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4 Best CAT Coaching Institutes In Agra In 2024 (Updated)

CAT or the Common Admission Test is a highly competitive management-level entrance exam, particularly for entry into the IIMs and some other prestigious B‑schools. Most CAT aspirants start their preparation almost a year early.




This facilitates a better understanding of concepts and gives a head start and ample time for practice. Today, we will list out the four best CAT coaching institutes in Agra.


Some thoughts about traditional offline versus online CAT coaching:




Initially started by the IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) as a selection criterion for their MBA programs, the Common Admission Test has come a long way. Before 2009, the CAT exam was paper-based, with some variation in pattern, duration, and the number of questions, etc.


In 2009, the exam transitioned from paper to computer, and the American firm of Prometric took responsibility for conducting this exam from 2009-2013. 2009 is of considerable significance, as during the first computer-based exam, there were glitches, viruses, etc.


Approximately 20,000 candidates across India could not take the test, and many more were complaining about the problems faced by them. There was ultimately a retest in January 2010.


The pattern and duration of the exam have been dynamic and changing, especially from 2009-2015. Since 2014, our very own Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been the testing partner for the CAT exam.




Now, the points to note here are that before 2009, the traditional or offline or classroom set up did quite well. The practice in a classroom set up with paper and pencil made sense since the CAT exam itself was on paper.


This set up does not offer individual attention and treats the entire class in a standard fashion, providing all students with the same approach and the same methodology.


In such a case, while some students understand and grasp everything, there are invariably students who may require more attention and do not benefit from the standard coaching methods.


Furthermore, while some students are outspoken and open about doubts to seek clarification, there are many introvert students out there, lacking self-confidence and afraid to ask questions and seek doubt clarification in a class full of students.


It is a significant setback for such students as without understanding basic concepts; it is difficult for them to comprehend advance problems.


Enter 2009, and CAT saw a transformation from paper to computer. During this period, the traditional/offline/classroom set up seemed redundant.


The transition from paper to computer called for innovative methods of teaching, and this gave rise to online coaching. The benefits of CAT online coaching far outweigh the cons, and it is, therefore, the most in-demand way of coaching for CAT at present.




Change is central to the universe. The CAT exam is dynamic and keeps changing, which means we need to keep improving our way of coaching/studying and keep adapting to keep up with the trend.


There is an inexorable move towards everything technology, and those who prefer the old school simply lag. Sure, technology can never replace good teachers and mentors.


The online methodology helps bridge the gap between aspiring students and able mentors.


Picture this, the batch for a CAT coaching consists of students from various cities, and the institute, though located physically in one city, can very well hire a trainer who is the best in the CAT domain, but residing elsewhere.


Another possibility is that of an institute and trainer being in one city but training students from different cities, all at the same time. Technology today enables all of these people to meet at the same time on the same platform, irrespective of their geographical location.


Take, for example, the way we buy things today is mostly through e-commerce websites. We commute using apps and services of Rapido, Uber, and Ola.


The way we order food is changing too, no more waiting at restaurants or take-away thanks to Swiggy, Zomato. To pay our daily bills, we employ cashless transactions through Paytm, Google Pay.


For our vacations, we plan them through Cleartrip, Makemytrip, Trivago, Oyo. Even the income tax returns we file online.


Speaking of education, think Byju’s, Unacademy, Khan Academy, etc., which are all household names with students and professionals in the making, referring these online education services to better understand the concepts and fundamentals taught in school/college.


All of these stats speak loud and clear of the transition onto the innovative, tech-driven, online education that is fast becoming a norm.


Various important professional courses from IIM SKILLS

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course

Digital Marketing Course

Content Writing Course




  1. Time-Saving: This is the biggest plus of an online course. Sit in the comfort of your home, relaxed, without worry about the commute, distance, crowds, etc., and concentrate on the most crucial thing, CAT preparation. Whether you are a college student or a working professional, CAT online coaching is a boon as it saves your travel time, to and fro. Just connect to a device, and you are in the virtual classroom.


  1. Flexibility: Online coaching offers a higher degree of flexibility in terms of time taken to learn and also the time at which you want to learn (weekday/weekend, day/evening). While the live/virtual classroom sessions are at a fixed time that is convenient for all batch mates, missed classes are not an issue with the facility of recorded sessions. The rest of the learning material is available to students 24×7 for them to learn, re-learn, and practice at a time and pace suitable individually.


