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101 Best Free Business Listing Sites in India In 2024

 If you own a business and you want more and more people to connect with you, you first need to show your business. For that, you need to be at a place where your potential customers are more active. When they see your business on the website, then they will get attracted to it. In this way, you will get more potential customers every day. Now you must be thinking about how to attract them?


List of 101 best business listing sites


The answer is business listing sites are the best options to attract more potential customers. Business listings are the digital form of a phone directory. It carries all the local business information along with address, phone number, and other necessary details. It is one of the best ways to get off-Page SEO links.


These sites consist of local business data. In present digital times, business directories are considered to be local search engines. Scroll down to discover the most helpful 101 free business listing sites in India.


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What is a business listing?


Business listings list information on search engines that shows your business name, address, phone number, and all other information, including your website. It means that you will promote your business to the target audience.


For any local business, creating a business listing is very important.  It’s the first step for digital marketing. Hence, business listing sites play a very important role in growing business.


You must list your business on as many relevant local websites as possible. It is the best way to increase your business visibility on search engines. In addition, every new listing you create increases the chances of being found by your potential customer.


In short, business listing sites can be considered as the digital version of business information, just like yellow pages. Business listings are broadly divided into two categories. One is for a particular country, and the second one is for a global listing. Both are helpful for your business.


Local listings work better if you want to increase the online presence of your business. Search engines believe in the accuracy of your business information. Suppose your business has an online presence. It also boosts the chances of ranking on the top for local searches.


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History of Business Listing Sites


Before discovering search engines like Google, the business listing sites were go-to places for all information gatherers.

If we see back, business listings were born to give the required information as per need and preferences.

The internet created many different websites. So each business started owning websites.

With time it gets crowded with sites. It gives rise to the demand for some structure that can help people to locate any website. That is how business listing comes into existence.

Some of the most popular business listing sites include Google my business, yelp, etc.


Types of Business Listings

There are two types of business listings

Free business listings

Paid Business listings


Google My Business, Facebook, Bing, Yelp, etc., are some of the most popular business listing sites where you can list your business.


In paid business listings, you can list your business in paid manner. In paid listings, you will get many additional benefits and advanced features to promote your business.


Many business listing sites offer features by giving options like reviews, ratings, and comments. As a result, your business will get more reviews and ratings. Positive feedback will attract more customers and more revenue to your business.


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What are the benefits of business listing?


There are many benefits of listing your business online. Important ones that will help you take a step ahead to get success your business are mentioned below:


  • Getting registered on any business listing will help your business to sustain better in the time of competition.
  • If you provide all the information about your business correctly, your business may rank on the top in Google search results.
  • You can list your business on a high-domain authority website to attract more potential customers.
  • Business listings will redirect more traffic to your website. Make sure to manage your website smartly to engage your traffic.
  • Most Business listings are pocket-friendly. In addition, you can easily register your business on any free business listing website to increase visibility.
  • Online business directories allow users to give reviews and ratings about their experiences. Positive reviews and ratings will increase online trust in any business.
  • The business listing will increase the online visibility of your business.
  • It will improve the online reputation of your business.
  • Local listing sites are known to provide original business information. Interested ones should always provide genuine business information.
  • Easy to use on mobile.


When you list business details correctly in more than one digital business listing directory, it will increase the trust of search engines. It will ultimately increase the chances of ranking your business on the top in local search results.


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How to choose business listing sites?

Before selecting digital business listing directories, you must keep few things in mind.


  • Websites should be spamfree:


Suppose you are visiting a website to get some information. That website is full of promotional advertisements. It will make your experience unpleasant. In some cases, you can’t get the needed information. You immediately jump to the next website. Avoid registering on such sites.


  • Good domain authority:


Try to select a site with good domain authority. Because obtaining a backlink from business listing websites will pass with domain authority. You can easily find the domain authority of any website using many tools. A list of business listing websites along with domain authority is covered in this article.


  • DoFollow link


Not all free listing sites in India provide hyperlink options. Therefore, one needs to ensure there should be a balance between no-follow links and hyperlinks.


What is required to register on business listing sites?


Local business listings play a very important role in keyword ranking in Google search results. If you complete your business listing, then your keyword will boost very fast in search results. Google will trust your website more as it has your name, phone number, and address.


If your sites have good reviews and ratings, Google will give you more preference. Adding quality images will increase the chances of getting more clicks for your business.


