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Top-2 Institutes for Coaching Business

If you are passionate about teaching, then the coaching business is one of the most demanding businesses in the market. It is one of those businesses, which rarely go down – neither is too profitable nor runs in losses. This business is best suited for those who love to help people unconditionally and guide them to reach their aim and capacity.


The image shows the top 2 institutes for coaching business

With the advent of technology, the coaching business has become easier and more convenient for those who have just started or opened their teaching center/business. With technology, now you can easily start teaching people at your home. With online coaching, you do not need to go to a place or office to teach and train people, and that too by meeting in person.


You can now start teaching and training through video calls or video conferences on mobile or desktop applications like Skype, WhatsApp, etc and this is one of the reasons why this business has expanded across the world for the last few years.


With the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the coaching business has become one of the most demanding businesses. When the whole world went brought lockdown, most faculties, professors, and teachers switched to the digital mode and continued to teach and train the students. Having talked about how this business transformed into one of the most demandable money-making businesses, let us now discuss the various types of coaching businesses and the role and responsibility of a coach.


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Different forms of coaching business


Before we start mentioning what coaches do, it is imperative to not mix it up with counseling, as the latter requires a specialized degree and licensing. Coaches guide their customers and clients to achieve goals that would enhance their lives. However, the major difference is that coaching persons mainly focus on particular areas and determinable results.


There are nine forms of coaching business – Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Business Coaching Executive Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Performance Coaching, Skills Coaching, Financial Coaching, and Spiritual Coaching.


Note – Special focus areas can exist within these genres. For example, a life coach can also take up work on relationships, a business coach can pick up work on increasing and improving product selling techniques and skills, or a wellness coach can also focus on how to make someone quit or stop smoking.


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Functions of coaches for different forms


Business coaches guide their clients (entrepreneurs, businessmen/businesspersons) on how to expand the size of the business. A life coach helps to get clarity and a clear vision on how to set life goals and be focused to achieve them. A health coach helps people who have fitness issues.


Even those who want to be fit and healthy can enroll in health coaching. A career coach is a person, whose main function is assisting people in locating and realizing their true career efficiency, interests, and objectives.


Some career coaching persons may work in an educational organization or enterprise under the department of the human resource, organizational development, or talent management team. However, many career coaches also like to work on their own – independently – as business establishment owners, who are engaged in helping students, managers, and leaders get the best out of their careers.


Anybody can become a career coach as there is no regulatory agency, which has been established to regulate that a career coach needs certification or a specific job title must be used. Nevertheless, a career coaching certification forms credibility – irrespective of where the work is taking place – existing organization, or independently to start and expand a career coaching.


Having talked about a coach’s function and different forms of coaching, it is also important to mention how much scope is there in this field and what are its benefits and disadvantages.


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What is the salary of Coaches?


The fees/remuneration of coaches depends heavily on the type of business that has been chosen, where the business is taking place, and other factors. As per the current trend, modern-day coaches are paid somewhere between $28000 and 263000 per year. Generally, persons who provide coaching to business owners receive more pay, since companies have to spend more on coaching than on individuals.


Advantages of Coaching Business


  • Anyone can easily become a coach, but for that, it is mandatory to have the necessary skills and abilities. Even though it is easy to be a coach, it is highly recommended to enroll in a course and get a certification. The coaching establishments still do not have any regulatory body, which means that becoming a coach is only a few steps away.
  • It can be started right away. Chances are that currently, you have the equipment that is expected to turn on a desktop – Personal Computer. You just have to download Skype, which is available free of charge, and purchase a great quality headphone, which might cost less than $50. You also need to have a website, training and teaching contract, and maybe school/college assignment study materials, however, you also must avail yourself of those at budget-friendly and cheap cost.
  • You must have a positive frame of mind to guide and teach students that you are helping and also must be happy about the place where you are teaching.
  • Teaching and training can be individual-based or group-oriented. However, that depends on the student – if he/she needs special focus, then one-on-one teaching is best. It also relies on that factor that if he/she can afford home-based personal teaching, most of the time some students can’t afford to visit a teacher’s residence for tuition, hence, in that case, personalized online coaching is best, provided if that person also has the requirements for the same. Similarly, you can adopt the online teaching method to train and guide a group of students.
  • You can also offer additional study materials from the website or give numerous references to the students. Several teachers and professors have books and home-based evaluating items, which might help in earning extra money. Most of these earnings are generated automatically.


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Disadvantages of Coaching Business


  • Even if it is not the right time for this, but if you have certification, then it will help you in improving your credibility and marketing ability. Though, it is to be noted that acquiring a coaching certification takes time and money.
  • You must have great extraordinary relationship-building skills and perseverance. People may come to you for help, but it does not mean that they will follow all your suggestions. Many people are scared and stubborn to come out of their comfort zones, hence, in that case, you have to be a consoling factor – provide them with a helping hand, encourage and motivate them to do the necessary changes.
  • When you will be starting a coaching business, be prepared to get lots of phone calls over Whatsapp, Skype. Sometimes, there will be multiple appointments in a single day.
  • You need to be in your best form when you are with your customers and clients. Even if you are having a rough and bad day, you need to focus on guiding your customers and clients. Even career coaches may, sometimes, require the help of life coaches as they might provide on how to focus on your career goals.


