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Top 10 Content Writing Best Practices in 2024

Content Writing Best Practices involve all the steps and tasks that you can perform to make your content more valuable, relevant, and easy to find on search engines. This means, that the best practices can enable search engines to rank your content among the top 10 articles for relevant keywords. 


Today we are going to discuss the Top 10 Best Content Writing Practices that can help you become a prolific writer able to create some of the finest content available online. The best practices for content writing equip you with the ability to formulate and structure superior content copy for the consumption of online readers. 

Content writers create content to propel sales to newer heights, generating traffic, get backlinks that speak of the quality of content. The purpose is to educate the customers on the various aspects of the topic that can help conversion. 

Let’s look at some statistics to prove how content writing can be extremely profitable for any business organization.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than 40% of B2B marketers rely on effective content to drive traffic and get the desired results. 

CMI also says content writing can drive six times the conversion that traditional forms of marketing do. Also, there is a 120% + growth in business with active blogs than organizations that do not include blogging and content writing as part of their strategy.

The Emergence of Customized Content

We often hear about content writing and how it can improve the overall performance of the business. With corporate organizations and startups realizing the significance of content writing, they have striven to create even more customer-driven content. That has given rise to custom content writing and marketing. 

What Do We Mean by Custom Content Writing? 

Content writing focuses on two main principles – One is to gain potential customers. The other is to retain existing customers through researched content distribution. Custom content is created to inform existing customers so that the faith in the brand remains strong. 

In addition to gaining new consumers, you would want your existing online users to come back to your website frequently. To achieve that, content writers create different forms of content like blogs, white papers, articles, and content that are personalized and customized to suit the needs of the existing customers. They are written following their demand.

It helps to build authority as well. Your customers notice your sincerity to their preferences and the efforts to reach out to them after they have already invested in your brand. This increases your online reputation. 

Though every business is different and employs different means to attain its objectives, the principles of content marketing and writing remain the same. 

It also applies to the best practices adopted by different business houses. Nurturing, and fostering relationships require time, dedication, and effort. If you lose the trust of consumers you lose your goodwill. 

The Following Are Some of the Best Content Writing Practices That Are Followed by Content Writers to Become a Pro at Their Job.

1. Know your audience

Content writing is the natural, organic way of driving traffic to your website. But this can only be possible if you understand who your core audiences are. 

For this purpose, you have to perceive the buyer’s personality and traits incisively. A buyer’s detail is a representation of the audience you are writing for. Simply put, it helps you to create focused content that is sure to yield results. 

This generally includes the age group, education, income, different habits, needs, cultural affinity, the social background of your target consumer. That gives you the confidence to create content especially directed towards your focus group. 

Once you can determine who your prospective customer is, you will naturally develop content that will impact and influence your consumer the most. 

Understand Your Goals and Mission:

Before you start writing your article, identify the goals of your business, the message that you want to convey to your target audience. It is also important to identify your strengths and create your content highlighting the most important parts of the attributes you are writing on.

Your audience also relates to you much better when you write your copy in the active voice. When you are directly addressing your reader, they will feel like they are part of the conversation. Clearly describe the purpose of your content copy in the first 250 words of your article.

2. Conversational Tone

If you go through the successful blogs of content and digital marketers closely, you will observe that they have a very conversational writing form that impresses the target reader. You do not know your potential client personally. But adopting an affable and relaxed tone will draw your reader to your content. 

The best practices of content writing say that a conversational tone helps to build the first steps of trust with the consumer. People will soon lose interest in your content if it is a consistent flow of mechanical words without any emotion put into it. Pause when you have to; make sure you put punctuation where you need them. Write like you are sitting with them having a conversation with them. 

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3. Authentic Dissemination of Information

Whatever details you provide, data, statistics, and facts you provide to your target consumer it has to be backed by proof and the source. One of the best practices of content writing is to be able to provide proof for any claim that you make and any numbers, figures, charts you provide.

When you cite the source of your data, you provide additional features that help to strengthen your bond with your online audience. 

In this era of digital advancement, the reader is inundated with so much information regularly. It is important to provide them with something unique that will set you apart from the others in your specific domain. Authentic information distribution is to consolidate your position in the exciting but highly demanding world of content writing.

4. Keyword Research 

One of the most important practices of content writing involves doing proper research on keywords. The next thing is to incorporate the keyword/ keywords throughout your content copy to help audiences know what the topic is all about. It also helps to get better search engine ranking results. 

High-volume keywords help you to get ranking faster if your content is of impeccable quality. It speeds up the process of better engagement with your focus customer. 

