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Video Marketing Benefits for Start-ups: A Guide

A fun fact about videos is that they are great storytellers. Videos make it easier to convey a story, kindle emotions, and emotional connectivity through appropriate music and imagery. Video makers and marketers understand the importance of sound and movement to catch one’s attention and how it plays an efficient role in conveying an effective message. Let’s delve into the video marketing benefits for start-ups in this article. 

Video Marketing Benefits for Start-ups A Guide


Below is the definition of video marketing:

Video marketing is a forward-facing marketing strategy that integrates engaging videos as a form of a marketing campaign. This does not only help us to create an excellent rapport with the customers at large, but also has a greater impact in the promotion of a product or a service.

One can talk about different things and cover a vast area of expertise in a video. From deeply explaining the working of a product or service and how-to’s, one can also use this medium to promote customer feedback and testimonials too. Video marketing is also used to showcase and live steam the company’s new events or product launches.


It is also used to keep the customer engaged by updating and delivering entertaining videos with creative content. This way the customers are kept informed and brought up to code with the new improvements, inventions, and innovations related to their products and services.


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Few Examples Of Video Marketing 

Video marketing is all over the internet. Whether it is one’s favorite brand, YouTube homepage, or Facebook, video marketing has been ever successful in catching one’s eye.

One can simply surf for the best videos in action on the internet and be surprisingly presented with over a hundred sites offering theirs.

YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon Prime Video, Facebook Feeds, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and live broadcasts combine and help people in forming an outlook of the world they live in. These network channels help in getting an event or a trend up to speed.

Thus, for a growing business and a promising start-up, whose aim and strongest desire is to spread the word across about their products or services, video marketing is the ultimate solution. Missing out on this would be an extreme blunder which one would not want to make.


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What Is The End Value?

 The increasing value of video marketing remains that it beats the conventional method of marketing when it comes to people learning and processing the information.


How Does Video Marketing Work? 

As to “HOW” video marketing works, the answer is quite simple. A Brand creates a video which in one way or another explains their work, engages the audience, promotes their product and service, drives sales, and raises awareness.

As simple as it sounds, it’s a little more complicated in terms of practice. Like any other marketing campaign, this has its own drawback too. It’s kind of data-driven so one has to measure and monitor various metrics and track the customer engagement to further post more.


The Do’s To Develop A Video Marketing Strategy:

One must consider the below options in order to develop an exceptional video marketing strategy.

● Allocation Of Resources:

For effective video creation, setting up and designating a budget is rather of great importance. It includes factors like time allotted for video creation, a team to market the video in other words a video guru, equipment required, best editing software, etc.

● Story-Telling

Brainstorming for an efficient story is of utmost significance for a video. What stories to tell? How to tell? Etc.

● Engagement

Simply telling a story will not yield any result. Telling a story in a way that grips the audience is something that one must work on. In order to do so, one must explore various factors like what would make the story more interesting? What would grip the audience’s attention? What would keep the readers hooked to the story? And so on and so forth.

● Precision

Keep the story up to the point and simple. Shorter the story, the better the attention. Make it more precise by cutting off extraneous information. Chop, chop, and chop!! Though there is no hard and fast rule on the length of a marketing video (keeping aside the recommendations), it is common knowledge that the attention span is shorter. Hence, one must work on making the best out of it.

● Promotion

Promoting and publishing the video far and wide possible is the key to making it globally recognized. As an answer to “How to make that possible?” – Publish it on the company’s website, google-owned YouTube, and all other social media platforms. Promote! Promote! Promote as much as possible.

● Research Analysis

Making a video and uploading it on all the social media platforms alone would not work. One has to promptly analyze and track various metrics. Statistically comparing the responses of the videos will make us understand the reach and the reason for the same.

By doing so, one can draw a clear picture and determine various reasons as to why and how few videos had gotten world-class recognition and why some could not. This helps in working on the drawbacks and the hindrances.

Video Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing Tools And Approach:

On considering each angle and aspect, we can draw up a conclusion that creative video marketing has a greater impact on the targeted audiences than any other alternate form of marketing and least of all the traditional way of doing it. The below mentioned are the various perks of adapting to the video marketing approach.

  • Higher audience engagement and viewer count.
  • Tremendous educational capacity.
  • Multiple usages- One video could be used on various platforms. For example, the same video could be used for promotion on social media which could also be used for pitching in investors. The video which is uploaded on the website could also be used for applying in different contests and events.
  • Makes it easy to understand – the most complex and complicated concepts could easily be conveyed to the audiences and at ease too.
  • Higher possibilities of the video or a stream of videos to go viral and grab maximum reach.
  • One can get accustomed to multiple video platforms and devices.

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Video Marketing Benefits for Start-ups  – How Does Video Marketing Help Start-ups

 For the current millennial generation, let alone Gen Z public reading is no longer the preferred and dominant form of engrossing content online.


Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups And Tech Companies:

Video marketing is one of the top marketing tools in the current world scenario. Reason being, it makes it easier to visually represent even the most complicated concepts in a way that viewers understand it without too much hassle. Especially for start-ups and Tech companies, video marketing has proven to be no less of a boon.


The below mentioned are some benefits and advantages of Video Marketing. Though many, let’s begin with a few quantifiable ones which include all information like the numbers, statistics and data derived.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups#1 – Introduction Of A New Product

For a start-up planning on introducing a new product and launching it in the market, promoting and marketing it through a video works the best. Highly because it is easier to understand. It stands out against the traditional presentation of the business technicalities through complex business descriptions and clichés. It is a cut above method to the usual PowerPoint presentations too. This way of video presentation has a greater impact when it comes to convincing the investors to pitch in and also acts as a kick-starter for demonstrating a new product. It is one of the vital ways of featuring the product information and the most unique selling point of the same.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups#2 – Idea Analysis, And Verification

For start-up companies providing their services and working on introducing their products, designing videos for marketing helps to verify their ideas of interest even before launching it in the market. Demo videos that kindle initial feedback from the audience and first users help to rectify the errors in the commencing stage itself.


Through the responses received in the inaugural and introductory stages, the company can completely shift its product focus as per the requirements of its audiences, verify the overall concept, and redesign its features altogether too. This greatly helps in saving money, efforts, and large amounts of time which otherwise would have been exploited focusing on the wrong goals.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups #3 – Public Recognition

Start-ups setting foot for the first time in the market, have to work harder towards helping the potential customers attach the company name to their products. This is easily attainable only through public recognition. In order to gain that status in the marketing field, social media platforms, Press Releases, and other media coverage come to the rescue.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups #4 –Highly Informative 

Through its realistic approach, Video Marketing benefits the start-ups by helping them to educate their customers on how-to’s and their tutorials. They demonstrate the working of the product in a crystal clear way which in turn helps the customers draw a clear picture too. Highly informative and educative, this form of marketing is a very significant and sustainable way of communicating with users. This creates brand awareness and also gains customer loyalty.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups #5 – A Connecting Bridge

As it is common knowledge that all the marketing efforts undertaken by a company are directed towards attaining customer trust and retaining it. And video marketing acts as the perfect bridge between what the company really is and what they offer to what the customers actually gain at the receiving end. This helps the customers to see the happenings behind the scene and know more about the brand.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups #6 – Helps In Ranking 

Video marketing not only helps in getting the brand ranked but also helps in search engine optimization. How it helps with search ranking is that it backlinks to the company’s site, helps with boosting the likes, encourages shares, and also drives traffic to the respective sites. As we are aware that YouTube is owned by Google, hence uploading videos on YouTube will help with google ranking. Let’s not forget that using tags on videos helps with search engine optimization. Therefore, use keywords on tags and also use keyword phrases on them to improve the ranking of the sites.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups #7- Information Retention

One is likely to remember only 10% of the information after three days when something is only said to them orally. It becomes hard to retain after a couple of days. In contrast to this, one can remember and retain on average 65% of the information three days later when it is conveyed with relevant imagery. It becomes easy to recall even after a long time.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups #8 – Customer Attraction 

Video content accounts for almost an estimated 75% of online traffic. Every customer loves a good video. And a good video has proven to be an excellent medium to attract a new customer. Would-be customers also love good videos. Hence, good video marketing can attract new visitors easily.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups #9 – Increasing Visitors

Most of the Email links which included the word “VIDEO” have seen an average increase of open rates to about 19% and a boosted 65% rate of click-throughs. Therefore, sites that include video marketing approaches tend to increase visitors to their sites, channels, and pages.

Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups #10 – Purchase Value

As much as customers prefer to watch a product video rather than read something about the product description, they are more likely to purchase a product on viewing the video. The product purchase capacity increases from 64% – 85% after watching a video.


Powerful Reasons As To Why Video Marketing Should Be Included By Start-ups:

As we all know that it has been a full-on video revolution year for marketers. According to recent statistics, 63% of businesses have adapted to using video content marketing. Out of which 82% of start-ups and businesses feel video marketing is the most integral part of their marketing strategy. Video marketing is reaching new heights and progressing rapidly. And it is fueled more by 83% of businesses who believe that video marketing yields them good Returns on Investment.

It is no doubt that video marketing is the newest addition to the promotion toolbox. Not because everyone is doing it, but only because it’s one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools in present times. As an answer to all the doubts regarding the worthiness of promotion through video marketing,


 Below listed are a few of the most powerful reasons why video marketing benefits startups.

➢ Video Boosts Conversions And Sales:

The most essential fact is Videos can make start-ups some serious money. Attaching a video on the landing page of the site has been seen to improve conversions by 80%. It can lead one directly to sales. Up to 74% of people who have watched a product explainer video have subsequently bought that respective product.

