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15 Ways to Find Article Writing Jobs From Home 2024

Everyone wants to land up a job that pays them a lot and which they can do with their convictions. Who doesn’t see that dream? But, to achieve that we have to first get started as an individual with certain skills and know ways to make it big through freelancing or job in general. One of the jobs from which you can make it big is article writing jobs from home. Article writing jobs need the ability for good writing skills from individuals. They need not be exceptional pieces of content but should be engaging and creative. So, let’s understand what article writing jobs are more clearly.

Ways to Find Article Writing Jobs From Home

What are Article Writing Jobs?

Article writing jobs are those jobs that include an individual writing content on various niches as assigned by a client or company. Writing blogs, website articles, social media content, course content, and so on are some of the work of article writers.

The niches may include: – academic, medical, technology, food, relationship, movies, real estate, digital, and so on. Article writing jobs could also include, writing content for course creators, life coaches, and entrepreneurs.

It is more of self-employed work and comes with working for more than one client at one time. Can be easily done from home. And some innumerable writers are doing article writing jobs from home.

So, before diving into the ways to find article writing jobs, let’s look at some of the basic qualities or skills that an article or content writer should have.

Skills an article writing job needs

You don’t need to need these skills initially if you want to start with article writing jobs. But, it is good to have these skills if you want to scale your payments in the long run. But, if you are a decent writer who can write engaging and creative content, then this is the job for you.

So, some of the skills an article writing job needs are:-

  • Writing Quality Content

The ability to write engaging and creative content that is easy to read. A content writer must be able to write very engaging content. The writer must always make sure that the content is within the readability of a class 8 child. Even if you are a fresher, don’t have to worry. It is not necessary to use complicated words in your content, but rather the writing should be simple yet creative. Because that’s what attracts the audience.

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  • No Plagiarism

As an article writer, it is a must that you produce 100% unique and original content. Because if your content is found copied then it might not go down well for you and your career. Therefore, plagiarism is a big NO. Or else your career will end before even it starts as an article writer.

  • Research

Researching skills for a content writer are very crucial. It adds credibility and authenticity to your content. Your content must not mislead the reader. Hence, it should be based on some facts or proper information.

If the content provides the wrong information. You might not be able to establish yourself as a credible writer.

  • Knowledge of SEO

Knowledge of SEO is very important for content writers it helps them to rank their content. Knowing how to use keywords, and SEO-friendly descriptions, titles, and content is essential. Because even if you are a good content writer, you won’t be found out in Google, if you don’t go by the SEO optimizations.

  • Grammatical Skills

Among all the other skills listed above, it is also important for a content writer to have perfect grammatical skills. Sentence formation, punctuation, tense, spellings are very critical parts of article writing. They make your content sound correct and meaningful.

If you are not very good at grammar, there are even many tools available on the internet that might help you.

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  • Meeting Deadlines

The ability to meet your client’s deadline is very essential. Completing the given work within deadlines or even earlier than that will create a great impression of yourself in the industry. Which will even help to land up more work opportunities in the future. Hence, the deadline should be kept in mind when working.

Now that we have talked about the skills that are needed for an article writing job from home. Let’s move forward with the 15 ways to find article writing jobs:-

15 ways to find article writing jobs

  1. Updating your Social Media Handles
  2. Build your Portfolio
  3. A Great Quora Profile
  4. Enhance your Skills
  5. Facebook Groups
  6. Freelance Websites
  7. The Perfect Pitch
  8. Take up a Course
  9. Take up Free Work
  10. Pitching to Companies Yourself
  11. Job Portals
  12. Connect with People
  13. LinkedIn Jobs
  14. Getting Referrals
  15. Networking
  1. Updating your Social Media Handles

By updating your social media it means mentioning who you are, what you do. This helps people to know that you have a skill and it may even lead them to reach out to you for work. Social media helps a great deal to land up some article writing jobs and even get long-term clients.

Things that you can update on your Social Media:-

  • Your skill or qualification. Mention if you are an article writer, digital marketer, or content marketer.
  • Keep your social media up to date. Like any internships or programs have taken up, achievements and educational qualifications.
  • A description of yourself if possible. Make sure to make it creative so that it draws the reader.
  • Link to any previous works published on the internet.
  • Also, you can link your blog, if you have one.

Optimizing your social media is very important nowadays. Because most people land up their first gig through social media.

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  1. Build your Portfolio

If you are an article writer you must have a portfolio, because that is the first thing that the client will ask for to understand how are your writing skills. The portfolio must consist of some articles or content written by you. So, build a portfolio that instantly interests the reader and also helps to land up work.

Concentrate on making your portfolio interesting and innovative. Include articles that are different than other writers, which might give you an edge. E.g. something like the 10 best places to visit before you are 30 or some other kind of interesting topic. Choose your article topics very carefully.

