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Basic SEO for Beginners in 2024: Best Marketing Strategies

Man is sliding into a world where every simple thing is getting to be digitalized, filled with E-Commerce applications, online sellers, buyers, content writers, bloggers, social media strollers, and whatnot, even we have reached the phase where we go cashless these days. Hence, the marketing has been upgraded in its approach. 

The image describes the article on Basics of SEO Marketing for Beginners


What is Marketing?

Let us think about the simple idea behind the need for marketing. Marketing is an action that is in between the products, sellers, and buyers. It is generally referred to as the act of a business that involves promoting or selling products or services.


Marketing strategies include researching, collecting data about the interested crowd advertising, and selling their products and services. 


The ultimate aim for any marketing is to get maximum clients and utmost buyers for products and services. 


Traditional Marketing 

 Traditional marketing is any business marketing tactic used for promoting products and services which does not require the usage of the internet or any online medium. Traditional marketing is done by advertising through newspapers, newsletters, brochures, magazines, messages to the mobile phones, broadcasts, pamphlets, or outdoor advertising like putting up flexes or billboards and direct mail that employs limited telemarketing. Sometimes marketing was also done by performing a street play and promoting by bringing awareness about the benefits of the product and service offered. 


Digital marketing – The New Trend


Digital marketing can simply be referred to as marketing is done online or we can define it as growing your business, building brands, selling products and services using platforms like social media, websites, email, or via mobile applications or any electronic device which takes the help of the internet.


Digital marketing is predominantly used for brand awareness. Digital Marketing strategy goes with 4 major steps


Step 1  Learn about customer behavior. The attitude of the customer is directly proportional to the buying process. Some oversee every specification before buying, some just add it to the cart with the dilemma, and some go for buying the product directly just by looking at the image or the content quality.


Step 2 Collect previous purchase data and run a prognostic analysis. Knowing the buyer’s purchasing pattern can aid in improving the business methodology by thinking alike as your customers and predict future trends and responses. 


Step 3–  Gather all the information regarding the buyer’s perspective and fluctuations in their behavior regarding the things they look for and what they prefer to buy.


Step 4–  Plan according to the buyer’s persona. Employee different marketing strategies to reach the required credibility of your interested candidates(clients). Implement segmentation and positioning methods to ensure a better experience for the buyers with your products and services. 


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Strategies of Digital Marketing 


Pay-Per-Click advertisement

 PPC or Pay-per-click is a form of business marketing where the advertisers earn money when the visitor clicks on their ad. Pay-per-click is concerning the keywords, interested audience, and the program or the platform of the search results.


The customers or the users search for a particular product or research for collecting certain information of their interest, simultaneously the advertiser shows the allied ad and then it pops up on the screen which tends the user to click on the ad to know more about the availability of product and service.


This is how they get paid for clicks and it all works with relevance. The major purpose of using PPC is to reach the campaign goals by promoting a brand, generating more leads, and increasing sales.


The advertiser could be a single person or a team who bids on the keywords and on average the ad takes up its position and gets displayed according to the relevance. 


Google AdWords, Bidvisers, Bing ads, Adroll, LinkedIn, and Facebook ads are some of the best pay-per-click platforms as their algorithms are designed for getting organic ranking from high-quality sites.


Social Media Advertisement 

Social media is the most trending and the biggest platform to put up advertisements to get more customers and promote your brand. Social media advertising is a paid version of ad marketing. In this case, it utilizes the users’ information and shows the relevant advertisement.


In social media advertising, it generally gets to the user’s demographic information on social media, and the advertisement is popped up according to the interests of the audience. Gaining maximum likes, shares and comments is an important aspect of social media advertising. Social media advertising is a very profitable channel that helps in getting media campaigns at a lower cost.



The best and the guaranteed Social networking site with a huge audience:

● Instagram

● Facebook 

● Twitter 

● LinkedIn 

● Pinterest

● Snapchat

● YouTube


Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is similar to social media advertising but it is an unpaid version of marketing. This form of marketing requires quality content to get popularised and reach the interested crowd as most of the social media works based on popularity. It is the cheapest and easy way to interact with the targeted customers and convince them in trusting your brand, product, or services you offer. Creating short videos is also an effective way to accomplish more viewers. 


