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Top 10 Summer Courses in 2024 For Every Creative Kid

Kids are highly creative if they have good mentors to guide them, isn’t it? According to a report published by Amanda Ripley, most creative kids in the world are from Singapore followed by Koreans. As Indian parents do you even think why our kids are unable to develop some creative mindset, is it a lack of resources? is it a lack of knowledge or something? In this article, I will try to provide you with all the possible summer courses your kids can take to become more creative.

Course for kids during summers


  • Content writing

Writing is a skill that not only helps you express and communicate what you understand effectively, it also helps to further accelerate your career growth. A well-crafted written material attracts positive attention from your employers and further accelerates the rate at which you climb the career ladder.


A person having good writing skills is generally seen as a knowledgeable and well-organized individual. So, if you are looking to productively use your summer vacations, it is worth investing time and money in a good content writing summer course. You can opt for an online or offline mode of teaching depending on your convenience.


What you should also know is, that content writing is more of a skill, one can get good at with consistent practice. It is a rewarding skill no matter what profession you happen to be in. What’s more? Anybody can become a content writer with the right kind of guidance and a necessary amount of determination and guidance. Content writing is a skill that is hugely in demand in the present world, mainly driven by technology. As more and more brands are migrating towards e-commerce, the need for effective content for their products and services is increasing exponentially.


The only kind of marketing that is left in today’s world is content marketing and content writing happens to be at the heart of it. A good summer course on content writing will help you understand the minute details and application of this skill in the present times. There is also a good chance that if you love writing, the scope of converting to a full-time or even part-time paid content writer role also increases.


Learn to write creative content with the top  Content Writing Course.


  • SEO Certification


If you want to build or sign up for your website, it is a great idea to learn the basics of Search engine optimization. You can still be in school or university or an aspiring marketer and a summer course on  Search engine optimization will help you craft quality content that attracts both high quality and quantity of traffic to the website.


Search engine optimization is a simple technique brought into use to increase the visibility of a website and its content, the objective being to convert the relevant readers into potential customers by allowing them to make a well-educated decision. A summer course on search engine optimization will empower you to increase the reach of your website and further help in achieving its objectives.


Effective implementation of search engine optimization will help you make more money and build your credibility in the domain of content that is put on your website. As an aspiring marketer, a certification in the ever-changing field of search engine optimization will help put on record your specialization of this web publishing technique and increase the chances of getting hired by better organizations.


  • Digital Marketing


If you want to learn the exhaustive aspects of marketing that are relevant in the present digital era, investing time and money in a good summer course on digital marketing is worth it. A one or two-month basic summer course on digital marketing will help you understand how relevant this skill can prove to be in the present times.


In such short-term basic courses, you will enroll in a digital marketing course and learn to use web analytics, email marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, advertising, and social media marketing. Good courses provide you with live assignments which test your level of understanding of the subject.


Packed with other relevant projects that will allow you to apply your knowledge, this summer course will help you get a taste of what it is like to be a digital marketer and further decide for yourself if this is something you want to pursue for the rest of your career. Digital marketing experts are needed in almost every type of business. This is mainly due to the large-scale migration of businesses towards e-commerce.


  • Programming


It doesn’t matter what is your major or field of specialization, basic knowledge of programming helps you go a long way in honing your technical skills. Basic knowledge of programming also helps to accelerate the rate at which you complete your work. With the innumerable application of programming in web development and designing, programming is one of the most sorts after skills that is also monetarily very rewarding.


Not only does it build your credibility in the profession you are in, but it also opens various other career options for you. Investing in a good and basic summer course on programming is worth all your time, money, and dedication. Basic certification in programming will add great value to the curriculum vitae and prove your competency for whatever job you apply for.



If you have a basic knowledge of programming, investing in a good web designing summer course is worth it. If you want to learn how to use your creativity to design a website that aligns with your imagination, this summer course should be your top choice.


A good web designing course will teach you what is web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, and search engine optimization. It will also help you to apply and sharpen your programming language skills. Further, a good certification in web designing increases your chances of getting hired by a good firm.


  • Learn A New Language


The best way to make your curriculum vitae impressive and different is to learn a new language during the summer. A good summer course on a language you want to learn is a great way to use your time productively and also opens many career options for you. There are many free and paid online summer courses that you can take sign up for and learn a new language of your choice.


  • Financial Management


If you have a channel of regular income, learning the basics of savings and investment is a great way to maintain your money and its expenditure effectively. There are many online courses, both paid and free, you can sign up to learn the basics of how you can manage your finances, pay your taxes, avail health, and commodity insurances, save and invest in stocks and increase your wealth.


You can learn stock trading and sign up for such informative summer courses and get a taste of what it is like to be a stock trader and further carve a path for yourself in the business. Whatever is the objective you want to achieve, learning about finances is very crucial to smartly take care of your financial condition and health.


  • Learn to play a musical instrument


If you wish to learn a musical instrument like guitar, piano, saxophone, flute, signing up for online or offline summer courses is a great idea. Learning a musical instrument is an amazing way to keep watering your creativity.


It also provides a concrete idea if you want to pursue music full time or just as a hobby. Investing your time, money, and dedication into learning a musical instrument also helps you build a strong curriculum vitae.


  • Calligraphy


It is okay to not have a reason to learn calligraphy other than simply wanting to learn it. Signing up for a good online or offline summer course on calligraphy is a productive way to spend your time. Calligraphy is an art you can master by dedicating your time and attention to practice this craft.


You can expect to get good at it, in a short span of time with the right kind of guidance. Calligraphy is a summer course that will help you hone your creativity and concentration skills.


Many businesses are now moving in a direction to opt for calligraphy as a part of their logo designing unit. Becoming an expert calligraphist is a great skill to add to your curriculum vitae to demonstrate your competency.


  • Dancing


If you love dancing and are looking to further hone your art, signing up for relevant summer courses is a great way to move your dancing career ahead. There can be many dancing institutes in your town. You can also opt for online dancing classes and learn to sharpen your craft in your own space and pace.


There are many free online video lessons you can watch and apply to master your art for free. Good summer courses such as GST Course or dancing, online or offline, also help you to network with like-minded people and further take your dancing career ahead.


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