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14 Best Work From Home Jobs You Can Do Remotely

Post corona, working from home jobs seem like a privilege. Most people thought that it is a scarce job or can not be done. Some people had the impression that they had to fall under a certain category of jobs to work from home, while some thought that they couldn’t earn as much. Although some of these may be true, the pandemic surely made and thought us to work from home, whether we liked it or not.  While some of us were thrilled with the idea of wearing pajamas under our formal shirts and ties, as they were not visible on the zoom call and got hot home-cooked meals, some were not thrilled with it as they enjoy working at the office and not their homes. Whichever the case, the online job demands grew rapidly in the last 1 year alone.

Best Work From Home Jobs You Can Do Remotely

The search for the latest online work from home jobs from home ends here.

People went on searching for the latest online jobs from home to do more than earn good money. If one sees it, online jobs offer more advantages than going to the office.

Which work from home jobs can be done online?

1. Assisting:

An assistant is the one who schedules meetings, works, makes bookings, handles the workings of the senior person, he is assigned to. Working as a virtual assistant can be done nowadays, as all one needs is to have the skills of an assistant, a working internet and a phone. With so many businesses running online and making their way through e-commerce, having a virtual assistant who can make all the arrangements and workings easier over the phone and online can be quite fun and helpful. This can prove more advantages.

As, if the assistant is sitting at home, in front of his computer and making all the arrangements, he is privy to maps, the schedule calendar, the phone all at once, which means he can work more promptly whilst being comfortable at home. They are independent working individuals usually providing services of assisting businesses or other individuals at once in the admin, creative, accounts, or technical areas.

Some of their major tasks are to check and revert to emails, check out online presentations, work on the copyright, manage documents, handle the media and business-related queries and applications, curate the company’s appointments, and handle the content for the emails, memos, etc. Although at times, the work can seem overwhelming, it is quite fun and be manageable. This type of work is considered under the category of daily tasks and is paid the same way.

2. A Developer:

Websites, graphics, logos, etc. any designer who can work to develop designs for a website or social media portal can work online. Whether you are a freelancer or under contract with a company, all you need is a computer and the tools to start designing. We hardly use a sketching pad and then get the graphic designer to get into a digital design, everything is done online. So, why can’t the website be designed by a talented designer, working from home or even the mountain top? As long as the creativity is not hampered. The designers can earn a good buck if work on the deadline ad with all the original creativity.

3. A writer:

A  writer can work online, and create writeups in any genre of writing. Be it content writing for an e-commerce website or a poet working on his haikus or a novel writer working on a 500-page blockbuster. A writer can be a housewife taking care of her 3 children and house or an old man, too feeble to go out, or a taxi driver driving all day to jot down his words in the quiet of the night, so why should they be limited to the 9-5 job and hamper their creativity! A recent survey taken on writers said that they preferred to work at a comfortable place which allowed their creativity to flow wild. That’s why they kept on searching for the latest online jobs from home to keep on writing and not fall out of it.

4. Taking surveys:

Many international and local brands often spend time and money on taking surveys from people, their past clients, and interested candidates in general. Taking online surveys can be done part-time and from home or on your phone. One should search for reliable online survey posting websites so as not to waste time and energy and have earned peanuts.

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5. Social media Analyst:

Managing and analyzing social media is like spending time on your phone browsing through Instagram or Facebook. As we all are already experts in that, why not take it forward and be professional about it. Choose a single line of work, search for the competitors, the manufacturers, the sellers, the buyers, the spam ids in the field, and so on. Tracking the campaigns and spending money on AdWords and so on. Promoting the posts and designs, curating the content, and making sure that your social media has a good reach, are some of the basic jobs of a social media manager. This work can be done from home as well as from the office. Now, why shouldn’t this category be included in the latest online jobs from home?

6. Playing games and trying out apps:

There are many ads for playing online games and earning money, now this may not be a real job, but one can earn money by playing the games on Android or iOS. Many developers issue Beta or lite versions of their apps or games and invite gamers to test their games and earn money for them. Other than that, many games do include money bonuses and earning real money options, all one needs is to find the legitimate ones.

7. Consultants:

Online consultations can be done on anything. As long as you have good thorough research and knowledge of the particular field, online consulting can be a piece of cake for you. Many consults also earn extra by promoting products and services of the particular brands in the same respective fields.

