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Top 10 Advanced Computer Courses in Bhopal

Are you a student or a working professional with a keen interest in computers? Do you want to make enormous money in this game-changing computer era? Are you looking for advanced computer courses in Bhopal? If yes, then read through this article to unveil the courses in Bhopal.


The image is about advanced computer courses in Bhopal


Before going through the advanced computer courses in Bhopal, let’s discuss five basic steps of choosing an appropriate course.


  • Understand why you want to study a particular course (any course of your interest)

Do you want to start a new career? Do you want to enhance your skillset? Do you want to get promoted? Think hard and answer these questions with honesty. The courses you seek vary according to your goals.


  • Identify the mode of study

Every university delivers content through different modes. Consider the level of expertise required for your goal. Then go for online learning or exclusive classroom learning. Today, there are plenty of courses to pursue online and offline.


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  • Know your financial ability

Take a wise decision based on your financial limitations. Also, consider the duration you can spend on a particular course. If you prefer taking an educational loan, ensure the pros and cons.


  • Look for employment opportunities/ a prospective career

Choose only courses that can enhance your career or provide you with internship/job opportunities. Always lookout for these opportunities because they can be a good investment in the future.


  • Research well before taking up a course

Come up with different criteria to judge a course. Shortlist universities/ courses based on the research facilities, practical exposure, and internship/job offers. Choose whatever is the right fit for you.

Apart from following these steps, it is necessary to look at the job market and the top-rated courses/certifications.


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Top 10 advanced computer courses in Bhopal that promise high-paying jobs in 2021

Check out these computer fields that promise high-paying jobs:


  1. Data Science


Data science is an interdisciplinary field involving Computer science, statistics, Machine Learning Algorithms, and new technologies. Data science is essential in many domains such as healthcare, marketing, banking, finance, etc. Data science enables us to understand multiple data and make data-driven decisions. For instance, companies use data science to analyze, track and record performance metrics and initiate effective decision making. Data science helps to detect frauds in the financial sector.


The advent of digitalization demands efficient data scientists. A data scientist needs skills such as machine learning, big data, and data visualizations.  A data scientist gains know-how in data structure and data manipulation to form a strategy, apply algorithms to make data recommendations.


It offers an ideal career for freshers and professionals with in-depth knowledge in data science. An IT professional, analytics manager, marketing manager, finance professional, or recent graduates can benefit from a Data Science course.


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  1. Big data


Big data is engineering used to create and maintain data solutions across organizations. Big data analytics plays three major roles-


1) Efficient decision-making- Businesses today analyze data sources with technologies such as Hadoop and cloud-based analytics. Big data analytics helps to make effective decision-making.

2) Cost reduction – Data storage is cheaper with big data analytics.

3) New products and services- The use of analytics measures the customer’s needs, creates customer-friendly products and services.


Many organizations use Big data in life sciences, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and retail. Many technologies come together in big data like Machine Learning, Data management, Data Mining, Hadoop, In-memory Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Text Mining. Big Data is a smart career choice for engineers aspiring to become Big Data Architect, Big Data Engineer, and Big Data developer. People belonging to the IT, Data Management, Software domain can take up Big Data Analytics course.


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  1. Artificial intelligence


AI is machine intelligence widely used to innovate and automate solutions across companies. AI makes it possible for machines to work smartly and perform human-like tasks. Be it AI-powered self-driving cars or game-playing computers, all ease human tasks. AI is the next digital frontier with tangible use cases. For instance, Alexa is a virtual digital assistant that responds to queries just like humans.


AI provides attractive career opportunities – One can become a Big Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, Research Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, AI Data Analyst, Product Manager, and Robotics Scientist. Many startups and renowned companies hire AI professionals and offer lucrative pay.


  1. Cyber Security


The increase in digital transactions makes it crucial to prevent cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity prevents data from theft. Without proper security, companies cannot defend their sensitive data. Cyber threats come at any level. To prevent phishing, ransomware attacks, and malware, a company needs good cybersecurity professionals.


