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Content Writing Meaning: The Ultimate Guide to Content Writing

You are looking for the definition of content writing meaning, no problem, in this blog I am going to give you all the basic knowledge of content writing. Along with content writing meaning, I will be going to tell you the meaning of the frequently used terminologies in content writing.

The Ultimate Guide to Content Writing

I will also give you a brief idea of the different types of content writing. Here I will also share some useful tools which will help you while writing and help you to do your search engine optimization (I will describe here what is search engine optimization later on). So as a whole this article will be going to add value toward content writing meaning as a beginner.

In layman’s language, I would say Content writing is writing on any online platform according to the requirements. But the actual content writing meaning is so vast. Whatever you are reading on the internet is content writing. They are articles, blogs, campaigns, ads. These all are examples of content writing. I hope you understood the basic simple content writing meaning.

Content writing is not a one-day learning process. It is a slow and gradual process, and yes it takes time to learn. In this blog, I am going to give light to the brief on content writing. Some basic terminology you need to know before knowing the types of content writing.

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They are: –


It stands for Search Engine Optimization. I am sure you must be knowing what a search engine is. But if you don’t know it, or you are confused with the actual meaning. I am here to tell you in a very brief and effective manner. A car needs an engine to run in a very similar manner you need a search engine to search for anything on the internet. There are so many search engines like Google, Bing, YAHOO, Baidu(inChina), etc.

Google is the very famous one(We all know this, right?). It is a process in which we have to make our content search engine friendly. So that search engines show our content as one of the top results. Making your content SEO Friendly is a vast topic. Every search engine follows some particular algorithms and by following these algorithms search engine decides which website will come first and second and third and so on. So, if we follow these algorithms while doing content writing, then our content will get a good rank by the search engine. And we get more traffic on our website. So, following the algorithm of the search engine is known as Search Engine Optimization.

Black Hat SEO

SEO becomes black hat SEO when you start tricking search engines. You all doing very well SEO, you wisely followed all the algorithms of the search engine, but you forgot to add value to your content then it will become Black hat SEO. It is just misleading the search engine. This might draw traffic to your website but it won’t run for long. Because search engine is far intelligent than us.


Keywords are the main focused words that are used repetitively in your content. And these keywords are generally searched in Search Engines. Keywords shouldn’t be overstuffed or under-stuffed in your content. Keywords should be used in a very natural manner so that no one can get that it is forcefully fitted there.

How will you check that your keywords are naturally used and not in a gibberish way? Always read aloud your content after writing and before publishing. Send a copy to someone just to read it and get their genuine opinion. Whether they felt the keyword is artificially added or it seems natural while reading.

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Keyword Research

It plays a very important role to get traffic. Without keyword search, if you are writing something that is just like jumping in the dark. So, don’t do this. Keyword research is a crucial part of content writing. Here I will suggest you a few websites that will help you to ease the process of keyword search. Just pick any word of your niche in which you want to write your article. Now search this word in “Ubersuggest” or “Ahrefs”.

Ubersuggest is free for a limited time whereas Ahrefs is a paid one. There are so many websites that will help you to do your keyword research. You can search for it on your own just by googling it. I am just giving you an example of how to search your keyword. You can search your word in google and when you go to the bottom of the page you will find Searches related to “your WORD” and write down all these words.

Cover all these topics in your content. Now you have searched your word in ubersuggest, google keyword planner, Ahrefs, etc. You will get so many keyword ideas. To get ranking you have to choose a low competition keyword. Because in the earlier stage of blogging you have to take low competition keywords to get a good ranking. Because at high competition keywords professional bloggers are already ranked. So, at the initial stages, you can’t beat them. That is why you have to choose a low-competition keyword.

Keyword Density

It is the ratio of no of times a particular focused keyword is used in your content by the total no of words of your content. It should be always optimum. It should not exceed the limit. If it exceeds the limit Search engine will treat your content as spam and never rank your page or website.

So, before publishing your content online you have to check your keyword density. So, I will tell you how you will check your keyword density. You just type “keyword density checker” on google and use any of the options. There you can paste your content or your content URL. That will give you the detail of everything. There is no ideal keyword density. But it is believed that keyword density in between 0.5 to 0.7 is good which means not overstuffed nor understuffed.

