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 Top 10 Low Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

Today we are going to look at the different stress free jobs. But first, let us understand the effects of stress on employees. Stressed employees can have an unpleasant impact on a business. Stress can cause irritability, anxiety, depression, headaches, and insomnia.

Low stress jobs that pay well

We all aspire for happiness in life. However, if you have a stressful job, happiness won’t be the first thing you’ll wake up to in the morning. It is worth remembering that the amount of stress in a job is not directly proportional to the money you make.


According to the American Institute of Stress, some common symptoms of stress are:

  • Headaches – Stress has been known to cause mild to moderate headaches.
  • Pain in the body – Stress intensifies body ache.
  • Frequent colds – Stress has a direct relationship with lowered immunity that results in frequent colds.
  • Depression, frequent mood swings, anxiety – It harms mental health 
  • Insomnia – The sleep cycle is disrupted by excessive stress
  • Increased dependence on smoking, alcohol, or drug use – Stress causes dependence on harmful habits. Forgetfulness, difficulty in concentrating, difficulty in making decisions, constant fatigue—these are things that are detrimental for a business in the long run.


Stress can have the following effects on a business as well as an individual:

  • More number of missed days – Employees tend to be absent on working days more frequently.
  • Lower productivity – Stress lowers work efficiency and productivity.
  • Higher turnover – Staff turnover rate is the number of employees leaving an organization during a specified time period.
  • Medical insurance and other expenses related to stress – Stress at work can incur insurance expenses. It is important and obvious to note that stress is inversely proportional to better job performance. 


Causes of Stress in a Job

If you feel stressed in your job, it is advisable to look for its root causes. The following can be some of the causes of work stress:

  • Excessive workload
  • Worries related to job security
  • Bad management 
  • Lack of communication
  • Transparency about business changes


There are many benefits of a stress-free life. Some of them are:

  1. Stress-free Lifestyle Can lower blood pressure – High blood pressure is the cause of many diseases. A stress-free life protects you from such damage.
  2. A Stress-free Person is Less likely to catch a cold – One of the biggest effects of stress is on your immune system. It lowers your immunity because of which you become more prone to cough and cold.
  3. It Increases memory – A better memory is the key to a better life and career. If you are stress-free, your mind isn’t preoccupied and you can concentrate and focus better.
  4. Fewer chances of a stroke – Studies have shown that stress leads to higher bad cholesterol levels. An increase in bad cholesterol can lead to strokes. Removing stress from life results in lesser chances of stroke.
  5. Helps in Avoiding Depression –It is no secret that a stress-free mind is a happy mind.


All the above-mentioned benefits are worth applying for low-stress jobs. Low-stress jobs that pay well definitely exist and some of them don’t even require a bachelor’s degree. With the increasing significance of skills in the present job market, formal education isn’t as crucial as it was a decade ago. And to be honest, it is quite justified. Securing a degree can be difficult for some of us because of high fees and lack of time. Many of us are even forced to work before we can complete our education because of some financial crisis in the family. Owing to all these factors, low-stress jobs that don’t need a degree are on the rise that can support you economically.


Let’s look at the top ten low-stress jobs and discuss what they are all about in detail.

1. Content Writer

One should venture for content writing if they have a deep thirst for creating something new every day. For people who love writing, content writing can be a rewarding job that is devoid of undue stress. Of course, one has to abide by the deadlines. But other than that, content writing is indeed one of the most sought-after low-stress jobs that pay you well in the long run. What you need is a way with words and not necessarily a degree. A degree in literature or journalism helps but is not mandatory.


A content writer writes content for websites like articles, blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, etc. The written content should be grammatically correct, free from plagiarism, as well as SEO-friendly. SEO content writers get paid more than content writers who don’t practice SEO. SEO drives organic traffic to websites. 


Content writing jobs have skyrocketed in the last decade. Though not so high-paying at first, your salary may rise exponentially after you have had experience in writing for a couple of years. Content is undisputedly the biggest factor that drives sales and generates leads. They don’t lie when they say that content is king. Content writing is here to stay.


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2. Massage Therapists

It’s amazing how a special magic touch from a massage therapist can calm people and even heal their pain. A massage is a calming and de-stressing technique that relaxes the body and mind of the person receiving it. But turns out, the massage therapist themselves have a lot to gain too. Massage therapists have a practically low-stress job that only entails applying pressure to the client’s muscles and tissues to alleviate the pain that consequently assisting in enhancing their well-being. They can also suggest treatment for medical conditions. 


