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Building Self Confidence in 2024: 15 Very Effective Ways

Building self confidence is very important as it will help you have more clarity in every walk of life, about the decisions you make and about the kind of life you’ll have.

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Do you feel even after giving your best efforts success is not coming in your way? The reason is a lack of self-confidence. Do you like to know what is the secret of boosting self-confidence? Here are the tips…


When we were small, we had high self-esteem, no fear of failures, and full of self-confidence. Eventually, when we grow up, we start losing our confidence because of the continuous fear of losing something in the rush of the competitive world.


For any individual, building self-confidence is very important to get success in life. Everyone needs to consciously work on self-improvement for pursuing their dreams.


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What is self-confidence?

  • faith in yourself can be defined as Self-confidence. It is the amount of assurance you can feel in any work.
  • The trust which you have in your capabilities describes your confidence level.
  • The self-belief that you will do good represents the self-confidence of a person.
  • If you are determined to succeed then you will definitely have high confidence
  • Self-esteem is also a factor of self-confidence. A person with certainty in life will surely enjoy high esteem.


How building self-confidence transforms life

There are many examples of successful people who climbed new heights despite their initial failures by building self-confidence. Here are a few famous personalities who irrespective of many difficulties emerged as winners and become highly successful:

Hellen Keller caught some unknown virus at the age of 1.5 years. This illness left her both deaf and blind. But her parents never lost confidence. They provided her with the best possible education like any other normal child. 

Hellen Keller started with fingertip alphabets and with her great courage and strong faith in herself she completed schooling. At the age of 24, she was the first deaf-blind person to get a bachelor’s degree.

She not only became highly successful in her life, but she also inspired millions of people across the world by giving them hope and show the path to success.


  • Stephen Hawkins (Scientist in the field of physics and cosmology)

When this great scientist was about to start his research career at Cambridge, He was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease at age of 21. Doctors gave him just 3 years of life assurance.

He gradually started losing control over his muscles and due to various complications eventually, he lost his voice also. He could hardly move from his wheelchair seat.

But Stephen never gave up on his dreams. Despite his deteriorating health condition, with his strong willpower and self-motivation, he completed his research and was awarded a Ph.D.

Gradually he started communicating by using a voice synthesizer. He believed that whatever difficult life may be, there is always a scope of success. With this positive attitude, he won many international awards for his research papers on various topics like black holes, etc.


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  • Albert Einstein (Nobel prize winner- German scientist)

Einstein was considered a slow learner in his school days. After completing graduation he was unemployed for a long time and finally he had to work in a small patent office as he did not get any better job.


But Einstein did not allow these limitations as an excuse in fulfilling his dreams and passion for becoming a physicist. He was so determined towards his dreams that In a small office room only he completed his first research paper and later he became the world’s greatest scientist and won the Noble Prize.  


Tips for building self-confidence and self-esteem to be successful in life

As we have seen in the above examples how these successful people overcame their difficulties by building self-confidence and become highly effective in their lives. In every aspect of life confidence is the key to success. Let’s discuss various factors for boosting the self-confidence of a person:


1. Never compare yourself with others, compete with yourself

  • Everyone is unique in their own ways. Each one has some skill or some expertise.
  • Try the best in your potential. If you keep on comparing with others all the time, You will lose confidence in your capabilities. For example, if parents keep on comparing their children always with toppers then children will lose their self-esteem and they can never improve confidence in their unique skills. This will create more frustration for children.
  • You have to do things in your own best way to stand out differently from others if you put your maximum effort without worrying about the results, in the end, you will be the winner.
  • Always compete with yourself, Try to improve your skills more and more. Try to improve your past performance every time. This will make you perfect and increase your self-confidence. You need not compete with others, If you do the best then you will be the winner.
  • Look at the sportspersons who break their own records and make new world records. They compete with their own records to improve more and to become the best.


2. Don’t use your limitation as an excuse from pursuing your dreams

 A classic example is here to motivate you:

Mark McMorris who is a Canadian snowboarding player won a bronze medal in the 2018 winter Olympics. He was in a coma just 11 months before this Olympic game due to his injuries in a snowboarding accident.

Despite life-threatening experience in this sport, He returned to play again with enormous courage and extremely hard work and succeeded in winning the Olympic medal.

This proves that if you have the courage to fight against difficulties, Nothing can stop you from pursuing your dreams.

– No need to feel low if you have any kind of shortcoming. If you have a belief in yourself, You can reach your destination.


3. Always be optimistic, don’t give up!

All of us know the great inventor of the electric bulb Thomas Edison, But do you know he tested and discarded more than 6000 filaments before discovering carbon filament to lighten up the bulb?