The result shouldn’t be as surprising as it is. Only because vision is our predominant sense and the information transmitted to our brain is visual. When a single picture increases massive engagement, one can only imagine the impact of moving pictures.

➢ Video Affects Return On Investment:

As exciting as the news is, video marketing yields a good return on investment says 83% of businesses. Though it’s not cost-effective and an easy task at hand, it pays off- BIG TIME!! Besides, online editing tools are constantly improving day by day and getting affordable too. These days even our smartphones are working their magic when it comes to recording a video.

Another interesting fact about video marketing is that a video doesn’t have to be picture-perfect. Yes!! You heard me right. The latest research shows that videos that did not explain their products and services clearly or properly did seem to put off their viewers. But video with poor design and low quality did not seem to really matter as much.


➢Trust Builder:

Trust is the major reason for increased conventions and sales. But it is not a goal that could be achieved on its own. It needs to be worked on. That’s where video marketing steps in. It helps in building trust and creating long-term relationships between the producer and the customer. One way of doing it is by not forcing the product on them but making them come to you by providing helpful, interesting, and useful information.

As explained in the words of a wise man,


The new era demands a focus on ignition, not just content, on trust, not just traffic, and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your content.


Video marketing does it all. The content not only ignites emotions but also keeps the audience engaged. And talking about elite people, YouTubers are the most powerful social media figures and influencers when it comes to the promotion of one’s brand.


For people who are still skeptical to buy products online fearing fraud and cheating, effective video content that is also conversational creates a sense of individual approach. That is the reason why 53% of consumers buy products online confidently. And also such promotional videos foster massive trust.


➢Google Recognition:

Including a video on the site helps the visitors stay longer on the site. Thus, longer exposure on the site helps to build trust and signals the search engines about how great the content is. A whopping statistics show that sites including videos have 53 times more capability to be listed first on the google page. As Google and YouTube are owned by the same, there is a significant increase in how the site gets ranked and search engine ranking.

Make sure to optimize videos on YouTube for search engine optimization. Interesting titles and descriptions will be an adding point. Including external links back to the website, products and services will help potential customers take the next step.


➢Mobile User Friendly:

Mobile and video act like soul sisters. 90% of video watchers are mostly mobile users. In the past few years, mobile video views have grown by almost 233%.

YouTube also reports a 100% mobile video consumption increase rate every year. Mostly because everyone wants to watch videos on the go to save time and also because smartphone users have also grown in the last few years. Eventually, video watching audiences are also growing bigger and bigger.

Google also reports that smartphone users are twice as likely to watch videos than TV viewers and 1.4 times more likely to watch than desktop viewers. This gives a sense of personal connection for the consumers to the brands who show video content and ads on their handy devices.

This also means that companies need to be sensitive to the customer experience they have on their smartphones.


➢ Video As A Learning Tool:

Video is the best-known learning tool to engage even the laziest buyers who would never prefer reading. It is simply super easy to consume. Video preference is one of the most prominent driving forces of using video content in the marketing approach. In today’s world where people lead a busy hassle filled life, they hardly have time to surf through long descriptions and dig further for service information. And here’s where seeing products in action comes in the picture. Video marketing captures wider audiences, even the laziest ones. And the competitive advantage doubles when one targets not only the eyes but also the ears of the potential customers.


➢ Impact Of Social Shares:

In the last decade, social marketers have grown from 60% – 79% social media keeps adding new features.

  •  Like Facebook has live videos, about 3600 videos, and Life stage (A Video Centric App for teenagers).
  •  Instagram has 60-second videos and Instagram stories.
  •  Twitter has Periscope.

YouTube is rated the second-most used social media network in the world. One must focus on creating funny entertaining videos along with facts only because emotions stick longer than facts. 76% of users share videos only if they find them entertaining and not because it contains facts. Though emotions do not yield ROI, search engine ranking can help with the site’s growth and one can take it up from there.


Conclusion on Video Marketing benefits For Start-ups

Video Marketing Benefits for Start-Ups are greatly explained above. To summarise, video marketing has become more and more affordable and is growing widespread. It is quickly adopted because of the advancement in technology and also because it is easy to spread across the globe. Making marketing videos for a start-up requires creativity and a deep understanding of human psychology. This helps in creating miraculous advertising videos at a minimal cost.

Only creative video advertising makes its own space on the internet in a matter of a few days by getting millions of views. That’s the whole point, “To Survive, Create Creative Videos”!!!


Q. Is video marketing expensive?

Video marketing is comparatively cheaper than the traditional marketing. Also, it is more effective and impactful in helping customer making their purchasing decisions easier.

Q. Why is video marketing more in trend?

As the world is growing digitally, digital marketing is becoming more popular. Reason being it is cheaper than traditional marketing and secondly it helps the customers understanding the product in depth and also video marketing gives a better understanding of how to utilise the product.

Q. Can we use social media as a platform for video marketing?

Yes. As maximum population of the world is now connected through social media, using social media for video marketing is best way to use the marketing strategy to connect with maximum customers.


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