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Top 11 Basic Computer Courses In 2024 (Updated)

If you are new to computers and you want to become tech-savvy to be in sync with today’s world or if you are stressed out with enormous digitized apps everywhere and looking for some help to get skilled in basic computer operations then upgrade your digital knowledge with few basic computer courses. Here is the list of some important basic computer courses which can be attended by anyone with very basic educational qualification.


Top 11 Basic Computer Courses To Upskill Yourself



Why Computer knowledge is essential?

Today computer has become an inbuilt part of our lives. There is not a single area left where digitization is not done. Starting from banking sectors, shopping, selling, and even teaching are now computerized. In such a scenario, it is a must to learn computer basics and make yourself technically comfortable.

There is no age limit for knowledge enhancement. Even retired people can attend such courses and be equally familiar with technology as of today’s generation.


Let’s see what are the advantages of attending these basic computer courses:


  • Self-dependent: Once you are familiar with basic computer operations, you will become independent in managing your financials, etc. You don’t have to rely on someone else for basic activities like transferring money from or to your bank accounts.
  • Effortless and time-saving: Digitization has made many tasks very quick and easy which used to take considerable time and effort earlier. For example, if you are computer literate then you can pay your bills such as electricity, Gas, Cable TV, etc from home instead of wasting your valuable time in visiting their centers for payments. Learning computer basic tasks will save your time and effort by giving you a more reliable way of payment.
  • Socially active life: Today social media has become one of the most widely used mediums of communication. By attending courses like Digital media and internet basics, you will be having good knowledge of various media types which will make you more socially interactive.
  • Work from home job opportunities: If you are comfortable with commuter or laptop usage then you will find many job opportunities where you can work from home and have good earnings.
  • Business growth: There are many digital media marketing courses where they teach wonderful ways of establishing and growing your business effortlessly. This is especially beneficial for women who cannot travel to remote areas for selling their products. If you are familiar with digital methods then from the comfort of your home you can manage your business easily.
  • Career growth: Courses like basic programming and MS Office will help you in enhancing your current role in your organization. These software skills will assist you in completing your tasks in quicker and efficient ways. This will boost your performance that will give you career growth and cross-functional opportunities because of these additional skills.
  • Self Help Desk: If you are attending courses like hardware maintenance then you will be able to troubleshoot and repair various electronic components at home. This will save the cost of service engineers for every small issue in your computer, multimedia, mobile, etc.


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Basic computer courses are designed to give a basic level of computer understanding for the common people. After completing the course you will be able to use the computer for basic purposes such as creating your personnel and business letters, viewing information via Internet browsing, sending e-mails, using internet banking services, etc.


This will assist small businesses, retired persons, and even housewives to manage and maintain their financials using computers and enjoy the world of Information Technology.


Here is the list of basic computer courses offered by various institutes. Please note that these courses are available both short-term and long-term. Based on your professional need you can decide which course suits you the best.


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Top 11 Basic Computer Courses


1. Certificate in Computer Basics

Course details:

This is one of the most basic computer courses and is mainly helps to kick start your computer career. If you are new to computers then this course will give you a complete overview of this electronic system. After attending this course, you will have a good idea of a computer system, basic windows OS and different terminologies used in the software world.


Prerequisites: No prior experience is required. Anyone 10th or 12th standard passed out can join this course.


Average Course Duration:

The part-time courses are normally covered in a span of 1 to 1.5 months.


Course content:


1. Windows Basics

  • Introduction to Windows
  • Desktop Management
  • Working with The Control Panel
  • File Explorer

2. Computer Fundamentals and Organization

3. Components of a Computer

4. Introduction to Operating System

5. Various Windows OS

6. Internet browsing

7. Computer Architecture

  • Introduction to basic computer architecture
  • Briefing on various hardware components of computer system
  • Overview of common network nodes


Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy
  • CDAC
  • kore InfoTech


Job opportunities:


In your current job role, basic computer skills can enhance your performance. If you are computer literate then you can apply for more advanced job roles in your organization or any other relevant field.