It is also necessary to inform you that to build a solid, stable business, patience and a lot of time are needed. Now let us move to the next section, the best institutes for coaching for different forms.


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Best Institutes for coaching business for life, career, executive, and business


After reviewing several coach certification organizations, university programs that are providing business certifications, we have managed to shortlist some of the best career coaching certification programs which are affordable and match career goals.


1. Life Coaching Business


(A) Inst. for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)


The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) is known for providing one of the most detailed life coaching certifications. The institute’s life coaching program is a three-day, rigorous live seminar, and workshop classes, with about 400 hours of online coaching education.


A person attending this program will earn three certifications – iPEC’s Certified Professional Coach (CPC) credential, added with two other credentials that will distinguish them from other life coaches. Along with the three-day live program, the full course is taught in a different mode – webinars, e-workbooks, and self-study materials.


With the completion of iPEC life coaching certification, a person will even have the chance to pursue an additional specialization in particular fields like sports performance, health and wellness, business leadership, couples coaching, and many more.


iPEC’s course duration is somewhere between seven and nine months, and the program’s price has been fixed at nearly $12000. As soon as someone completes the course, the institute rewards him/her with the CPC credential.


(B) Health Coach Institute Dual Life and Health Coaching Certification


Despite the two coaches’ specialties overlapping a great deal, there is just one difference – A person can be happy and successful in life, only when he/she is fit and healthy. Moving on to the course, Health Coach Institute is providing a dual life and health coach course, which can be completed as per the pace of the person. With this course, any person can learn the nuances – ins and outs – of both the profession, hence offering a seamless experience.


The training course has four main topics – nutrition, habit change, personal growth, and business education. The program has designed for online purposes only, with two live workshops and training sessions every year. A person can learn the module as per his/her capabilities with the help of recorded webinars, weekly training sessions, online assignments and activities, and hands-on learning and training.


The course runs for a period of six to 12 months. With the completion of the course, a person can earn the ICF-accredited title of Certified Health and Life Coach (CHLC). To know more about the program, contact the program representatives and acquire details on the course fee and schedule.

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2. Career Coaching Business


(A) Mindler’s International Certified Career Coach (ICCC)


Developed by Mindler, a coaching certification providing institute, the Mindler in collaboration with the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the Career Development Agency (CDA) has introduced an International Certified Career Coach. The ICCC program is the first stage of the career counseling certification course.


The foundation program is generally a two-day workshop, which is conducted virtually after participants have been carefully selected through an application screening process.


Anyone can attend ICCC and enhance their skills in the area of career counseling. The course has been designed in such a way that anyone attending the program does not need any major experience in psychology. Irrespective of which level you are in, you can extract values from the industry-focused skills the course instills.


The suitability for the course has been assessed after keeping lots of factors in mind, which can be included but are not restricted to a candidate’s academic background profile, past exposure, and the reason behind the enrollment of the course. This process ascertains that each student gets maximum value out of the program.


Once anyone completes the course, he/she can be able to counsel and guide students, since the course syllabus covers all sides of the Career Counselling process – including trends, best practices, and challenges. However, it is also imperative to regularly study career-related topics to improve and remain updated about the knowledge of any changes made in admission cycles.


(B) Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)


Brought to you by CPCC, the Career Coach Certification Program (CCCP) is known for its robust course structure and open enrollment – no bachelor’s degree is needed. This program is 100 percent online and available to candidates in the above dozen countries worldwide.


The course price is $1200 is entirely inclusive of the training that will be provided to a candidate to make him/her become a certified career coach once that person completes the course. Moreover, the institute also provides resources to use with the customers/clients, four hours of personalized and face-to-face coaching support feedback, and a toolkit to start a business.


Since the course is affordable and detailed, several career coaches across industries, from business to academia, have been able to complete the course and get certification for the same. Besides providing the training, a candidate’s membership provides visibility to help him/her market his/her career coaching services. Anyone can complete the course as per their pace, which can extend to 12 months.


3. Coaching Business for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners


(A) Mindvalley’s Certified Business Coach


Developed and designed by Mindvalley, certified business coaching is the first and official Certification Program. The program is built to train and guide till the end so that candidates can easily become highly skilled and most wanted certified Business coaches and experts.


This course will guide you in every way possible so that you can smoothly become a highly demanded business coach, build a thriving career within your organization, and also take your business to new levels/heights. The four-month hands-on, detailed and intensive training will transform you into a knowledgeable, valuable, and highly-skilled business coach and consultant, who can confidently lead businesses through their top 10 challenges.