Domain Authority 

It is widely known as D.A. Whenever you create a website, it has domain authority. Well, Google doesn’t check da any website. Mozbar is a company that introduced this factor through their research. They take all factors like trafficking, internal linking, backlinking, social engagement, etc, and then give a score out of 100 to a website. This is called Domain authority.

Page Authority

Page Authority and Domain authority are very similar to each other. Here the authority score is given to a particular page. Every website contains lots of pages, and page authority scores the page. It also calculates the score by considering every factor like trafficking, internal linking, backing linking, social engagement, etc. It also scores a page out of a hundred. You can use Moz google extension for chrome to check Domain authority and public authority as well. Though it is not a Google ranking factor.

On-Page SEO:

Basically, ON-PAGE SEO is the process of making your content SEO-friendly by working on your content and your website. ON-PAGE SEO is controlled by you. It is totally up to your content writing skills. The more you understand content writing and its factors more correctly you do your ON-PAGE SEO. So, if you want to excel in your content writing career you are not supposed to ignore ON-PAGE SEO. You have to learn it. There are so many factors responsible for on-page SEO. 

Here I am explaining a few factors. They are as follows:

1. Mobile-Friendly: Make your blog mobile-friendly. Most people are using the internet through their mobile and reading the content through mobiles. So as the screen of the mobile is small than a desktop or laptop. So, you have to make your website mobile-friendly and you should use small paragraphs so that the user’s eye won’t get strained.

2. Permalinks: It is simply the link to your content on the internet. It will be like your domain name/ (_____________). The part after your domain name in the link is your permalink. So always add your focusing keyword in your permalink.

3. Blog speed: If your blog takes more than 6 seconds to open and download the images completely then it is slow. You have to boost the speed through many processes.

  • Always use compressed and resized images so that it won’t take many spaces.
  • Use a high-speed HostGator.
  • Get a good Content Delivery Network (CDN). This is a platform of servers. CDN will help you to boost the website speed, reduce the page loading time, reduce the buffering time, and increase the web page quality.
  • Always use a Caching Plugin. It reduces the time to load the website page for repeated visitors. W3 total cache plugin is an example of a caching plugin.

4. Bounce rate: It is the rate of time spent by people on your website. If people spend more time on your website that is showing your content and website is reliable and useful. So always reduce bounce rate by adding engaging images, Bullet points, Videos, Short paragraphs, etc.

5. LSI keywords: it stands for Latent Semantic Keywords. It means similar keywords to the focused keyword to be used to give support to the content context. This will help the search engine to completely understand your content.

6. Internal Linking: Use links in your content and refer to other websites. This will give more value to your content.


Off-page, SEO means whatever you are doing for search engine optimization other than working on your content and your website is off-page SEO.

These are the few things that can be done for off-page SEO are:

1. Backlinks: Create backlinking for your website’s articles. What is a backlink? A backlink is the reverse of internal linking. If I am adding a link in my article for reference that will become a backlink for the other website’s article. There are two types of backlinks. One is Do-follow backlinks and No-follow backlinks. Do follow backlink means the website which is giving backlinks to you is responsible for your content reliability. No follow backlink means the website is just giving you traffic but without any authority of the reliability.

2. Guest Post: Guest post means you just have to write for any website according to their requirement. Here you have to research a little on your side. You have to contact the website’s owner who needs a guest blogger. And if they accept you as their guest blogger then you can ask them to get a backlink.

3. Back Link Exchange: Check other blogs of your niche. And contact them and ask them for a backlink exchange.

Now I am illustrating the content writing meaning. There are so many types of content writing. And I am briefing each type of content writing meaning.

They are as follows: –

1. Academic Content Writing:

Academic content writing is the most popular form of content writing. Academic content writing has more opportunities than other types of content writing. And this is less troubling content writing. Academic content writing meaning is scholarly writing and non-fictional writing. It is based on research reports or some content write-up written by university students. In layman language, the academic content writing meaning is related to any subject, it may be physics, biology, pharmacy, nursing, etc. In academic content writing, you write for any particular publication, for any institution, or any university project or assignments, etc. Here you have to write as a subject expert. Academic content writing is very structured. To become an academic content writer, you have to learn particularly 3 things at very first, they are the structure of the academic content writing and referencing and the last one is your qualification.

Some common types of academic content writing are:

  1. Assignments
  2. Essays
  3. Report Writing
  4. Research papers
  5. Literature Review
  6. Dissertation & Thesis
  7. Conference papers

What kind of content do academic writers write? Nowadays there are so many websites where you get people doing freelancing for writing your assignment and thesis or so many educational websites which provides notes of different course or so many people are writing for educational publications. this is what an academic content writer writes.

