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Interview Preparation Tips To Get That Desired Job in 2024

These interview preparation tips will help you to get your desired job.

Interview Preparation Tips to get the desired job 

Preparing for the interview is the first step of getting towards success goals. To start for the interview preparation there needs to be a proper plan which will help to ace the interview and also motivates you to improve yourself. Here are some important interview preparation tips which will help to get the job successfully.


Pre-Interview preparation tips

Before getting into the interview process you should take care of some important things which will help you to get through the interview process positively.

1. Company Details

Research about the company for which you are doing an interview preparation, the product, and services they offer, the size of the company, and established since. Check the reviews of the company online as there are multiple platforms like Google, Glass Door, LinkedIn where you will get reviews from the employees and other people as well.


2. Job Description details

The job description details should be checked as you will get a clear idea of what the job is about and what skills are expected for the position in which you applied. Match all the points and check in the resume. Keep in mind, the company always expects more than what you have so even if 80% is matching then also it is still fine to move further for the job position.


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3. Check the Resume

Before going for the interview, check the resume. Do not add any additional thing which you have not done. Mention all the skills which you possess and do not exaggerate the things. Always make the resume compact and impactful. Do not create multiple pages of resumes. If possible, make a one-page resume that will cover all the details and that can be discussed in the interview.


Create a cover letter and take out a minimum of 2 hard copies of your resume and cover letter. Keep it properly in an envelope so it would look presentable.


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4. Interview Questions

Always go through the interview questions while preparing for the interview. Multiple websites provide an ample amount of interview questions and answers as per the experience and fields. This will help you in knowing the correct details and the descriptions of the questions asked in the interview. There will be certain questions that will have more information than you know. It is always useful to go through the interview questions for interview preparation.


5. Social presence

Social presence refers to searching our own name on the search engine to find what information is getting retrieved and how you are reflecting in the results. As we have multiple profiles on multiple sites but there might be some misinformation present when you google your own name. If there is any wrong, then it can mislead the interviewer and create a negative impression. To avoid this, you should your name before going for the interview.


6. Practice the tone and body language  

This is one of the top interview preparation tips for a fresher. The interviewer will always judge you on how your body language is and how you speak. Always take a mirror test while preparing for the interview. In this, you will come to know how you appear in front of the interviewer. Check the tone while speaking. It should not be rude as it will create a negative impression. Always speak politely with a standard tone.


7. Participate in Mock Interviews

The mock test helps you to remove the phobia of the interview and builds confidence. Many people have the fear of facing the interview and giving appropriate answers. The mock test helps to get prepare for the interview and helps to ace the interview.


In many companies, there are multiple rounds and there is the various level of questions asked by the interviewer. E.g., The HR round is the first round and there are sets of questions that are common but the selection is based on the answer given by the candidate. It shows how the person is and the behavioral traits of the person.


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8. Revision

Once the above preparations are done then it is time to have a checklist for all the things required for the interview day. Make sure that everything is properly taken care of. Do not rush for things and do everything calmly. Make a note of the things which need to take on the day of the interview so there will be no hustle on the important day of the interview.


Interview Preparation tips on the day of Interview

The most important day has arrived and there are many things which you need to take care of as it is said that the first impression is the last. 

Below is the list of interview preparation tips things that you need to get an eye on.


Interview preparation tips #1 – Getting a Good night sleep

Go to bed on time before the day of the interview so you will wake up on time and will not feel sleepy the whole day. Do not stay awake till late and prepare for the interview. This will definitely impact the sleep pattern and will also impact while giving an interview. Do not plan any event or party a day before the interview as it will lead to staying late and that will automatically impact the important day.


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Interview preparation tips #2 – Do not overeat or eat less

On the day of the interview, you should not eat more as you might end up feeling sleepy or uncomfortable as the digestion process might take time. Even eating less is the issue as you might feel hungry during the interview which will divert your mind and you might not be able to focus on the interview properly. So, when you are going for the interview always keep in mind to eat properly, not too much and not too little.


Interview preparation tips #3 – Select perfect clothes

Make sure the clothes you are wearing are formal and properly ironed. This gives a clear impression of how you consider this job and its seriousness. The clothes will provide a positive impact on the interviewer.


Men’s Wear

Men should wear a formal shirt but make sure the shirt will not be very bright or with designs on it. Do not wear denim for an interview.


