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Top 10 Project Management Courses With Books Recommendation

So, you want to take things into your hands and manage projects for an organization? You look like a “Project Manager” to us. In this article, we have curated some of the top project management courses from noble organizations to make you proficient in the demanded skillsets you are aiming for


The image shows the top 10 project management courses with books recommendation

Know-how of Project Management & Managers

 In the process of accomplishing a goal, be it a school project or college assignment or important presentation that you have to give in the office, for everything you need something in common, and that would be ‘Planning’.


One can not expect to complete a task successfully without thinking it out. To make something happen, we need to follow a few steps if we want to do it systematically, otherwise being jumbled throughout will only be the result.


This procedure takes your time, effort, scope, budget, and many more important aspects. So, to make it into happening, we need a person who is proficient in it, and that professional is identified as “Project Manager”.


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They will work things out for you, decide an estimate of time, budget, and scope based on the number of people working on the team for the project. They have to have possessed efficient skills in order to bring out a unique product with a strict deadline and fund. Managing a project is crucial work and the responsibility to make it work smoothly, lies in the hands of Project Managers.


While strategizing the formation of the design working on, they also have to keep their client’s objectives into consideration as their and their team’s efforts would go in vain if the customer will not like the product.


The work system of the Project Managers will vary from project to project and hence they need to possess some skillset to make their and others work successfully. They have to befriend ‘change’ as it is requisite for them to transform the complete project if necessary as the client should like it.


Project Managers are not just of one type, they are given different names in every other field of interest. To explain it properly, a PM working in the construction industry will be known as Construction Project Management. On the other hand, the one working in the IT sector will be IT Project management. Just like that, one needs to know about the respective industry they are working in, which will make their work easy and they can plan things accordingly.


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Scope of project management


Project Management is no doubt one of the most in-demand professions in the market today. The Project Management Institute (PMI) anticipates seeing 22 million new job openings until 2027.


No matter the industry, there is a need for PMs to plan, organize, strategize, secure, control, and lead. Hence, it will always be a required profession.


As per a report by Glassdoor presented, the average entry-level salary of PM is $59,680.


It is inevitable for PMs to keep learning and updating themselves about their field. The reason being they are an asset to the company while working on a task. So much can change if they are really efficient in their job. Hence, every organization needs them.


Below are some project management courses for you to learn these necessary skills and educate yourself with the know-how of the industry.


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Top 10 Project Management Courses:


  • Project Management Courses on Edx


Edx is a well-known education platform for providing online courses from prominent universities of the world. A few registered institutions available on the site are MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard University, Boston University, Berkeley University of California, and many more.


Many of its courses are free of cost while for others you will have to pay for it. It offers a variety of Project Management Courses from these and other notable institutions.


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  1. Introduction to Project Management


This course focuses on explaining the skills that a Project Manager needs and how Project managing plays a vital role in companies.


It is suitable for the one who wants to understand Project management and how the industry works. It is also an adequate fit for freelancing as they need to manage everything on their own.


It is a beginner-level program covering aspects like planning, scheduling, cost of the project, managing it from the start to the end. As for soft skills, it will strengthen your communication skills, managing people, and how to incorporate leadership skills to make your project successful.


It will be a 6 weeks course and the estimated hours they expect you to dedicate is 2-3 hours per week. The course is free of cost however if you would like to get a certificate, it will ask you to pay Rs. 14,472 for the same. This self-paced course has been offered by AdelaideX University and can also buy for an individual or a team.


  1. Professional Certificate in IT Project Management


This ‘University of Washington’ offered course is for those IT professionals who have a knack for managing and hence want to enter into IT organizations as a Project Manager.


One can expect to learn the need for PM in IT companies and how working there as a Project Manager is different from working in any other organization.


It is an intermediate level course of 5 months that expects you to dedicate a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 hours a week that will get you ready for the necessary skills needed for a Project Manager working in an IT firm.