Eight key takeaways from this Business Coach Certification


  • Enhanced Team Performance
    Draw in incredible ability, while assembling and dealing with A-Team. Assist any group with performing and team up at their most significant level while rapidly settling clashes.


  • Master Performance Coaching Skills
    Time is the most significant resource in business. Expert the instructing abilities that consider elite, proficiency, and completing more in less time through advanced day-by-day frameworks and cycles.


  • Master Business Coaching and Entrepreneurial Skills
    Regardless of whether you need to mentor yourself or your customers through business challenges, this program will outfit you with the specific abilities you need to encourage significant change and change for originators, group pioneers, whole groups, and friends societies.


  • Develop Executive Coaching Skills

Anyone will be able to figure out how to unbelievably mentor pioneers and chiefs through their most difficult business and initiative difficulties. Besides – you’ll have the option to help them in enhancing their exhibition, optimizing their business development, and expanding their main concern.


  • Grow Any Business 10 times faster

Indeed, you’ll have the option to help your customers fabricate and develop their organizations, yet in this program, you’ll additionally receive the abilities you need to make your own effective instructing business. Regardless of whether you decide to go full-time in your business or work in different organizations, you’ll generally have the most impressive business development frameworks and techniques accessible readily available.


  • Master All Coaching Models

When you find how to coordinate distinctive instructing models, you’ll have the option to dominate your initiative style dependent on your advantage. You’ll emerge from the program knowing precisely which models and styles are in arrangement with who you are so you can persistently appear as the most remarkable mentor you can be for your customers.


  • Attract and Land Higher Level Clients

Who needs more top to bottom help from somebody who comprehends their organization’s difficulties and is outfitted with the correct arrangement of instruments and methodologies to assist them with their particular necessities.


(B) iPEC’s Business Coaching Certification


With iPEC, you can achieve wonders, as its business coaching certification will enable you to easily grasp expertise in the professional skill set of coaching and access specialized training to title yourself as a Certified Business Coach.


Helps business owners and entrepreneurs to build a stronger and profitable business


If are a business owner or an entrepreneur, you will know the challenges that come with it and that too in manifolds – with small business owners handling responsibilities for daily operations, while performing major functions and managing their junior employees. Amid a growing work, tasks, and busy routine, it is difficult to remain motivated and focused on long-term goals, objectives, and growing scope.


Hence, with iPEC’s comprehensive Coach Training Program – Certified Professional Coach course, you can be a master coach, skilled enough to train and coach anyone, anything and at any time, through ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner), and CORE Dynamics Specialist Certification. With this program, you will gain crucial knowledge from experienced coaches and become fully prepared to be a Certified Business Coach.


4. Executive Coaching Business


(A) Center for Executive Coaching’s Executive and Leadership Coach Training and Certification Program


If you want to become an executive coach, then the Center for executive coaching is the best to provide a training course in executive coaching certification and training for established employees and professionals. With this course, you will successfully test tools and processes to lure potential clients and customers, have a profound influence and give you happiness in doing your job.


The executive coaching certification program will enable you to acquire everything and anything that is needed to work your way to the top five percent of coaches worldwide, confidently deliver great value to top-class clients.


Here are the top three advantages of this course:


  •  100 percent focus is given on experience, determinable outcomes for you and your clients. The goal of the course is to provide your clients with at least a five to 10-times return when they work with you.
  • The course has successful track records, detailed executive coaching techniques to make you gain all the spotlights.
  • Even the faculties involved in providing the training are experienced and know how to bring the best out of a candidate so that he/she can establish a successful coaching practice – be it internal or external.




The INSEAD Executive Coaching Certificate is designed to build or improve a person’s coaching quality to coach individuals or groups. This training put together program attracts concerning the aptitude of the elite INSEAD workforce connected at the hip with INSEAD Executive Coaching, which for as long as 20 years has given initiative advancement instructing in our executive schooling programs.


The program mixes common sense involved in scholastic contribution to delivering a significant, straightforwardly material learning experience zeroing in on the craftsmanship and practice of instructing in the present globalized world. After leaving the program, you will end up being a mentor ready to assemble your training abilities and think about the experience of being a mentor – improving your ability to add your customers’ change plan.


Advantages of this program


  • Develop yourself as a mentor by acquiring a comprehension of the various ways to deal with instructing Increase your attention to how successful you are as a mentor
  • Explore how to characterize the extent of a training relationship preceding taking an instructing commitment
  • Develop your capacity to utilize appraisal instruments to help to instruct destinations
  • Gain experience in various ways of thinking that INSEAD influences for our administration improvement exercises


Candidate profile


INSEAD’s Coaching Certificate is suitable for

  • Executive coaches and professionals who wish to strengthen their leadership skills and executive coaching practice




Now that we have mentioned the definition, functions, advantages, and disadvantages, and the best institutes for coaching business, it is up to you to choose what suits you best.


Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.
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