Moreover, keyword research facilities the inbound marketing process greatly. It helps in much better conversions and more organized writing. 

When you research custom keywords and you know what to write, you do not include any irrelevant information in your content copy. This helps to keep your content crisp, concise, value-driven, and customer-oriented. 

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5. Scannable Content with SEO 

Since SEO is a vital component of the content writing process, the best practices of content writing should also include specific tasks for search engine optimized content. 

The structure and formatting of your content copy should be as perfect as possible for Google to scan it conveniently.

Your paragraphs should be short and divided into small bits of information. The most relevant words phrases and sentences should be in bold.

The reader should be able to easily comprehend and understand the core elements of the topic. The write-up should be smooth and fluid. 

When you are searching for a keyword, consider yourself an online use. Think about what the online user will search for in the category of topics you specialize in. Think like your audience and create topics on keywords that are at the top of the list of search intent. 

Important Tip:

A very small detail that we often overlook is, any external or internal that you hyperlink on your content copy should open in a new window or tab. This helps to navigate to the original page from where your user was guided to the other pages.  

The Best Seo Practices Include the Following:

  1. a) Incorporating keywords throughout the copy carefully. It should be noted that content writers should not unnecessarily include the keyword repeatedly in the copy. This can result in Google recognizing the content as spam. That can be detrimental to the ranking of your content on SERP.
  2. b) The title, heading, subheading, headline, should include the best practices of Search Engine Optimization to get visibility on search engines. You should not repeat titles for headings that you’ve written before. They should be original and unique.
  3. c) Keywords should be included in the URL of the blog page and should be included in the first paragraph as well. The keyword should also be present in the alt image that you include in the copy. 
  4. d) The meta title and meta tag description should include your keyword clearly for Google to recognize and rank your content among the first 10 articles. 
  5. e) SEO best practices are essential to creating high great content that should include every pertinent information that is of value to readers. 

Ensure that you do not include difficult words in your copy because your readers want to consult a thesaurus every time they get stuck on a word. Rather keep your content copy clear with crisp writing and good language that is understood by everyone.

6. Internal Linking

Internal linking comes under content writing best practices because it helps you to provide your reader with more value from your website.

It means that you hyperlink another page of your website, blog, sales page in your content copy. This helps the reader to navigate to the hyperlinked page.

Internal linking helps your target customers to get familiarized with your brand, products, services, and organization. Moreover, it helps Google to understand the utility of your website. A well thought out internal linking strategy will also help in search engine rankings greatly. 

While internal linking is preferred for websites to draw traffic to their different pages, make sure you don’t include too many internal links in your content copy. This might overwhelm your readers and confuse them as to which topics to choose.

7. Mobile Optimized Content

Online statistics show people consume content on mobiles more than any other device. Hence, you have to create content keeping in mind that readers will probably go through your content on their mobile devices. 

This entails that you create mobile-optimized content with proper navigation features. Make sure that the page load speed is optimized for mobile devices. 

All your content including your images, infographics, can fit on the screen of the mobile without any overlapping. Another aspect is the font style and size that is comfortable to read on smaller devices. 

All your images should be compressed to optimize page load speed and videos should be made compatible to run on mobile phones. Use a CMS that is mobile responsive.

8. Comprehensive, Detailed Content

The best practices of content writing include creating in-depth articles, blog posts, and website pages. It should provide information while maintaining quality throughout. 

Today as per Google guidelines and algorithms, content that is long-form ranks better on search engines. This is based on the observation that long-form content contains more information that can be of utility to customers and clients.

But, you have to keep in mind that extending the word count of your copy by including fluff will not help your efforts of getting visibility or engaging with your customers. What you need to concentrate on is creating content that serves some purpose. Aim for 2500 words at least to get properly recognized.

The world of content writing is flexible and prone to change quite often. Therefore, be ready and actively edit your content to include any new information that is available to you presently. 

Content writers have to understand the importance of flawless copy. They should develop editing acumen and impeccable grammar and vocabulary so that the copy remains smooth and error-free.

9. Informative, not Pestering

The end goal of any content writing endeavor is to create conversions and increase business activity. Content writing is the practice of providing value to these customers who can derive value from your product service and company. It is to benefit both parties. Hence the transparency factor in content holds so much value.

Your content copy should provide information that can inspire customers to take the desired action. It might be subscribing to your newsletters, signing up for promotional coupons and offers, and information about the business among other things. 