In this process, his entire team lost hopes but Edison did not give up. For 2 years he continuously worked, slept, eating everything in his laboratory. His optimistic approach and great dedication towards his work gave the world this beautiful gift of the electric bulb.

  • Have a positive attitude. Any work that we do with a positive mindset always gets success.
  • Have patience and stay focused
  • A negative approach resets all your efforts with bad results.
  • If the mind is full of negative thoughts then it is very difficult to maintain high spirits without which you cannot give your best in any field.
  • Be hopeful that whatever will happen will be good for you.


If you lose your confidence before starting the race thinking of failures, there is no chance of winning but if you focus on your dreams without much attention to problems, you will definitely succeed. An optimist always tries one more time and waits with hope for success.


4. Remember there is no shortcut in life

  • Success does not come easily. It demands a lot of suffering and struggle.
  • The person who comes out with courage from this battle is a champion.
  • To attain any goal in life, you need to go through all ups and downs of life. Don’t get depressed when the situation is low. Remember, After every night there has to be a day.

– I will share an example here:

Do you know America’s famous president Abraham Lincoln had continuous failures in his life before he became America’s president in 1816? He had two major business failures. The same year he lost his job. He also lost 8 various elections before he won the presidential elections.

But he never lost hopes and kept on trying again and again with a lot of patience. Finally, he became one of the best presidents of America.


5. Need not wait for the future to be happy

  • Self-esteem comes from inner happiness. Whatever may be external conditions, Learn to be joyful.
  • Live in present. Don’t wait for something to happen to become happy. Feel happiness from within. This will give you high self-esteem and will boost your self-confidence too.
  • Be realistic, adjust yourself according to the situations, and be cheerful.
  • Get involved in social activities, Help needy people and you will be happy whatever may be your situation.


6. Don’t lose the brain in testing times

  • Normally it is observed that during difficult situations we lose our confidence and intellect. That prevents us from taking wise decisions during a crisis and we get in more trouble.
  • In adverse situations, do not lose your ability to think.
  • The person who takes wise decisions during testing times or unfavorable conditions will always get victory in his game.


7. Focus on what you can do…Not on what you can’t do

  • Identify what are your strong points and focus on those to achieve success in life. Instead of wasting your efforts on something which is not suitable for you.
  • It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to identify and recognize the skills from childhood and groom them accordingly.
  • Even after putting best efforts if you fail then change the goal. You may not be best suitable for what others are doing but you must have something else where you will excel.


8. Surround yourself with people having a positive attitude 

  • Do you know who was behind Hellen Keller’s success? It’s her teacher Anne Sullivan
  • Who did enormous efforts to improve Hellen’s self-confidence?
  • It is very important to be in a company of people with positive thinking. Your friend circle should be inspiring and motivating. That will boost your self-confidence.
  • Be deaf to people who discourage you. Do not lose your focus and do not get deviated from such disheartening talks.
  • Avoid people who are with a negative mindset. They will make you more depressed.


9. Don’t sit imagining the future, Jump and do it

  • If you keep on thinking about whether you will get the victory or not then you can never be confident. Just do it!
  • You may fail initially but you will learn from your failures and ultimately you will succeed.
  • When success comes from trials by overcoming failures then it is more sustainable and stable. Because you know now what can go wrong once you climb the top.


10. Do not doubt yourself

  • The moment you doubt yourself, you will lose confidence.
  • Don’t always be in a puzzle about your success.
  • Be firm in your decisions and work hard to get the best results.
  • A person with an uncertain mind can never gain self-confidence, Be certain in your decisions, and have trust in your capabilities.


11. Do not get afraid of failures, Fear is the biggest enemy of self-confidence 

  • Fear limits your capabilities and it prevents you from giving your full potential
  • Unless you go through the process, do not come to any conclusion. You have to step into the sea to have the feel of waves. 
  • Have you seen how tiny ants carry food to their nest?

While climbing they drop the food many times as the grains are normally heavier than ants weight which may be a risk for them but did they stop? Never! They collect them back and start climbing again.


Their goal is to fill their home with food before the rainy season. Similarly, We should also not stop whatever may be the circumstance till we achieve our goals.


12. Have Patience, things may take time but you will sail through.

  • Many times, we feel that we are not seeing any results even after tons of hard work. One needs to be patient in such situations.
  • Keep up the good work and you will see results when the time comes.
  • Impatient people lose their confidence and take extreme steps when they do not see the Outcome as expected. If you want success in life then be tolerant, don’t rush to any conclusion without proper judgment.


