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Best Freelancing Sites For Beginners in 2024

In this article, today let’s look at the best freelancing sites for beginners so that as a novice you can make an informed decision on which sites to apply for. 

Best Freelancing Sites For Beginners


About Freelancer And Relevance In Todays Times:

A “freelancer” is a person who is not specifically employed by any organization but is self-employed and earns by working with multiple clients at one time. Freelancer workers can be categorized as self-employed business owners, project-based workers, staffing firms, etc.


During today’s times especially from the time, the pandemic has started, more and more companies are encouraging people to stay at home and work, wherein full-time positions are diminishing, contracts and freelance work is picking up which includes highly technical roles such as software development, statistical analysis, and big data applications.


There is a dire need for freelancers and many businesses will consider using more freelance help soon.  If you are a beginner then freelancing sites are the best possible source to earn money. Some platforms are very easily accessible and you can easily find jobs that match your skill levels and interest.


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Why Should You Use A Freelance Platform

Most of the experienced freelancers will advise beginners against using freelancing sites to get freelancing work. It’s never a good idea to remain completely dependent on freelancing sites for work.


However, that’s not the case for a beginner freelancer who’s just starting. New freelancers need to struggle at the beginning to establish themselves and win the trust of the clients to get work.


A beginner will get free hand experience with freelancing sites to write great proposals to convince the clients that you are one of the best. Writing great proposals is the stepping stone towards a successful career. 


Pros And Cons Of Freelancing Sites: 

A coin has always two sides to it that way using freelancing can have its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of using freelancing sites:-

  • It is immensely important for beginners to land up with work
  • It gives the flexibility to work on multiple projects at the same time 
  • It gives freedom to work on your terms without interference from anyone 


Cons of using freelance sites:-

  • You will have to pay expensive fees on various freelancing platforms 
  • You will have to showcase work in a positive light and build a portfolio to create a strong impact in the mind of the employer which can sometimes be difficult.
  • There’s a lot of competition since there are a lot of freelancers on freelancing sites


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How Much Do Freelancing Sites Cost?

Freelancing sites all do charge that’s why it’s essential to look into the aspect of the charge before signing on any platform.

E.g. UPWORK charges 20% from each of your jobs.

               GURU deducts 5 to 9 % after completing a task.


How Do You Decide If The Site Is The Right Platform For You?

Each freelance site will have different job listings, hence you need to do a quick search to see if the job listings are related to your job category. Try to find a platform that is apt for your job category.


So Which Freelance Site Is Best?

There are countless freelance sites available so you can’t label anyone as the best since different sites are meant for different job categories. Some sites are best for designers, some for software developers, and some for writers. So extremely popular ones can work well for some and in some cases can have their own set of disadvantages in terms of competition. So one needs to figure out what works well for them.


There are a few sites that have very low competition like Free up, Cloud peeps, Go lance, Outsource, College recruiter, freelance writing gigs.


Tips For Getting Your Profile Approved

  • Choose a smaller niche 
  • Write a very attractive profile 
  • Sometimes keep a display photo also works 
  • Provide some glimpse into your portfolio
  • Take tests related to skills wherever necessary 


Best Freelancing Sites For Beginners

For General Freelance Jobs:-



Freelancing sites image 1


  • FIVERR is user-friendly and one of the top-visited freelancing sites for beginners which cater to a large number of professionals.
  • FIVERR protects the confidentiality of the sellers and employers by making use of the state of art anti-fraud and data security measures.
  • It’s very convenient to use and one doesn’t need to be very tech-savvy and charges a very minimal fee and this platform will help you to market your service easily. 
  • One of the unique benefits that this platform offers is that the freelancer’s profile can be accessed along with their reviews which makes it easy to hire them.
  • An additional advantage that can help a buyer in their decision making is the way that the system works by having freelancers post about their services and work samples.


   FIVERR in short provides the following benefits:-

  • Secure payment gateways 
  • Secure Personal Details of the Freelancer and Employer 
  • Seller Rating & Feedback 
  • Multi-category jobs 
  • Freelance Marketplace 



freelance sites image 2


  • UPWORK also comes under the top best 5 freelancing sites for beginners and offers a variety of jobs from hourly to fixed projects, long term projects, and even entry-level to expert tasks that can be easily performed online. It is a place where freelancers can market their services, offering them highly competitive rates.
  • This portal charges 20% for every jig.
  • They have a variety of job opportunities in almost every category which makes it the most sought-after website with more than 9 million active freelancers having their profile on this platform.
  • One of the distinct advantage that it offers is that freelancers can send billings to employers that reflects the number of hours worked for hour based contracts.
  • They have a similar benefit to FIVERR which allows easy and secure payments.



 Freelancer is also one of the best freelancing sites for beginners since it has a huge base of freelancers and clients and about 12.6 million jobs are posted on this portal. It is one of the popular sites among freelancers since it allows them to market their service easily and support all types of professionals from data entry operators, software developers, writers, marketers and accountants, and engineers.

