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Tricks and Tips to Build Best Resume for Teaching Jobs

Teaching jobs have always been in demand and are quite amazing. I mean today we won’t be here if not for our Teachers, right

The imge describes the article on resume for teaching jobs

So, landing one can be quite difficult or maybe not. And many of us don’t know how to write resumes for teaching jobs. But, we must be ready for whatever is to come. And today I am here to tell you the best ways to build an effective resume for teaching jobs. As well as the best tricks and tips to land these jobs going beyond resumes. Because we must know how to put the extra something on our resume for teaching jobs so that we can be set apart from the competition. So, what are we waiting for, let’s begin with all the good stuff!


So, before everything let’s get to know why are resumes important to land a job, and why we must learn to build the best resumes for teaching jobs.


Why are Resumes Important?

Resumes are important to land jobs. Better ones, the ones they match your qualification and great ones. They are a professional account of yourself. That helps an employer to identify if you are the right pick for their workplace or firm. They get an insight into your professional experiences and skills and is the first step of hiring you.


Hence, it is quite important to make good resumes if you want to land a decent job. So, we are gonna help you learn the best tricks and tips that you can apply and make your own resume that will land you great jobs in no time. Don’t worry and just learn!

Resumes are important because:

  • Helps you land jobs.
  • An effective one will help you even land your dream jobs.
  • It is the first step to securing an interview for a job.
  • Nowadays even colleges or educational institutions ask for resumes if you are going to study there.
  • It showcases all your abilities and skills.
  • It’s like a professional account presented in a short form.
  • Also, you can even consider resumes as an advertisement for yourself to the employer.


Even before beginning to talk about how to build an effective resume for teaching jobs. It is essential to know how to make your prospective job firm or rather a client want to see your resume. Because they won’t know about your amazing skills until and unless they click open your resume document. So, when you send your emails attached with your resume document. Try to make them sound interesting enough so that they are attracted to it and WANT to see your resume.


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The Cover Letter

Now, this is the tricky part. Because this is where you first face the competition and can make an impression on your employer. You have to write and frame your cover letter in such a way that your employer would want to open your resume and want to reply to you at the least!

So, let’s dig into the pointers you must keep in mind while writing your cover letter for your resume for teaching jobs:

  •  Always start your email or cover letter with Sir or Ma’am. You can even start with a greeting, but always mention one of these before starting to write anything.
  • In your cover letter try to include some details of yourself. This can be some of your skills and abilities. Which will give your employer some idea about you even before opening your resume.
  • If possible, try to introduce yourself in your cover letter at the beginning in just one or two lines.
  • Always and always write your emails in such a way that the employer feels that the focus is on them. Try using the word “YOU” as many times as you can in the letter.
  • Don’t make your cover letter too lengthy. Try to mention all the important details but in a concise manner. Now, nobody wants to read a lengthy letter, right? Your employer doesn’t have that much time to spare.
  • Don’t forget to ensure proper spacing in your writing. It must not appear cluttered.
  • Lastly, always end your letters with your name and your contact info. So, that they can get to contact you immediately!



  1. Provide a straight to the point SUBJECT. That is direct as well as catches the attention of the employer.
  2. Use the word ‘you’ as many times as you can in the cover letter. Gives the focus on the person reading it.
  3. Try to provide the most important details about yourself in the email, concisely.
  4. The tone should be respectable and friendly at the same time.
  5. Provide spaces within your email. It must not appear cluttered and vague.
  6. Always write the cover letter in a precise and short manner.


Okay, now that was a whole lot of information about cover letters even before getting into the info of resumes. But cover letters are very important. Because they are the first thing that makes an impression on the person employing you. And FUN FACT: the majority of the people do not know how to write one, and they usually just attach their resumes even without mentioning anything in the email.


Tricks and Tips to Build Best Resume for Teaching Jobs

Table of Contents:

  1. Writing Style.
  2. What is the format for resumes for teaching jobs?
  3. Things You Must Include in your Resume for Teaching Jobs.
  4. How to Make Your Resume for Teaching Jobs Look Attractive?
  5. Tips that you Must Keep in Mind before Sending your Resumes.
  6. What Extra Something you can do to Land your Dream Teaching Job?


Now, let’s talk about how to build a strong resume for teaching jobs!

Writing Style

A resume for any job is all dependent on your writing style. How? 

How descriptive it is but in a concise manner. The way you highlight and underline the most important words or points, to draw the notice of the person who is reading it. The bullets or pointers are provided in a meaningful manner. The language used is formal yet engaging. These elements make if included in your writing style, of resume for teaching jobs. Take your application one step forward than other applicants.