Include the following in your portfolio:-

  • Listicle Articles
  • Some trendy informative articles
  • Some of your pioneer articles, which you are proud of.
  • Any of your previous works
  • Any content published on the social media

Hence, the more interesting your portfolio is the easier it will be to land article writing jobs.

  1. A Great Quora Profile

We see millions of engagement on Quora. It is a great platform to gain some knowledge or get your questions answered. Quora can be used to drive direct traffic towards you. Which may help get connected to people who require an article writer.

Things that you need to do on Quora:-

  • Build an attractive profile. Mention important details
  • Daily 1-2 hours engagement on Quora
  • Answer questions relevant to your field
  • Try mentioning it at the end to check out your profile.

Quora can be used as a great tool to derive some leads for your article writing job.

  1. Enhance your Skills

Enhancing your existing skills can be a great help to get jobs easily. Sometimes others get the job you wanted just because they had certain skills more than you. Identify those skills. And work on them.

Skills that you could enhance if facing problem finding jobs:-

  • Improve your writing skills. Some writers complicate the language of their content, try using simple language.
  • Enhance knowledge around content writing.
  • Communication with clients
  • Meeting deadlines

Also, work on your soft skills like communication, confidence, and personality, and so on. Because the more you believe in yourself the more opportunities you’ll get.

  1. Facebook Groups

Some so many people have got their first job in article writing from Facebook groups. There are a lot of clients who look for content writers and post their requirements in these groups with their contact details.

You will find numerous clients posting job postings, you just have to pitch right to them to land up that job.

How to land up jobs on Facebook Group:-

  • Join groups of your area of the field
  • Search for these job postings in the group
  • Contact the clients, and let them know about you
  • Do regular follow-ups
  1. Freelance Websites

An innumerable number of freelancing websites are available to find article writing jobs from home. The only thing that you need to do is register on these websites and build an effective profile.

Some of the best freelancing websites are:-

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • PeoplePerHour
  • Guru
  • iWriter

Though it can get competitive if you have patience and talent then you can find jobs.

  1. The Perfect Pitch

Approach your client in a way that they can’t refuse you. The email that you send with your work samples and CV must grab their attention and want to go further with your work sample. Because what happens is that there are hundreds of job mails. But, for the person to open your mail, you have to make it sound inviting.

Emailing right is a very vital part of landing any job. And even before someone opens your CV and portfolio they read the mail first. So, make sure to pitch right!

  1. Take up a Course

If possible take up a course related to article writing. This will add an edge to your profile and also, add great value to your technical knowledge. Companies and clients would consider hiring you with your new set of knowledge and skill.

You can take up courses on:-

  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing and so on.

Such courses are paid and free both available. You can choose your option. But, the paid ones come with extra support. And people tend to take it more seriously than the free ones. Therefore, free or paid just make sure that the course is a certified one.

  1. Take up Free Work

Take up free work. Another effective way to find articles writing jobs from home is by offering free work to clients. By taking up free work it doesn’t mean that you work for your clients free for months. But, for a few days to show them that you are worthy to be hired. Not recommended for more than 4 days.

Often article writers land up big job opportunities or long-term clients through this idea. You could do this in the starting, especially when you are unable to find any jobs.

In the end, if you don’t get the job, the bonus is you can add the work to your portfolio!

6. Pitching to Companies Yourself

Pitch to your dream companies! Or any companies for that matter even if they haven’t listed any job openings.

Let people know or rather companies know that you are there in the industry. And you are a reliable writer with amazing skills. This process could be slow or with no returns. But there is no harm in trying right?

Things to keep in mind when pitching the companies:-

  • Don’t sound desperate
  • Let them know about yourself
  • Research about the company
  • Reflect on your research in your email
  • Write an interesting email
  • You could attach your CV and one work sample.

And lastly, don’t forget to add your unique edge to the email.

  1. Job Portals

Except for freelancing sites, there are some job portals where all kinds of jobs are posted. And article writing jobs from home are easily available in the same.

Here, you just have to create your profile and upload your CV. After which you filter the job section according to your preference, and you apply. Some of these job portals are great for freshers or college students. As they might not pay much, but do provide certificates. Hence, it can be great pocket money for them as well as an addition to their experience.

Some Job portals that you can look into are – Internshala, Twenty19, Naukri.com, and many more.

  1. Connect with People

Connect with the right people. Connect with small business owners, entrepreneurs, course creators, website creators, and other content or article writers. Connect with them and build a relationship. Building a relationship with such people will also help you getting work. The more you connect with people, the more you stretch your reach.

As a content writer, it is essential to build a community. So, that they can keep your back and also help you find work.

Connect with people such as:-

  • Life Coaches
  • Course creators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners
  • Digital Marketers
  • Other content creators
  • Article writers

Connect and connect and keep on connecting!

  1. LinkedIn Jobs

Everybody now a day is searching for jobs on LinkedIn. And people do find great jobs on LinkedIn. This can be an amazing platform to find some job openings and for that, you need to optimize your profile.