The most unique thing about this portal is 

  • It offers safe and secure payments 
  • It helps to monitor the time spent on tasks, share data, and check on the project progress.
  • You can additionally upload your skills profile for prospective employers to see and also allows you to bid on the best projects easily.


4. GURU 

Guru is one of the best freelancing sites for beginners which offers 4 key benefits:- 

  • It is one of the easiest systems built to work online, to run a business, or work for an agency
  • It is the most cost-effective platform which provides all the tools subsequently charging the lowest fees in the freelance market industry.
  • Safe pay Payment protection ensures payments are carried out smoothly. 
  • Dedicated support team available 24 by 7.
  • Guru also deducts 5% to 9 % payment successfully after completing a task.



Servicescape is also one of the best freelancing sites for beginners which have around 3, 02,000 plus completed projects and 89,000 clients.


  • With Services cape you can browse freelance profiles and view each professional’s portfolio in detail.
  • Finding your professional is just a few clicks away 
  • The purchasing process is hassle-free 
  • Communication with clients can be done in numerous ways by sending a message, making a phone call, etc.



HUBSTAFF TALENT is one of the freelancing sites which enables you to get jobs related to designing, writing, and marketing, development or any other freelance field than Hub staff talent is most appropriate for such professionals.

  • This platform enables people to work full time, subject to conditions. 
  • You can enter personal details and once someone likes your service you will be notified via email.



PEOPLE PER HOUR is a UK based platform and one of the best freelancing sites for beginners.

  • It’s not just a Freelance platform but it comes with relevant features that help you to manage your business with ease.
  • You can access invoicing tools, proposal review tools, in-app messaging to serve your customers with ease.



  • TOP TOTAL is an exclusive network of software developers, designers, finance experts, product and project managers all across.
  • With TOP TOTAL, you get to connect with the leading employers including leading Fortune 500 brands and several start-ups 
  • Applicants undergo a rigorous selection procedure and only the top 3% get to work with TOP TOTAL  



  • This portal is one of the best freelance sites for beginners to find flexible freelance opportunities and is there in the marketplace since 2007
  • It pays the highest rates as compared to others to the freelancers which gives it an edge over the others 
  • With Flex jobs you can get access to over 33,000 jobs from over 52,000 companies in 55 different categories 
  • For new subscribers, you can get up to a 30% discount on your subscription 



  • DESIGN CROWD is a customized design marketplace that uses crowdsourcing and this service hosts more than 6,00,000 freelance designers to help companies find content to design contests 
  • It’s easier to make payments to freelancers through this portal



  • TRUELANCER is one of the best freelancing sites for beginners which offers online jobs, work from home jobs, virtual assistance jobs, marketing trainers, etc.
  • The best part it can be accessed from a browser, android, and iPhone device.



  • ZEERK website offers numerous categories like website reviews, writing, posting article, blog, etc. It has an added advantage of a built-in transaction and conversation management system to give feedback to the employer.




  • CRAIG’s principal feature is that you are connected to others in their local area, and won’t be confined to just one city.
  • CRAIGLIST is a very good option to start if you are looking for a writing job line.
  • It is one of the portals where employers are constantly submitting new jobs.
  • CRAIGLIST has an add-on benefit in that it does provide details regarding the project, contact, and email address and you can contact the client directly related to that project.


  • SQUIDDO is the most ideal and best freelancing site especially for beginners since it allows anyone without a blog or website to begin writing and start working online.
  • You will get to work at various platforms such as AdSense, eBay, and Amazon and hence you will have an opportunity to earn a subsequent amount of income by working at such multiple platforms.


3. ProBlogger JOBS 

  • ProBlogger JOBS is one of the best mediums for freelance writers who wish to work online or secure full time writing jobs.
  • It is considered to be one of the best bloggers guides in the industry 



  • FREELANCING WRITING GIGS is one of the most popular freelancing blogs that writes and publishes content about free-lance writing gigs
  • It also offers email alert options for freelance writers who get notified of the entry of new freelance writing gigs. 



  • CONSTANT-CONTENT is one of the best places for freelance writers to make money online.
  • CONSTANT-CONTENT has one of the sternest editorial standards, but great marketplace and demand make it one of the best freelancing portals.



  • CLOUDPEEPS web portal focuses on freelancing work related to marketing, copywriting, social media, email marketing, etc.
  • This site allows you to work remotely and has thousands of professionals working under them as freelancers 

You can additionally go through this link to find Top Websites to offer freelance Content Writing Jobs.





Below mentioned are freelancing sites for beginners in the field of design:- 



SMASHING MAGAZINE is a freelancing website for beginners which is especially meant for professionals skilled in design e.g. web designers, graphic designers and software developers, software engineers, etc. Through this portal, you will be able to easily get full-time and part-time jobs.



Freelance sites image 3


With the 10X Management portal, they hire the best tech talent from the world of developers, data scientists, blockchain experts, application specialists and give them placements with the world’s leading tech companies. 




Freelance sites image 4 

99 DESIGNS is one of the best freelancing sites for beginners in the field of design and they hire professional designers with over 90 design skill sets. 