Women’s Wear

Women should wear light color clothes. Wear a decent shirt and trousers/Skirt or a formal dress. Light and simple Kurti is also a good option. Do not wear jeans and exposing clothes. It will give a negative impression on the interviewer.


Interview preparation tips #4 – Carry necessary documents

On the main day do not rush. Carry all the required documents like a hard copy of your resume, cover letter. Some companies also ask for salary slips or identification documents. If possible, carry all the documents which are required.


Interview preparation tips #5 – Check the address in advance and charge the cell phone

Before leaving the house, check the location and the landmark so you can get there easily. Make your booking in advance for any vehicle. Keep your phone fully charged so it will help you with location and for the last-minute calls.


6. Do not wear heavy accessories or heavy make up

Avoid wearing heavy makeup, accessories for the interview.


For Men – Do not wear big bands or watches on the wrist


For Women – Avoid big earrings or big bangles and also avoid fluorescent colors for the interview.

Interview preparation tips during the interview

This is the important phase as the decision will be taken based on how well the interview goes and how much you are suitable for the position. This decision is not only depending on the intellectual but also on how well you carry yourself and how is your thought process.

Below are the useful interview preparation tips which need to be considered during the interview.


1. Reach on time

Never be late for the interview. Always reach 15 minutes before the given time. This will create a positive impression on the interviewer about you.


2. Be calm while waiting for your turn

When you enter the office, sit calmly and wait for your turn. Do not talk loudly on the call or study or get into the phone completely. Sit in the mannerly position and always take care of the documents and things which you are carrying with you.


3.Ask permission while entering and be polite

Once your turn comes up. Always ask permission while entering as it shows your etiquette and manners. Do not directly enter. Ask permission even while sitting. Greet the interviewer with a handshake and then introduce yourself.


4. Keep eye contact

While interviewing, always keep eye contact as it shows that you are not hiding or you do not have any kind of fear. Do not look around while the interviewer is talking.


5. Be Confident while speaking

Be confident while speaking with the interviewer. Do not fumble while answering. If you do not know the question then confidently say no so it would not create a negative impression. Do not try to give a false answer or add any wrong stuff in the answer.


6. Keep the tone clear and understandable

When you are in the interview, do not talk slow or very fast. Keep the tone clear and understandable. The interviewer should understand what are you talking about.


7. Keep the body language in a positive manner

While sitting and talking with the interviewer, keep the body language positive. Do not fold your hands and sit in front of the interviewer. Do bite the nails, do not look here and there every time. Sit in a straight position.


8. Do ask for your position and type of work in the company

During the interview always clear every information. Do not forget to ask what type of work and position is there for which you have applied for the job. This will give you a clear idea of what will be your role.


9. Do ask for the review after the interview

Once the interview is over then do ask the interviewer about the review about yourself. This will help you in the future and also for other interviews as well.


10. Do not get into argument with the interviewer

If there are things that do not go in your way then do not get into argument or any fight during the interview. It might happen that sometimes the interviewer can test the patience level and stress level where he/she can judge how smartly you can handle things.


11. Ask a question that is necessary to the interviewer

Do not hesitate to ask questions if any. This will clear your thoughts and also it will help you get the required answer. Greet the interviewer with a thank you and a smile while leaving.


12. Salary negotiation

During the interview, you might be asked for the expected salary. Always check the structure according to the experience. If you are a fresher check out the skills and the kind of work, they offer you. Do not ask for more or less than what you deserve.


After the Interview

Once the interview is over there are several things that need to do to confirm the selection. A positive mindset is needed. Sit a while and analyze the complete process so that you will be prepared for the result. Below is the list you need to check after the interview is complete.


1. Go through the questions that were asked 

Once the interview is over and you reach home, go through the questions asked in the interview. Check how much are correct and you replied positively. This will help you to analyze the probability of getting selected. If there are some answers for which you gave incorrect answers then you should note them down for future reference.


2. Check the market requirement according to your skills

Check the experience level and check the market requirement to analyze yourself and your worth in the market after the interview. Check the skills and pay scale the industry is expecting and providing as per the experience. Check out if anything you can study more to achieve the required company or designation for further growth. Set up your target and goal accordingly.


