Top Websites To offer Freelance Jobs In Content Writing (Updated List)

Freelancing is a work culture mostly pursued by people who do not want to limit themselves to a 9-5 job or those who want to try something else in the side along with their regular job. Freelance jobs in recent years have gained a lot of popularity. The facts and figures which show the extent to which a freelance content writer can earn has got many young minds to a state of curiosity where they want to be clearer about freelance content writing.



So, even though it has been mentioned a hundred more times, here is a brief description of what is freelance content writing and then we will jump into the depths of this topic.


So, the short and easy definition of freelancing is, unlike a regular job with a regular income, freelancing is completing assignments and getting paid for them individually.


In this kind of work, clients come with assignments, requirement details and deadlines, which when completed and delivered results in the writer getting paid for the same.


The most discussed benefit of freelancing is that it allows flexibility in terms of timings to work and freedom to make decisions. There is no fixed number of hours one should work as a freelance writer neither is there a time slot to start or stop work.


One can start working at any time they are comfortable keeping deadlines in mind. As an employee, one is bound to be a part of the culture of the organization, but here maintaining those disciplines makes no sense.


With these many benefits, there are some challenges in pursuing this kind of work. The challenges in this work are:


        Inconsistency: There is no fixed number of assignments one may be asked to do. One may find many writing opportunities this month and possibly find no clients the other month. Depending upon how strong is the content writers profile on freelancing platforms, the flow of clients may fluctuate. Experienced and highly rated profiles are more likely to get clients easily. While these may sound hard, but the reality is freelance content writing is still less crowded, therefore increasing the chances of getting hired. Writers are earning as much as $100-200 per article. So depending upon the approach to get clients, one may find good content writing opportunities in freelancing.



        Payment: Because of the inconsistency in freelance content writing, there is an inconsistency in payment as well.



This creates problems, especially for beginners. Therefore many times these writers are suggested to do this along with a job until they find stability in freelance content writing.


While there are people who are making five-figure incomes through freelance content writing.


As mentioned above, depending upon the profile strength, ratings, and feedbacks earned and the quality of service one may find good freelance content writing opportunities.


One needs to be very focused and comfortable to take and deliver freelance content writing assignments.


Now that we have this much context to understand what is freelance content writing, let’s have a look at the websites which offer content writing jobs.


The Top sites to offer freelance content writing jobs are as follows:


Websites are gateways for content writers to start and find freelance content writing opportunities. These websites have been really helpful for writers who are trying to find freelance content writing opportunities, as in this world of the internet, one can receive freelance assignments from around the globe. Earlier, it was way difficult to find freelance content writing opportunities, even when the internet was there. These websites made it possible for clients around the world to reach out to the writers and assign them tasks online.


While there are a bunch of freelance content writing websites, and many of them have been set up recently, few of the many websites are highly rated and trusted.     


Here are the best websites which offer freelance content writing jobs:


  1. is a website that offers freelance job opportunities in almost every genre. connects the clients to the respective freelancers. When a client searches for any genre, allows the client to choose from the hundreds and even thousands of freelancers from that particular genre. Later the client and content and make a deal with the freelancer.


This platform has witnessed remarkable growth in freelance content writing. This platform has possibly the highest number of freelance content writers compared to freelancers in other genres.


The interface of this website is beautifully designed. It makes the entire procedure very comfortable from both ends. Very interestingly in freelance content writing on, the writers can create plans for the clients.


These plans are categorized into basic, medium and premium depending upon the number of words delivered, research made, proofreading and many other factors the prices of these plans may vary.


If the client wants to make a deal at price other than the plans offered, they can create customized orders and directly deal with the freelance content writers.


Those who are interested in freelance content writing are recommended to give this website a try. It is a highly recommended website for freelance content writers and also for those who want to start freelance content writing.




Freelancer is another such website that offers freelance content writing jobs. Along with freelance content writing jobs, there are other genres also, in which offers services. While the structure is much like the previous one mentioned, here the writers have to bid on the client’s assignment to get that deal. This means, here that freelance writers have to look for assignments available rather than a client looking for writers.


Unlike there is no such one on one contact between the client and writer from the beginning, later on, after the bid has been accepted the writer and client may contact each other.