How to find academic writing jobs? Here I am suggesting a few websites which generally require academic writers. The name of the websites are below and check them out.

  • Assignment writing jobs: Nerdyturtlez, Myassignmenthelp.com, Tutors India, Assignment writing India, etc are the websites where you can get a job as an academic content writer.
  • Educational websites job: Theschoolrun, Indiastudychannel, Chegg.com, Jagran josh, Brainly, etc are the websites where you can get a job as an academic content writer.
  • Publication House Jobs: Blue rose publication, Mbd publication, Arihant publication, Workman publication house, etc are the websites where you can get a job as an academic content writer.

2. Blog content writing:

Generally, people have this misconception that blogging and content writing is the same. But blog content writing meaning is different from content writing. Blog content writing is a part of content writing. Blog content writing is basically an online diary to share your experiences. Blogging is totally based on your personal experiences. You can write on any topic related to your field of interest. It can be related to anything like Technology, Food, Travel, Books, Movies, Music, Health, Fashion, Lifestyle, etc. It can be updated on a regular basis. For blogging, you have to be an expert on any topic so that you can choose your niche. The topic which you pick to write on regularly is your niche.

Blogging can be categorized in several ways. Here I am going to describe 7 types of blogging. They are as follows: –

  • Personal Blogging: Here you can write about your personal experiences that you want to share with others. It could be anything like your lifestyle, your daily routine, your personal experiences.
  • Business Blogging: It is related to any particular business in which you are an expert and you can share all the details related to that business.
  • Professional Blogging: The main purpose of professional blogging is to earn a good reputation in the field of blogging than to earn money. It is not as flexible as personal blogging. It is a way to present yourself as a company.
  • Niche Blogging: Niche blogging in particular, and in this, you have to select your own niche like food, technology travels, etc, and write about it.
  • Reverse Blogging: In reverse blogging, a group of people work as a team together and work on a single blog. Here you are doing guest blogging also. Guest blogging is something where you offer your content to others to post on their websites.
  • Affiliate Blogging: In this type of blogging, you have to write about products and services. You have to do reviews of affiliate products, amazon products, etc. 
  • Media Blogging: It comes under the category of microblogging where you can write your content on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, etc. The social media platform is the prime tool here.

3. Brand Journalism:

Brand journalism is another type of content writing in which the writer does journalism more in a way in story-telling journalism only about a particular company. It includes a press release, interviews, brand stories, Internal communications, Company bios, etc.

4. Email Content Writing:

This email content writing is mostly used for marketing. Email content marketing meaning you are doing marketing of your products and services through the mail. When the communication mode with your customer audience is email then this is email marketing.

And whatever content you write on the mail is email content writing. Every day you must be receiving emails that are promoting any service or doing ads for any products. In email content writing you can write promotional content, or thankyou mail if your customer has purchased anything, or mail for new product launch, or related to any discount or offer.

All these are related to email content writing. Mail chimp is a platform that is offering you to do email marketing very easily. If you have a customer base of 2000 person then you use it freely. Its free limit is 2000.

5. Ghost Writing:

Ghost content writing means is the writer is like a ghost. Hehe, do not get scared. What I mean to say is, the writer is invisible. It creates a very wide platform for freelancing for ghostwriters. It can be of different types. It can be fictitious, or scientific or academic, or anything.

You can do ghostwriting in any field in which you are interested. I am illustrating this with an example so that ghostwriting will be very clear to you. Suppose I want to publish my biography as an e-book, but I don’t write in an interesting manner then I will hire a ghostwriter. I will narrate my things and the ghostwriter will give words to my voice. And then I just have to directly pay the ghostwriter. But I won’t give credit to him.

6. Copy Writing: 

Copy content writing meaning is to convert traffic into customers. Copywriting is the reason many people buy something. Copywriting is used almost everywhere in digital marketing. It is a copywriter who writes the content in such a way that the customers get convinced to buy the product or services. In short copy, writers are salesman, and copywriting is salesmanship. You generally see copywriting in the caption of Facebook ads or the headlines of the google ads or on your landing page etc.


These all the full detail about the content writing meaning. I am hoping that this article will help you. And if you want to ask anything or you have any queries related to this article then please comment. I will definitely try to solve your query as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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