3. Analyze the interview

As we are human beings, we tend to make mistakes and we should always learn from our mistakes. Analyze the whole interview and check the points in which you could have made it better. Note down the points accordingly and make a plan to work on the same. This will help you to know yourself better and help to avoid future mistakes.


4. Follow up

As there are multiple rounds and multiple people get interviewed for the same position. It’s your duty to follow up on the results. Get in touch with the HR of the company and ask properly about the selection. You can even write the email for the follow-up in the correct manner.


Do’s and Don’ts  

There are many things which you should do and which you should not do for the interview. These are necessary things that need to be taken care of as it is important for the interview preparation. Below is the list which should be done and not be done in the interviews.


Do’s in the interview

1.Reach on time

This is an important point in the interview as you should always reach it before time. As you will be properly ready for the interview.


2. Carry extra hard copy of resume and cover letter

Always carry the extra copy as sometimes some companies do require more than one resume copy as there might be more than one person who takes the interview.


3. Smell good for the interview

Take a shower and always apply good perfume while going for the interview. Do not use hard perfume which will impact negatively other people. The perfume should be light and smell good.


4, Be polite with everyone

Do not be rude to anyone as it creates a wrong impression about you. Always talk politely to whom so ever you meet.


5. Plan the route accordingly

Before leaving home. Plan the routes and travel accordingly. Decide before whether you are going to take a cab, bus, or any required vehicle. Book it in advance.


6. Be a good listener

Be a good listener and do not try to talk a lot and try to put your point when the person is talking in front of you. Always listen first properly and then give answers accordingly.


7. Research the company in advance

Before going to the interview, knowing about the company is a must. Do not go with a lack of knowledge about the company.


8. Do mouth exercise before the interview

Do some mouth exercise before going for the interview as it will help to take out the stress from the mouth muscle.


9. Talk in front of the mirror before going for an interview

This is one of the important interview preparation tips. Practice the question like tell me about yourself in front of the mirror. This will help in letting you know that how you present yourself in front of the interviewer. So you can accordingly make changes.


10. Be positive and show enthusiasm

Be an enthusiast in the field you will be going to and show it to the interviewer as the company always looks for people who are positive and enthusiastic.


11)Get fresh before the interview

Have water and also go to the washroom before the interview. As you never know how much time the interview is going to take. So, it is better to get fresh always before the interview.


Don’ts in the interview

1. Never fold your hands during the interview

Do not fold your hands while giving an interview as it creates a negative impression on the interviewer.


2. Do not fumble while talking and be clear enough for what you need to speak

Speak clearly and do not fumble or take a big pause during the interview as it gives the impression of a lack of knowledge regarding the topic.


3.Do not use slang words

Do not use slang words like “Ya”, “Nah” and many more. This reflects the incorrect view of the personality and creates a negative impression.


4. Do not keep your cell phone on ring mode.

Always keep your phone on silent as it is very bad if the interview is going on and suddenly the phone starts ringing.


5. Do not be too personal

Do not share personal things or stories regarding your life with the interviewer. As this can be harmful and you can be judge according to that and it will negatively impact you.


6. Do not be negative or aggressive during the interview

Do not show aggression or negativity in terms of any topic in the interview as it will show your thought process and approach towards it.


7. Do not lie in terms of anything

Always be honest about everything and do not lie. This can impact you in the future if the lies get caught at any time.


Additional interview preparation tips to get more job opportunities

1. Create a profile online for job opportunities

Create your profile online on a platform like LinkedIn, and other job portals. This will give a boost for the job search and more opportunities.


2. Post the work online to showcase yourself

Create a blog and websites where you can publish and showcase the work in which you are good at and this will help to create more opportunities for you.


3. Create a network and connect to recruiters for better opportunities

Create a good professional network wherein you can grab good opportunities, and you can connect with them. You can make use of LinkedIn for this wherein there are lots of people available with good opportunities.


4. Follow the trend

Check for updates and trends in the market. Check what is new going on and you can learn it and grab good opportunities through that.


5. Update yourself as per requirement

There are many things which come up every day may it be technology or product etc. Try to be updated accordingly. Learn new things and add up to the skills and in a resume, which will keep you on the top list. 



These are the top interview preparation tips that will help you to crack the interviews for that coveted job title with confidence. Make sure you go through these tips thoroughly and implement them to succeed.


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