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Work From Home For Women: Jobs In India (Updated)

Lately, work from home has become the new normal and it has led to more employment opportunities for women and students. Let’s know more about work from home for women in India.


Work From Home For Women Jobs In India (Updated)



Nobody expected what the whole world was to witness in 2020, the pandemic affected each one of our lives in one way or another. India a country that witnessed one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. Being home to seventeen percent of the world’s population, the women of this vast population were hit with job losses and closures of childcare centers. 


As Einstein said that in every difficulty lies an opportunity, amidst this pandemic, the case is somewhat similar because India’s $200 billion technology services industry is going to provide female workers with a broad swath of flexible work arrangements and fresh employment opportunities like work from home for women. 


In a traditional and cultural country like India, social conventions require women to move to their husband’s location or stay with family in small towns which results in shutting out a Million of qualified female workers. Work from home for women would provide them choices they never had before.


A major segment of working women in India faced many of the same issues that posed a problem for their global counterparts as they had to juggle childcare, online schooling, and official work from home that forced some to drop out. Pandemic led millions of female rural workers and daily wage earners to lose their jobs reason being that they can’t work from home, but the changes in the technology services industry show how in-depth the pandemic is forcing Indian companies to re-imagine workplaces.


Given the location and time flexibility, fewer women will be quitting after having children as more women will stay in the workforce and more will reach senior leadership levels. Women comprise a third of India’s technology services labor force already a better gender ratio than many other industries in the country. Work from home for women opportunities in the back offices may offer more avenues to qualified women in small towns who are usually not allowed to migrate to bigger cities for work.


Smaller cities are having so much talent that has been untapped so far, the flexible work arrangement would certainly bring that talent to the fore, especially women who find it difficult to migrate or shift their base. The pandemic has pushed the discussions on strategies and future work models concerning arrangements like rotating days or weeks of in-office presence and staggering employee shifts, along with that change in Indian government rules will enable more women to join the workforce.


Debanji Ghosh the president of Nasscom said that flexibility could improve women’s participation in the workforce, related to this context if work from anywhere has to succeed, the mindset that women have to work and single-handedly manage the home has to change.


The one thing that matters is that the earning from these best work from home jobs in India depends completely on you and your work as it’s directly proportional to your talents and capabilities so you should know where your focus should be.


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Below are the advantages and disadvantages of work from home along with the simple work from home for women jobs suitable for Indian women


What are the possible advantages and disadvantages of work from home for women’s jobs?


The benefits of remote jobs include

  • Flexibility in working hours
  • Working mothers can stay close to their children
  • Saving time every day by not traveling to and from the workplace
  • Earn money online
  • Connect with people
  • Work-life balance

Disadvantages that come along with work from home opportunities

  • Initial obstacles
  • Poor guidance
  • Distractions
  • Being taken for granted by employers
  • Though there are some exceptions the pay is not as fulfilling as full-time jobs

List of suitable jobs

  1. Online tutor
  2. Pastry chef
  3. Blogger
  4. Content writer
  5. Vlogger
  6. Social media influencer
  7. Data entry
  8. Home-cooked tiffin services
  9. Virtual assistant
  10. Graphic designer


Seeing it in another way, these jobs are excellent choices for women who are not able to manage going out to work, the reason being that housewives are stressed with managing children and the extended families at home and this makes them quit jobs after their marriage. 


These jobs allow them to be productive and at the same time make use of their skills while offering much-needed flexibility while being at home. This makes them contribute to the family financially and simultaneously independent enough on their foot, as they can also live out their dreams to still work while managing their families at the same time. That helps women to overcome the restrictions of both their families and society that still does not prefer the women of their household to go out for work.




1. Work From Home For Women Job As Online Tutor

After the advent of Jio, the internet became widespread in almost every household, with jio boasting a user base of 386 million users it also forced other network providers to offer cheap data packs to have a pan India penetration with an internet user base rising to 743 million at the march end and one of the many advantages that internet usage provides is the access to an affordable and much convenient education these days.


You can apply for jobs on online education portals such as Byju’sUnacademyudemykhan academy, etc. One can easily earn up to 30k per month and beyond depending on the talent, capabilities, and authority they have established. You can find the streams of teaching which you are having mastery over and with time and consistent hard work you can earn yourself a name and a brand value which would finally make the work come to you instead of you going to work.


2.Work From Home For Women Job As Pastry Chef Of Your Bakery

This is one of the most suitable work from home for women, jobs in the market. If you are interested in baking and have the skills to bake fancy cakes, cookies, tarts, pastries, cream rolls, patties, puddings, and many more dishes and desserts, you can start your venture for a pastry store.


Due to the pandemic these days people are avoiding places having crowds for which you can list your business online and provide home delivery service to the customers, moreover, space that is saved for a store would save you money for more baking essentials.