You will get to learn Portfolio Management and how the Project Management Office (PMO) works. Along with that, you will also learn the leadership and management practices needed in IT companies. And lastly, strategic applications from a job perspective.


The price for the course is Rs. 39,074 for the full program with a valid certificate.


  1. International Project Management Courses


This course is provided by the Rochester Institute of Technology which focuses on a deeper and a wider aspect as it is an international program.


It goes intensely inside international aspects like culture, religions, technological insights, language altercations, gender concerns, corruption, regulatory &legal customs, and many more.


This will be an extensive and zealous program that will teach you practicality by considering the real-life researched paper and examples taken from companies.


The level of the program is advanced which is free of cost unless you want a certificate, then it will cost you Rs 21,744.


The length of the program will be of 9 weeks and they expect you to dedicate a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 12 hours per week.


It’s a self-paced course that you can buy for yourself or your team.


  1. Program In Project Management


It is a course worthy of a whole semester as it is a long program of 8 months that takes you deep inside the field of Project Management. This program aims to make you ready to work in any industry as a successful Project Manager.


From a Project Manager’s life cycle to skills and practices, and every other necessary aspect has been covered in this program priced Rs 88,162 for the full experience. They expect you to commit 8 to 12 hours per week to complete this program effectively.


Visit here to find more Project Management Courses on Edx.


  • Project Management Courses on Coursera


Coursera is an educational website that provides well-developed courses or programs for the students’ benefit. The website has a total of 2005 direct or related courses under the Project Management niche.


A few project management courses are presented below.


  1. Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization


This beginner-level course has been offered by the University of California, Irvine, and has a flexible schedule to complete at your own pace. You will get a strong idea of how the industry of Project Managing works.


As it is a course specifically designed for beginners, hence, it will cover small topics to make you explain things precisely and deeply meaning you don’t need to have any prior experience.


While studying with the program you will also be assigned assignments. After successful completion of the same, a Certificate will be awarded to you.


There are four courses under this program: Initiating and Planning Projects; Budgeting and Scheduling Projects; Managing Projects Risks and Changes; and Project Management Project.


It takes approximately 5 months to complete this program and demands you to give an hour a week. This course starts instantly and you can complete it at your own pace.


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  1. Google Project Management Professional Certificate


This Google offered ‘Professional Project Management program has a rating of 4.9 stars on Coursera. It is suitable for the one who wants to start a new career as a Project Manager. Hence, it is totally a beginner-level program who no experience or degree needed.


The courses they offer in the Professional Certificate program are, Foundations of Project Management; Project Initiation: Starting a Successful Project; Project Planning: Putting It All Together; Project Execution: Running the Project; Agile Project Management; and Capstone: Applying Project Management in the Real World.


It’s a 6 monthly course which requires you to expect you to devote 10 hours per week. You can complete it at your own pace and at the comfort of your home. After the successful completion of the program, you will have gained yourself a certificate.


  1. Project Management: The Basics for Success


It is a small course covering the basics of successful Project Management. It starts the moment you enroll for it and has the comfort of completing it on your own schedule.


This is an approximate 8 hours course offered in English with various language subtitles. The module includes Foundational Project Management Elements; Planning and Scheduling; and Project Leadership; Dealing with Difficult People, and much more.


  1. UCI’sProject Management and Other tools for Career Development Specialization


This program demands 6 months of your time to learn a new skill and has been made especially for the people who want to step their foot into the field of management. Consequently, covering basics but most widely will guide you with the scope of the project you are working on, the resources, effective communication with the co-workers, management, and problem-solving skills.


It is demanded to commit an hour per week to complete it effectively. You will bag some important skills like Business writing, negotiation, communication, Risk Management, Change Control, Risk Management, and many more.


  1. Project Management Courses on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is one of the trusted sites to learn new skills and get yourself certified. It has several videos covering Project Management and related topics which you can watch and add new skills to your professional pocket.


Some beginner-level courses are mentioned below.

Project management Foundations; Six Sigma: Green Belt; Project Management: Risk; and many more, which will teach you about the basic fundamentals of the Project managing industry.


