/colleges like IIIT Bhopal, VIT Bhopal University, and RGVP Vidyalaya exist that can be checked further for an enchanting career after 12th in Bhopal whose details can be checked more on their respective websites.


We also have B.Arch. (Bachelors in Architecture) which mainly deals with studying and practicing architecture. It will be a 5 year under graduation program which combines both theoretical and practical methodologies in architecture to equip individuals as licensed architects.

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b) Details on Medicine:


People who have opted for Biology instead of Mathematics in their 12th will usually specialize and take up courses in the field of Medicine. Below is the popular choice of courses that can be taken up in the area of medicine.


  • MBBS: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) has always been an evergreen field in medicine that awards with a doctor degree. Duration will be 5 years which includes the main subjects in Anatomy, Medicine, Drugs formulation, and surgery.


  • BDS: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is another path in the field of medicine which specializes in dental surgery. It mainly deals with the dental study, which is the 2nd most popular stream after MBBS. Main subjects include dental pharmacology, pedodontics, dentistry, etc.,


  • BAMS: Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) is the most alluring field in Medicine. Ayurveda is now emerging to be promising future with its ancient techniques to improve the healing power of the body. Major subjects include Charaka Samhita, Astanga Hridayam, etc., Another parallel degree is BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) which mainly deals with the study and practice of homeopathy.


Apart from the above popular streams, we have other courses available in Medicine like Nursing, Physiotherapy, etc. which can also be explored and taken up. Prestigious medical colleges list in Bhopal include Gandhi Medical College, AIIMS (All India Medical Sciences), Government Homeopathic Medical College, and many others that offer a bright career after 12th in Bhopal in the area of medicine.


c) Details on Science:


Apart from Engineering and Medicine, we have different science courses/ degrees in the field of Pharmacy, Dairy Technology, and Naturopathy whose duration differs from each course. We also have B.Sc.(Bachelor of Science) which is a 3-year undergraduate program to specialize as zoologist, biologist, chemist, etc., For a career after 12th in Bhopal in science stream, you can check out the courses offered by RKDF University, Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University, etc.,


2)        Courses after 12th Arts:


Arts has been an interesting career option who would like to study and specialize in specific areas like History, Psychology, etc., It also offers many courses in literature and fine arts which are listed below.


a) Bachelor of Arts(BA): 


This has been the most popular degree course among arts stream under graduation. It offers specialization in diversified majors in Mathematics, Physics, History, Political Science, etc., It is a 3-year duration program that enriches one’s perception of society to be a responsible citizen.


b)Bachelor of Fine Arts(BFA):


This option is highly effective for those who are interested in visual arts especially painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, fabrics weaving which in other words is called a decorative form of art. It is a 3-year duration program and is the best choice who wants to have a career in the creative field.


c) Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC):


This option is suited for those who want to join the media industry and who want to start their career as anchors, news reporters & other roles as a journalist & in the Ads field. It is a 3-year degree program whose major subjects are Public Relations, Television Journalism, etc.,


d) Integrated Course: BA & LLB:


Those who opt to start their career in Law can opt for this integrated course which is of 5-year duration. This is an integration of Law and Art subjects and law being the main part of our constitution. Main subjects include Administrative Law, Corporate Law, and other legal methodologies which equip law aspirants to gain full knowledge and start their career.


e) B.Sc. in Hospitality & Hotel Administration:


This is a 3-year course which can be taken up by students who want to start their career in event management, hospitality & hotel administration. Main subjects include Retail management, event management, customer handling, etc., After gaining the degree, students can opt for job opportunities in travel and tourism agencies, tour operators, etc.,


In addition to the above, we have other courses in Fashion Technology, Animation, and Multimedia, Interior Design, Aviation courses that can be useful for a bright career in the respective fields. Top colleges which offer some reputed courses in the arts stream include the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, RKDF University, Regional Institute of Education, etc., whose details can be checked at their websites to pursue a career after 12th in Bhopal in the field of arts.


3)     Courses after 12th Commerce stream:


Those who are fascinated by finance, management, and numbers can opt for the under graduation courses after 12th commerce which is a very bright and lucrative career. This field imparts more knowledge on the economic aspects of society. Students who are less interested in Science but fascinated in Mathematics & Economics can take up this cherishing course in the 12th itself and then build up their career.


