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Social Media Jobs: A Complete Guide for 2024

The power of social media is quite evident in today’s world, and now businesses are actively using social media for marketing and branding purposes. This might be the reason behind the increased number of social media jobs than ever before.

The image describes the article on the comprehensive guide to the top social media jobs

Social media has turned out to be a micro-industry itself carrying out major digital marketing operations. Well, that might be one of the reasons, there is an increased interest in social media jobs. As the corporate world is going more and more online, the presence on the digital platform has become mandatory for every organization to grow its business. Social media is a channel to communicate with the target audience.

Through virtual networks and communities, we can share ideas and information in the quickest way. Earlier social media was just used for communication, but in recent years social media is used as a way to take your business to people.


There are many ways in which one can share or communicate through social media. Some of the popular ways are:

  • Blogging
  • Microblogging
  • Photo / Video Sharing
  • Social Gaming
  • Through Business networks
  • Content sharing through virtual worlds
  • Sharing Reviews
  • Through Social gaming


For some, social media is a way to keep in touch with family and friends, while some use social media for career opportunities. But for business, now a day’s social media is a prerequisite means to widen its horizon. Organizations use social media to find and engage with customers, advertising, and promotion and offer customer support and service. And here exactly where social media jobs come into the picture.


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Qualification needed for Social media marketing jobs

A conventional degree in subjects like Journalism, Marketing, Communication, Business Management, Public Relations provides a solid foundation to start a career in social media jobs. Certification in Digital Marketing and Content Writing is definitely an added skill.


As this field involves more creativity, ideas, and interpersonal skills, there is no such particular educational background mandatory for social media jobs. Having a social media presence, having good online communication skills, excellent writing skills, and good computer knowledge are required to survive and grow in this industry. 


Points to Check before starting your journey in social media marketing jobs

Only recently career in social media is seriously considered a profession. Organizations are open to considering candidates with any/background with passion and potential to succeed in this field. 


Below are some points to consider when you have decided to start a career in social media marketing jobs.

  1. Update yourself with any short-term or Certification courses.
  2. Make sure to be connected to the network.
  3. Start building your personal brand on social media platforms.
  4. Be aware of the terms and language of the specific field you are targeting.
  5. Be sure that you really are passionate about this sector. Because this industry is very unstructured and constantly changing. 

Once you have decided to enter into this sector, you need to understand how a typical organization works, and what is the organizational hierarchy, what are different departments, and the job roles involved. 


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 Social Media Hierarchy:

To understand this job sector, knowing the hierarchy is very important. The hierarchy is mainly categorized into three levels, namely

  • Junior or Entry Level Jobs
  • Middle or managerial/Supervisor level Jobs
  • Top-level or Director level Jobs


Entry Level / Junior Level Positions

Entry-level professionals are required to monitor the social media platform of the organization and present the company brand properly. Interaction with customers is required. Popular Job profiles at this level include:

  • Trainee:

The desired candidate is expected to have up-to-date knowledge of social media and user engagement practices. He/She should be creative and should have a passion for using social media platforms as a means of communication. Knowledge of digital marketing and behavioral economics is an added advantage for this role.

Salary: According to the skill and knowledge of the candidate, Trainees / Interns get paid or unpaid internships.


  • Advertising Marketing Associates:

He/She is responsible for collecting data, forecast the trend, and assess customer satisfaction. And they are also responsible for planning and implementing advertising and marketing activities. Good analytical, Numerical, and Problem-solving skill is a must for Advertising Marketing Associates.


Salary: According to PayScale data, a Marketing Associate with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹3.6L. A mid-career Marketing Associate with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹6L.


  • Advertising Coordinator:

An Advertising Coordinator is responsible for the creation and delivery of advertises for the company products through social media. He/She coordinates with sales and marketing teams to reach out to more and more customers and interacts with the creative team to create advertisements. Also, you have to conduct ongoing competitive analysis.

A Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism, or related field with an industry experience of 1-2 years is necessary to go for this job.

Salary: Average base salary of an advertising Coordinator is around ₹2.3 L


  • Target Marketing Strategist :

A target marketing strategist is responsible for Developing, Implementing, and managing social media strategies. He/She is required to Manage, Create, and Publish high-quality content. Achieving Goals and Objectives, and build good relationships with different roles of the team. He/She should make that company’s presence on social media is aligned with the marketing strategies.

Salary: Average Salary of a Target Marketing Strategist is ₹6.5L.


  • Social Media Account Executive:

Social Media Account Executive is mainly responsible for managing a variety of social media channels and creates content to drive their brand to reach customers. They are also required to manage teammates and manage campaigns. 


Master in Public Relations, Communication, and Marketing is required for this role. Certification in Social Media Marketing is an advantage to get this role. Of course, strong computer skill is necessary.

Salary: Average salary of a social media executive ranges from ₹2.9L – ₹3.7L.


