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Top 25 Short Term Courses in Bhopal

Learning is a life-long process. No matter you are working or still studying, one should add knowledge and keep themselves updated. Depending on the stream or the field, there are many short-term courses in Bhopal that can strengthen you with knowledge of skills, tools, techniques. The best part is, these can be done in a very short duration of time.


The image highlights the top 25 short term courses in Bhopal

Bhopal is the city of lakes and the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. In this blog post, we are going to discuss such short-term courses in Bhopal. So let’s begin.


Before starting the list of the top 25 Short Term Courses in Bhopal, one should know what a short-term course is.


What are Short Term Courses?


As the name suggests, these courses are of short duration. Short-term courses can be from a few months to a few years. These courses provide career-boosting opportunities for students as well as working professionals.


Short-term courses include certificate courses with a duration of 3 to 6 months. Short Term courses help to enhance the required skill on a specific topic or core subject. These courses are more focused on the practical side and less focused on the theory side.


Benefits of Short Term Course


1.     Less Costly


Short-term courses are very cheap in comparison to graduate and other PG courses. Students having financial issues can opt for these short-term courses. Many of the courses can be done under ₹3000 also.


2.     For Everyone


Whether you are a student of class XII, a graduate, or a working professional, you can go for short-term courses. They are no bar in educational qualification for applying for short-term courses. Anyone can opt for these amazing courses.


3.     Act as a Booster


Short-term courses act as a booster. If you are a working professional and got stuck in your career path or promotions, these courses will surely help to boost your career. Short-term courses help to develop oneself personally.


4.     New Element in CV


Short Term courses enhance the weightage of your resume or CV. If you are a college pass out then doing short-term courses will enhance your chances to get a better job.


5.     Interdisciplinary Field


Just think you did B.Com and later you want to have some knowledge in the field of Graphic Designing. Will you go back and do graduation in Graphic Design? No, my friend. That will surely be waste of time and money.


Short-term courses help students or professionals to fulfill these demands of pursuing an interdisciplinary field.


Who should take Short Term Courses and Why?


·       Students


Students of classes X and XII can go for these short-term courses. The reason behind this may be the financial issue. You might want to support your family or have some extra money for yourself. Short Term courses will easily help you to get a part-time job or start your small projects.


·       Graduate and Post Graduate Students


Getting a job just after completion of graduation and post-graduation is not easy. Employers always need those students who have some practical knowledge.


Short-term courses help graduates to get that skill and practical knowledge. If you need to be selected quickly, then you should go for professional short-term courses.


·       Working Professional


Short Term courses are also very essential for working professionals. Progressing in an organization requires skills and updating of the knowledge. These courses will help you to add updated and new skill sets in less time and money. The more skill you have, the more chances to get promoted.


·       Entrepreneurs


Many graduate students and housewives want to start their businesses. For these students, short-term courses are very helpful. For example, if you want to start a business, you can learn MS Excel. If you want to be a writer, you can learn Content writing and so on.


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List of Top 25 Short Term Courses in Bhopal


All the short-term courses in Bhopal mentioned here are certification courses with around 40 hours of sessions.  The eligibility for enrolling in the courses varies as per different institutes. Many of them ask for at least graduation.


The courses mainly the digital courses do not require graduation sometimes. Students from X and XII can also apply for such courses.


1.     Finance Short Term Courses in Bhopal


a.     Banking


Students or professionals interested in the banking field can opt for this short-term course. The students will learn about the theory & practice of banking. Financial Risk Management, dealing with the complex market competition will be taught in the course.


After the completion of the course, the students will have enhanced “Financial Quotient”. There will be an improved understanding of financial products, rick, and concepts. Digital Banking, Wealth Management, Banking Laws, and practices are some of the major aspects to be covered under the course.


b.     Auditing


Short term course is also available for Auditing. Professionals and students pursuing any audit-related work can pursue this course. You will learn the theory and best practices of Audit and its functions. Internal checks, working with CAs CS’s and CMA and their functions are also be covered.


