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Top 10 Expert Tips to Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing has become a very popular way of earning over the years. From contract to freelance jobs there are plenty of opportunities available for those who want to earn from freelance writing but opportunity comes up with challenges. Despite plenty of opportunities available, earning as a freelancer is not a cakewalk and because of a lack of expert tips and tricks, many new freelancers give up too easily. If you don’t want this to happen to you then read out this brand new article on 10 expert tips to become a freelance writer in 2022. 


List of best tips to become a freelance writer


What is Freelance Writing?


A writing profession performed by non-permanent employees for different publications and organizations is called freelance writing. Check out here the definition, types, and advantages of becoming a freelancer.


Definition of Freelance Writing:-


Freelance writing is a type of professional writing done by professionals or trained writers. And freelancers are those who work for different jobs and organizations without being a permanent employees. Freelance writers don’t belong to one publication or organization instead they submit their write-ups to whoever pays them for this.


Freelance writing has become a hot commodity, especially in the digital age where everyone looking to make their websites and blogs or social media pages and for these platforms, they need content that can be written by either permanent writers or freelance writers. There are three types of freelance writing: Content Writing, Creative writing, and Technical writing.


Types of Freelance Writing:-


Now, you know about freelance writing and to become a freelance writer you should know about the freelance writing gigs available in the market so that you can choose the best writing gig as per your expertise and interest.


  • Newspaper Article:- In this type of writing, writers have to write articles that will publish in newspaper columns they can write editorials, political articles, and interviews for a newspaper.


  • Website Blog:- Writers write blog posts and articles exactly like this article to publish on websites on the internet and share their knowledge with the world.


  • Technical Writing:- In this type of writing, special writers write on a particular subject for specific readers.


  • Creative Writing:- This type of writing needs creativity and in this type, writers write about short fictional stories, song lyrics, scripts, etc.


  • Copywriting:- This type of writing contains content for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook Twitter content and Google ads, etc.


  • Ghostwriting:- In this writing type, people write for other people and websites but by keeping their identity hidden they write novels in the name of others simply they write for others but don’t get the credit.


  • Email Writing:- companies want writers to write advertising emailers to send their customers to buy things or for the announcement offers etc….


  • Book Review:- In this writing typewriters write about the book authors so that people can get an idea about the book and decide whether to read this book or not.


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Benefits of Becoming a Freelancer:-


Think it yourself you are in a job but not under a boss, not under an individual client or company, no one is there to scold you, no one is there to tell you about working hours and your work schedule, you are not compelled to work on a single type of project you can do anything of your choice.


So here let’s see the benefits and perks of becoming a freelance writer:-

  • Freelance writers can write anything or everything as per their choice
  • They can work for any company or individual
  • They can access lots of creativity
  • They have the freedom to choose their projects
  • They can offer their service to different platforms like Upwork or Fiverr at the same time
  • They can access different types of projects and work experience in their lifetime
  • Flexible hours for work as per their convenience and comfort
  • Learn from different people and experts
  • They have their salary as per their expertise which is very much high than permanent employees.


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Why Hire Freelance Writers?


Just think if a company or website gets a full-time permanent employee who will work as per their demand and on fixed hours with a fixed salary then why anyone will hire freelance writers with almost everything against their demands? Is freelancing worth it??


The answer is YES, freelancing is worth it because there is not only one company or website, there is huge digital competition among people to rank on Google’s first page or to provide the best content on the internet. And this cannot be done by a permanent employee because he has many workloads of a company and also does not have that much knowledge about the subject which can get ranked on Google’s page.


So for this job they look for a freelancer who has very good and broad knowledge about his subject and can write without any pressure completely work on his convenience and comfort. And the most important advantage that they can have, they are not compelled to work with a single writer, they have plenty of options available for freelance writers to choose from.


So that’s why companies or clients will always look for freelance writers for their writing jobs instead of permanent writing professionals. So now you know the definition, the types, benefits, and future needs of freelance writers but these are not enough to become a freelancer. There are some expert tips and tricks you should know to not fail in your fields or to become a freelance writer. Let’s dive into the 10 expert tips to become a freelance writer.


10 Expert Tips to Become a Freelance Writer:-


Not only in writing but expert tips and tricks are required in every field and profession and by professionals to become the best expert in their niche. Despite every knowledge, if you lack the best tips that will make you different from your competitors and help you to level up your game you will end up failing in your area so that’s why tips are very important to excel in your talent and be unique.


1. Generate Great Content Ideas


You are a freelancer or you are a permanent writer working for an organization or publication. So you will have to focus on generating great content that your reader or your clients will love and wants more from you. Having good quality content will always be an asset in your freelancing career and always helps you to grow more and earn and this will be very effective for you to become a freelancer.


For this, you can daily read newspapers your favorite blogs and magazines, and articles of your own choice from all these sources you will not only have good content for your article but also plenty of amazing ideas to work on.


2. Find Your Niche


You should know that the market has been changed. Now people are not looking for an all-rounder but they are finding someone who is a specialist in a particular niche and have the expertise in that field so finding a perfect niche to further work on is very important. Along with niche, you should also decide on your writing gig and what type of service you are going to provide to the market. For writing gigs, you can check the article above. If you find it difficult to choose a niche for you then you can consider these questions before starting a freelancing career:


  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. What do you love to talk about?
  3. On which topic you will never feel bored?
  4. About what you can learn and gain knowledge throughout your life?