  • Professional designers are proficient in various skills such as creating logos, branding, websites, packaging, and more. 
  • Professional designers are available all across the world from Frankfurt etc.
  • 99 DESIGNS portal has got excellent customer ratings and reviews from clients all across the world.



  • It is one of the best freelancing sites for designers wherein employers can compare prices, portfolios, and select the most exciting talent to work with.
  • It is a user-friendly portal wherein you can share files with inbuilt messaging and job management tools and the job can be completed within the stipulated amount of time and after several revisions.



  • One of the best portals which hire the world’s topmost designers such as product designers, design researchers, etc. 
  • It’s the most trusted portal and over 60 thousand companies have hired designers over Dribble.
  • They hire designers and creative professionals in full time or freelance roles. 



  • coroflot employs industrial designers, product designers, programmers, digital marketing managers, project managers, exhibition designers, and visual designers  
  • It  connects with designers all across the world 
  • coroflot is a free online portfolio and one of the largest targeted at hiring designers and other creative professionals.





Freelance site image 5


  • ANGELIST is the number one hiring platform wherein they engage with the start-ups and help them to build a team.
  • Your profile tells startups about your profile in depth and lets you apply to any job that you’re interested in 
  • They strictly adhere to the privacy norms and maintain the privacy of their clients  



  • GUN.IO hires the best freelancers, developers, designers, and project managers.
  • With GUN.IO one gets to work with the most innovative companies like Amazon, Cisco, NBC Universal,Zappos.com
  • Your GUN.IO profile gives an in-depth summary of your qualifications, thereby you get paid basis on the skillset rather than the rate.
  • GUN.IO ensures you get hired faster by standardizing contract and employment terms and supports during freelance or salaried engagement.



  • LOREM is one of the best freelancing sites for beginners and with LOREM you get access to the top 5% of freelancers in the LOREM network 
  • You get hired by the industry experts for the job 
  • Freelancers are hired to build a new website, for any marketing strategies, customize your website, and debug any error that occurs on the website.
  • Boost Online Sales, improve SEO, and increase traffic.
  • Add on the benefit that you get with LOREM is that you will get expert help for every tool that you use for your business like Word Press, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Web flow, Privy, Shopify, Square Space, etc. 



  • Codeable hires the best Word Press, developers.
  • Faster developer engagement with same day response times 
  • Codeable team matches skillset of the freelancers with the requirement of the employers before allocating work 



  • GIGSTER TALENT NETWORK employs highly skilled developers, project managers, and designers from all around the world.
  • This portal offers the flexibility of working from anywhere and when you want on the clients and types of projects you are passionate about.
  • You will be remunerated proportionate to the skillset that you possess.
  • GIGSTER team handles the sales and administrative part so that you can focus on the work


You can go through this article to know more about freelance digital marketing beginners guide:-



Freelance Video Editor Jobs (Websites)


  • PRODUCTION HUB is especially useful for people who want to work as video editors 
  • You need to first create a profile to respond or bid on projects 
  • It helps you to apply for a full-time or part-time job.


  • MANDY website is dedicated solely to the TV and film production work 
  • Here you can get jobs as composers, casting assistants, editors.


3. STAGE 32 

  • STAGE 32 is a US-based site for people who work in television, film, and theatre.
  • This site has jobs such as documentary editor, film production designer, and screenwriter



  • ASSEMBLE employs creative persons such as directors, creative videographers, editors, and motion artists. 



How Many Freelancers Are There?

As the popularity of a platform increases there are remote chances of landing up a job. So to find the right opportunity, one needs to find a freelancing site with the lowest competition. So the right approach is to find the freelancing site which has the least number of freelancers.


Don’t Rely Too Much On Platforms 

Freelancing sites can be a great way to start and learn more about how things work when you are online. However, too much dependency can cost you at times.


These sites are constantly updating and changing their price schemes. You will never know when the account will get banned and there is always very high competition amongst other freelancers who will be there to surpass you.


So once you get a foothold in this freelancing industry and you learn the basics of freelancing and you get alternate options to working, eventually you can leave freelance platforms completely.


That way you won’t have to pay fees to be on that platform or compete with other freelancers. You can then use job boards to find work and find clients who are ready to pay according to your skillset.


How Do Freelancers Get Jobs on Freelancing sites for Beginners?

There are various resources from where you can get freelance writing jobs for beginners. There are various sites but you only need to identify credible sites to avoid getting scammed.


There are many instances of scams since many advertisers advertise very smartly who advertise jobs and also use your work very smartly without paying. So one needs to be extra vigilant at all times when using freelance sites. 


Final thoughts on freelancing sites for beginners

One of the biggest mistakes most freelancers do is they sign up on multiple sites and create multiple profiles to increase the chances of landing up a job. Signing on multiple profiles can cost you a lot of money besides you will also lose focus. Hence as a beginner, one must create profiles on a maximum of 2 to 3 sites to enhance career prospects in the future. 


Courses to enroll in for a greatly successful career 

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