Earlier days the baking items used to be the food of ceremonies like birthdays only but nowadays pastry industry has been growing much fold from parties to desserts to comfort food it is in good demand throughout the year from occasions like birthdays to weddings, anniversaries to parties, festivals to ceremonies and many more.


You can earn a decent amount by taking pre-orders and having them delivered with a booking price and have the full price paid before delivery as it suits you. You can list yourself on online food apps like zomatoswiggyuber eats, etc, and expand your business by providing the services accordingly.


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3. Work From Home For Women Job As A Blogger

This is a job where you can earn money just based on what you are enthusiastic about and are having an interest in-depth regarding that thing, you can blog on anything ranging from fitness, fashion, travel, gardening, or even philosophy. With the advent of social media, you can write and put the links to your blog on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, medium, and many more.


From there you can gain a large number of followers and audience that will give you a wider reach on social media, also you can start microblogging at platforms such as Instagram where you will get the opportunity to build links with people who are having the same interests as you and who are experts of your niche.


Exposing your work on such social media platforms can give you global exposure due to the wide reach of such platforms as you can also start generating income by using Google AdSense, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing. You can have short-term and long-term blogging goals that can maximize your earnings based on the fact that whether you want to increase traffic on the blog or drive the sales.


This is one of the most viable options for work from home for women, but your journey regarding writing blogs does not end at just writing an informative blog, you also need to have a good knowledge of SEO which would let you know the process that in what manner would you pitch your blogs so that they are ranked by the search engines.


4. Work From Home For Women Job As A Content Writer

Earlier google algorithm was based on creating the content and then providing as many external links to show the authority of the site but this lead to the users gaming the system and google started deteriorating in quality of content, but with the advent of the new algorithm called Hummingbird, Google said that it’s only the content based on which the rankings will be decided, so it was made clear that you need to produce quality and authentic content to rank on the search engines.


India with an internet user base of around 743 million is going to complete digital penetration in a few years and in such times when maximum businesses are shifting online what the demand of the market is that they need content creators who can educate, inform, or entertain people through content that is what’s going to create people to opt for their brand, that makes content writing one of the most effective work from home for women jobs in India.


Due to the online boom businesses are not going to have scarcity for such type of work from home choices in India as a beginner can expect around 15k to 20k salary. You need to create a profile on sites such as LinkedInQuora, and Medium and can put a link there in your bio to your profiles at freelancing sites such as Upwork along with links of your past work that you have done.


Work continuously on enhancing your writing skills so that you can be hired for big business platforms giving you a regular job reason being whatever is going to be online these days from, blogs, e-commerce sites are going to need content creators for their pages so you have to choose projects that pay well and would have to keep pitching your writings to the largest publications in the country.


5. Work From For Women Job As A Vlogger

Today’s generation is the one which is having decreased attention spans people prefer watching than reading that is where vlogs that are blogs in the video format come into play, you can make vlogs depending upon your talents for the craft, the different niches that you can make vlogs are makeup, gaming, food, unboxing, fitness, tech reviews, travel, and comedy.


The ways to make money by your vlogs are sponsorship and affiliate marketing, sponsorship is not easy to get at first but once you have crossed a significant number of subscribers some businesses will pay you to mention them during your vlogs, the amount depends on the number of expected viewers, the other way is the affiliate marketing which is easy to come than sponsorship, in affiliate marketing vloggers link to a product either in the video itself or video description, if a viewer buys something vlogger gets a cut.


For women who are looking for opportunities to work from home for women jobs in India, vlogging can be an easy income generator but the condition is that you need to have the talents to create videos that get user engagement as once your channel gets a particular number of views you begin getting paid for it. The equipment that you need to start vlogging includes a camera, microphone, tripod, and other things such as filter, lighting, and green screen which are optional.


6. Work From Home For Women Job As A Social Media Influencer

One of the great trends of today in the social media world is the influence that the people hold, all that one needs is a decent number of followers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. One can become an influencer they are highly sought after these days by big brands and companies. The rise of the social web and internet has allowed more people to become influencers, sometimes in very niche segments within a massive online audience.


Being a social media influencer first thing is to find the target audience then we can begin to find or be those influencers who are valuable to the audience and trusted by them. Social media influencers are brands, people, and personalities online that people trust. The most efficient form of advertising today is word of the mouth and social media influencers play a significant role in circulating it from their brands through audiences and followers, their job not only consists of promoting a product through their social media platform presence but also review the products.


Though it is one of the options for work from home for women’s jobs, social media influencers are not simply created overnight. The starting is with a small number of followers, it takes passion, consistency, determination to create a user base over which they could wield considerable influence. They need to have intimate knowledge of who those followers are so they can connect their followers to those stories and products that they know will be relevant to them because they have the idea that who their audience is and what is it that they want.


