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12 Best Social Media Marketing Courses in 2024

Social media is one of the best ways the world connects.


Marketing through social media is one of the most flexible and cost-effective strategies that most small businesses can utilize to reach their target audience and thereby boost sales over a short time period. Research by Social Media Examiner reveals that “97% of small businesses use social media to attract new customers…”

The image depicts the 12 best social media marketing courses


A proper understanding of social media marketing techniques is quite mandatory to make an imprint of you in the marketing industry.


What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social media is a new and trendy mode of Internet marketing that uses social networking websites as a marketing tool – An incredible marketing opportunity!


Social media marketing (SMM) aims at creating and generating content that users will share with their social network which in turn promotes a company’s brand and broadens customer reach. 


Social Media Optimization (SMO) – A key component of SMM

SMO is a strategy for drawing new visitors to a website (Similar to Search Engine Optimization, SEO). 

SMO includes adding social media links to content, for example, RSS feeds, and promoting sharing activity through social media by updating statuses or tweets, as well as blog posts.


Why do you think Social Media Marketing is Important for your business?

Social media currently plays a vital role in digital marketing. It has a super-important role in spreading the word about your product and mission that helps to reach millions of customers worldwide.


• Improves brand awareness and increases business visibility.


• Equips with a stress-free and profitable platform for your business development.


• Fetches a wide range of audiences in no time.


• Needs less time and less investment to increase conversion rates.


• Social media proves to be a good way to interact with the customers and understand the wishes of your target audience. A two-way communication gets generated and that helps to convey your brand message. This paves way for the higher conversion rates.


• Your social media presence helps you to amplify the number of customers and maintain their retention as well as their loyalty.


• Social media marketing improves your brand voice and results in a healthy customer relationship and customer satisfaction.


• It creates market awareness. Provides complimentary research tools to understand the competition in your business industry.


• Provides tools to examine the demographics of your customers.


• Creates a powerful brand authority.


• By sharing your brand content on social media, you can increase the click-through rate and increase the traffic.


• Sharing your brand content on social media means sending out a brand signal to a search engine that speaks to your customers on brand validity, brand integrity, and constancy.


• As a result this improves your ranking in the search engines and thereby enhances SEO rankings.


Day-by-day your competition is already increasing on social media. So, don’t allow your competitors to grab your potential customers. 


Create Impeccable content with the Best Content Writing Course


Now, get ready to learn the skills of social media marketing! 


The earlier you begin, the faster you go ahead in your business.

Let’s find out!


Criteria to Look For in the Best Social Media Marketing Courses

When you look for enrolling in online social media marketing courses, the following features need to be prioritized:


• Instructor expertise 

Are the instructors experienced and experts from the industry? 


• Course content and delivery 

Does the course really focus on the information you need to improve your social media marketing skills?


• Course length 

 How much time has to be spent on the course, in acquiring new skills and knowledge? 


• Certification 

 Do you get a certificate at the end to prove you’ve gained knowledge and completed the course? (Also to showcase to your employer)


• Ratings and reviews 

 What do the students already pass out think of the course and instructor(s)?


• Cost 

 How much investment to be planned to access the social media marketing training course?


Why take up certification courses in Social media marketing?


Certifications are needed to initiate your goal and stay in the game! 

To stay ahead in the competitive world up-to-date training is highly mandatory. A core understanding of the platforms and the tools for marketing is definitely needed.


Certifications are solid proof to your employers and clients that you are skilled at planning and executing marketing strategies successfully.


Targeting your core skill-set enhancement:

The certification course strengthens your marketing skills.

Acquiring knowledge from leading experts in the marketing field.

 Thereby opens up a variety of career options.


Extensive Knowledge update and expertise:

A vast and up-trending knowledge can be gained through such certification courses. 

Assists in reinforcing your abilities and confidence in the marketing stream.


A pre-requisite for new start-ups (agencies) and freelance options:

Certification in digital marketing leads you directly to begin business start-ups and go for freelancing options. And provides enhanced knowledge to get better financial returns on your investment in the business.


List of Best Social Media Marketing Courses 

1. Digital Marketing Nanodegree with Udacity

• A comprehensive program with highly interactive sessions by Udacity teaches you everything you need to know to become a skillful Digital Marketer.


• A three-month program was created in collaboration with some of the giant tech companies including Google, Facebook, and Hootsuite. 


• It is well designed to kickstart your career as a digital marketer.


Learn to create web strategies with the Best Online Digital Marketing Course


Some more courses

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course

CAT Coaching


Program Topics:

Essential skills for key social platforms

 It’s a combo of online modules and well-assisted practical assignments, like how to run and evaluate sales campaigns.


Certification Cost: $999 USD


Courses include:

• Marketing fundamentals

• Marketing Content Strategies

• Social Media Marketing

• Social Media Advertising with Facebook Blueprint

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

• Search Engine Marketing with Google Ads

• E-mail Marketing

• Measure and Optimize with Google Analytics

Udacity provides progressive career support at the end of the course with premium employers like Amazon and IBM.


