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White Paper Writing Service: 3 Most Popular Options

White paper writing service is usually hired by companies or organizations to create promotional or informative documents relating to a new product, campaign, solution, or services, etc that they offer. The white paper is a document used as a marketing tool containing facts and information that persuade customers or audiences.

White Paper Writing Service Most Popular Options

The white paper is a reliable means to increase audience engagement, integrity, and credibility among the customers. White paper services are functional and effective in generating leads and driving the marketing strategies upwards.

The white paper is the most hired content since the last few years by the B2B companies to prolifically demonstrate their solutions and ideas to the world. This has time and again proved the effectiveness and coup of white papers in the marketing and sales world. White paper contents span across various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, technology, and transportation, etc.

White paper contents backed by the right expertise, original research, updated facts, and heedful instructions is bound to increase sales as it is the most approachable means for the customers which influence purchasing decisions and solutions. A principal mode to assure the title of expert in an industry or subject is through the white paper.

If you want to learn white paper writing, then enroll in the Best Technical Writing Course that will equip you with the precise skills to master white paper writing.

White papers educate the audience with an in-depth insight into the topics and guide them to better decisions. They dive into various aspects of the topics which give detailed information mainly in the form of long forms and exhibit the publisher’s potential and proficiency.

A white paper aims to educate its readers and persuade them through information, facts, and evidence that present problems and their solutions rather than being a marketing material with flashy catch-up lines and highlights stating the reasons for choosing a particular company.

A white paper represents the essays containing explanatory and enlightening words like that of an A-grade student. White papers are neither like brochures nor e-books and blogs. They are very detailed with references, and logical arguments that help the audience make a decision, solve a problem rather than instill a feeling of having a product.

White papers are more detailed and factual than e-books and blogs. They are open-minded and research-based. They give an in-depth look into a specific topic with aims such as solving problems or breaking down topics into more understandable concepts. White papers are a better option when the focus is on thought-leadership, deep explanation, and extensive research.

The term white paper originated in politics to categorize papers in which white meant for public access. Although it is a term from politics, it excels in the business field today. Due to their authoritative tone, they are great means to promote thought leadership that demonstrates expertise in a particular field. As it is a lengthy and gravely detailed document, it requires a lot of expertise, time, and money. Therefore, a lot of companies outsource white paper writing services to get the best results in regards to the efforts put into it.

A white paper writer needs to have strong research skills and an understanding of the related topic. Subject matter expertise and structured writing skills are a must. Additionally, a white paper writer like any writer requires a strong command of the language, time management, organizational, and basic interview skills.

A white paper must be capable of keeping its audience on the hook through its interesting facts, wordings, and value. A white paper is a dense and professional document, which usually requires an academician in a particular field to write it in a value-based manner.

White papers thus are a great resource for companies and organizations to improve their marketing strategies and gain trust, lead the industry through original ideas, generate leads, and gain the title of expert. Here are some of the White paper writing services from around the globe:

The Popular White Paper Writing Services

1.    Brafton

Brafton is a marketing service agency providing white paper writing services. Brafton tries to address the problems of their clients scientifically and provides the best marketing solutions. They take pride in their services that through great creativity generate leads and help their clients save money and time.

Their expert team is always ready to provide value-based creative content with their proficient insights. Their team is formed out of the best creative and skilled minds in the industry. Their customer-oriented services extend across the globe from Sydney to San Francisco. They have worked with start-ups, enterprises, Smbs, and non-profits from around the world.

They have years of experience in creating effective content for B2B businesses that prove to be of great effect in writing expert white paper content. They follow a thorough strategy to create white paper contents. They create resourceful plans on how to use the marketing tool of white paper to generate leads. After mapping out the plan their expert white paper writer partners with the company and their content marketing strategist to develop the best ideas with the perfect mix of personalization and expertise.

The topics aim at solving the problems frequently faced by the company’s targeted audience- making the company a problem solver and a savior. After the completion of the writing, their graphic designers create a design suitable for the brand and take on other aspects such as CTAs, editing to generate the best possible outcome from the white paper. Branton tries to mix all the right flavors that create the perfect white paper content that helps a company become a thought leader, problem solver, and reach the desired goals.

2.     Verblio

Verblio is a content marketing enthusiast having expertise in content creation. They aim at creating friendly and personal content that drives sales and enhances the relationship between companies and customers.

The customers at Verblio enjoy a beautiful and effortless experience. The writers at Verblio are happy and always motivated to help their customers to reach their fullest potential. Their team expertise comes from a wide variety of fields including SEO- files, content connoisseurs, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Their values such as:

  • Curiosity, creativity, humor
  • Clear and respectful communication
  • Quirkiness and scrappiness
  • Bold and fearless action
  • Listen and communicate good intent
  • Make content creation a fun and memorable journey

Their motto for white paper content writing services is to create white papers that wow and win your business. Their quality service comes with the following aspects:

  • Network of savvy writers knows how to write for digital marketing and modern SEO.
  • Providing white paper content that helps the targeted audience understand issues, solve problems and make decisions.

Their white paper contents aim at educating your audience about your product, business, or process. All the logistics and paperwork are handled by Verblio while working with the freelance white paper writers.

Verblio’s white paper writing service includes the following benefits:

  • Well researched content from subject-matter expert writers
  • Keyword-rich writing to power SEO
  • Unlimited edits at no extra cost
  • Helpful, human support from the Verblio team

Their white paper service is provided for various industries such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Software
  • Consulting
  • Solar
  • Computer hardware
  • Technical or scientific services

Most of the clients at Verblio receive their first draft within 72 hours of order placement. Clients can also accept, decline or request unlimited edits for free. Verblio’s white paper service helps gain brand recognition and highly qualified prospective customers. With easy-to-use systems, the right expertise, qualitative and quick service, Verblio delights its clients. They provide their customers with one of the easiest and personal white paper writing service experiences.