While some of the intermediate level courses are transitioning from Waterfall to Agile Project Management; Cert Prep: PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). You can expect to get some deeper knowledge here. If you are an intermediate learner, then you must be aware of the daily dos and don’ts of the industry. You will be taken a step above to give you new aspects of the same industry.


Some of the popular advanced-level Project Management courses available are Project Management for Creative Projects; Cert Prep: Scrum Master; Business development: Strategic Planning; Scrum: Advanced; and many more. While here, you are assumed to have a good amount of experience and now you want to get in the detailed and widened perspective of your field of interest. So, these are some of the best courses for you.


  1. PMP Certification Training Course


The Certification Course will cover everything from basics to advanced, like the new emerging trends, to core competencies, a Project Manager needs to have. Keeping into consideration the small and large companies, the course has been designed systematically for the role of a project manager in a new section.


They are making you ready for the official certification of PMP which is an essential requirement for Senior project managers over the entire existing industries.


If you are a Project Manager and want to go a step beyond in your career, or if you are an Associate or Assitant Project Manager, or maybe a Team leader or you want to step inside the Project management industry, then this course is perfect for you.


The online class would cost you Rs. 13,999. One batch is starting from March 20 and another March 27, both will be weekend classes. In case you don’t like the course, you can get your money back as they have a 100% money-back Guarantee.


You need to have a secondary degree, that would be a High school diploma or a four-year degree. As for certification, they have different guidelines for members with a PMI subscription and without a subscription. For more details about the course, certification, payment, and eligibility, please do visit the website.


Some books on Project Management


One can not learn everything theoretically, however, they can gain knowledge through books and apply them in their practical life. Books are the way to improve your life – personal or professional – one knows better.


So here are some of the top amazing books every aspiring or even proficient Project Manager should read recommended by well-known CEOs, marketing managers, and many other renowned professionals, in a Clear Point Strategy article.


  1. Project Management for the Unofficial Project Manager – Suzette Blakemore and James Wood


As the name suggests, this book could be read and understood also by the ones, who are not Project Manager. It’s because it requires the same skill which may be a freelancer should need too. Like, meeting with clients, discussing the estimate, planning the process throughout, deciding their days they will be working on, and many such things. Hence, managing is the skill we all need in our lives.


It is recommended by Ryan Pitylak, CMO of Zen Business.


  1. Traction by Gino Wickman: Get a Grip on Your Business


If you need to go deep into business managing for your company’s growth, then you should consider reading this book recommended by Kimberly Spencer, CEO of Crown Yourself Enterprices, LLC.


Her work does not stop here, she is also a Certified High-Performance Coach. So, reading it would be beneficial as mentioned by her, it focuses on tiny details to huge things one needs to be ready for working as a Project Manager in a company.


  1. Scott Berkun’sMaking Things Happen: Mastering Project Management


ThisInsideTechWorld.com Editor-in-Chief Aqsa Tabassam’srecommended book is written ruminating the real-life experiences.


The author has gathered those hardships, intelligence, idea generation, strategies used by several Project Managers throughout their careers, and piled up everything systematically in this book for the future PMs to understand thoroughly.


Tabassam says that the author has kept in mind the technical and non-technical readers while writing. He has also shared his many experiences working as a PM at Microsoft. Moreover, he has also included tips and tricks of the same.


  1. Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide – Gregory M. Horine


The CEO and Founder of BrandLoom, Avinash Chandra talks good of this book stating that besides the existing difficult process in the field, Horine has also discussed “Soft skills”, which is absolutely necessary for this career perspective.


Leadership, teamwork, communication are a few of the skills he talked about. Not only that, but he has also mentioned practical examples to teach about practical skills and values every PM needs in the field.




Now you know the skillsets and qualifications required to become a Project Manager. Along with that, you also have the books and project management courses to back you up. So, what are you waiting for? Get going to study and step inside one of the most in-demanded professions.


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