You can master any of the six types of Cyber Security – Information Security, Application Security, Operation Security, Network Security, End-user education, Disaster recovery, and business continuity. Cyber Security covers fundamentals, Offensive hacking, Applicative hacking, threat hunting, reverse engineering concepts. Expand your skill in Cybersecurity to land up as a Cyber Analyst, Cybersecurity Consultant, Manager, or Cybersecurity specialist.


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  1. Software development


Software developers build programs for operating systems. With an increased demand for computer software, you can expect software developers to grow by twenty-two percent.


2 Types of software developers-

1)Applications software developers- Major duty is to design computer apps and create complex databases for organizations.

2) Systems software developers- Key role is to monitor the computer’s functioning. These include operating systems of organizations and building system interfaces.

Do you want to deal with computer systems design, manufacturing? Go for becoming a software developer.


  1. Web development


The primary job of a web developer is to create websites through coding and features. Web developers build technical front-end and back-end codes. A career in web development is attractive as the demand for the internet continues to expand.


The top three jobs for a web developer include Senior Web Engineer, .NET Web developer, and Web Engineer. Employment opportunities for Web developers grow with the e-commerce industry.


  1. Mobile/web app development


App development is crucial since the rise in electronic gadgets in the tech market. App development in multi-platforms such as web and mobile gives immense revenue. Amid the COVID crisis, e-commerce apps deliver essential goods without any hindrance. Many companies prefer developing an app to reach the market and their target audience.


  1. Web design


Core Web Designing and Advanced Web Designing are two famous courses among computer professionals. Web design includes the production and maintenance of websites.  Web design is an integral part of IT that focuses on the development of a website. Web designers do designing, coordination, testing, and marketing. A web designer can get jobs as a Front-end Developer, Back-end Developer, Web Application Developer, Design&Layout Analyst, and Web Marketing Analyst.


  1. VFX training and Character animation


Creative thinkers shine with popularity through animation courses. If you are passionate, artistic with an urge to create, an animation course is a perfect match. VFX and animation hold a promising future.


VFX and animation focus on skillset. Creating visually appealing imagery is the job of a VFX specialist. Technical skills required for a VFX and animation specialist include Javascript, Adobe Create Suite, UI Design, Linux, Houdini, MAYA, 3D Modelling, Prototyping, and Photoshop.


  1. Hardware and networking courses


A career in hardware and networking courses provides a job as a system administrator, Technical/computer hardware engineer, network administrator. Linux and Cisco certifications are top programs for the hardware and networking domain.


The candidates are eligible for job roles like System Administrator, Network Administrator, System Engineer, Technical Engineer/Computer Hardware Engineer, Technical support, Help desk technician/Network support technician, IT administrator, field service technician, and Intranet Specialist.


Are you wondering if these advanced computer courses in Bhopal are available? Fret not, Bhopal offers a wide range of advanced computer courses. But, let us understand why one should go for studying advanced computer courses.


Why study advanced computer courses?


The ability to code and program can only take you to a certain level of expertise. You need to reskill with some advanced courses to improve your learning curve. Computer science is the fastest-growing field. Knowing niche topics like Cyber Security, Data Science, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence help you to succeed.


Ever since the digital revolution, these concepts such as Big Data and Machine learning have been hitting the headlines. Many organizations today rely on data-driven business decisions owing to more job opportunities for niche areas. Advanced computing courses are the talk of industries. So, studying these courses will help in gaining high-pay jobs.


Without any second thought, go ahead and learn these computer courses and land up in a lucrative career.


List of universities offering advanced computer courses in Bhopal


Many universities provide courses in Computer applications like BCA, MCA, etc. But the below list of universities gives plenty of opportunities in advanced computing. These universities include courses like Data Science, Big data, Cybersecurity, and fetches high-paid jobs. The digitalization era has forced us to look at advanced computing options. Let us look at some of these universities in Bhopal that provide a plethora of opportunities:


  1. Sage University Bhopal– Offers a wide range of advanced computer courses in Bhopal through the UG and PG programs.
  2. Aptech Computer Education Bhopal– Provides courses for students from different IT backgrounds.
  3. Jagran Lakecity University– Offers UG and PG courses in engineering and technology background.
  4. Appin Technology Lab – One of the top IT professional training companies provides advanced computer courses in Bhopal.
  5. LNCT University Bhopal – A private university in Bhopal offers BCA and MCA in DataScience.
  6. VIT Bhopal University – VIT uses a separate unit for advanced computer courses in Bhopal called Computing Science and Engineering.
  7. Cybrom Technologies– Offer a range of courses in Software development, Data Science, IT Ops, Cybersecurity, Digital marketing, and industrial training. They give advanced computer courses in Bhopal.
  8. Imagin XP with Jagran Lakecity University– Imagin XP provides courses in designing by collaborating with Jagran Lakecity University.


NOTE: The above list is to enlighten you with the available opportunities in Bhopal. The above list does not promote any universities. Also, the list does not provide any university ranking.


Let us take a glimpse at online apps suitable for learning advanced computer courses.


Apps for learning advanced computer courses:


There is a revolutionary change in the education system with the rise in Digital India campaigns. E-learning apps are the talk of the market. E-learning apps make students and working professionals upskill careers online.


Learning courses through apps help individuals to save time and allows learning along with working.  Individuals learn from different faculties and gain different perspectives online.


Below are some online opportunities for online enthusiasts.


  • Coursera – Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms that provide access to varied courses. You can learn simultaneously while working. Coursera gives a plethora of options for online learning in fields such as software development, mobile app development, web app development, algorithms, computer security, networks, design, and products.

Many popular courses promise certificates from renowned universities. If you are someone looking for online education, then Coursera can be the right fit.


  • Simplilearn– Simplilearn is yet another online learning portal that provides advanced computer courses. Some of the popular categories include AI Machine learning, Cyber Security, DevOps, Big data. Simplilearn offers eBooks and Video tutorials. They provide master’s programs, Postgraduate programs, certification programs, and universities program.


  • Udemy– Udemy is a learning platform with more than 50M students, 150K courses. They help individuals and companies to enhance their career opportunities. Udemy is a global brand seen as one of the best educational apps.


Udemy offers courses such as Cisco CCNA, AWS certification, ethical hacking, and Cyber Security. They also provide hardware and operating system course. Also, Udemy is a good platform for mentors all around the globe.


  • Sololearn– If you are a code lover, Sololearn is a good platform. This Sololearn app has code learning content from the beginner level. You can learn languages like HTML5, Java, Python, C, C++, C#, SQL, machine learning, Javascript to enhance your coding skills. Apart from languages, Sololearn offers courses in Data Science and web design.


Sololearn is a free app with a code playground. You can earn a certificate to validate your skills. If you are from a different career background, Sololearn can help.


  • Coding Ninjas– Coding Ninjas aim to train developers and transform coding education. Coding ninjas provide foundation courses in Java, C++, Python. Also, provide advanced courses like Front-end Web Development, Machine Learning, Full Stack Web Development, and Android Web Development.


They offer premium courses such as Premium Machine Learning Course, Premium Data Science Course, Premium Android App Development, Premium Ful Stack Web Development. They provide intensive practice through CodeStudio and CodeZen.


  • Jigsaw Academy– Jigsaw Academy is one of the top ten Digital Science Institutes in India. Offer programs in data science and other emerging technologies. Jigsaw Academy offers various courses in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Science, and Product Management.


Apart from regular certifications, Jigsaw also provides Post Graduate programs. IT workforce use this website for upskilling and reskilling. They offer courses in collaboration with top universities such as IIM and Manipal.


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It is a known fact that software and IT jobs yield profitable results. In this digitization era, computer science-related jobs give enormous returns. Thousands use computers and mobile daily. A business idea cannot be a success without the use of the internet. Computers are essential for Business Operations, Product Developments, Marketing, Distribution, etc. There are unlimited business and job opportunities for computer science students.


If you are keen on computer science or prefer a career change in computer science, there are plenty of opportunities online and offline. This article emphasizes the advanced computer courses available in Bhopal with a brief idea of some online options. Take your time to analyze the best fit for you and go for it.

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