3.     Pepper Content:

Pepper content provides outstanding content writing services that help you reach your marketing goals. They deliver 100% creative and engaging contents that help businesses build deep connections with their clients and bond better.

1000+ brands today use the world-class services offered by Pepper content. Bangalore-based pepper content has partnered with global companies like Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, etc. Their contents help brands discover their own space, stand out, and get connected to the world better. Writers at Pepper Content sieve through the problems faced by the targeted audience and help solve their problems; creating deeper bonds.

The expert team at Pepper Content drives the website traffic through their SEO expertise, insights, and experienced knowledge. Pepper Content, through the years, has developed a team of more than 45000 professional content writers, delivered 200000+ content pieces among 60+ content types to more than 800 happy customers.

Pepper Content helps companies hire freelance white paper content writers to increase brand awareness, lead generation, and become thought leaders. Their wide range of networks gives their clients access to a large number of expert writers. Their quality assured contents are not only human-edited but also edited by AI keeping it accurate and personal. They design brilliant ideas for your white papers. Their white paper contents aim at achieving domain authority and customer loyalty.

They follow a systematic procedure to deliver the best white paper service. Their steps include listening, understanding, and creating. They comprehend white paper requirements for each customer and create content for the targeted audience.

After understanding the needs of their customers, they assign the best suitable white paper content writers to do the job who are ready to complete the assigned work. After assigning the work, customers can constantly track progress through dashboards. Every detail regarding the job can be found through it. One can also sign up for the first-time free white paper writing service.

White paper content writing experience at Pepper content includes easy-to-use content platforms, skilled professional writers, fastest TAT(turnaround time). Their cost-effective service takes you on a great white-paper writing journey that gives the best outcomes and effects. Their solution-based and result-oriented white paper writing services represent the brand’s voice in the best colors.

Types of White paper Writing:

White papers are categorized mainly into three types based on the purpose of writing.

1.     Problem/Solution:

Problem or solution white paper writing services are provided to address the issues of a particular business or industry and introduce an innovative or new solution to it. They include all the problems, current solutions, and their drawbacks as well as a better and new approach to solving the problem.

This type of white paper helps introduce newer ideas to potential stakeholders, and achieve credibility. It is one of the hardest types of white paper writing which requires strong skills that display a logical and persuasive argument, powerful research, and presentation skills to outsource the best data that help prove the company’s credibility and viewpoints. Problem/solution white paper writings have a wide approach and are a great means to prove industry expertise.

2.     Backgrounder

The backgrounder type of white paper writing, like the name itself, creates a portfolio for a new product, methodology, or service describing every benefit, feature, and use of it. This type of white paper writing is mainly used to introduce a new, unfamiliar, or misunderstood service or product.

Though the backgrounder is easy to produce, it is one of the hardest pieces of content to make interesting. As white-paper contents usually have a serious tone, backgrounder content finds it difficult to keep the readers hooked on. Therefore, writers with great creativity are required to do the task.

Backgrounder is a great way to get the attention of customers by providing technical details, a great means to represent the offerings of a product or services at a product launch, or a means to supplement the technical evaluation of sales. Though backgrounder white paper has its drawbacks, they have low risks and provide solid information to knock off competitors.

3.     Numbered-List

The numbered list is a type of listicle that contains points, questions, views, or tips related to a particular subject; numbered-list disservices to generate leads through tempting information.

It is easy to read and create. A numbered list can often be created in a short period with a structured approach. It is a popular means to gain attention as readers love numbered lists due to their crisp attitude.

Although, numbered-lists are people’s favorite due to their time-saving nature, but are unsuitable means to generate oneself as an expert in the industry or convince credibility because of their limited, less detailed, and too little information.

It is the most used white paper format in the B2B industry and therefore needs to have promising content to grab attention. It is the best option for businesses that intend to generate leads and grab attention through concise yet informative information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What should be the length of white papers?

Answer) The average length of the main topic of a white paper is 6-8 pages. The ideal length of a white paper depends on the white paper’s purpose and the type of the white paper.

2. What is the average charge of white paper services?

Answer) A business can hire a white paper writer at freelance websites for as low as a price of $3 to as high as $300. A valuable white-paper writer may charge you even more than $10,000 as white-papers are lengthy and require a lot of time and effort to produce. An average price for a decent white paper writing service is $4,500.

3. What are the other names for a white paper?

Answer) White papers are also known as position papers, command papers, state papers, or write books.

4) What should a white-paper include?

Answer) A white paper should include original research to increase credibility and lead as a thought-leader. White papers should include visuals, graphs, charts, and statistics that make white papers more interesting and trustworthy.

It should also contain a relevant and captivating headline as well as an apt summary or conclusion. A great white paper should be in tune with the brand’s voice with great designs complimenting the brand. White papers must also have a landing page and call to action that help increase sales and generate leads. A valuable topic and interesting information are what create an ultimate white paper.

5) What determines the quality of a white paper?

Answer) White papers are created to educate the audience, solve problems, misunderstandings, create credibility, generate leads, and increase sales. Quality white paper writing service must be able to fulfill these purposes. Great white paper contents are original, interesting, creative, and intellectual. White papers must have factual information with great delivery, structure, and detailed research-based information.


White papers are deeply-researched and reliable and help businesses make a name in their respective industry. They help generate leads and find potential and customers. White papers have been around for a long time and are still active today as a relevant means for businesses to educate, solve issues, advertise and progress in their fields. Therefore there are a lot of places today that offer great white paper writing services.

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