● Instagram

Instagram is a hub of enormous varieties of posts, hashtags, and short eye-catching visuals. It gives the space for better-optimized images and videos. Instagram is a perfect place to initiate the marketing of trendy products and small startups. 


a. 1 billion users worldwide b. Millennials are the primary audience

c. 849.3 million, advertisers


● Facebook 

Facebook is the world’s largest social media site with an extensive number of users. Facebook provides detailed demographic information of the pertinent audience. This helps to reach the interested crowd and target their requirements more specifically.


a) 2.45 billion users worldwide 

b) millennials and socially active adults are the usual audience 

c) 9 million active advertisers


● Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging social networking site that is best suited for small businesses to reach local customers. It is a great space for posts and tweeting (messaging/interacting) with the customers.


a) 186 million active users worldwide 

b) Millennials are the group of audience but interests in adults are increasing these days


● LinkedIn 

Linked In is an employment-oriented online site that is generally made to suit job seekers. Hence it gives the people room to interact with the professionals and find suitable jobs.


a) 760 million users worldwide 

b) Millennials, job seekers, and professionals are generally the audience 


● Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media service site that is a place to discover new things and get information about things happening around the world, mostly having posts on new recipes, trendy products, housewares and we can also find new brands and products from promoted pins. Here, marketing can be done by adding blog posts and visual content like infographics, photos, or videos.


a) 442 million users worldwide 

b) Women aged 25-54 are most likely to be the major audience. 


● Snapchat

Snapchat is a social spot for post images and status ( putting snaps). Snapchat Marketing can be done regularly by updating in new changes and new inventions in the business, product, or service. This social media service is normally used for improving or making the business more interesting and attractive.


a) 3.8 million users worldwide 

b) Mostly millennials and early generation Z are the audience. 



 This is a great platform to showcase your talents, make an informative video about your products, promote your business and demonstrate any services and usage of what you are selling or it can also be a content video.


a) 2 billion users worldwide 

b) Generation X, millennials, and these days even older generations are claiming to be active audiences. 



To reach the large numbers

● Learn about what your targeted clients are looking for

● Don’t miss even the slightest of the specification 

● Put up catchy statements which attract your readers 

● Use simple yet standard vocabulary which can even be understood by a layman.


Content Marketing 

Content Marketing is an interesting, strategic, and prevalent form of business marketing that helps to reach clients across the globe with quality writing and consistency in content. 


Content marketing is not just about a piece of writing online, it is an ancient practice of storytelling by businessmen or we can say, merchants. Content marketing mainly focuses on the great story, it is an emotional approach in building a faithful business and long-term retention of the gained clients. 


Content leads to having prospects that then reach the customers and bring them to your business. Companies use this form of marketing strategy to provide all the necessary information to consumers to bring about loyalty in selling the products and services. 


 “Content is King but engagement is Queen, and the lady rules the house!” – Mari Smith


Email Marketing 

 Email marketing is a strategic way of marketing that involves sending commercial messages to a group of users with subscriptions or relevance.


The main purpose and the objective of Email marketing is to build loyalty with the customers to trust the service given by your brand or business. 


The different types of Email marketing campaigns are: 

● The Promotional Campaigns 

● New content announcement Email

● Event invitation/ Welcome Email Series

● Triggered Email

● Post-purchase / Product update Email

● Newsletters 

● Cart abandonment Campaigns 

● Connect via Social Campaigns 

● Conformational Email Series


Affiliate Marketing 

 Affiliate Marketing is profit marketing where one can earn a commission on promoting or selling other business brands, products, or services. 


Affiliate Marketing is a process that involves affiliate networking where you tend to earn money when people end up buying the product which you are promoting even when you are doing nothing or we can say when you are sleeping. 


6 major steps for successful affiliate marketing-


  1. Think about a great product idea.
  2. Know your product well in all the angles without missing even the slightest of the details.
  3. Choose the right product, wisely.
  4. Create solid content and track your status of success.
  5. Make sure you engage your visitors with bright and attractive images, videos, or come up with a short quiz around the niche.
  6. In this marketing, always try to work as a guide, provide required information briefly than selling the product or services. 


Now if you are wondering what is a search engine? Why do we need to optimize it? And how search engine optimization related to your business marketing?


Then here is the answer to all your queries.

 What is a search engine?

It is a very simple concept that most of us already know because currently, we have reached this article with its help. A search Engine is a software system with a coded algorithmic program that identifies and searches for relevant keywords that you have typed on the search box and it leads you to that particular page or a site. The search results displayed are generally termed SERPs( search engine result page).


Search Engine Optimization to enhance Marketing 


SEO or search engine optimization is an indispensable component in digital marketing. It majorly goals on improvising your site visibility to give better search results. SEO optimization provides crawler accessibility which helps the search engine to communicate or read your site to generate high website traffic and reach potential customers. 


In today’s competitive world, ranking websites is a tricky job. Statistically, about 1.7 billion websites are online and with an approximation, there could be millions of sites for every niche. Taking this into consideration, the website or the content should accomplish all the competitive criteria to rank better and get more leads.


When it comes to marketing online, things become nearly impossible without SEO. The survival of any website is possible only when it has more visitors and supporting backlinks. It implies that the website should have a higher domain authority value to rank well and reach maximum clients. This can only happen when the search engine is optimized to read your content and work accordingly. 



It generally takes about 2-6 months to rank a website on the front page in search engines like Google.