In short, some pointers you must remember to include in your resume for teaching jobs:

  • Your CV or resume must always be concise with the maximum info it can include.
  • Always provide bullet points when mentioning any skills of yours.
  • Give significant heading so that you can properly segregate your information.
  • Sound professional and have a formal tone to your resume.
  • Highlight and underline the important stuff.
  • Give proper spaces. Spacing between your writing is essential. And always ensure the same.


As we have just now talked about the right writing style for a resume. We also must know what is the format in which we are supposed to go about for the resume. So, next, let’s talk about the format for the resume.


What is the Format for Resume for Teaching Jobs?

The format for writing a resume for teaching jobs is just like any other resume format. It’s just that you add some extra pointers that are mentioned below in the article to enhance it as a teacher’s resume.

Still, I’m gonna mention some of the important elements that must be included in the format below:

  1. A small description of yourself.
  2. Mention your educational qualifications.
  3. Places you have worked.
  4. Years of Experience.
  5. Skills.
  6. Languages you may know.
  7. Goals.
  8. Accomplishments.
  9. Any Certifications.
  10. Proper Contact Info. (email, phone number)
  11. Also, add links to your social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)

Important headings you must include in your resume are:

  • Education Qualifications.
  • Any Courses are taken.
  • Skills.
  • Certifications.
  • Goals.
  • Experience.
  • Descriptions for the same.
  • Contact Info.
  • Accomplishments and Awards.
  • Social Media Links.
  • References.


These are some of the aspects that structure the format of a resume and make it an effective one. You can also make your own format while including the important ones. To get a clearer vision of this formatting thing, it’s best to look up the resume sample examples. Which are numerous, and present on the internet. So, before writing one go through some sample examples.


The stuff below that you are going to read now are some pointers that will set your apart from other applicants and might even gain you some extra brownie points!


Things You Must Include in your Resume for Teaching Jobs

  • Soft Skills

Now, this is a game-changer. Everybody in the world can take up a degree and gain all the qualifications needed for being a teacher. But, a teacher is more than a qualification. And a good teacher has all kinds of skills to take care of their students while teaching them. These soft skills may include your ability to handle more than 60 students at a time. Or tending to the needs of a special child. Such skills can be a determining factor in you getting hired.


So, try to mention your soft skills. About your speaking, writing, creative skills and so much more. Small things that you can do, suppose telling short stories to kids, mention them, and they might impact your employer in a great way.


  • Experience

So, hereby experience, I don’t mean, mentioning the years of experience. Of course, mention that but also mention what you have gained through these years of experience. Be a bit descriptive in a concise manner that is. About all the experience you have gained so far so that your employer can get an insight into your work.


These descriptions must be very engaging and eye-catching. They have to be short that’s true, but must also have some value. Because this is written to draw some attention of the employer and so that he or she can consider hiring you even if you have fewer years of experience.


This trick is more helpful for people who don’t have many years of experience and want to land a great teaching job. But, aren’t able to do so because of fewer years of experience. Try this trick out and see if it works for you!


  • Mention Something Extra

This can be some of your special skills or any other qualifications that can add value to your resume for teaching jobs.

These special skills can include:

  • Speaking Skills.
  • Understanding sign language.
  • The number of languages you speak. Some people can even speak more than 6 languages and that can be a bonus.
  • Teaching children with special needs.
  • Worked with any NGOs and knowledge to handle troubled children.
  • Engaged in any wellness activities towards children that could benefit any institution.
  • If you are a content writer that can also be a good addition. Because teachers must also have amazing writing skills.
  • Knowledge about other subjects or fields of study beyond your qualifications.

Hence, mentioning some of these special skills if you have them can add some extra value to your teaching resume. There is no harm in trying, right?


  • Include a Short Story

Now I’m necessarily not saying to write a 1000 words story about yourself. I mean the whole point of a CV is short and precise, right?


What I mean by a short story is to share a small account of your experience with a personal touch to it. That highlights your work experience as a teacher and can help your employer decide to hire you. This can be of 4 to 5 lines, about how you helped your students to get an increase in their test marks. Or the first time you got to teach a special child, how enriching was the experience. Or how you have handled more than 80 students at a time.

Provide your share of the story in a short, concise, and uncluttered fashion.


  • Goals

Write about your goals or how you see yourself in 5 years. Now your goals don’t have to be far-fetched, they can be small ones and ones that you would like to reach. Mentioning your goals gives an impression to the reader that you are serious about your profession and want to strive hard towards accomplishing them.