Nowadays due to the cheap internet penetration, the information which comes from bloggers is more trusted than the one that comes through advertisements. You can take the example of youth buying a luxury bike. He would base his decision to buy not based on advertisements that come on the television but on the reviews that have been uploaded by the bloggers on the platforms such as YouTube.


But, while being influenced one should keep this thing in mind that the information being shared by the influencers is trustworthy, timely, and relevant. Social media influencer is a good work from home job for women as they can influence people in buying beauty products, giving product reviews, share educational information, cooking lessons, fitness blogs, fashion blogs, etc. They can bag a good amount of commission from these activities depending on their partnering brands.


7. Data Entry Analyst

The common notion is that this job is too easy but it demands smooth and efficient processing of large chunks of information since a majority of work these days has shifted to online platforms this is a job which is in huge demand in the market. The work you are required to do is simply enter data into a computer system or some type of secure file system, as there is much software that one can use for different kinds of data entry.


Based on your choice you can charge per hour or project and earn a decent amount of money. The requirement of such jobs is a decent computer, fast internet, attention to details, MS office installed, and some fast typing skills. You can work from home with a schedule that is suitable to you and if you want to increase the amount of money that you want to earn through such work then you can create a profile on freelance sites such as freelancer simply hired, and Upwork.


Data entry is considered as suitable work from home for women jobs in India because of its growing IT sector and the growing participation of women in the labor force. One can also leverage the freelancing portals to find projects that interest them and maximize the earnings over time by gaining accuracy and speed as long as you keep working.


8. Home-cooked Tiffin Services

With India having such a large population, and so much diversity in its population, it is obvious that there are countless cuisines. Those of you especially women who have good cooking skills can make a decent living out of home-cooked tiffin services.


The majority of people are living out of their native places and don’t have time to juggle their cooking and work at the same time so you can start small and start a delivery service to such people, though it would require some more time and a lot of efforts to manage with your everyday chores, you can start your cooking and packaging business and start a small tiffin service of sorts initially.


You can grow your business by offering a small menu of home-cooked food every day and offer it as subscriptions for the ones interested in your services. You can make use of the food apps like zomatoswiggy, and homely in promoting such services to home cooks as business professionals.


9. Virtual Assistant

The work of the virtual assistants is to work remotely through the internet and provide services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. The things that they do include event management, managing emails, social media management, appointments, calendars, preparing reports, personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants, and simple digital marketing tasks. Imagine you are running a company.


You would have to devote all your mind to playing an active role in spearheading growth strategies, but that does not mean you can neglect these mundane tasks like emails and finances. So how are you going to manage such tasks? The answer is virtual assistants who can manage all these things for you. The result that you get is that you can stay focused on more pressing matters that need to be done in person at your office.


Anybody can master the art of being a virtual assistant as long as they have good communication skills and are comfortable operating computers and applications like MS office, as it is one of the viable options for work from home for women in the ever-growing market of our country and a majority of work being shifted online. Sites such as elance.com, zirtual.com, Fiverr, and Upwork can be used to find the best virtual assistant jobs.


10. Graphic Designer

It is also known as communication design, graphic designers are responsible for creating content in visual forms that would engage the users on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TwitterSnapchat, etc. All you need to have is the knowledge of photoshop and some other useful graphic tools. These days the attention spans of the users have been decreased due to maximum activities shifting online as creative posts are what capture the attention of the users.


Like in the content writing world, no matter how better is your content if you are not having the keywords in your title that rank, your content would not be searched for, similarly, if you are not having a good presentation of your content with some graphics and pictures to give the user a feel of connecting then you would not be getting the user engagement that you would be looking for. Before starting on with the journey of a graphic designer you can do courses on the platforms like Coursera, Udemy, etc, and can pick up from various companies or brands with decent pay to go along with your interests.


Where to start with work from home?

First of all, what you need to do is, take the courses that are going to give you the skill to invest yourself in the thing that you are interested in. Try to gain expertise in the field of your choice because that is what is going to bring you an audience. Then create an attractive LinkedIn profile listing your certification and the previous works that you have done.


Do keep one thing in mind that though money matters but here, you have to place your passion for the work before the monetary benefits. You will find potential employers at LinkedIn and can build links that would help you to make connections in the field that you want to prosper in, as you can find jobs through freelance websites too. So above are the list and ways to procure work from home for women’s jobs if you have any suggestions you are welcome to give them in the comment section.

A mechanical engineer by education, former defence aspirant, a sportsman by heart and an observer by nature. I find my purpose in reading and writing, reading the newspaper every day is my hobby and I also love to watch tennis and movies. Student at Sri Aurobindo center of arts and communication.
  • hi i am aastha ,due to the ongoing pandemic i had lost my job so to make the ends meet i was looking for a work from home job and i came around your article which really gave me a perspective that which job i am suitable for ,moreover there are whole lot of choices given in the article which i can choose from ,so thank you for posting the article it is very well written and was very helpful and would be really a life changer for many women who are looking for work from home opportunities.

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