 You will have required following important things for business listings:


Business name/title: Always use the original business name and title in this field while listing your business.


Address: Always use an original address with no alterations. Using the original address will increase trust in your business. People will believe in your business more when they see the local address mentioned is authentic.


Local Phone number: Google guidelines always supports local area code phone number. In the last few years, it has also started supporting toll-free numbers.


Finally, you will get business verification by postcard, phone number, and email. Ensure all the above-mentioned required things are ready before listing your business on free business listing web directories.


What more do you require to get a high rank in nichebased search results?

You need to optimize few more things while registering for niche-based business listings.


  • Images or logo of your business or brand:


Here you need to upload the logo of your brand. Seeing the logo of your business will help people to recognize your business. In addition, it will communicate the most critical information about your business visually to your potential customers.


  • The tagline for your business:


It is mandatory to fill this section while registering on any business listing web directory in India. While filing this section, you have to fill all the keywords smartly. It will help your keywords to rank successfully in local search results.


  • Description about your business:


In this segment, you have to provide information about your business products and services. Then, you can describe your company and business in brief.


  • Categories section:


This segment will help people to identify your business. In addition, it will help the listing be more accurate according to the need.


A business needs lots of details while registering. A good and accurate description will help businesses to reach people who are looking for the same.

In current times, many business listing web directories are used by many businesses to stay connected with their customers and find new target audiences.


How to list your business in business listing sites?


There are so many digital business listing directories that carry the registrations of thousands of businesses. Once you select the few niche-based online business listing directories, follow the below-mentioned steps to register your business.


To list your business on any, you can follow the belowlisted steps:

Step 1: First, go to the business listing site of your choice

Step 2: Create your business account

Step 3: Fill in the details of your business name

Step 4: Give proper contact information

Step 5: Add some description about your business

Step 6: Add some suitable keywords relevant to your business


How to register your business on Google map?

Observe the below screenshot.


Example of business listing


You can see the business listing of IIM Skills Delhi in the above screenshot. It helps people to locate any business on Google map.

Now, the question comes how to register your business on Google maps?


It is mentioned below in four easy steps:

  • Open Google My Business and click on get started.
  • Write your business name and address in the search box.
  • Add your business address.
  • Select your business listing if it appears in recommended matches. If not, click on “Add your Business” and provide all the critical business information correctly.


Google takes 1-2 weeks to send a verification pin through a postcard. This verification is done to list your business on the local business listing.

In the end, confirm your business listing. Finally, set up a Google + page to get verified.


The Best Free Business Listing Sites in India


A list of business listing websites with domain authority is mentioned below. You can select them according to the requirement, domain authority, and type of business you owned.


Sr.No.Free Business Listing WebsiteDomain Authority(DA)




A scenario in India about business listing websites:

Marketing plays a significant part in growing and gets success in any business. Here, you need to ensure that you are working with a proper methodology or not. The absence of a good methodology will prompt some essential blunders. Mostly these are the reasons for the most problems.


The listing sites help with the advancing thoughts and administrations in regards to the customers’ business. Assuming we talk about the idea of Indian clients, they are keeping an eye on the site’s traffic more.


For listing business online in India, you will get heaps of alternatives. The interested people will sort out details identified with the traffic first. It can help people in dealing with different elements. Choice of the Business posting webpage plays a significant part in regards to online business reputation.


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Frequently Asked Questions:


1.On which site can I post my business listing for free?

Most of the sites mentioned above are free. You can select any one of them as per your requirement.


2. How do I register my business for free on Google business listings?

Sign in to your Google account. Then, go to Google my business page. Fill in name, address, phone number, and other details correctly. In the end, get verified by Google.


3. What is local SEO?

Local SEO mainly focuses on optimizing so that it can be seen in local search results.


4. How can I refine my local SEO?

Start by making Google my business account. First, get reviews and ratings from your happy customers. Then, optimize your voice and mobile search results. Finally, take benefits of the business listings.


5. Why should you list your business in the business listing sites?

Listing your business will help more potential customers to connect with you. It will also build trust and improve the online reputation of your business.


6. Are online business listings websites in India free?

Yes, most of these leading business directories are free, including Google my business listing.


7. Can I register my business on more than one site?

Yes, you can.



Business listing is the basic step for digital marketing for your business. Register your business on any business listing site to take the first step for your marketing strategy.

Start with business listings to grow your business many folds using digital marketing strategies.

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