  1. Study Material: The courseware online is more precise and engaging and is accessible at any time from anywhere and any device. You do not have to carry around bulky books. Another fantastic thing about online courseware is it can be updated instantly, at the click of the mouse. The printed courseware not only wastes paper but is difficult to update in bulk and is often out-dated.


  1. Quality of Competition: With online coaching, the batch consists of students from different cities across the country. This is impossible in a traditional classroom set up. The other side of this is the competition level. While on the online platform, you will be competing with students across the nation and hence have a pulse about the quality of competition, classroom coaching limits your competition to just candidates in your city.




  • Faculty: Since the coaching is online, there is a possibility to hire the best faculty irrespective of where they reside. Online obliterates the distance factor.
  • The number of students: Classroom setups ideally have large numbers, whereas most CAT online coaching classes limit their student batch.
  • Personal mentorship: The classroom set up makes it difficult to focus on every individual and follows one method of teaching for all. The online treat every individual as per their ability, and even the courseware is tailor-made for each candidate. The mentors clarify doubts of every aspirant. With this one-on-one interaction, it is easier for mentors to assess students for their strengths and weaknesses, and assist them in overcoming hurdles, bringing out the hidden potential.
  • Cost-effective: A huge positive is the cost-effectiveness of CAT online coaching. Not only are the online courses more feasible, but they even save money spent on the commute. Apart from that, if a student wishes to buy just a part of the course, say only the study material for one CAT capsule, or just CAT mocks, even that is an option.
  • Self-Study with the benefit of group competition: The online courses allow a candidate to study at their own pace, yet giving them a motivating and competitive environment with the co-students.


With technology advancing at the speed of light, online training and education as such will inevitably improve and flourish by leaps and bounds. With all the differences above, an online CAT coaching is hands down the better option for CAT aspirants.


Only in the case where students do not have self-discipline and need an environment of induced discipline, classroom coaching can pitch in and be of help.




In Uttar Pradesh, lying on the banks of the river Yamuna, is the quaint city of Agra, most famous for the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Thanks to the monument of eternal love, the many Mughal era buildings, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri, the city attracts approximately 8 million tourists annually. Agra is one of the most populated cities of Uttar Pradesh and India.


It is one of the cities of the Golden Triangle tourist circuit, the other two being Delhi and Jaipur. Tourism, agriculture, handicrafts, and manufacturing form the bulk of Agra’s economy.


The history, the architecture, and stories of eternal love, together create a magical aura about the city, making it a must-visit for every Indian and also for those visiting India. Concerning higher education, the students aspiring for an IIM have the IIM-Lucknow nearby.


The top B-schools in Agra accepting a CAT score include Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Anand Engineering College, and Aryan Institute of Management and Computer Studies. Let us take a look at some of the best CAT coaching institutes in Agra.




IIM SKILLS, with its headquarters in New Delhi, is a leading online education service institution. It has an impressive product portfolio with training for the most in-demand skills upon offer.


Their ideology is to provide a world-class education at an affordable price. All of their programs are live/online and instructor-led. With a popular bouquet of Content Writing Master Course, Digital Marketing Master Course, and CAT Preparation 2020, the institute plans on foraying into other diverse skill development courses in the finance, marketing, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship industries.


Their goal is to up-skill professionals and students, helping them retain their jobs, scale the career ladder, and achieve their goals.


Through the use of innovative and adaptive learning approaches, IIM SKILLS offers its students a robust delivery platform with engaging learner-appropriate content and a flexible framework for individual learning.


The institute has a team of mentors who are highly talented, creative, and passionate about sharing knowledge. The trainers understand the diverse segments that form a single batch for any course and breakdown complex concepts into simple, understandable bites.


For those who take courses with an anxious mind, the mentors break all barriers to learning, creating an experience that is so engaging and inspiring that it brings out the best potential of the students. IIM SKILLS provides you with an enriching experience that leaves you empowered.


As with their other courses, the CAT preparation 2020 is one of the best CAT coachings in Agra. Being an online coaching institute, all of its courses are online, crafted to deliver the best in terms of academic excellence.


For any institute, their students are their representatives. The same holds good for IIM SKILLS. One look at all the reviews for any course gives an insight into how good the classes are.