Below are some more social media jobs at the Junior/Entry level:

  • Advertising Assistant
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Advertising Sales Representative
  • Assistant Media Planner
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Client Strategist
  • Social Media Associate
  • Associate Traffic Manager
  • Associate Communications planner
  • Traffic Manager


Middle-Level Positions:

These are professionals who perform supervisory duties. Middle-level management is the bridge between junior level and Top level management. Job titles under this level include:


  • Advertising Supervisor:

As the title says, the advertising Supervisor oversees the activities of his advertising team. He guides the team in creating, designing, and promoting advertising programs. He set up project goals, continuously monitors, and evaluates the project status. A degree in business administration with sales and marketing experience or related field is required. 

Salary: Average salary of an Advertising Supervisor is around ₹5L.


  • Advertising Specialist:

The advertising Specialist is responsible for analyzing product information. He works with sales and advertising teams to develop product promotions. Also evaluates projects for marketing and sales effectiveness.


  • Engagement Manager:

They are responsible for building a good relationship with clients during projects. They ensure that contract terms are met. Project management techniques with strong organizational and multitasking skills are necessary for this role. Excellent communication skill is required to succeed in this role.


  • Manager of Social Media:

Social Media Manager is responsible for creating original content. they are also involved in managing the posts and responding to followers. He/She will be managing the image of the company to achieve marketing goals. Developing social media strategies to increase social media success is what is expected from a social media manager. Also needed to connect and form a relationship with influencers to increase awareness and visibility of the company.

Degree-level education in social media marketing and prior work experience in the same field is required.

Social media managers with 3-8 years of experience can earn between 6L -10L.


  • Blogger

A professional blogger conceptualizes the ideas, researches, writes, edits, publishes and promotes the content. Although there is no such defined qualification required to become a blogger, extensive knowledge about the subject and the industry is very important. Along with writing, implementing the SEO strategies, engaging, and interacting with the audience is very very important.


Earnings: A professional blogger’s earnings vary depending on the Industry chosen, along with that the niche, and readership also matters. In India, a blogger with a good readership can earn anything between 1.5L -2L


Below are some more jobs in the middle level:

  • Advertising Associate Editor
  • Advertising Manager
  • Interactive Media Manager
  • Multi-Media Communications Consultant
  • Advertising Buyer
  • Community Manager
  • Engagement Coordinator
  • Online Content Coordinator
  • Advertising Sales Manager
  • Advertising Junior Copywriter
  • Internet Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Agency Account Coordinator
  • Interactive Media Coordinator
  • Advertising Campaign Manager
  • Interactive Media Associate
  • Content Manager
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Communications planner
  • Internet Marketing Coordinator
  • Manager of Digital and Social Media


Executive Level Jobs

  • Creative Director:

Creative Director is the leader of the team comprising of art directors, designers, and copywriters and works on advertising and branding campaigns on social media platforms. A technical or bachelor’s degree in graphic design, advertising, music, media, or another field relevant to the creative director’s field is generally required for this position. He/She is required to develop and manage creative ideas and teams and need to coordinate with other departments on all promotions.


  • Director of Social Media

Director of Social media leads social media projects, handles brand, and image crises to preserve perception and networks. He or She mentors people across an organization to improve social media integration and usage. Also creates reports and integrates internal and external data and trends.


Below are some more job titles at the Executive Level:

  • Director of Community
  • Advertising Producers
  • Director of Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising Directors
  • Senior Production Artists
  • Director of Brand Communications & Social Marketing
  • Advertising Account Director
  • Chief Editors
  • Manager of Online Communications
  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Manager of Social Media Communications
  • Marketing & Promotional Manager
  • Advertising Account Manager
  • Manager of Communications Planning


Scope of Social Media Career in Future

As we all are living in the Covid era and don’t know when things come to normal, a career in social media is in demand as most of the marketing and advertising is preferred online. This career can be managed easily by working from home unlike in any manufacturing sector where a person needs to be there at the office to perform day-to-day tasks. 


A career in Social Media in India

In India,  a career in social media is introduced a decade back, now it is emerging as a very promising career. With the rapid growth of mobile phone users and increased speed of the network to rural India, people are updating their skills and exploring the new options of earning. Earlier, career IT and social media were in reach for only urban people, but now small towns and villages are well connected with the world through the internet and following their passion, interests, and job opportunities. The government is also taking initiatives in skill development like Make in India, Local for Vocal, and so on. 


A career in social media needs skills like communication, marketing, advertising, and computer knowledge. Skill development has to be part of education at the school and college levels. Students should be aware of their passion and career before coming out of college. Formal education and skill development should go hand in hand. 


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  • Very informative article about social media jobs. I was searching for the detailed view of this topic since long. Got a overall picture of the topic. Thank you

  • I have just finished my graduation in mass communication with a little knowledge in computer science. i want to start my career in social media job. should i work on my computer skills before going for social media career ?

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