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16 Types Of Writing: Their Use For Business Perspectives

Various types of writing help to acquire popularity for a particular organization by attracting the attention of its target audiences. A content writer’s job is not just about writing; they have to get people involved with it. To have an online presence, content writing services are a vital component of any business.

Types Of Writing

In search engine optimization, the most common saying is “Content is King”. Content writing is key for achieving a successful search engine rating. 

Role of a Content writer in various types of writing?

A content writer focuses on producing content for every niche. From tours and travel to web design and creation, they can write about everything. They are different from other writers because of their written expertise on any subject. Half of the advertising is done if the content relates to the target reader.

It is the company’s message that they want people to hear, follow, and take the necessary steps accordingly. A copywriter will make any writing into something interesting to let the people know about your business. If you are seriously planning to make an impression on your clients, then the perfect way to do that is to employ a content writer.

To keep its clients and subscribers satisfied, any online company needs fresh content. But one must understand that all the write-ups are not of the same quality. The article created for search engine optimization purposes would differ from a copy created by a journal or editorial writer

But it might look similar to a kind for most people. So, it is a must to employ content writing services in India to manage your writing needs if you are running an organization on a website. Firstly, you must find out what kind of material you are searching for. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, go through this article and learn what sort of content writer can suit your needs.

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Various types of Writing

You can choose to be a content writer if you have the talent of turning your ideas into sentences. You will enter one of the esteemed content writing services when you acquire the skills that are required to work as a professional. In order to be an experienced writer, one must know many things about content writing. One of the most fundamental things about this career is that there are various types of writing content. Therefore, you should have an understanding of various types of writing before you begin your career as a content writer.

Various types of Writings are as follows-

  1. SEO Content Writing
  2. Blogs
  3. Technical Writing
  4. Communication and Marketing Writing
  5. Social Media writer
  6. Publication Based and Editorial Writing
  7. Instructional Design
  8. Research and Report Writing
  9. Writing on Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR
  10. Feature Writing
  11. Business Writing
  12. Journalism &Press Release Writing
  13. Ghost Writing
  14. Copywriting
  15. Advertising & Sales Copy
  16. Creative writing

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1. SEO Content Writing

types of writing image 1


Think of writing stuff, like building a home. Online material is the base in this context. The basic material that any organization requires to create an online presence is web content, which includes content on your home page, landing page, about us page, contact us page, and more. Without this, the details people are checking about your business can not be accessed by readers, and the rest of your content plan has little to draw on. The production of these pages is critical.

SEO writing expertise, to use certain essential keywords well in the copy, as well as entertaining and conversion-friendly writing skills, are the abilities a writer requires to write solid web page copy. Good copies of web pages should be about the consumer, never just about the brand or product.

Importance of SEO Writing

An integral part of search engine optimization and web marketing is content writing. Companies from diverse countries, such as the USA, the UK, and Australia, outsource SEO to various nations, such as India. Therefore, India and many other nations are witnessing a boom in the SEO content writing industry.

The team of content authors writes posts, blogs, and explanations, and other types of writing in the businesses that do search engine optimization. The authors use important keywords in both of these materials. Before the authors can start writing on any topic, SEO professionals study and figure out relevant keywords. SEO material writing themes vary widely, such as motorcycle maintenance, procurement services watch repairing, replacement of roofs, tourist destinations, etc.

SEO content authors take special care to make the writing of all web content insightful and informative. If you think that writing SEO content is the best choice for you, you can prevent grammatical errors in all write-ups and preserve originality. The SEO material that you produce must always be lucid and correct. You need to break them into small paragraphs and write appealing headings and subheads. Also, for SEO practitioners to work on them, you should be able to produce the write-ups within a specified time.

2. Blogs

writing types image 2


Blogging is the structure and rooms of the home if online material is the basis. Blogging is a key content category that provides an audience with meaning, helps create an SEO presence, and provides a means for companies to cultivate their leads with a source of new, consistent content.

Companies who blog 11 or more times a month earn more than 4X leads than those who blog four or five times a month (Source: HubSpot)

Blogs not only reflect the personality of your brand, but also let readers get a sense of who you are, what you care for, what subjects to cover, and how much value you can or can not have for them.

Blogs are important types of writing online content, and they will significantly enhance your thoughts, your profit on investment, and your overall performance when it is done correctly. A blog does not have a one-size-fits-all style. Instead, there are different blog types, such as list blogs, “how-to” blogs, “what to prevent” blogs, and much more. You can create brand recognition to reach SEO rating targets by mixing and matching your blog goals and formats.

A blog writer deal with:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Interviews
  • Research

3. Technical Writing

writing types image 3

In computer hardware and software, consumer electronics, robotics, biotechnology, engineering, chemistry, and aeronautics, this method of content writing is necessary. For user guides, technical modules, user documentation, admin manuals, support files, technical literature & reports, and so on, technical content is created.