8. Social media influencer:

As mentioned above, social media work has become more than a piece of cake for all now. There are selected few who have managed to gain a good many followers on their social media pages, organically. The number of followers helps to earn money from the social media portal. Then, the promoters who wish to get their products or services to reach the people, also pay the influencers to promote. Now, this may seem a bit more than a job, but believe us, it is worth the money and the attention of the followers. And think of the free stuff you get from the promoters.

9. Ticketing and tourism:

Believe it or not, not everyone has the spare time to browse through various websites and book tickets for them. Finding the right place, property and then the best way to travel there can be quite overwhelming. Then finding the best price for it can also pose a difficulty. Hence, people search for ticketing and tourism experts online, who can understand their requirements and make the bookings as per their needs, pocket, and availability. This usually works on a commission basis rather than salaried. This job can be done for the public and government ticketing units. The Indian railways take a 10,000 Rs deposit and make you a registered agent. One can work part-time as well on this and earn well.

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10. Stocks and Bonds:

The share market is open to all, one can always deal in stocks and bonds for the government, the public sector, or a private company as well. A thorough and deep understanding is required for this field of work. Being a broker or sub-broker can be done as per one’s time and knowledge.

11. Real estate:

One job that has recently made its way through the latest online jobs from home is the real estate field. Many brokers tend to post openings for buying and selling for many properties. During the lockdown period of the Pandemic Covid-19, many interested buyers took virtual tours of the properties they were interested in. Then, booking a property for rent or lease is also done online, nowadays. This can earn a good commission to the broker.

12. Data Entry Jobs:

This may be an old concept, but the transcripts and translating jobs can get the data entry jobs to be more interesting. One can do as many as they like at their convenient time and still earn money for it. Although the data entry jobs may have lost their credibility over the years, some scammers charge the jobseekers with upfront fees and promise to adjust them in their payments.

13. Teaching jobs:

Many teachers and tutors offer to teach online. One can gain knowledge and education on school subjects, college studies, languages, competitive exams, etc. One can earn up to Rs 40-50,000 per month.

14. Astrology, Vastu, palmist:

This may be the latest addition to the latest online jobs from home, but is proving to be very helpful. Many people pay good money for these services, and the reason for the success is the busy lives of the people. A person can opt for an online astrology consultation while driving to work and still be satisfied with the predictions.

How can one find these work from home jobs online that aren’t a scam and get them to earn good money? Here are some tips to do so:

  • Researching over the internet and going through the client list can help.
  • Check the references: People usually post their reviews of the work and jobs they have had, over one place or another. Check out those references and even contact those references by sending them a friendly email.
  • Don’t spend money on a job from which you wish to earn. Although, some consulting firms and coaches can help and get a step more for you if you pay a membership fee. But think long and hard about the same.
  • Setup a contract before starting your work. This will keep both parties in check and obligated to pay one another.

Although many online work from home jobs have turned into businesses, some people still wish to go old school and still believe in real-time work. And let’s face it, the Pandemic is not the only reason for working home is considered an option. There are many profits of working from home:

  • A balance between home and work: A balance which couldn’t be maintained before and be done now, as one is working from home. At least the lunch and tea breaks can be done entertained together with the family. If one is working as a freelancer, then one can set a flexible time and schedule to work and spend quality time with the family. Not to forget the chores that can be done, which one can’t do during those long hard days in the office.
  • Better Calling: When one is sitting in one place with a good connection between the telecom and the internet, the call making and attending is easier to do. With better quality and efficiency, one is in a relaxed position and can also make conference calls.
  • Getting around the chores: When one is on the go, removing time for chores like laundry, grocery shopping, baking, etc. can be ignored. When is working from home, one can manage the time and also attend to those pending chores.
  • Saving money on Commute: The one thing, people always complain about is the money and time spent on a commute to the office, the sales calls, the meetings, and so on. While working on the online jobs from home, this automatically narrows down to zero.
  • Time for Exercising: The latest survey taken on the ‘working individuals in Mumbai’ said that 60% of the very obese or above their weight line. And many were underweight and many of them were living on just fast food. As soon, one starts to work from home, the time to eat good nutritional food and exercise is automatically planned.
  • Better Productivity: When an employee is well-fed, well-rested, and exercised for the day, his work productivity can be seen to improve. An online survey taken in 2019, said that 60% of working individuals claim they will be to provide better productivity if they worked from home instead of in an office.
  • Customize your office: The office that is appointed to you, may or may not be to your liking, this also affects the mood, work, and productivity. When working online, you get to choose where you will sit and work from. It can be a nearby café or a friend’s terrace or you can customize your own space with a comfortable chair and a better view.
  • Sustaining: Online employees seem to sustain more than the regular office-going ones. As they are not under any obligation of time, place, dress code, etc. A regular employee will manage his time and money as per the weather conditions, the current economy, and his priories, these do not affect the online working employees.