This is also a platform crowded with people looking for freelance content writing opportunities. Freelance content writing has been the most preferred option amongst the people who want to start freelancing.  has been a great platform for many content writers. There are evident examples of writers who have made loads of money from freelance content writing on


It is a highly rated website, popular for freelancing opportunities. It is amongst those websites which were the first to offer legit freelance services.


People who are interested in freelance content writing are recommended to give this website a try. The above-mentioned features are the reason Freelancer makes it to the list of best websites that offer freelance content writing jobs.


  1. is a very popular website for freelance content writing.


It is one of the oldest freelance content writing websites. Unlike the websites mentioned above for freelance content writing which along with content writing opportunities also include freelance opportunities in other genres, is categorically dedicated to writers.


This platform is purely meant for writers who want to start their career in freelancing. The structure is much like the previous website mentioned which is making bids on the existing assignments and tasks.


This website is recommended for those who want to start their career in freelance content writing. The opportunities here range from very low to extremely high payouts for the deals depending upon the expertise and demand of the content. This can be a great way to start a freelance content writing career because this allows exposure for writers to understand how the freelancing industry works. The writers can learn how to deal with employers and also learn business communication through experience.


While there are so many benefits of this website, there are also strict eligibility criteria for one to qualify as a writer. The website ensures quality service and therefore the writers are asked certain questions to answer after which the profile is reviewed.


It takes 24 hours for the entire evaluation procedure and then finally the writer gets to know if he is accepted to start freelance content writing on or not.


This is one of the highly-rated websites which offers freelance content writing websites. Many writers who make up to 200$ per article have started their careers here as freelance content writers.


The above-mentioned points are the reason makes it to the list of best websites for freelance content writing jobs.




Elance is another such website that offers freelancing jobs along with freelance content writing jobs. Now popularly known as, this website has achieved great heights in terms of popularity and number of users in a relatively less period.


This also does the same to connect the business owners and companies with people available for freelancing. The freelance content writing opportunities have grown tremendously in this platform and there is possibly the maximum number of content writers for the freelance content writing on this website, compared to any other genre on the same website.


There are evident examples of successful content writers who started their freelance content writing career on this website. Because of the popularity, many major businesses when required, look for freelance content writers, therefore, increasing the chances for freelance content writers to work with reputed companies.


The payout is this website is also good depending on the number of words to be delivered and the requirement of the client.


This website has been performing very well ever since it was established. It does the job of being an interface that connects the client with the writers very well.


The above-mentioned features and key points are the reason makes it to the list of best websites to offer freelance content writing jobs.


  1. is amongst the very first websites to offer freelance content writing opportunities. This website is solely dedicated to providing freelance content writing opportunities only. Unlike many other freelancing sites, this website is for bloggers and content writers.


Many major companies have trusted this website and have regularly used their services. This increases the chances for the writers to work with reputed companies. The payout here is also good, and with the increase in profile ratings, reviews, feedback, and experience one can earn a decent amount from this website.


Many successful entrepreneurs have started their freelance content writing careers on this website and have earned quite well from this website through freelancing.


This website has been a great medium for both clients and writers to find exposure to a broader world where communication is easy and there is a variety from which the clients can choose.


It is a very popular and highly rated website. It is one of the most recommended websites for those who are starting their career in freelance content writing. It is also advised for people who want to start their freelance content writing, to keep the prices low in the beginning to allow more consistent customer flow.


After achieving ratings and good reviews, with a strong profile, one can demand better payouts.


The above-mentioned key points and features are the reason makes it to the list of best websites for freelance content writing jobs.




The above-mentioned websites are some of the best websites to offer freelance content writing jobs. These websites are highly popular and have produced many successful bloggers, entrepreneurs, and content writers.


The freelance content writing is definitely for those who do not want to limit their work culture in a 9-5 job. It is also for them who want to work along with their job according to their flexible hours of work.


People who are only looking for money may find it difficult to find freelance content writing opportunities, but one who is passionate about content writing may succeed in long-term plans.


The hustle in freelance content writing is as much as any other job. This is because of the uncertainty and inconsistency in the flow of clients. There is always the next thing to take care of in such freelance content writing works.


The above-mentioned websites were the best sites for freelance content writing and aspiring writers may try them out.


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