Salient Features of CAT coaching:

  • The CAT preparation 2020 is entirely online and instructor-led.
  • The live sessions are interactive and not monotonous or one-sided.
  • Batch size is small with personal mentorship, and the coaching has flexibility in terms of weekday or weekend batch.
  • The mentor (alumnus of top B-school that accepts CAT) has extensive knowledge about the dynamic pattern of CAT and is an expert in their domain.
  • There are four variants of CAT Preparation 2020 at IIM SKILLS.
  • The Self-Paced is one where the student can have access to the entire curriculum (e-books and videos) as well as the CAT mocks with a course validity of one year.
  • Any One Section, this variant is for candidates who feel they require coaching only in one subject of the CAT syllabus and need a helping hand. For this course, the student will get personal coaching for the selected CAT capsule along with course material for the same. The Learning Management System access will be for one year.
  • Any Two Sections, this variant is for candidates who require coaching and handholding through two subjects. They are at liberty to select any two CAT capsules and get personal mentoring and courseware for the same.
  • Complete Course, this is for CAT aspirants who want the full package. It has benefits of lifetime access to the Learning Management System, personal mentoring, as well as assistance through the entire journey, right from basic to advance through the GD/PI/WAT.
  • The course curriculum is by subject experts and is available in the form of e-books, video lectures, and CAT mocks.


Address and Contact Information:

IIM SKILLS (Co-Offiz) H B Twin Tower 8th Floor.

Max Hospital Building. Netaji Subhash Place

Pitampura, New Delhi 110034

Telephone#: + (91) 92 11 099503



Most CAT aspirants are aware of the Triumphant Institute of Management and Education with its nationwide presence and centers in 279 towns and cities. It is a leading test-prep institute with coaching not just for competitive courses at the school and college level.


The institute also offers bank coaching, GATE coaching, IIT foundation, MAT Coaching, SSC coaching, XAT coaching, JEE/Engineering, GMAT coaching, ICET, CMAT, school tuitions, campus recruitment training, NEET, IPM, and CLAT coaching.


T.I.M.E. is now into the preschool segment as well with T.I.M.E. Kids. It has centers in almost all major cities of India, and for those cities without a center, it always has online courses.


With excellent performance and coaching and guiding numerous students across various fields, the institute has plans of aggressive growth, adding new courses to its product category.


As a part of its CRT at multiple colleges, it imparts aptitude training as well as soft skills like communication skills training transforming the lives of young minds. T.I.M.E. is one of the best CAT coaching institutes in Agra.


Salient Features of CAT Coaching at T.I.M.E.

  • The classroom program for CAT preparation has scientifically designed course materials for conceptual learning. It gives a thorough grounding through essential concepts, shortcuts, strategies, and examples with solutions.
  • There are regular doubt-clearing sessions to help students understand better.
  • Seminars and workshops are a part of the CAT classroom coaching for interview and group discussion strategies.
  • The classroom programs at T.I.M.E. are of three types, super long term, long term, and the crash course.
  • Online video lectures supplement the classroom preparation and are available to candidates on the student page.
  • The AIMCAT test series are nationwide popular and invaluable and closest to the original CAT format.
  • These test series help develop speed and accuracy and let you know what your weaknesses and strengths are and how to overcome your weaknesses.
  • The online training for CAT is of premium quality. The institute has an app that brings all the resources at your fingertips 24/7.
  • For online coaching, there are chat sessions with subject experts, online guidance for B-school selection, monthly magazines, and other sophisticated training techniques.


Address and Contact Information:

24/6, Emporium Block, Near Saheed Smarak Park,

Sanjay Place

Agra, UP-282002

Telephone#: 72486-70030


Find here the List of Top CAT Coaching Institutes In Ahmedabad


Career Launcher

Like T.I.M.E., Career Launcher is also a coaching institute with a pan-India presence. It is one of the best CAT coaching institutes in Agra with an excellent faculty.


The team of CL Agra has a focus on delivering the best and excel in coaching and guiding students as per their aspirations. With a presence since 1995, Career Launcher has been focusing on shaping the careers and guiding students.


It focuses on academic excellence, technological innovation, and domain expertise.


Salient Features of CAT coaching at CL:

  • The CAT coaching here prepares students for entrance into IIMs and other top business colleges.
  • There are 145+ classroom sessions, six hours per week.
  • The students benefit from individual mentoring and sessions on exam strategy by the co-founders of Career Launcher.
  • The one-on-One session for weaker subjects enables the candidates to strengthen their foothold in all topics of the syllabus.
  • The study material is inclusive of 22 books, 7500 + practice questions, eight full-length CAT mocks, and also some non-CAT mocks.
  • As value additions to the classroom program, there are CAT percentile predictor, webinars, the aspiration AI, and the assistance for GD/PI/WAT.
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment and performance tracking of every candidate is the norm.
  • There is online CAT coaching as well for students preferring the online mode.
  • The test series and study material are available independently of the CAT coaching as well, for the benefit of students who prefer a self-study mode.