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3. Develop Your Skills


Tell me a single field or a single profession where skills are not important or where you can be a grandmaster without having proper skills. NO ONE.. right. Exactly there’s no field where you can be good or very demanding in the market without having proper skills and planning. So here are some good skills you should have to brush up on before starting a writing career in 2022.


  • Brush up on your grammar, you should be very good at grammar for this you can refer to some videos from youtube and learn the basic grammar like parts of speech and punctuations and article and determiners and also you should have a treasure a vocabulary not very high fi words but powerful words.


  • Essential Elements, you should know about the article trend that right now which types of articles are in demand and once you know this start to get knowledge about this and practice those things at home.


For example- Now SEO based articles are much in demand so you should be familiar with this term and should know how to write SEO based articles so that you would not lag in the competitive market


And also you should be aware of some tools and techniques which other writers are using to improve their work like Grammarly, Hemmingway editor, plagiarisms checker, etc.


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4. Work With Freelancing Sites


One of the biggest challenges faced by freelance writers is finding jobs as freelance writers. To overcome this problem you can start working on some freelance writing sites but the problem is there are tons of freelancing websites which is the legit one? So you can start working on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr as a beginner, these are some good platforms that will help you in landing your first job this will also help you in creating a good portfolio and get experience with a wide range of projects and clients.


Also, it will help you to find your jobs forever in your life you can apply for different types of writing jobs in your writing gigs and as you gain your experience slowly you can increase your pay range.


5. Connection With Clients and Writers


“Network Is Networth” is a golden rule for every freelancer to grow their business and work throughout their life and everyone should follow this to establish a strong writing career. So when you will start working on freelancing sites and will meet with different types of clients try to establish a strong connection with them and also get in touch with the best writers in your field.


It will be helpful for you in the way that whenever anyone needs a writer or a freelancer for their work your writer’s friend and your clients can recommend you to them and you will never lack freelance writing jobs.


6. Suitable Workspace


Working from home is the most tempting notion for every writer. You have things in your mind that you can work in your casuals, you can wake up on your own time and you can stop working whenever you want to and your fridge full of your favorite snacks is just a step away from your workplace.


But all these things can be the biggest distraction to your work efficiency and can stop you to work on time and start to make you a procrastinator. So to overcome this you should find a workplace for yourself where you can be very much effective in your work and can complete your assigned job on time. For this, you can either make a suitable workplace in your home or you can either to any coffee café shop to work there.


7. Start a Blog


You will need a permanent place or platform where you can write your articles and publish them and also your clients can directly contact you for this there is nothing better than a blog. So you should start your blog on the internet and this will only help you to connect with people or showcase your talent but also you can generate some extra amount from this as your passive income.


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8. Keep Learning, Keep Growing


The only mantra for lifetime success is to keep learning and keep growing Freelance writers or anyone who wants to get the success, they have to learn and gain knowledge every day to be the best. And as a writer, it will help you a lot as you will never dry out of ideas because learning can give you as many ideas you want to write on so try to make a habit of one hour of reading every day and you can write as much you want to.


9. Practice Saying No


You should know when you have to say yes and when you should say no as a freelance writer because you cannot accept every work given to you. Sometimes maybe the work is not suitable and sometimes there are your other priorities too so keeping all these things in your mind you have to accept any job.


This is also helpful in making you trustworthy and straightforward in the eyes of your clients because you will choose only those projects which you can deliver on time and this is something every client is looking for in a freelancer.


10. Learn Business 


Freelancing is another name for business so before starting freelancing as your career you should also learn how to do business. Business is a very broad spectrum and there are a lot more things to learn as a freelancer. To learn about business and apply this in your freelancing to grow and establish yourself as a great freelancer with good talents and experience in your life ahead.


Here Are Some Additional Tips That Are Also Given to Help You


  • You should have a better understanding of the business and industry you are working with.
  • You should have good communication skills so you can communicate effectively with your clients.
  • A great portfolio of excellent works is mandatory
  • Stay up to date with the market trends, tools, and techniques of your industry
  • As a freelancer, you should be aware of the price of your gigs in the market before setting rates for your clients.
  • You should have a very strong presence on social media.
  • Always proofread your projects before submission.
  • Freelancing is business so you should also try your hands at learning good business skills




1. What is freelance writing?

Freelance writing is a writing profession performed by a trained freelance writer for different organizations and publications. These freelance writers are non-permanent professionals and they work for different corporates.


2. Will freelance writing be a good career in the future?

Yes, freelance writing will an excellent choice for those who have good writing skills and don’t want to work for an individual client or company. You will require some skills and tips to become a freelance writer which is listed above in this article.


3. Become a freelancer difficult or not?

No, it is not difficult at all for those who are passionate about writing and want to learn something new every day but those who have no skills in writing will find it a little bit difficult. But with consistency and practice, you can surely become a freelance writer.


4. Is it difficult to find a freelance writing job?

Not that difficult but a little bit, in the beginning, you will find it difficult to land a writing job for yourself but slowly as you will gain experience in the industry you can easily land a job for yourself. You can work on some good freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr.




Freelance writing is a type of professional work which is done by trained and professional writers there can be different types of freelance writing like copywriting, ghostwriting, technical writing, and creative writing, and also there are lots of benefits associated with this. There are lots of professionals who are quitting their jobs and shifting to freelancing because of so many reasons that you will work according to you and in your comfortable workplace completely on your conditions and with a very handsome salary in your hands.


But without proper training and good skills and tips, it is not possible to become a freelancer so, in this above article, there are expert tips and skills showcased which will help you to become a writer. So whatever you are doing take out some hours from your busy schedule and learn to freelance and become a writer and generate some extra amounts.


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