You need to have some knowledge of strategies if you want to be a professional content blogger. While applicants from numerous fields may apply for a technical writer’s job, priority is given to those who have specialized in the technological field. Writing technical write-ups in content writing services will be a fascinating career for you if you are passionate about technology.

A technical writer deals with:

  • How-To
  • Guides
  • FAQs
  • Instructions
  • Manuals
  • UX (User Experience) Messaging

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4. Communication and Marketing Types of Writing

writing types image 4

One of the most difficult forms of content writing could be writing for the marketing and communication field. Some of the write-ups you have to write in this field are posts, blogs, social media content, e-books, newsletters, internal & external correspondence, email content initiative, audio & video content, and marketing collateral like brochures and flyers.

For contact & marketing, the blogs and articles published are distinct from those written in SEO content writing. The purpose of marketing articles is not only to lure clients to a certain form of writing but also to cause readers to take any desired action. Before creating this kind of content, a lot of analysis of a company’s customers is carried out. To create valuable marketing material, the authors should interact frequently with the team leaders.

The focus of content writers of this type is on enhancing the marketing of content. Marketing content is also very particular and, the idea behind its development is to promote and ultimately sell a single product. Thus, in this form of content, the qualities and uses of a product must be explained to the viewer in clear language.

You must have such talents, such as an eye for detail in designing and writing, the ability to create enticing content, and experience in marketing if you wish to be a content writer in this field. By using creativity, the difficulties you encounter in writing marketing material must be solved.

5. Social Media Types of Writing

writing types image 5

Think of social media as a supportive content player: it’s not enough for a business to simply have a social media presence because, in today’s social-dominated society, businesses without any social media presence usually do not make it very far.

For the first time, many individuals seeing brands online will click on their Twitter button, their Facebook profile, and see what the business actually is like on social media. And it can factor into their buying preferences.

Social media plays an important role! To support the blog posts, activities, or message of a brand, a good social media writer can mix fun, engaging copy, emojis, and short sentences.

It is also possible to hire certain social media managers to write captions. To find trending hashtags, there is a technology that exists.

There is so much in the field of advertising on social media! it is important to find the correct forum and maintain a regular timeline of copies and visuals.

A social media writer deals with:

  • Social media posts
  • Quizzes
  • Interactive content
  • Platform-specific content
  • PR outreach

6. Publication Based and Editorial Writing

writing types image 6


In writing books for schools, colleges, and higher education, the writers of this field are engaged. Professionals must be mindful of a school or college’s curriculum when writing this kind of text. Editorial authors now need to do their writing and editing on laptops and computers since online copies of books are accessible in modern times. They need to continuously refresh their writing of web material and make online books accessible to readers on the new versions of various operating systems, such as Windows 7 and Windows 8.

7. Instructional Design

writing types image 7

Instructional Design combines the methods of publishing and technical writing. The need for instructional designers is rising at a rapid pace as e-education or e-learning is becoming a very widespread phenomenon. It is the responsibility of instructional designers to increase the standard of instructional materials.

If you want to be a specialist in this area, apart from writing instructional materials, you must be able to build storyboards. Whenever a technical or education transition happens, authors in this area have to work hard to address multiple obstacles.

8. Research and Report Types of Writing 

writing types image 8

Several agencies in various sectors publish reports based on research. In general, these papers appear to be very lengthy and the material in them is of very high quality. Writers in this area must also write about emerging events and their effect on individuals. You must have the opportunity to resolve obstacles surrounding topics, deadlines, and so on as a report writer in content writing services.

9. Writing on Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR

writing types image 9

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is also a type of writing content. In numerous industries, the CSR offices respond to social issues and engage workers to participate in them. The literature required for CSR-related operations and the interaction required to involve workers in it is the role of a content writer. The authors will need to create papers, blogs, and other forms of communication content for this.

10. Feature Writing

writing types images 10

The ones who are interested in feature writing are some of the most innovative content writers. Feature writing covers writing in print and digital space columns, short fiction, satires, poems, lifestyle and food, and so on.

In order to be a feature writer, one would not need to be a Feature graduate. Instead, what is relevant in feature writing is that you need to be able to minutely examine individuals and create stories about them. In the feature write-ups, the words you use must have the strength to create a charm on the readers. Therefore, you must have a rich and extraordinary language to be a feature writer.

You may also maintain a separate blog in this form of web content writing. You can post on various subjects on a blog site, such as travel, cooking, lifestyle, seasonal festivals, do-it-yourself advice, personal care, and such. Blogs must have an ephemeral style, and on a personal basis, readers must be able to relate to them. You must follow those tips to draw readers to your blog.

They are: the blog must have a catchy headline and subheads that are equally appealing, the vocabulary must be clear and the style vivid, and the paragraphs must never be too lengthy. You need to have profound experience in several subjects to write blogs.