2. Skillshare


 Introduction to Social Media Strategy

Course Creation by Buffer

Duration: 45 min


• This is a Beginner-to-Intermediate skill-level course.


• A course for the aspirants who look to instigate brand awareness, increase the traffic of the website, and accelerate sales conversion.


•Assures training on simple strategies of social media on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.


Course Cost: Free


Course includes:

• Getting started with social media

• Finding your brand voice

• Creating brand content

• Usage of right marketing tools

• Paid advertising strategy

In addition, they offer free access to the classes of Skillshare for two months to their community members.


3. Introduction to Social Media Advertising


Course Creation by Buffer

• This is a program that goes as a continuity of “Introduction to Social Media Strategy”.


• Effective introductory sessions for digital marketers, brands, small business entrepreneurs, freelancers, and everyone looking to cultivate paid social advertising to get maximum profit.


• At the end of the session, you will be prepared to run social media ad campaigns and convert visitors to your website to potential customers.


In addition, they offer free access to the classes of Skillshare for two months to their community members.


4. Coursera – What is Social?

To get started with Social Media Marketing, Coursera gives you a wonderful practical-oriented course.


Course Offered by Northwestern University


• Coursera has top instructors from major universities and similarly leads this course.


• It offers an action-based introduction to social media using proven methodologies.


• It is a six-course specialization; the first one is “What is Social?”, a free course. Once you complete it, you can go with the next module “Social Media Marketing – How to Profit in the Digital World”.


• The cost of the full track is $426.


• Assured money-back guarantee by the first week (in case of dissatisfaction)


• The course comprises videos and study materials.


• Exclusive subtitles in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Arabic.


• Paid learners are offered with course certificate at the end of the course completion.


• A large number of students after taking up the course have got their career assistance and benefits; job promotions as per Coursera stats and proves to be the best MOOC (Massive Open Online Course).


Course includes:

• Learning on Social trends

• Defining Target Audiences

• The Business of Social

• Data analysis

• Social Overview


5. IIM Skills

IIM Skills, one of the best learning online-platform for the latest technical courses conducts 180 Hours of Comprehensive Online Digital Marketing Training by leading industry experts who are ready to provide unlimited tutor support.


• Master 40 Digital Marketing Modules


• 3 Months Program


• 60 Hours of Live Online Training, 120 Hours of assignments, Industry case studies.


• Provides Tools Worth INR 79000+


• Master Certification from IIM SKILLS & 13 Other Certifications Preparation for Google, Hubspot, Facebook Blueprint 


• Access to Training Material, Course Recordings, and Class Presentations allowed for a lifetime.


Module 6 of this course is specially meant for Social media marketing and includes the following topics:


Introduction to Social Media Channels

What is SMM & its importance?

• Facebook Marketing

• Facebook Pixel

• Linkedin Marketing & Ads

• Twitter Ads

• Instagram Ads & Organic

• Pinterest

• WhatsApp For Business Do’s & Don’t


Things You Will Learn

•Creating your Business Profiles on Social Media Channels

• Conducting ads campaign on Social Media Channels

• Budgeting for Social Media

• Organic and Paid ad content reach at various Social Media Channels

• Social Media Optimization

• Online Reputation Management using Social Media

• Social Media Automation


Duration: 15 Hours

This course focuses on participants building their Social Media Presence like Facebook Pages, LinkedIn Business profiles, and Twitter accounts. 


In the assignments, you will be able to master social media marketing tools and learn to build social media audience aggregation, brand building, and customer acquisition.


Tools They Will Use

• TweetDeck

• Hootsuite

• Buffer

• Pixlr of Instagram

• Canva

• Various Social Media Tools


6. Hootsuite Academy – Social Marketing Training

Hootsuite Academy offers a variety of practical courses and its certifications are recognized by many industries, making you a better social media marketer. 


A varied range of multiple mini-courses is categorized under its Social Marketing Training course. 


Starting as a beginner, when you travel into the course with all practical-based assignments, you’ll know all the skills the professionals use to rank well in their business.


Duration: 6 hours

Fees: Free (fee applicable, if you want to take up the social media marketing certification exam.)


Topics include:

• Optimizing your social media profiles

• Setting goals and objectives

• Building your community

• Setting KPIs

• Content marketing

• Social advertising


Course Highlights:

• Course in the format of explainer videos with animations (quite interesting!)


• Quizzes at regular intervals, which will ensure your understanding, before moving to the next topic.


• On getting certified, you will be listed under Hootsuite’s Certified Professionals Directory for visibility among various brands and potential employers.



7. LinkedIn Learning – Social Media Marketing Foundations


• A beginner-friendly course on social media marketing. 


• The course gives an insight into the benefits of investing in social media.


• You will be briefed on the marketing strategies tips for social media.


• Basics of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat will be covered.


• Usage of social advertising that helps in gaining profit is also imparted.