Massage therapists can qualify in various areas like acupressure, deep-tissue, reflexology, orthopedic massage, sports massage, etc. They can work for either spas or healthcare centers. Massage therapists can even start their own independent businesses. 


It’s an enriching experience in itself to see someone getting better because of your efforts. In addition to being one of the best low-stress jobs, becoming a massage therapist only requires a certification. Licensed massage therapists have more credibility and therefore make more money. Besides all this, it really helps if the massage therapist is a friendly person who likes interacting with people. 


3. Library Technicians

A library technician can be employed by any institute that owns a library such as public libraries, schools, universities, corporate and government organizations, hospitals, etc. Library technicians are a part of the library staff. They work under the management of a librarian and are entrusted with the task of acquiring and setting up materials, helping the readers to use the library catalogs as well as organizing the books after they have been returned by readers. 


The range of library technicians’ responsibilities will vary depending on the size of the institution they work for. The work involves working in a quiet environment that minimizes stress and the duties are pretty straightforward. For book lovers, this is one of the best low-stress jobs. In addition to a love for books, good computer skills, and interpersonal skills also come in handy. All you need to be a library technician is a high school diploma or specialized training in library technology. 


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4. Dental Assistants

Dental assistants work under the supervision of dentists in healthcare centers or an independent dentist’s office. Their duties include performing basic dental procedures and looking after administrative tasks. They can also be responsible for welcoming patients to the office, taking dental x-rays, setting up follow-up appointments and check-ups, and maintaining records of patients. Sometimes dentists need help while performing procedures on a patient which is provided by dental assistants. They also keep the dental tools and instruments clean, sterilized, and well-maintained. 


Although working as a dental assistant requires you to handle many tasks, it’s not something that will cause you stress. Dentists will pay you decently if you are punctual, well-mannered, and perform your work efficiently.  All you need to become a dental assistant is a high-school diploma or an associate diploma in the related fields. Of course, good soft skills always come in handy.


5. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are hired by different types of medical facilities like healthcare centers, clinics, and general physicians’ offices. They are responsible for acquiring records of patients and test results, establishing daily administrative tasks, arranging treatment rooms, administering medicines to patients, and helping practitioners during medical procedures.


To become a successful medical assistant, one needs to obtain a certification from a medical assistant program and some experience of working in a medical establishment. Sound knowledge of patient care, medical terms, medical tools and equipment, and clinical pharmacology will surely benefit you.


6. Opticians

Opticians analyze prescriptions provided by optometrists to offer patients proper eyewear. Opticians are required to assist patients in choosing the best glasses, mend broken frames and readjust eyewear whenever necessary. They also advise people about proper handling and cleaning of glasses from time to time. It is a low-stress job and one that requires minimal focus and concentration. 


Opticians need to undergo an apprenticeship program or acquire an associate degree in eye physiology and optics. Licenses are necessary in some cases.


Opticians also need to be excellent people persons. They should have an eye for detail to provide patients with the correct glasses. Business acumen and dexterity are other things that help in this career.


7. Models

Models are responsible for promoting, endorsing, and displaying clothes, footwear, and other commercial products sold by brands. They are mostly employed in photo shoots, TV commercials, and fashion shows. They have to work with photographers, directors, fashion coordinators, as well as other models. 


Superficially, modeling might seem like a tiring job to do considering one has to hold difficult poses for a long time under harsh studio lights. But if you are passionate about fashion and love being in the limelight, modeling for a living will cause you very little stress. Of course, maintaining a great body, skin, and hair takes some effort. 


Moreover, you don’t need a graduate degree to become a successful model. You just need to have a professional understanding of the client’s needs, so that you can represent the brand well enough. Soft skills and punctuality can take you places in this particular career. 


8. Pet jobs. 

The low-stress jobs in this category are for all the animal lovers out there. If you like the company of animals, many jobs could be suitable for you. Some of them are dog trainers, pet groomers, dog walkers, and kennel workers. 


A dog trainer is employed by the service industry and works with people who own dogs. Although a dog trainer works with dogs, they are actually working with the dog owner. A dog trainer will teach the owner how to train a dog to respond to commands as well as get them to perform certain actions that are not necessarily natural to the dog.


Dog trainers have distinct personality traits. They have to be intelligent, introspective, and inherently curious. They are also methodical, rational, and analytical beings. They also require great social skills, meaning that they should be kind, empathetic, and understanding to both pets and their owners. 


Pet Groomers perform various grooming duties needed to enhance a pet’s hygiene and physical appearance. They bathe and brush pets, keep their teeth and ears clean, as well as trim their nails and fur. As a pet groomer, you also have to make sure that the tools and equipment used for grooming are always in functioning condition. 