Types of SEO Used for Marketing


On-Page SEO 

The On-Page search engine optimization includes optimizing the web pages on-site to enhance the page ranking to get more organic traffic to your website. The on-page SEO also comprises publishing high-quality content. High-quality content refers to bringing a feeling of loyalty and authoritativeness to the customers. In addition, it also includes using better title tags, appropriate heading, and subheadings (H1, H2, H3….text and paragraphs), meta description tags, HTML elements, auditing the content and optimizing images and video for the engagement of visitors and to retain them on the same page for a longer duration. 

Incorporating the same and relevant keywords which are most likely used by the users in the search results is an important aspect of on-page SEO. 


Off-Page SEO 

Off-page SEO takes its part outside your website. It mainly includes building as many inbound and outbound links to your website. Search engines like Google consider this factor to decide upon where to rank your website. Getting more authoritative backlinks helps in creating a better impression on the search engine and build up trust on your site and result in generating more organic traffic and better ranking.


Technical SEO 

Technical search engine optimization takes care of the technical detailing of the website. It includes enhancing the site speed and making your website faster and increase the crawl accessibility to make your content and the site easily understandable for the search engine. It is basically technical optimization that takes place in the background of your website.

 Technical SEO is used for checking duplicate contents, removal of dead links, security checks, and structuring the data.


Most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization one should know:

1. Creating a mobile-friendly or user-friendly site-

Creating a flexible website that is easily accessible and operable is an important part of retaining procured customers to maintain a longer relationship. The web developers should keep this in mind that the websites are designed in such a way that it should fit the size of all kinds of devices like mobiles, tablets and laptops/ desktops and make sure that it is OS friendly as well, i.e., operating systems like macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android.


2. Secure websites

Make sure your website is secure from all those hacking eyes out there. Having SSL certification makes sure that your website and the data from your browser to the server are secured.


To know you are in a safe zone

● Make sure your website URL starts with “HTTPS” rather than “HTTP”. This means that your site is SSL certified.

● Check for the privacy policy of your website and make sure it is active and all the data is secured by your website.

● Look for the trust seals like “Verified” or “Secure” icons on the website. With these icons, the website seems more trustworthy. 

● Providing physical addresses or contact information builds trust in your business. 

// Wombat security, McAfee Anti-virus, USALegalBetting.com, and Aramaic Blog are some of the most secure websites in the world. 


3. Optimization of the content-

It is a process of writing or presenting a piece of content in such a way that it reaches a larger group of audience. It includes the best use of meta tags, the presence of relevant keywords, and related backlinks.


● Writing great and quality content improves the chances of getting better rankings. 

● While writing content, always try to talk to your readers, tell them a story, and get them into your perspective. 

● Always keep your content fresh as the readers always look for something new and crisp. 

● Format your writing and arrange your content under different categories and give them appropriate headings and write your story in points. 

● Reading paragraphs is old-fashioned and boring and tends to lose the reader’s attention to what you are trying to convey.

● Add a compelling call to action, attractive images, and a short video to make sure the retention of your readers for a longer time.

● Write longer content than your competitors. 


4. Backlinks

Backlinks are generally inbound links that are given (linked) to your website. The search engines like Bing and Google consider this as votes. This means that the higher the number of backlinks for a site, the higher is the domain authority and the better the ranking. 


Prefer backlinks related to your niche and make sure that it is from a trusted and authoritative site. Each time you link, look for the domain which is not used by you before. 


5. User experience

It is one of the SEO best practices. The user experience or UX gives the users a better experience. It mainly targets visitors. It helps to get a better site structure and easy navigation to primarily reach your local clients. It helps in enhancing the site speed and users’ signal and optimizes your site to make it mobile-friendly. 



6. Span of domain authority

 Domain authority is a search engine ranking score, which is an important criterion to rank better on the search pages.


When the domain is purchased for a longer span, the search engine gets a trust signal and an assurance of longer sustainability of the site. This indeed leads to higher domain authority scores and can rank better on the SERPs of search engines like Google. The number of posts on your website also adds up in generating higher traffic.



As we can see in this article, it mostly has a recurrence on things like organic traffic, better rankings, and lengthy quality content. These are the ultimate concepts to reach your goals in online marketing. 


Understanding and implementing the right SEO tactics can aid in making your site visible on the first page which in succession gets you more customers. To improve any business and get recognition online, SEO tools must be considered. Make the best use of social media platforms to promote and improve your business brand.


Hence SEO marketing holds a higher share in a successful business in digital marketing. 

  •  Always run a grammar and plagiarism check for your content. Use tools like Grammarly Check and SmallSeotools. 
  • Improve your site ranking by using appropriate keywords with the help of tools like Google keyword planner and Ubersuggest. 
  • Make use of Google Analytics to track your success and in-depth details on the number of visitors and span of retention on your website. 
A Biotechnology Engineer and a Certified Content Writer form IIM SKILLS. Reading fictional, non-fictional, motivational novels is my leisurely hobby and love to stream online movies and series. I am also passionate about writing and have a special interest in health, fitness and wellness.

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