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2. Microsoft Office and Data entry Courses


Course details:


MS office is one of the basic needs of any computer user. Microsoft office is the heart of all kinds of documentation. This is the course which is useful for not only the IT sector but it is used by all other streams also. For example, a finance person will use MS Excel for all his computations.


Similarly, PowerPoint presentations are used widely in the education sector. Hence it is one of the most basic computer courses which everyone must be familiar with. This course focuses on various documentation styles provided by the MS Office. After attending this course you can create, update and maintain your documents without any help.


Prerequisites: Anyone 10th or 12th standard passed out can join this course.


Average Course Duration:

1 to 3 months


Course content:


1. Microsoft Word Basics

  • Introduction to Microsoft Word
  • Working with Text formats
  • Formatting Document Content
  • Using Tables in documents
  • Printing Your Documents

2. Microsoft Excel Basics

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel
  • Managing Rows & Columns
  • Managing Worksheets
  • Working with cells
  • Using Formulas and Functions
  • Worksheet and Table Data usage

3. Microsoft PowerPoint Basics

  • Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Working with Illustrations and Audio / Video files
  • Generating Presentations with PowerPoint
  • Printing Presentation Slides


Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy:
  • kore InfoTech
  • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals


Job opportunities:

  • Admin Assistant
  • Receptionist Job
  • Data entry jobs


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3. Web Designing Courses


Course details:


This course helps in designing your websites. Consequently, this is among the most basic computer courses for a pioneer in the web designing industry. Few short-term courses do not cover any basic code development for websites instead it teaches various tools and applications available to design your website pages.


Whereas if you are [planning to pursue your career in the core web designing field then there are a few long-term courses are also available where you will get in-depth knowledge of all aspects of web development such as javascript, HTML, etc.


Web designing course mainly focuses on aesthetic of web pages such as look-and-feel of the main pages of your web sites. After attending this course you will be able to create, design, and maintain your website.


Prerequisites:  10+2 or equivalent qualification from any recognized board, Basic computer knowledge such as typing, handling files, etc. is essential.


Average Course Duration:

The normal course will be completed within 1 month. Advanced courses may take  6 months to 1 year.


Course content:


  • Fundamentals of Web Designing
  • Various applications used for web designing
  • Multimedia and its usage in websites
  • Animation Techniques
  • Computer Graphics
  • HTML
  • CSS


Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy:
  • Shaw academy
  • Lynda
  • Excel PTP


Job opportunities:

  • Web Designers
  • Web Design Trainer
  • Freelance Designer
  • Web Media Designer
  • Flash Media Designer
  • Web Design Consultant


5. VFX and Animation Courses


Course details:


If you like creativity and are interested in jobs such as technical designing, advertising, or animation field then you can opt for  VFX and animation courses. These courses teach you to express your creativity via animation, graphics, and other visual tools.


What is VFX? VFX is a technique where visual effects are applied to images using computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create real-time scenes in movie and video production. Whereas animation is done to objects like pictures, sketches, drawings, etc. using computer software to create the illusion of moving pictures which are mainly seen in cartoons and animated movies.


Prerequisites:  12th class passed from any recognized board for certification or diploma course


Average Course Duration:

The certification course will be of 1-month duration. Diploma courses will take 1.5 years to 2 years.


Course content:


  • Visual Effects
  • Life Drawing
  • 3D Animation and Design
  • Lighting
  • Modeling
  • Match moving & camera tracking
  • Basics of photography
  • Concepts of set extension & CG integration
  • Digital Makeup


Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Arena-multimedia
  • Maacindia
  • Vfs


Job opportunities:

  • Lighting Artist
  • Photo studios
  • Movie Production
  • Gaming companies
  • TV channels
  • Matte Painter
  • Modelling Artist


6. Digital Marketing Courses


Course details:

Digital marketing is a process of promoting and selling your products and services by utilizing online marketing tactics such as social media marketing techniques, email marketing, etc. It is a component of marketing that operates on the internet and online-based digital technologies such as computers, laptops, smart mobile phones, etc.


In today’s world, Digital Marketing is one of the most demanding career options. Almost every business is going online for their sales and advertising. In such a scenario any qualification in online internet marketing will be an added advantage in your resume.


