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10 Ways to Create An Effective Video Resume

A Video Resume is a source created in a short video format by a job seeker to make the employer aware of the applicant’s background, skills, and accomplishments to get employment in any organization. It generally showcases job applicants’ communication skills, qualifications, bodily gestures, and presentability skills.

10 Ways to Create An Effective Video Resume

Difference Between the Paper Resume and Video Resume:

Before we go any further, let’s first understand how a paper or print resume varies from a video resume? Is it a recent trend or a need of an hour? Is it a substitute for a print resume? Is it going to be a new resume, employers demanding?

A paper resume is an official document in a text format made by a job applicant, having comprehensive and verified information about their whereabouts, previous jobs, qualifications, and achievements to get a secure job in any firm. It comes with a cover letter. A paper resume, therefore, is a piece of paper that helps applicants get hired by employers.

However, a few differences between print and video resumes are that a video resume is in video format. Also, it’s not as descriptive as the printed resume. It is not a replacement for the paper resume. A print resume is a standard official document required by most hiring managers. On the other hand, a video resume is not of any use to many employers. It still has a long way to be preferred over the print one. It anytime can replace the old paper resume template.

In this way, it is exceptionally critical for every job applicant to examine the possibility of creating a compelling video resume to get a job.

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When to create a Video Resume

Some traditional companies still prefer print or paper ones. So, it’s very crucial to perceive that not all employers get impressed by moving visual images.

Generally, a back-office job does not require a resume in video format. A video resume can help apply for employment in fashion, hospitality, teaching, media, social, and creative industries. Most of these jobs are client confronting and need somebody noteworthy and prepped to manage the customers. However, back-office employees can apply for a job by submitting their printed resumes.

Even the traditional resumes have lost their touch. Today it is more like sending a snippet of data and information over a PDF or DOC format via emails with internet services. Along these lines, breaking the monotony could be both a risk and an opportunity.

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Pros and cons 

Video Resume does not at all save time. Moreover, its time consuming for both employers to scan it and for a job seeker to make it. The one making a video has to be very particular about things. It is for a professional cause, so it has to be short, crisp, and to the point.

An employer hardly takes less than 7-10 seconds to overlook and filter an applicant’s paper resume. The issue with the video resume is that an employer loses interest in a few seconds. To keep the employers engage and alert. The video resume ought not to surpass over 90 seconds.

However, giving all valid information in such a short time is very challenging and risky. Therefore, the process of making a video resume is not as smooth as the paper one. One has to be very sincere and disciplined while creating it. Only a few companies request video resumes. Mostly the companies opt for the traditional approach.

Send video resumes only if asked by an employer. Keep in mind that there is a high risk of observation by an employer. The employer will judge you not only on your speech, looks, and knowledge. They also get a right to judge or filter you for using not an appropriate location, not so attractive background, video quality, and the scripting of your resume.

On the other hand, if you are already a stage artist, social media influencer, video content creator, or anyone who already has experience filming before, you can do wonders. Otherwise, without any prior filming experience, you might look unprofessional and camera conscious. It could again harm your chance of getting employment. Remember, we live in a digital era. All good and bad things get viral in a fraction of a moment. Once it gets viral, it is tough to control and mend it.

Mostly the video resume is made after so much practice. One can’t just make it and send it just like that. It is scripted and edited multiple times before the actual one reaches the employer. Therefore, the hiring manager can presume that the candidate is either good with acting skills or is pretending in the video. So this over-rehearsed script can sometimes change the game.

One other con of sending a video resume is that it kills the chance for other deserving candidates if a hiring manager gets biased. Some hiring managers prefer good looks and personality over intelligence, experience, and qualifications. It might work in your favor if you have got that look and charismatic personality and go against you if your hiring manager doesn’t like the way you look and speak.

But many hiring managers step back considering video resumes over the print ones, only to avoid getting biased for some particular person. They need to follow a transparent recruitment process. And this transparent recruitment process means giving a job to the deserving one.

Another disadvantage of video resumes is the comparison thing. While the print resume is simple when it comes to remembering things and jotting down details of particular job applicants. It becomes a tedious task for an employer to look at every video to know a candidate. When an employer has n number of traditional resumes, it becomes very time-consuming to screen every video.

As we all know, the first impression lasts forever. Let us not kill our chances of getting employment by creating an unprofessional video resume that will ruin our image. 