Abiding by the instructions of the pet owner as well as honoring their special requests are some of the things one has to do to become a successful pet groomer. At the end of the day, pet groomers are expected to treat animals with care and affection. 


Dog walkers pay regular visits to the homes of their clients to take dogs out for daily walking and exercise. The job is especially suited for those who want stress-free workdays and love animals. Dog walkers also have additional responsibilities like disposing of the pet’s droppings, providing them with food and water, notifying the owners about any injury, and taking them to a veterinary doctor. 


All the jobs mentioned above are extremely low-stress jobs. They do not require any university degree and pay extremely well owing to a human’s love for pets.


9. Virtual assistant

The virtual assistantship is one of the low-stress jobs that is quite a in vogue these days. This job involves handling the administrative tasks of your client. The responsibilities of a virtual assistant include scheduling appointments, filing records, answering phone calls, composing emails, distributing documents, and responding to professional inquiries. A strong internet or Wi-Fi connection is a must and so is being experienced in virtual communication tools like Skype. 


 With the right organizational, oral and written communication, and computer skills, you’ll become a successful virtual assistant. This is an industry where you can secure high-paying clients by delivering good-quality work regularly under minimal supervision.


This job, however, can be problematic for introverts as it requires a lot of human interaction. But most of it is on virtual medium and if you organize your work properly, this career will cause you little to no stress.


You need to be at least a high-school graduate for being a virtual assistant. Skills and experience are more valuable in this career than mere educational qualifications. 


10. Video editor

Video editing and marketing are quite popular these days. Video editors edit raw camera footage into finished, good-quality videos that are suitable for broadcasting. 


Video editors are unique in the process of production of films. They can work remotely and this job does not require much social interaction. You will have to work with people, but you will be the one to decide how you do your job. To get started, you will need to learn your way around video editing software and a lot of creativity. Once you are in this career, you will become more successful if you maintain the quality of your work. 


 Some Honorable Mentions

 Some jobs still qualify to be low-stress jobs but fall below the above-mentioned ones. Some of them are:


Online Tutor

Online tutors teach their students through online mediums. All you need to do is find one subject in which you have expert-level knowledge and teach that to young students who go to school. This job is a low-stress one as you won’t have to organize a real class. It will save you a lot of time and energy which you can then devote to other tasks and interests you want to pursue.  Of course, an online tutor needs at least a bachelor’s degree owing to the academic nature of the career. 


Data Entry

This one won’t earn you a lot of money, but it is one of the most low-stress jobs. A data entry operator enters company data manually. Every business needs to hire people for data entry, so the demand for workers is always there. 


To be a data entry operator, you need to have basic computer skills and a fast typing speed. High-school graduates are eligible for this job. If you can stand a bit of boredom that comes with this choice of career, you can make decent money working either full-time or part-time. 


Web developer 

The demand for good web developers for small and big businesses never dies. Web developers build websites for clients who hire them or work directly for a company. They can either work from home or at the company offices. 

To become a web developer, you should know your way around HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Web development can earn you a lot of money without too much stress. This job, however, might require a bachelor’s degree in most cases. 



Being a transcriptionist entails listening to an audio and then typing out the words you hear. Transcriptionists are employed in the fields of journalism, law, and medicine.


It’s a low-stress job that does not involve a lot of social interaction, but to be successful you will need to be good at typing and listening.



The work done by a beautician is therapeutic to both the client and the beautician. It is a job that demands a lot of dexterity and experience. But it is surely a lucrative, stress-free choice of career that does not require you to have any degree whatsoever.  If you are certified or licensed, you can be even more successful. 


Book store assistant

 Sometimes, working as a librarian or library technician requires a degree. But if you still love books and wish to turn them into a profession, working as an assistant in a book store would be a great career choice.

And it involves absolutely no stress and is a great way of meeting new and interesting people.


Graphic Designer

Graphic designers design visual concepts either manually or by using computer software to express ideas that are engaging and informative to consumers. Graphic designers are employed by businesses for designing advertisements, brochures, magazines, books, etc. 


Social media manager 

If you are a social media addict but are also creative and love working with online content, being a social media manager will prove to be the ideal career for you. It would give you excellent opportunities to work with people, but you will learn a lot and get creative freedom.


With the advent of work from home jobs, a lot of people are looking for peaceful and stress-free work environments. We hope you now have some clarity about the best low-stress jobs that are in demand.

Gargi is an Arts graduate and an intern at IIM Skills. She is a voracious reader and is passionate about writing, cooking and gardening. Gargi lives in Raipur with her mother.

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