13. Read motivational books, get inspired, and improve your confidence

  • What we think is what we are. Our brain tends to change its emotions as per the surrounding environment. If we cannot change negative people around then the best thing is to change our mind in some way which encourages.
  • The best way of building self-confidence is by reading inspirational books. For example, a biography of successful people gives a lot of inspiration to fight against adverse conditions. Similarly, stories that give morale-boosting help in building self-confidence too.
  • Watch motivational movies
  • Take part in some extracurricular activities like sports, music, craft, etc, where you can showcase your skills, this will help in building self-confidence.
  • Listen to spiritual leaders for motivational speeches


14. Be open and more interactive, Improve communication skills

  • More social people are known to be more self-confident. If you are good at interaction, this will be a positive point to improve your self-esteem.
  • On the other hand, if you are introverted and not social then you may feel low and less confident.
  • Improve your communication skills. If you are impressed in the interaction then automatically you will feel more confident. You can influence people around you that will help you in climbing a few more steps on the ladder of success.


15. Focus on overall mental and physical health

  • Mental and physical well-being is very important to be happy and motivated
  • To improve mental health you can do meditation, listen to your favorite music, or dance whatever makes you happy. Click here to know how to improve mental health.
  • For physical fitness, Yoga or playing any sports will be the best option.
  • Go for healthy food like fresh and organically grown fruits and vegetables. Avoid chemically grown and genetically modified foods that will make you more stressed. Click here to know more about the healthiest foods.
  • Stress management is a must, take regular breaks from work, do some outdoor activities like gardening, or go for small vacations with your loved ones.


Why building self-confidence is important in day-to-day life

There are huge benefits to being self-confident. It does a miracle for the people who are ambitious and want to go high in their lives. Let’s see a few of its important benefits:

  • It boosts your leadership skills

  1. If you are confident enough in any field, your ability to inspire and convince others improves. This behavior is a positive point for leadership skills.
  2. For people with good leadership skills, It is easy to climb the ladder and can excel in their career without much effort.
  • It gives mental strength to handle pressures

  1. In most fields, One needs to deal with a high amount of mental pressure on day to day basis. For example, children have enormous pressure during their exams, Even after a lot of hard work they are not able to perform under pressure. For such situations, building self-confidence is very important to be able to act calmly under pressure.
  2. For a sports person, playing under pressure is one of the most important skills to beat competitors. A good player can achieve his goals smoothly by building self-confidence.
  • Self-confidence helps to make the right decisions

  1. Any critical decisions need firm and stable mental conditions. Strong self-belief gives a clear idea of what to do.
  2. one can make the right decisions with clarity and without a doubt on his or her abilities.
  • It gives them the courage to take the required risk

  1. – A confident person can never step back from taking risks to grow further in life.
  2. – It will open many more options if one has the courage to go against the winds.
  • It boosts intellect and mind power

  1. If you are with a clear mind and have no confusion then mindpower will be at its maximum.
  2. For competitive exams, it is very much essential to have high intellect which you can gain from building self-confidence.
  • It improves spontaneous response power

  1. Especially for attending interviews, Impulsive response is a must skill. If you are a confident person then you will not hesitate in responding.
  2. You can give clear and to the point responses which make a good impression on the interviewer
  • Challenges in building self-confidence 

Although there are many ways to improve self-confidence there are few challenges that may prevent you from increasing your self-confidence. Let’s see what are these:

  • Freedom of choosing what a person can do better

  1. Normally it is observed that irrespective of a child’s capabilities and interests, Parents decide their career path on behalf of them. This decreases their confidence in a later stage of their lives.
  2. Similarly in a professional, if a person is not free to choose his field of interest then there are high chances of losing interest and confidence at work.
  3. Demotivating environment
  4. There are cases when a negative environment in the workplace has significantly reduced the productivity of employees due to low self-esteem.
  5. Another example is females from rural areas in many countries are not allowed to chose their field of interest. This demotivates them and they lose confidence in all aspects of life.
  • Physical health challenges

  1. If you have physical health issues then it leads to low self-esteem and an unpleasant feeling.
  2. If anyone is under prolonged medication then there are chances of low self-confidence.
  • Lack of opportunities

  1. Many times people are willing to do some things but due to a lack of facilities and opportunities, they do not get a chance to pursue their dreams. This brings down their confidence.
  2. Due to poverty, Many children who are passionate about any extracurricular activities like sports, music, or any other special skill, Do not get the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. This leads to depression and low esteem that impacts their mental growth as well.
  • Lack of Discipline

This is one of the major causes of low self-confidence. Generally, people want to do a lot of things in their life but they do not have a systematic plan to achieve it. Due to this despite putting efforts they don’t succeed which creates frustration.


To get any behavioral changes, one needs to consciously work on self-improvement. From time to time feedbacks should be taken from peers, seniors, teachers, and parents to improve constantly. It is a continuous process and with consistent efforts, you can conquer all the challenges.

Hopefully, this article will help you in building self-confidence and grant you success in life.


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