On the successful completion of the course, students can work with CA and financial institutions. Apart from this, human resource auditing, green and forensic auditing will also be covered.


c.      Fundamentals of International Business


Business is expanding globally and to grab this opportunity, students must have that international level knowledge. A short-term course in Fundamentals of International Business completes this demand.


You will learn about the International Business Environment, Foreign Exchange Market, practical aspects of Trade Policy and much more. This will be an added advantage for those looking for or working in the corporate business sector.


2.     Management & Finance Short Term Courses in Bhopal


a.     Advertising & Media Management


Ads are everywhere. On TV, mobile, and in the forms of banners on some random walls. In simple words, advertising means telling and selling the product. This also requires management of employing various media to sell a service or a product.


You will learn how the media industry works in a real and practical scenario. The role of advertising agencies, media software, and the development of advertising will also be taught in the course.


b.     Retail Management


Retail management is comprised of all steps required to bring the client or customers into the shop or shop and satisfy their buying needs.


Students of BBA, commerce, and professionals in marketing and opt for this course. You will learn about retail store operations, designing market and performance matrices under this short-term course.


c.      Marketing Research


Determining the viability of any new product or service with the help of research done directly with potential customers comes under Marketing Research. Feedbacks from customers, historical consumption data, and customer buying behavior are some of the measures used for marketing research.


Research methodology, use of SPSS software for data analysis, marketing fundamentals will also be taught under this course.


d.     Dynamics of Event Management


Management of small and large scale corporate or personal events such as weddings, formal parties, concerts, festivals is known as Event Management. It also includes brand/product launches, exhibitions, or the execution of live concerts.


The students will learn the significance of team and teamwork, planning, marketing, budgeting, and execution and analysis of an event.


e.     Road to Entrepreneurship


Students or professionals who are trying to build their own company or any startup can do this short-term course.


In the course, you will learn how to acquire entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness, types of entrepreneurs, their characteristics. In addition to this, students will learn about the understanding of the market, business arithmetic, resource mobilization, and planning.


3.     Accounting Short Term Courses in Bhopal


a.     GST  Course


With the implementation of the GST in India, the demand for GST-certified personal has been increased. If you working or studying in the field of accounting, then you should do this short-term course. Moreover, it adds to the strength of your resume.


Various concepts of Goods & Service Tax, analyzing the transactions for compliance, knowing the applicability of the GST are some of the features you will learn in the GST certification course.


b.     Tax Consultancy and Planning


The main role of a tax consultant or an advisor is to help organizations and people pay taxes. A tax consultant can be hired for both long and short term as per requirements.


Minimizing the tax liabilities of the client is also a part of the tax consultant. You will learn about the Indian Tax system and various heads of income. After the completion of the course, students will be able to differentiate between tax planning, avoidance, and evasion.


4.     IT Short Term Courses in Bhopal


a.     Digital Marketing


As a student, you will learn about digital marketing strategies, tools, and techniques. The program deals with the adoption and application of digital marketing to business. In addition to this, you will learn about website terminology and hosting, keyword and SEO, web analytics, and much more.


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You can know in-depth about Digital Marketing Course Training in Bhopal


If you planning for any entrepreneurial project for online sales or business, you should consider this course.


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Other Courses to consider enrolling in are as follows:

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course


b.     Graphic Designing


A course for creative people. If you love to draw and design, then this course is for you. One can consider this as a hobby or for a professional job also.


You will learn design principles, theory, and hands-on practice on some software also. Computer graphics, graphics using Photoshop, Corel draw, etc will be taught in this course.


c.      MS Office & internet


Whether you are just graduating or planning to open a business, you must do this course. MS Office and basic internet usage are always required. In fact, this is a basic “must-know” for many private firms.


MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel are all such things you will learn under this course.


d.     Web Designing


Basics of HTML, CSS Style Rules, and PHP will be the main areas of learning under the Web Designing course. Students working in the field of website designing and handling can go for it. You can take online projects for designing a website. The course fee starts from ₹3000 to 10000 depending upon the institute.

e.     Android Application Development


App development is also in demand. If you like coding and application development, then you can go for Android Application Development. The objective of the course is to impart basic knowledge of Android Application Development.