A call to action included comes under content writing best practices. This means that you intermittently distribute your CTA so that consumers can take the action if they feel like doing so at any juncture. 

Make sure that you don’t come across as pushy or pestering to reach your objective. Insisting your readers take the action that you want may turn them off of your products and business in general. 

Go through your content, revise as many times as you want but ensure that at no point in the content copy do you come across as trying to manipulate the reader to do what you want. 

That destroys every chance of you connecting with your customers. Building a long-lasting relationship that can turn your consumers into staunch advocates of your business becomes impossible.

10. Be empathetic

Just like any other business one of the best practices of content writing is to understand your consumers, to be empathetic and sensitive. 

This can help you to strike the right camaraderie with your audience. You are providing resources to your consumer, at the same time your content is resonating with the audience. The voice and positioning of the product matter significantly. 

Your write-up should primarily be for your reader. Therefore, you should have the sensitivity of calmly addressing the issues and answering the questions if the need arises. 

A compassionate content writer understands the importance of being an impactful storyteller. They will invariably become a better writer with time. Such writers will be able to foster a sense of trust with their audiences and will create more audience-driven better content that will surely impact the online audience. 

We have discussed the best content writing practices that reap excellent results. Now let’s sum up some of the outcomes of the Best Content Writing Practices.

Better Outreach

With these practices, you invariably find new customer bases and can show your unique traits to potential customers. It helps in better outreach and subsequently better engagement to facilitate the sales funnel. 

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn have great potential to make your content popular.

You have to actively promulgate your content on several digital platforms including question-answer platforms Quora, Reddit, and social channels.

Inbound Marketing boost

Content marketing best practices help you to propel your inbound marketing efforts to a large extent. With inbound marketing, your potential customers find you other than you seeking them out with paid promotional techniques. 

This is a more authentic way of getting customers. Inbound marketing also involves references from other consumers who have found out about your products and services through organic means of marketing i.e. through your content writing efforts. 

You Become an Industry Leader in Your Specific Niche

When you write content incorporating the best practices of the industry you built faith in your consumers regarding your articles and blog post. 

With continued effort of creating high-quality articles for your consumers, you imbibe a lot of knowledge on several topics. This enables you to become a thought leader in your niche industry. Many content writers are a brand unto themselves. 

Whether it is Neil Patel, Seth Godin, Ann Handley, or Joe Pulizzi they have all been able to taste sustained success by creating extremely high-quality content that has won the trust of their target audience. 

Sharing on different Digital Channels

When your content complies with all the norms and practices of content writing, they are easy to share on different social media and digital channels. 

The more your online audience is sharing your content the more the chances of it getting viral. This helps your content writing efforts massively by getting the desired recognition.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Whether it is to drive traffic to your website or facilitate your sales efforts, content writing best practices help you to fulfill your goals and objective. You can successfully fulfill the vision of your business and. Working towards greater goals also becomes easier with brand goodwill.

Combining the Best Digital Marketing Modules for Improved Results

Content writing along with email marketing, mobile marketing, ebooks can help you to get even better traffic to your website. The best content writing practices also help you to optimize your email marketing efforts. The click-through rates, open rates, increase manifold when your content is high grade. 

Cost-effective With Great Results

Since content marketing does not require you to pay for any promotional and advertising techniques, it is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting returns on your investment. The revenue you earn is much higher than the cost you incur. 

Creates an Impression of Your Brand on Online Consumers

The look of your content page, the proper structuring, and formatting have a very positive impact on your online audiences. This practice is to help you not overwhelm your reader with information that they cannot retain. Hence your brand reputation increases and so does your brand equity in the market. 

Helps You to Perfect Your Content Writing Skills

Your unwavering efforts of creating content incorporating the best practices can help you become an abundantly productive content writer. You can create content on any specific topic or subject and find it easier to write on the most complex of subjects with ease. 

Get a Better Insight Into What Your Potential Consumers Likes

The different metrics help you to analyze how your content is performing in the online domain. This gives you powerful insight into the mind of your audience, what they like, and what they don’t. 

Heat maps tell you which part of your content copy gets the best response. Through the various reports and metrics, you can have a fair idea of how to approach the next articles so that online users derive the greatest benefit from them. 


So, here you have the 10 best Practices of Content Writing that will help you to become a pro at writing about any topic however exclusive and difficult. A Content writer has to be punctilious when it comes to implementing the practices that can help you improve your skills. The best content writing practices may go through certain changes from time to time to improve the efficiency of content. However, the core elements of these content practices remain the same. They should be followed diligently to get the best results.


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