This course will teach you how to use analytical and tactical skills to grow and develop new business opportunities in any industry. Digital Marketing has wide coverage starting from marketing strategies, content planning to SEO and analytics.


Prerequisites: 12th standard passed out from any recognized board for certification or diploma course. If you are a graduate then PG courses are also available.


Average Course Duration:

The basic course will range from 3 months to 6 months duration.


Course content:


Top Institutes offering this course:


Job opportunities:

  • SEO Manager
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Marketer


7. AutoCAD & 3D MAX Courses


Course details:


AutoCAD is software that is used for 2D and 3D computerized designs. It was originally developed by Autodesk.ACAD was released as a commercial software application for the first time in 1992. In the beginning, it was available as a desktop application and since 2010 it is transformed into a mobile application. Now it is a web and cloud-based app that is labeled as AutoCAD 360.


The AutoCAD & 3D MAX course is a basic computer course that provides certification on completing the course. This course gives hands-on experience of all the tools generally used in CAD drawings.


Prerequisites: HSC passed out from any approved board.PG courses can be joined after completing a diploma or a B.Tech course in Mechanical or Civil Engineering.


Average Course Duration:

It is a part-time course which spans over 2- 4 months period.


AutoCAD Course content:


  • Introduction to AutoCAD and using in Windows Environment
  • CAD Drawing basic Techniques
  • Drawing Accurately
  • Creating Selection Sets
  • Basic Editing Skills
  • Editing with Grips
  • Advanced Drawing Techniques
  • Creating Dimensions of a Drawing
  • Overview of Layers and Line types
  • Creating Basic Geometry
  • Marking a Drawing with Text and Hatching
  • Modifications in Object Characteristics
  • Symbols and Attributes usage


3D-Max Course Contents:


  • Basic 3D MAX Concepts
  • Working with 3D MAX Coordinates
  • Creating Surfaced Objects
  • Solid Modeling Concepts
  • Composite Solid Models
  • Working With Solid Models
  • Advanced 3D MAX Concepts
  • Plotting 3D Models


Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy
  • CDAC


Job opportunities:

  • CAD Drafter
  • CAD Mechanical Designer
  • interior architect
  • Product Designer


7. Graphic Designing Courses


Course details:


If you are artistic, creative, and innovative then this is the best computer course for you which will open a career path in creative graphics designing. There is a lot of demand for graphic designers because the impact of visuals or pictorial views in any field is much higher than normal texted or scripted content. This course will teach you about animation, digital photography, animation, etc.


After attending this course you will be able to create logos, design books and you can also do product packaging, etc.


Prerequisites: 12th standard passed out from any recognized board for certification or diploma course.


Average Course Duration:

    1 year ( Professional)


Course content:


  • Basic Information on graphic designing
  • Colour Theory for Computer
  • Principle of Graphics and Design method
  • Sound Principles
  • Visual Communication
  • Digital Publishing
  • Design Character
  • Modeling Using CAD
  • Introduction to Computer Animation
  • Animating the Production Process


Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy
  • Pearl Academy


Job opportunities:

  • Web Designer
  • Photo Editor
  • Creative Director
  • Publications Designer
  • Video & Film Editor
  • Graphic Design Instructor
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Art Designer
  • Architecture & Engineering Drafter


8. Tally ERP Courses


Course details:


This software is generally used in accounts and banking systems. This software is used by most private and government organizations to keep all their records of financial transactions.


Prerequisites: 12th standard passed out in any stream. A Commerce background will be an added advantage for getting good job offers.


Average Course Duration:

The basic course is of 3 months duration while the advanced diploma course in Tally is normally 12 months duration.


Course content:


  • Banking
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Profit analysis


Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy
  • NIIT


Job opportunities:

  • Business Analyst
  • Accounts Auditor
  • Tally Operator
  • Sales Analyst
  • Budget Planner
  • Payroll Accountant
  • GST Tax Accountant


9. Cyber Security Courses


Course details:


Like all other basic computer courses, cybersecurity is an important course for a career in this formidable field. Cybersecurity helps in protecting the data, networks, and operating systems from cyber threats.