Below are the popular and common courses opted in the area of commerce:


a)Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com.):


This is a 3-year undergraduate course that provides an outline of complete business scenarios including accounts and economics along with procurement and selling of goods etc., Main subjects include Financial Accounting, Business Economics, etc., and students can make their career in finance, accounts, and management industry.


b) Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA):


This is a 3-year undergraduate program that can be opted by those who are more aligned towards management which helps to hone entrepreneur and decision-making skills. Major domain subjects include Business Administration, Taxation & laws, HR and Production Management and even we have specializations in areas of Marketing, HR, finance, and others.


c) Chartered Accountant (CA):


This is a 5-year duration course which is suitable for those who are interested more in accounting and taxation. This is one of the highly paid career options which is challenging and demanding. You can work as a financial advisor, auditor and once the course is completed, CA becomes a member of ICAI (Indian Chartered Accountants Institute).


Main subjects include Auditing & Assurance, Advanced Accounting, Business Laws, Corporate and other laws, etc., It also has fundamental and intermediate level courses to gain more in-depth knowledge.


d) Company Secretary (CS):


This is majorly a professional course which is widely taken up by commerce students to join the industry for maintaining legal activities, records of an organization. It involves the study of taxations from an investment and financial perspective and the duration depends on the level of the course being pursued. Many job opportunities lie in the roles of legal advisor, corporate planner to help companies maintain & plan their finances, taxes, etc.,


e) B.A. in Economics:


This is a 3-year undergraduate course specialized in the study of quantitative & qualitative aspects of economics. Major subjects include Microeconomics, Statistics, Macroeconomics and it provides a wide range of opportunities as an Economist, Finance, and Budget Analyst, Market Analyst, etc.,


We also have an integrated course for B.Com. & LLB that can be taken up based on the areas of interest. Many reputed institutes in Bhopal like Rajeev Gandhi College, Career College, Vidyasagar Institute of Management offer courses in the commerce area whose details can be found at their respective websites to kickstart your career after 12th in Bhopal in the area of commerce.


4))     Niche Courses


Apart from regular undergraduate courses, we have other professional and niche courses which can earn a high-paying job with a good career path.


Below is a list of some of the courses that one can explore according to their interests. Most of them are online courses that can be pursued at home and are not restricted to Bhopal. Here is a brief outline for those who incline in taking up an interesting and challenging career after 12th in Bhopal.


a) Content Writing :


This has been one of the highly popular courses in the creative field wherein you contribute content to the industry. It especially deals with content creation on internet channels, e-books, blogs, etc., to become a certified content writer. One can choose this career option if you can express your views in writing along with good research skills.


If you are can play with words and articulate your thoughts well, then you can become a professional content writer with the Best Content Writing Course


b) Digital Marketing:


This has been one of the interesting and trendy career options in today’s world wherein you reach a larger audience with the help of the internet. It includes a diversified curriculum like content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc.,


For more information about digital marketing, you can have a closer look at the Digital Marketing Course Training in Bhopal


Learn the advanced concepts of digital marketing from the experts with the Best Digital Marketing Course 


c) Ethical hacking course:


Ethical hackers also known as white hats and are skilled in gaining authorized access to a computer. This is more like hacking into an unknown system for an ethical purpose unlikely as black hats. It is a part of the information security field wherein companies use ethical hackers to test their vulnerabilities and improve their data security.


You can check out the Certified Ethical Hacker course offered by ITE (Institute for Technical Education) for making an interesting career after 12th in Bhopal.


You may want to read our article on Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Bhopal


d) GST certification course:


After GST has been implemented in India, the demand for GST-certified personnel has increased exponentially. Those who are interested in accounting can check out this short-term course where the Good and Services tax, taxation rules, etc., can be studied. A wide range of opportunities is available for certified GST practitioners, who are in huge demand as of now.

Learn all the concepts of GST from basic to pro levels with the Top GST Certification Course 


e) Data Science:


In the recent times of this internet era, the role of data scientists has been increased and it is one of the demanding career options. If you are fascinated by finding insights in loads of data and interested in statistics, then data science will be the best choice.


Machine learning has been one of the important segments of data science and mostly R or python programming language will be taught as a part of the curriculum. You need to be a bit of programming intrinsic and you will find this career path amazing. Explore more on the courses offered by IntelliPaat in Bhopal for more details.


Above are some of the trending niche courses which can be explored and the list is inclusive. At the end of the day, it depends on the individual to pick up their choice of dish savoring their taste among the plenty number of choices in the buffet.


I strongly recommend doing your bit of research with the above overview of choices on career after 12th in Bhopal and expand your learning horizon to have a bright career.


Happy Learning!!


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