Address and Contact Information:

Shop No 7, 4th Floor, Raman Tower,

Behind (ICICI BANK), Sanjay Palace


Telephone#: 562-4000724 and 99979-87111




IMS also, like Career Launcher and T.I.M.E. has a rich history in the field of mentoring, motivating, and coaching students for competitive exams. It has across India 90+ centers.


Especially in the field of management education, it is one of the old-timers. For the management studies, it covers the CAT as well as other management-related exams across India. The different areas where IMS offers coaching include:


  • BBA, law, Hotel management, SAT, and admission consulting at the undergraduate level.
  • Study abroad entrance exams like GRE, GMAT, with admission consulting.
  • Bank and Government exams and also placement training.


From its humble beginnings as a correspondence course in Mumbai, 40 years ago, IMS has centers across the nation now. Adaptation to stay in sync with the changing times is an approach IMS follows.


IMS is without a thought one of the best CAT coaching institutes in Agra.


Salient Features of CAT Coaching at IMS:

  • The comprehensive classroom program for CAT has 150+ hours of video content, maximize workshops, full-length mocks with test analytics.
  • 100 percentiles and senior academicians design the course curriculum.
  • There are WhatsApp and telegram groups exclusively for doubt solving.
  • There are many online variants of CAT coaching as well.
  • The online programs have much the same course structure as the classroom programs; in that only the classroom sessions are substituted with online live sessions.
  • Whether online or classroom coaching, the learning system at IMS is one that blends the online, offline, and personal mentoring giving students an experience that benefits them most.
  • The e-Test series is for students who want to access rigorous test practice, with 100 full-length mocks, 2000 + questions, 30 sectional tests, 15 e-maximizer workshops, 10+ ADMAT workshops, and access to the GK Zone and MBA Channel.
  • There are separate GD-PI-WAT programs with an online resource bank, power sessions complete with live webinars by industry experts, case study practice, national achievers’ workshops, and a team of brilliant mentors.


Address and Contact Information:

IMS Learning Centre S-1,

Shree Nathji Complex,

Madia Katra Crossing, Above Dena Bank,





  • What is the eligibility for sitting for the CAT exam?

Since CAT is mainly the admission to a Master Degree Program in Business administration and a Postgraduate Degree in Management, you have to be a graduate to be able to appear for the CAT exam.


  • Am I eligible to appear for CAT if I am in the final year of graduation?

Yes, you can absolutely appear for the CAT exam if you are in your final year of graduation. However, if you qualify and you clear your interview, you will have to provide a graduation certificate to show that you have cleared your graduation. When you fill out your form you will have to provide the marks of the last semester that you appeared in.


  • Can I make changes to my CAT application form?

You can only make changes to your photograph and signature. If you want to edit your name date of birth phone number email you have to register to create a new email id to make such changes. The latest information and new updates are going to be taken after registration and the admit card will be issued based on the same.


  • How to Prepare for CAT?

The best thing would be to join an online CAT coaching institute now. You should also join the various study groups on Facebook, Telegram, Quora, And Social media that will help you to connect with fellow CAT aspirants and exchange notes.


  • Which is the best CAT coaching Institute?

All the institutes mentioned above come in the list of the top CAT institutes. When enrolling in a CAT Institute, make sure that they conduct plenty of mock tests in (VARC, DILR, QA) sectional tests, and GD-PI mentoring sessions that will help you to prepare for the main CAT exam and subsequent processes. Along with guidance from the mentors of a CAT coaching institute, you should make a well-planned schedule to devote time to the different sections of the CAT exam diligently.


  • How to Prepare for GD-PI of CAT?

When you join an institute, the faculty is going to take meticulous care that you have plenty of mentoring sessions on personality development, confidence building. There will be one-one sessions where all nitty-gritty of the GD-PI will be explained. You will have an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses after evaluation. After that you will chart a preparation process for acing your stage 2 of the admission process, that is the GD-PI Part. If you are self-learning, go through videos available on different platforms to get an idea of how to approach the GD-PI stage with confidence.



The above are the four best CAT coaching institutes in Agra. There may be many local tutors too catering to CAT coaching. These days, most institutes offer a trial which is very beneficial to the students. Depending on what your requirement is, you can do your research. If possible, take the trial classes to come to a decision.


Aarti Kalra is a certified SEO content writer at IIM Skills. She has a penchant for all things creative and is an avid reader (everything from science, fiction, to medical, and educational). Currently enjoying being a wordsmith in the diverse field of content writing.

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