After completing the course, you can safeguard yourself from cyber crimes and you can get hired by many companies as a cybersecurity specialist or you can have your consultancy to address IT security issues.


Prerequisites: 12th standard passed out in any stream for undergraduate courses.


Average Course Duration:

The diploma course is of 1-year duration while the certification course is of 6 months duration.


Course content:


  • Security Fundamentals
  • Offensive Security
  • Security Teams Management
  • Security Systems Architecture
  • Cloud Security Architecture
  • Networking Concepts


Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Amity future academy
  • Simplilearn
  • Edx


Job opportunities:

  • IT Security Auditor
  • Security Architect
  • Cryptographer
  •  Vulnerability Accessor


10. Hardware Maintenance Courses


Course details:


If you are not very comfortable with software courses then this course is for you. In this course, you will learn about various hardware components. This basic computer course will teach you how to repair or maintain various parts of a computer system.


Prerequisites: 12th standard passed out from any reputed board.


Average Course Duration:

    Course duration is normally from 6 months to 1 year


Course content:


  • Introduction to computer basic architecture
  • Windows Server Administration.
  • Fundamentals of Hardware and its handling,
  • Testing and troubleshooting of various components of computer system
  • Diagnose & repair problems of Desktop/Laptop
  • Introduction of OS, File System, Memory Management,
  • System Backup & Restore,
  • Viruses and Anti Viruses.
  • Knowledge of inbuilt Diagnostic Tools


Top Institutes offering this course:

  • Udemy
  • Simplilearn


Job opportunities:

  • System Engineer
  • Back-up Operator
  • Router Operator
  • Technical Support Executive
  • IT Lab supervisor


11. Basic programming Courses


Course details:


Basic programming or coding includes the analysis of the problem statement and developing a logical sequence of instructions to solve it. A programmer needs to understand customer requirements, design the solution in form of flow charts, etc., then code and finally test before delivering it to a client.


This basic computer course gives an introduction to the programming skills necessary for a career as a software developer. After completing this course you will have a broad perspective on core technologies like web development, software development, and databases. This course also introduces common tools required for coding.


Prerequisites: 12th standard passed out from any reputed board.


Average Course Duration:

    Course duration is normally 3 months to 1 year for learning programming basic skills.


Course content:


  • Introduction to programming concepts
  • C programming for beginners
  • Fundamentals of C++ programming
  • Java Beginner
  • Visual Basics
  • Visual C++ Windows Forms Application concepts
  • Certificate Course in Embedded Programming


Top Institutes offering this course:

  • NIIT
  • CDAC
  • Aptech Learning
  • EduBull


Job opportunities:

  • Web site developer
  • Computer systems admin
  • Database administrator
  • Software quality assurance (QA)
  • Business intelligence analyst


The average fee structure for Basic computer courses


The Fee structure is widely dependent on factors such as the reputation of the institute, private or government-aided, etc. It also depends upon the level and duration of the course you are planning.


Generally, the certification course fee ranges between 3000 to 35000 INR. If it is a diploma course then it varies between 5000 to 50000 INR. You can opt for the course as per your requirement and budget.


Average Salary for beginners after completing basic computer courses


The salary package depends upon many factors such as level, of course, experience, etc. Broadly if a certification course is done then an average range of salary you will be getting as a beginner will be between 3 lakhs to 5 Lakhs.


If you are opting for Diploma courses then the average salary package for a beginner will vary from 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs.


After completing these courses, you can opt for advanced courses like Degree or Post Graduation level which will further elevate your salary package.


Other high-grade professional courses to consider

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GST Course

SEO Course


Conclusion on Basic Computer Courses


As we have seen that computers have become a basic necessity in every aspect of life today. I would like to highlight here that age is not the limit for learning any new skills. Digitization is embedded in our daily life so strongly that avoiding it may not be the option now. Hence, It is a must for each individual to join any of these courses and be skilled enough to handle your computers, laptops, etc. to carry out basic activities without any difficulty.


I hope, you have got enough insight into the basic computer courses available. Also, you may have got the idea that which of the basic computer courses is more beneficial for you in the current role. I would highly recommend joining the relevant course immediately to have a comfortable and successful life ahead.


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