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Learn 10 ways to create an effective Video Resume that will help you get a deserved job –

  1. Write a script but do not sound over-rehearsed –

Before you make a video, make sure you write your script first. As you are making it for a professional cause, you might become a laughing stock if you sound unprofessional and unprepared. Also, if the video gets viral, it is hard to manage and control its flow. It is always good to write down things if you want employers to get an insight into your personality in a short time via your video resume.

To look natural and sound sensible, you should follow your script, as it will help you express and explain yourself in a decided time frame. Timing is again an important factor. Writing down the relevant headings first and briefing it as per the time will help. You can’t just mix up things and say anywhere and anytime. It should be inter-related and sensible.

Do not just read out your resume. To look natural and sound confident, it is a must to rehearse and then make a video. It will help you look raw and professional. Do not over-rehearse and overact, or you will end up looking desperate, who is pretending to get a job. Make sure you use positive bodily gestures and eye contact. Also, beware of the voice tone, voice modulation, and pitch to express yourself. You should know where to pause and stop.

Remember, the employer is not just looking to hire you for your past accomplishment, but is also looking, what benefits you can do if they hire you. So focus on expressing yourself, what wonders you can do if you are selected. It can only happen with a well-written, rehearsed script.

  1. Follow KISS (Keep it short & simple) –

Be mindful and understand the employers to whom you are sending your resume are already running short of time. Anything lengthy, complicated, and over informative can be a turnoff for your employer. Try to keep it short and simple and yet impressive. Do not be over descriptive by self-boasting yourself. Be honest and genuine on how you can perform and deliver results to their projects.

Remember how we watch a trailer or teaser of a movie before watching an actual. And if the trailer is not that impressive, we generally get an idea of how boring a movie could be. Video Resumes are just like that, a trailer of your personality. It has to be that impressive and effective that an employer would want to meet you face to face.

An idle time for a video is 1.5 minutes. Although, it’s advisable to make it anything in between 30-90 secs. Employers start losing interest in a few seconds if it is not worthy to hear and watch. So keep it crisp, short, and simple. Follow KISS.

  1. Choose the right segment 

You should make your video, keeping in mind that what set of audience will watch it. You can send video resumes across the fashion, media, event, and advertising industries or in any such industry inclined towards hiring more creative people.

Contrary, if opting for jobs in the IT sector, banking sector, teachership, etc. You have to look and sound professional there. Such employments have nothing to do with art and being creative. They won’t understand your creative talks. Your efforts will all go in vain.

Also, make sure to choose the right location while filming such videos. The creative filming location has to be different from the professional one. Understand your segment and resonate accordingly with them.

  1. Consult with your near and dear ones before sharing it 

Sharing is caring, but sharing only when your work passes the sharing test. We all live in a world where people are online even when they are not actively engaged. Both good and bad things get viral in an hour. Although, there is hardly a possibility that a resume will get viral overnight if found funny. Yet, prevention is better than cure.

Do show your work to your family, friends and near and dear ones. Ask for their feedback and suggestion or if there is any scope of improvement. Ask for their ideas. You never know you get some good ideas that can enhance your resume.

Your loved ones will ask you to edit your work or rework it if they find it embarrassing and not so compelling. You can edit your video with their suggestions and later send it across to your employer.

  1. Be creative 

You can make your resume creative by adding humor to your speech. Add spectacular credits. While doing so, do not forget to keep it classy and to the point. Adding humor doesn’t mean you have to perform a stand-up comedy there. Do not deviate from the topic.

You can make your work look appealing with brilliant editing, choosing the right locations, a convincing voice tone, and your dressing sense. Dress to look professional. Employers hire well-groomed candidates. Even being in the creative industry, you can’t just go to work wearing anything. Some companies do allow semi-formals attire, but most of the companies want their employees to look professional.

Doing all such hacks will engage your employers. Try making a video that engages the one who watches it. Remember, engagement is a must.

  1. Find an appropriate background

Isolate yourself while recording yourself. If you are filming inside your house, find a corner in your room, where no person and nothing can distract you. Even the wall painted with decent color can be a good background. Try making your video as bright as you can. No one would want to see an interview video in a dark room. It’s a professional video resume making and not some witchcraft practice.