What you can mention in Goals:
  1. About some of your personal goals.
  2. Goals related to your profession.
  3. And any goals that you place in the future.

Don’t promise anything through your goals but just give an insight into what is important to you and what you want to achieve.


Hence, these were some of the pointers that can add an edge to your resume for teaching jobs and can gain you some brownie points. So, next time you send your CV in don’t forget to add these.


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How to Make Your Resume for Teaching Jobs Look Attractive?

Just because it’s a resume for a teaching job and is for a professional cause does not mean that it must not look that attractive. Everything in life is dependent on how something is presented to you. So, even a resume should be presented and formatted in such a way that it is pleasing to the eye. And how must we do that? Simple, just remember the following additions.

  • Templates: Nowadays templates are available on the internet that you can use to make your CVs or resumes. These are quite helpful and hassle-free if I must say. And also, makes your resume look amazing and put together. You can definitely check out some of the templates available on Canva. They are a great help!
  • A Picture: This has to be a picture of yours, that must look professional. Including a picture can give your resume a personal touch unknowingly and also makes it look pleasant. Just don’t forget to align your picture right.
  • Borders: Giving a subtle border to your resume can be nice. It contributes towards it to look more put together. So, you can also consider giving a border to your resume.
  • Spacing: The right spacing between writing makes all the difference. It’s important to ensure the right spacing. Don’t make your resume look cluttered and difficult to read.
  • Highlighting: Highlight the important parts of your resume and stuff you want to draw attention to. But, skip over highlighting or it might come off weird and nothing might seem important.
  • Underlining: Here, you can underline the important headings under which you are putting all the information. This helps segregate the headings or subheadings and makes your resume easy to read.
  • Colors: Now, this is not essential, you can do away with it. But, if you want you can definitely go for it. Remember to add colors that are subtle and look professional. Nothing very bright and on the face.
  • Personal Touch: My favorite, give your own personal touch. Where you don’t use any templates but make the resume from the scratch. And trust me when I say this the employer will appreciate your effort!

Hence, these were some of the elements that will help make your resume look attractive and pleasing to the eye of the reader.


Tips that you Must Keep in Mind before Sending your Resumes

So, I have talked about the format, the elements you must include, and the things that will make your resume look attractive. Now let’s talk about the tips that you need to keep in mind before you send your resume.

  • Always keep your resumes up to date before sending any prospective employer.
  • Edit and customize your resume according to the person you are sending it to. Mention something if it is worth mentioning before sending it in.
  • Proofread your resumes and go through a grammar check. Always proofread your resume before sending it to your employer. One mistake and that could be a deal-breaker.
  • Look for sample examples if you are stuck at customizing or making a difference with your resume. It’s good to look at resume examples from time to time.
  • Consider different formats. If the old one is not working for you to get a positive response. Changing up things might help you and you should try mixing up things sometimes.
  • An effective Cover letter: This has been talked about at the starting of the article. And I don’t think there is any need to stress upon this any further. Just make sure to write a good cover letter while sending your CV.


Now, keeping aside everything. There are always these certain jobs that we always have an eye on. And it’s hard to ignore it. These tips below might just help you in landing that dream job of yours.


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What Extra Something you can do to Land your Dream Teaching Job?

  1. Add more skills to yourself. This you can do by taking up an online course and learning some skills that might add value to your teaching profession. And obviously, you can then flaunt it in your resume.
  2. Working with children with special needs. There is a shortage of the right teacher for them and there are so many institutes that are always in the look of such teachers. You can start and learn teaching these children and be of perfect use in inclusive school or for that matter any school or institute.
  3. Working with NGOs. If you already do then amazing and if you don’t you can consider it. This looks good on your resume and helps you gain a good impression in front of your employer. Even though you must not do it for a good reputation but if you want it at heart.
  4. Updating Yourself. Always keep updating yourself with knowledge and technology. Because as teachers you must be able to answer the questions of your students and know how to work with the latest technologies which are coming up. Don’t have to stress with this though, one day at a time. Working on yourself is a daily process.
  5. Inspiring Your Creative Self. Keep evolving your creative self. Adding some of your creativity to your teaching style might make it interesting and engaging. So, keep working towards your creative self!


Hope through this content piece of mine you can land a great teaching job. And can add some value to the resumes that you send for your teaching jobs. Do let me know what are some of the additions you found the most essential and interesting. That you might add in your resumes. Let me know in the comment section below.

I'm Diksha. I'm a content writer and currently am a student. I'm crazy about books and love Thai dramas. Also, want to make my own identity in the digital world through content writing.

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