Here are some websites to consider for work from home jobs. One thing that can help anyone wishing to make money working on online jobs is to always consider options and do your research work, thoroughly.

  1. Flexjobs: One of the most visited and used websites by freelancers and work from home users is Flexjobs. This is one of the most trusted sites for offering a variety of jobs in many fields and industries. Legitimate jobs and projects are seen here and are tested by the companies as well. A mere membership is to be paid and then you are set to go. Search for on-site work, projects, and so on. One can search work by location, remote options, industries and then start working.
  2. Jobspresso: They offer work from home jobs in bulk. Their options are very wide and have no membership fees. Although, the different time zones of the International companies require the work to be done as per their work timings, not yours. You may be living in Calcutta and working for a company in Glasglow, which means you have to work as per their shift timings. Jobs for marketing, sales, graphic, and web development, customer care, writers, admin, and management can be found here.
  3.  Virtual vocations: One can find a pre-screened and tested job sitting here. A fee is charged for membership which allows the user to create a resume, upload a cover letter, and also track the applications and jobs applied for. This website is very useful for nurses, fundraisers, accountants, writers, editors, and so on.
  4. Crossover: Sales and marketing, management, finance, software development, and so on are just some of the options offered for remote workers.
  5. Working Nomads: As the name suggests, it’s a site for the nomads who wish to work from their own space of comfort and still earn a good buck. The location can be selected for which one desires to work. Telecommuters are welcome to work by paying an email subscription fee.
  6. Skip the Drive: Just search by typing in a keyword like ‘content writer’ or ‘customer care and see a huge list of job postings. The date can be seen when the job was posted, to avoid miscommunication and wastage of time.
  7. Remotive: The companies like Automattic usually post their job openings here and one can easily go to the company’s website via the URL mentioned here. Once you upload your cover letter, you will get feedback on it as well. One can easily change the same.

So, by now, you have a list of websites, where you can apply for work. You know which profile can get the advantage of working from home, but here’s how to make your profile interesting enough to get attractive offers.

Not every profile will be picked up or come in the eyes of the employer. So how do get the best use of the latest online jobs from home?

  • You are a Brand: Until and unless you consider yourself a brand, how will you sell yourself? Spend time on building an impressive profile mentioning your strengths, goals, and skillset. Be original in your approach and content. Even if you borrow someone’s famous quotes, make sure to mention their name. Choose a good font that will be readable and attractive. Make sure, you mention alternative phone numbers and email ids, as it will ensure that you get to work on time.
  • Follow your passion: If you are working from home, due to whatever reason, try to follow your passion. Not everyone gets to earn money and love what they do. Imagine working on something, that gets you going and then getting paid for it whilst sitting at home! Wouldn’t that be something!
  • Consider the consultation firms: Although the consultation firms do charge money and may take longer to land a project, but stay in touch with them, get your updated profile on their record. You never know, where your next salary slip may come from!
  • Be flexible while charging: We wouldn’t suggest you bend over and settle for less than you deserve, but try not to overcharge. Haggling and negotiating can help you get a good prize but try to be open-minded and be flexible. Don’t forget you are working from home and they easily get someone else to come in and work for lesser money.

When a remote worker or a freelancer wishes to work from the comfort of their own space and they search for the latest online jobs from home, they should be prepared to face a lot of dilemmas and do a lot of research. Thus work from home is much desired. 

After all, you wish to work in your own space and time convenience. The companies offering work to be outsourced to them will surely ask for more than the world, as they are paying for it and they will demand a lot. You are offering your services to them and hence being flexible and original is important.


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