The trick is to make the most attractive link in the profile. You can do that by going on research about how others are optimizing their profiles. Which will give an insight into how others are finding clients through their profile.

Except for optimizing your profile, you can also do the following:-

  • Post regularly on LinkedIn. So, clients can see your writing skills.
  • Put a professional profile picture.
  • Get to post previous client’s feedback on your profile.
  • Include a well-written CV
  • Join some LinkedIn groups
  1. Getting Referrals

Ask your previous clients or employer to recommend you for any article writing job if they come across it. Often if you have a good relation with your client, then they end up recommending you by themselves.

Keeping good relations with your current and previous clients will help you to land up jobs without even putting in any effort.

Most of the article writers get work through referrals, from which they earn pretty well. Hence, as mentioned earlier, keep connecting and building relationships.

  1. Networking

Lastly, networking is crucial. Be it on LinkedIn, Facebook, or any platform. Regular networking can open up huge possibilities for you.

Talking to various kinds of people from the industry. Keeping up with what they are doing. And regularly talking to them might seem that it is not landing you anywhere. But, in the long term, they will be the people who will help you and might offer you some work.

Networking effectively includes:-

  • Not asking for work directly.
  • Don’t let them know at first that you are a content writer. Let them find out.
  • Show that you are genuinely interested in them.
  • Follow up with their latest work.
  • Connect beyond work.

Therefore, the most essential of all is networking. If you don’t believe so, network to find out!

Even after following all the above practices if you aren’t finding jobs, then you might not be:-

  • Networking well.
  • Writing good emails to your clients or companies.
  • Building an effective social media or LinkedIn profile.
  • Your skills that you are offering are poor.
  • Communication with clients is poor.
  • Unable to use social media or Quora to navigate your leads.

Such mistakes can be a barrier for you to get a job. So, it’s important to improve on them and also be careful about where are you going wrong.

Some common questions that may arise in the minds of article writers

What are the kinds of work done by article writers?

Article writer’s work must not only include just writing articles. But, also providing content for social media posts, emails, blogging, news content and so much more. Content writing is not only limited to writing articles but also writing for anything and everything.

How are article writers paid?

Article writers or content writers are paid on Per Word basis. The payments are usually made after the article is submitted. Or even monthly or weekly payments are considered, only when the writers have trust between them and clients.

Can anyone do Article writing jobs without any experience?

Yes, definitely. Even if you don’t have the skill or experience of writing content, you can still land up an article writing job. Just follow the above practices and you might end up landing your first gig.

What are other writing jobs?

Other writing jobs may include:-

Copywriting: Creating a sales page for clients, landing page content, content for any marketing campaign, and so forth.

Social Media Post Content: Writing social media post content for companies and brands. That will build their image and audience. Usually, such content is called CTA (Call to Action) content created by the writers.

Resume Writing: Writing a resume for people is also a job. Many don’t know how to write an effective CV that will help them get a job. Hence, writers also get paid to write resumes for others.

Reviewing: This can be product reviewing, book review, or even reviewing a film. Writers also get paid for reviewing such things. If you can effectively review, then you could be paid a good amount.

Hence, there are many other writing jobs out there that are never-ending.

Who are the potential clients for article writing jobs from home?

The potential clients for these article writing jobs are – coaches, course creators, digital marketers, small business owners, big brands, and so on. So, try connecting with them so that you could find some work soon.

Do you need a degree in article writing?

No, article or content writing jobs don’t need a degree. A student can apply, a professional, a housewife, anyone can apply.

You just need amazing writing skills. That is very simple and can connect with the audience.

Is the article writing for me?

Well, that can be only answered by you. If you love writing, reading content, if blogging and reading interests you then you could try your hand at creating your own content.

So, find out if it is for you. And if not keep trying other options, you can never run out of job options.

Hence, to summarize. What we learn from this article:-

  • What article writing actually is.
  • The skills that one needs to be a good article writer.
  • How building a strong social media profile will help you find jobs.
  • Building a great portfolio.
  • Enhancing your skills. By taking up a course.
  • Using Facebook groups to find clients.
  • Some freelancing sites offer writers to find work and clients.
  • How to use free work as an opportunity.
  • Looking for jobs in certain job portals.
  • Connecting with the right people for work and beyond.
  • Pitching to companies by oneself, even if they don’t have any job openings.
  • How to get referrals for more job opportunities.
  • Networking, a crucial part of article writing jobs.
  • Mistakes that you could be making while finding jobs.
  • Answers to some questions that may have arisen during reading this article.

So, these are some of the major highlights of the article that are very critical.

Therefore, these were some of the best practices to find article writing jobs from home. These practices applied successfully will help you to land a job. Don’t worry you will find a job. Because ultimately content is the king and everyone is in search of an article writer. Now start your job all by yourself, from the comfort of your homes. Be your boss!

I'm Diksha. I'm a content writer and currently am a student. I'm crazy about books and love Thai dramas. Also, want to make my own identity in the digital world through content writing.

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