• A highly appreciated industry expert Brian Honigman is the instructor. He is an adjunct professor at NYU.


Duration: 2 hours


Fees: Nominal compared to other courses (Free in case of having a LinkedIn Premium membership)


• This course introduces the concept of social listening to help you better serve and respond to your customers and also discusses how to create and manage a social media community.


• 1-month trial of linked-in learning is available. When subscribed, a refund is not allowed.


• Contents of the course are available offline too. Podcasts and video transcripts of course contents can be viewed.


• Much useful Question and Answer sections can be viewed. 


8. Social Media Marketing


Course by: Udemy 

Lifetime access to the course (feeling great!)

Skill Level: 

beginner to advanced level


Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the basics of social media platforms
  • Blogging in social media
  • Usage of unique features of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to your marketing and business activity.
  • Strategy building for social media marketing. 

Fee: $19.99

The course is rated at 4.2 stars. 


Udemy course contents are always updated and they always fetch you the latest contents.


In addition, once you purchase the course, there’s no expiration date.


9. Social Media Marketing Masterclass

Course by: Udemy


Duration: 20 hours


Fee: $19.99


• A Masterclass course on social media.


• Learning imparted on ethical digital marketing techniques. 


• Great learning on how to set up a powerful marketing strategy and how to accomplishing business goals using social media.


• Provides you a certificate of completion at the end of the course.


• Excellent and engaging way of explanation of social media marketing skills.


• Sessions are flexible to your schedule and don’t require textbooks. 


Topics Covered:

• Integration of Social Media Marketing with your business.


• Specialization on how to integrate social media marketing strategies with your business.


• E-mail marketing.


• Building an online community.


10. Social Media Certification


Course by: HubSpot Academy

Fee: Free

A suitable Inbound marketing course for those who want to develop a business space in social media.


Duration: 4 hours


Course includes:

8 lessons

39 videos

29 quizzes


• A booming program designed to focus on the attention of customers and partners, and building brand loyalty. 


• The course is 4 hrs long and is flexible with a busy schedule.


Topics Covered:

• Developing an effective social media strategy for your business and making customers engaged.


• Measuring ROI, extending reach towards the potential customers.


• Social media content creation


• Social listening


• Harnessing the power of social media to transform your business and your career orientations


• Building an inbound-social media strategy that delights your customers and helps in the initial growth of your business 


11. Social Media Content Strategy (4.8-star rated platform)

Course by: Fiverr Learn

Duration: 1.4 hrs


Fee: Less expensive comparatively (30-day refund window, if not completed)


The course comprises 23 videos and content, a summary, quizzes at the section end.


This is a practical course and is inclusive of elements that give exposure to creating and delivering a content strategy to prime audiences through social media marketing.


Topics Covered:

  • Framing objectives for social media marketing


  •  Identifying your target audience


  •  Defining and executing your marketing strategy


  • Course certification will be in the form of a badge that will be visible in


  •  your Fiverr profile.


  • You need a Fiverr seller account to use the Fiverr Learn platform.


12. Social Media Success for Business

Course by: Learning.ly 

Duration: 2hours 10 minutes


The course includes videos, worksheets, and resources. 


• A beginner-friendly course that lays the foundation for social media success. 


• Focuses on the usage of tools, strategies, and techniques that are quite suitable for your business.


• The major part of the course leads you to real-world social media for brands and businesses; nonprofits, and public relations.


• Exposure to different aspects of social media strategy. 



• A free preview of the Social Media Success for Business course is available.


• The course tutor Deltina Hay is a social media pioneer and also the author of the Social Media Survival Guide.


• In case of dissatisfaction, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee, but to be claimed within 14 days.


• Fetches your information to plan your content marketing and analytics strategy.


Topics include:

• Introduction to Social media for Business Success


• Social Media in the real world


• Planning your social media strategy


• Wrap-up & Additional Resources


To Conclude:

The current trend of the marketing industry seems to create strong demand for people with excellent social media marketing skills. Most organizations and new start-ups hunt for people who can do wonders with their acquired skills through social media marketing courses. Look at the below list, if you could self-analyze how far you have been exposed to these elements in your training session, you will definitely gain confidence and flourish well in your business and brand development.


• Write a compelling content copy for the respective social media.


• Stay connected with your customers through various social media channels.


• Utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach more clients and for more sales conversions.


• Create and implement social media strategies.


Based on this article, take time and decide and make a choice of a comprehensive social media marketing course that covers all these areas.


And that will take you ahead and shine among your competitors. Take up a demo class for a particular course before you decide.


Choose a better course that offers you guidance throughout course duration, as well as feedback assignments designed to help you apply the theory into practice.


Share this article with your known aspirants of social media marketing courses through your favorite social media platform.

I am Ramya, a self-admiring, self-worthy personality. Worked as a biochemist intern; teaching English to young learners; passionate to the core on writing; sailing towards skillful writing, and an active internee in IIM skills content writing program.

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