11. Business Writing

writing types image 11

Business writing is a type of writing used in a professional setting. It is an intentional piece of writing that simply, concisely, and accurately transmits important knowledge to the reader. It contains ideas for clients, reports, memos, emails. Various types of business writings are memorandums, emails, reports, proposals, etc.

Business writing has certain comparisons with writing about marketing and communication. You must know how to write sales memos, concept papers, proposals, official emails, manual writing, concept papers, summaries, RFPs (request for proposal), etc. if you want to choose to do business writing.

This sort of content writing offers writers an enormous scope for growth. This can, therefore, be a favorable choice for anyone. If you do business writing for a considerable period, you can gain expertise in business analysis and growth. Thus, you can move into a better position in the office where you work after a few years.

12. Journalism & Press Release Types of Writing

writing types image 12

You might be asked to write press releases while working at a content production firm. You must, however, know what a press release is. Press releases were produced in earlier periods to make consumers aware of the latest technologies and updates taking place in a certain sector or industry.

They are very different yet very easy types of writing. Press releases were used for making announcements as corporations released new goods on the market, established departments, enlarged business, negotiated new mergers, opted for a sponsorship agreement, or arranged activities. The main purpose of exchanging company news is journalism and PR writing, which is vital for any organization that needs to get the message out about newsworthy incidents, brand new items, or company improvements.

Think about constructing a new home: nobody will be able to see the hard work you put into the house if you never welcomed anybody over. All except you will go unnoticed by your artwork, furnishings, paint job, construction. This is where learning about news and PR comes in. Companies of all sizes and shapes will “invite people in” via press releases

13. Ghost Writing 

Ghostwriting is a unique type of writing. Although ghostwriting is the name of the next form of content writing, it has no paranormal effects! The material is written by a person in ghostwriting, but it is used by someone else under his or her name. Many agencies offer SEO web content writing under the classification of ghostwriting in the world of online marketing.

You can also operate under the Chief Executive Officers or Chief Training Officers of various businesses as a ghostwriter. However, as you must have already understood, you must never develop the desire to see your name at the end of published write-ups if you start working as a ghostwriter. In the name of the individual for whom you are writing, the content will always be published.


The obstacle for a ghostwriter is that you need to be able to think like a company’s CEO, CTO, or some other top-notch official. Thus, you need to be well-informed on the subject of your material and at the same time creative in style to be a good ghostwriter.

14. Copywriting

writing types image 13

One of the most interesting forms of content writing is copywriting. It is also very challenging and competitive at the same time. In order to be successful as a copywriter, you have to be at the peak of your imagination.

The copywriting group is in itself a very vast one. You will have to compose the jingles we hear on television or radio commercials as a copywriter. On the other hand, when working on content writing programs, as part of your copywriting assignments, you will even create enticing punch lines that we read on posters, billboards, flyers, and newspaper ads.

Although copywriting can be of different types of writing, one thing remains constant, and it is unlimited creativity. You must have the capacity to dream about and translate creative concepts into reality. No preparation would encourage you, other than your natural capacity, to have outstanding ideas. It is also a must to provide a comprehensive vocabulary for copywriters so that they are never short of words when churning out catchy phrases.

A copywriter knocks out:

  • Website copy
  • Infographics
  • Traditional print media
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales collateral

15. Advertising & Sales Copy 

Advertising and a promotional copy put your products and services to the curb appeal. This kind of copy is made to show individuals on the outside the unique characteristics of your brand “home”. From a long-form Facebook ad to a promoted tweet on Twitter or a paid campaign on LinkedIn, advertising and sales copy applies to businesses in all industries and takes many forms.

When it comes to sales copy, the most vital part is to create an audience and trust. Today’s ads and sales copy that gives real revenue is also published in less of a ‘pushy’ promotional sound. Rather, for a friend, it could be read as an approachable letter. At the same moment, good advertisements are segmented to the relevant audience; they are not deceptive, and they are not misleading.

An ad and promo writer deals with the following types of writing:

  • Advertising copy
  • Direct mail copy
  • Landing pages
  • Promo blurbs onsite
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales collateral

Creative Types of Writingwriting types image 14

Creative writing is a type of writing that covers the super creative ventures businesses undertake, and practically any other form of material on this page is used to complement and endorse it. Copying ads, for instance, may be innovative. Also, social media, blogs, online content, and even marketing can be innovative. Here, there’s no cap. Creative writing can be woven from a tweet to a journal, everywhere.

Creative fiction incorporates the best skills of an artist, such as writing novels, funny and fitting jokes, puns, etc., and uses them in one of the other formats.

I am an English Post Graduate(M.A, B.Ed), a blogger, and a content writer. I love to do research on various topics to get clean knowledge on the same. Writing is something I am always very passionate about. Trainee & Content Writer at IIM SKILLS.

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