You can even choose a window with a bright light, let it look sunny and bright. Make sure your camera lens is focused on you and not on the other kinds of stuff in your room. Do not let your employers know about how comfortable and messy you live being at home.

In case you choose a location outside your home. Make sure you choose a place with no visitors or few visitors. It doesn’t mean you go to some shady area. Of course not, but do find a place where no people’s conversations distract your mind. It will even distract you and can be annoying for employers as well.

  1. Be professional 

Be professional. Do not use so much jargon to impress the employer. Keep it right and to the point. Behave as if you are giving a face-to-face interview. Do not make a video showing your casual bodily gesture. Talk about everything professional. An employer might judge you on your personality and way of communication, so try to keep it very professional. Do not discuss your personal life, like your life struggle, family problems, financial problems. Be well dressed and make proper eye contact.

  1. Choose the right camera –

Use a good quality camera or phone with which you sound crystal clear and look recognizable. Do use a quality microphone if needed, make sure you have the perfect lighting to capture a good video. Try making high-quality videos. Please make sure to make a stable video with not many movements. It will otherwise look unprofessional. Imagine you make all possible efforts by being specific to every tip needed to get employment, but a bad quality camera will ruin all the efforts you have made.

  1. Perfect editing and the final touch – 

Once your work is ready, you can further enhance it by n numbers of software available by adjusting the light, exposure, and color-grading. It will make your video look perfect and precise.

  1. Send only, if it’s asked – 

As Video Resume has not taken over the traditional resume yet, so it is again a risky attempt. It is still not asked in the majority of the companies. So send your video resumes to the companies only if they ask. Even some small companies don’t follow a particular recruitment process. You can try it there as well.

Don’t send your resume unless applying for companies focused more on creativity above intelligence and aptitude skills. Remember, video resumes do wonders only if its made perfect. However, a paper resume is an easy act to accept as every employer is aware of it.

Remember, you are making a video resume to convince your employer to hire you. If you are not confident enough to make a perfect video resume, stick to the traditional paper or print resume and play safe.

Do not sound like you have mugged up the script. So write a script and practice it and get a deserved job.

Here is a little illustration of composing an ideal script: 

In this modern age of socio-economic development, your organization needs somebody who sees how things work in various circumstances. You need someone who comprehends your organization’s drawn-out mission and values and extends the organization universally by ethically broadening strategic policies, someone who can represent your company by clarifying its aim of being the best in the market. 

My name is __________, and I am that person. I have done my masters in hotel management from __________university. My course has provided me with a solid foundation in marketing with a profound understanding of hotel management, business information, consumer behavior, and customer relationship management. 

I have 5 years of experience as an f & b manager in ———— hotel. I have an excellent and proven track record of handling customers in the worst scenarios. I have managed a team size of 30 plus management trainees and have worked round the clock. Being a hospitality professional, handling pressure, and getting out of it can be considered one of my skills. Being spent so many years in this industry, I have contacts with many corporates and social clients, which will help me bring customers to the hotel. 

My colleagues and seniors consider me a team player and have always praised my relationship-building and communication skills. I have been awarded many times for successfully handling customers and fetching good feedbacks about hotel and hotel staff. 

Finally, I love interacting with all kinds of people. I love having an effect and seeing the change for the business. I am dedicated and energetic, and that makes me the right candidate to deserve this job. I ensure that you won’t lament employing me. Thanks so much for taking out your valuable time and effort to tune in! 


It is just one professional script, which will not work everywhere, the scripts changes as per the industry, roles, and requirements. You need to understand the math behind it. A script for an internee can be different from one who has years of experience.

Once your script is ready, you can further enhance your video resume by considering all tips mentioned above.

Keep in mind, only submitting a perfect video resume does not guarantee a job. It is just one of the processes of recruitment. If your resume gets filtered, you will again have to pass rounds of interviews or written tests, depending upon company to company.

Nonetheless, the first impression is the last, so you should try your best to create a long-lasting first impression. Keep these tips in mind and create a successful video resume.

I wish you all the best!

Mitali Channawar is a freelance writer and artist based in India. After post-graduating with a business management and hospitality degree and a vast work experience in the corporate industry, Mitali later decided to combine her love of art with her passion for writing. Mitali has contributed to various art and culture publication intending to promote and share creative things. Her work got published in many national newspapers and magazines.

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