A better understanding of the user interface, components, and screen orientation will be taught in this short-term course. The course will also include Layout and application components classification.


f.      Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking


With the increase of internet usage, the fear of safety also increases. As a cyber-security and Ethical Hacker, you can find jobs in antivirus companies.


You will learn about security loopholes, how cybercriminals take advantage of such security loopholes. In addition to this, you will learn Injection Attacks, JavaScript & Cross-Site Scripting, and various terms related to cybersecurity.

g.     Multi-Media & Animation


The term Multi-Media here means various media formats. Text audio, video, animation, etc all are included in multimedia & animation. 2-D Animation, Imaging, Interactive Web Design are the things that you will learn in this short-term course.


The students and professionals will be able to make cartoon animation, video movies, and various web page designs. You will find jobs in animation industries and firms. Students of animation and design can go for these courses.


5.     Analytics Short Term Courses in Bhopal


a.     Hadoop & Big Data Analytics


Hadoop is an open-source software technology developed for storing and processing a large volume of data. With the increase in demand for data analytics, this course will be an added advantage for professionals and students in the field of data science.


Languages like Java, Cassandra, R will be taught during the course. Other programming languages like Scala and Spark will also be covered in the syllabus.


b.     Data Analytics


So, the question is that is there any difference between Data and Big Data? Absolutely Yes. Big Data deals with a very large and complex set of data. It includes multiple sets of data. Data Analytics not necessarily deals with that huge amount of data.


You will learn about data science, processing, and quality. Introduction to Mining, some basics of Big Data, advance excel, and Basics of Python will also be covered.


6.     Humanity Related Short Term Courses In Bhopal


a.     Human Rights- Social Work, Humanities & Others


Under this course, students will develop an understanding of Human Rights in National and International contexts. You will learn what are the issues related to Human Rights and what are the various instruments of protection.


International Human Rights Provision, Indian Constitution and Rights, various human rights violations, Acts related to human rights will also be covered in the course.


b.     Certificate in Child Rights


Children are empowered with the same general human rights as adults have. Right to health, family life, education, and play, and recreation comes under Child Rights.


Under this course, the participants will know about child protection laws in India. Administrative frameworks for child protection at different levels.

c.      Geriatric Social Work


Geriatric Social Worker focuses on the care and health of older patients. As a geriatric social worker, you work and help old-age people especially with anxiety, depression, and other emotional challenges.


Under this short-term course, students will be able to understand the needs and problems of elderly people. Apart from this, Emergency Medical Aids, basics of gadgets for elderly people will also be covered under this course.

d.     Child Guidance and Counselling


This course is to develop the understanding and competencies required to counsel children and teenagers. You will the about the behavior of children and their psychology. Students will learn the ethical ways to counseling.


Introduction to guidance, psychological difficulties in children, and language difficulties in children will be part of the curriculum of this short-term course.


e.     Environmental Sustainability


Protecting the environment along with overall development comes under sustainable development. As a student of environmental sustainability, you will learn the concept of environment and sustainability.


The role and efforts of various departments of the government and performance measurements technique will also be covered in the course.


f.      Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence or sometimes called Emotional Quotient or EQ is the ability to predict, use and manage your own emotions to produce some positive outcome. One can use it to release stress, empathize with other people and communicate effectively.


Under this short-term certification course, you will learn self-awareness, internal motivation, social skills, and stress management. If you want to a trainer in emotional intelligence, you can also opt for this course.


Final Thought


Alright friends, these were the top 25 Short Term Courses in Bhopal. Hope you got some idea of short term courses in Bhopal. As I have already mentioned above that one should always keep learning and growing irrespective of age. These courses will help you to gain knowledge and skills in a short duration of time.


These short-term courses will surely help you to choose and upgrade your skills. If you are still confused about choosing the right course for you, you can take help from your seniors or write to us. We would love to help you.


Stay motivated, keep learning and keep growing.

All the best for your future. 

Worked as an Electrical Engineer for 4.5 years. Certified Hi-Po, ISTD Student, Content Writer, and currently Intern at IIM Skills. Expert in Excel (Not Surf Excel) and loves Biryani.

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