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Top 10 Computer Courses after 12th Arts (2024) Update

If you have just passed your higher secondary, and are thinking about doing parallel computer courses after 12th Arts, you have made the right decision. Many students after passing their class 12 board exam get stuck while trying to figure out which course to pursue.

Computer Courses after 12th Arts


However, if you have passed the class 10th boards’ exam and are trying to sort out the best computer courses after 12th Arts, provided you are going to opt Arts’ stream, we are here to help you in finding the top-quality computer courses after 12th Arts.


With the advent of technology, learning computer courses has become mandatory for all. But before telling you about the best computer courses after 12th Arts, it is also important for you to know why we are stressing about registering for a computer course.


During this 21st century workplace, having rigorous computer training plays an important role in determining employment sustainability as well as acquirement. The imperativeness of computer courses after 12th Arts can be explained in four ways.


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Importance of enrolling for a computer course after 12th Arts/Commerce/Science

First, you have to do a computer course because, with the emergence and evolvement of technology, machines are replacing humans in the workplace, hence doing additional courses like digital marketing would make you a highly valuable and most desired candidate.


Second, after you complete your computer course after 12th Arts/Science/Commerce, potential employers would deem you more valuable. Third, with the completion of a computer course after 12th Arts, you would increase your chances to land a job that offers a higher salary package.


Last, for the companies, it is paramount that they utilize computer course training during their recruitment training programs and employee enhancement steps.


Job Skills – As time and technology evolve, obtaining computer skills has become a basic necessity for a large number of jobs. Almost all jobs’ application states that a candidate needs to have basic writing, typing, and data entry skills, and also the understanding of how to operate a computer and its operating system.


Most of the office work needs job applicants to be acquainted with office work-related software like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and others. Sometimes, even non-office jobs need a bit of computer knowledge and training. Persons, who are cashiers, in the Bank, or are working as shopkeepers need to operate complex point-of-sale (POS) kiosks. Persons, who are working in the factories, have to enter their login details and production input-related information every day.


Learning on the Job – As a person completes his basic computer training, it lays a foundation, on which he/she can build new skills for a job. Employees, sometimes, during a new job, need to know how to operate a proprietary software program, or how to continue work using an upgraded POS system.


Work becomes much easier, provided you know how to operate a computer – basic computer operating knowledge, including basic Microsoft Office concepts like Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and others. But without those two, performing daily duties like accounting, bookkeeping, and others would become tougher, time-consuming, and challenging, let alone obtaining new skills.


Productivity – Besides the importance of job-seeking persons acquiring computer training, small business owners can extract crucial advantages by exploiting computer technology in their training schemes. With the help of computers and technology, entrepreneurs can make simplify training exercises and reduce the loss of productivity, which usually arises after recruits get familiar with the computer software and system while working.


For instance, Retail operations generally train new employees to make them learn a POS software operation on the job, which can line queues to back up as customers get irked. But if the retail operators use a simulated POS system, which offers the new joiners computer training in a controlled setting, the new employees, on the first day of the job itself, can serve customers effectively while learning new skills and gaining confidence.


Employee Development – Apart from software simulations, computer training can also be put to use for a broad range of applications. Whatever is being taught and trained in a classroom, can also be conceivably taught through computers.


New employees can learn ethics courses, job skills training courses, leadership training courses, creative courses, and many other courses, which would increase the productivity of an employee on the job. With the help of computers and technology, the recruiters can now provide continual training opportunities for their staff and that would gradually increase any employee’s professional competitiveness and experience, while slowly learning the benefits of a comprehensive employee development program to the company’s business.


Since the pandemic is still running, the employers and new staff is working remotely using an email or through video/audio call or conference. However, if any doubts arise, anyone can reach out to the employers and new joiners for support on questions related to computer courses, computer courses’ class, CV/resumes/job interview and questions related to interviews, interview preparations, and answering tough interview questions.


Having mentioned the significance of doing computer courses, now it is time to move to the next topic – the benefits of doing a computer course.


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Benefits of registering for computer courses after 12th Arts

 There are many advantages of enrolling in a computer course after 12th Arts/Commerce/Science, but a person is likely to find that when his/her knowledge increases, he/she will obtain benefits, irrespective of what he/she wants to do with education.


Getting to know the nuances – positive and negative aspects – of using a computer will help in saving time, reducing stress when the person is tempted to work using a computer. Knowing the different uses of computers and how to access them effectively is something that employers value highly in this evolving digital world.


As your computer skills and knowledge increase, you will find that the daily duties, which you were assigned, is completed quickly and more proficiently, which leads to salary increment and promotions. You will also be able to search for new job openings on the job portals. You can also supplement your current income by doing additional work for people and companies. You can also search for ways to save time and money while commuting to the workplace.


Enhanced Employability – One of the most important reasons for a person to enrol in a computer course is to gain basic knowledge of operating computers and boost the chances of landing a better job. If a person can finish a computer course successfully, that person will avail an opportunity to do some specialized role for a company/ within a business. Even completing a beginners’ computer course fetches better job opportunities.


Since nowadays entry-level jobs often require some computer skills, it is imperative and wise to do a crash course that is computer-based and job-relevant. If you have been assigned to show a presentation, knowing how to create a PowerPoint presentation will help a lot. If you are a writer, researching needs to be done and for that, you need to know how to use internet explorer.


If you are a digital marketer, you need to know how to send a newsletter over email. A basic computer course will help you to perform these small tasks. It also does not mean that you need to register for advanced courses to reach greater employment chances. Knowledge of how to use Microsoft word can be used to create a visually appealing, alluring, and impactful CV/resume for a job application.


Job Promotions – As you acquire new computer skills, one of the benefits that you gain is your capacity to advance within the company, improve business operations. If a new employee knows that his company’s technology is outdated, he can research and find out ways to update the employer’s system.


Thus, the person, after thorough research, would be able to progress to a more fruitful position from his old place. This comes into play, especially when the employees are working in an entry and a low-level position, and are hoping to move up. Companies incur large expenses while purchasing, upgrading, and licensing software for use on computers.


Although, if one of its employees can build and maintain cost-effective software, which is useful for business operations, they can save a huge volume of money and in return promote the employee to software administration and support. Moreover, the companies can customize the software to fulfil the business’ particular requirements and ultimately leading to higher productivity.


Increased Wages, Salary and Benefits – Once a person gains increased knowledge on basic computer courses, he/she will be able to put more effort and therefore, in return that person gets qualified for a raise and progress inside the company. With an advanced or a fundamental certification course, the person automatically gets a hike in salary.


When an employer sees that the employee is working hard and knows how to finish a specific work quickly and within time, that particular working staff becomes most valued and is highly respected, added with the increased job security. Hence, whenever a basic computer course begins, the first and foremost thing that is taught to the students is typing.


If an employer’s machine hangs or gets stuck in the middle, an employee, who has the technical knowledge, can fix the recruiter’s problem and in return may get a hike in salary. The employee may also get a promotion or any other bonus/incentives.


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Best Computer Courses after 12th Arts Exam

Now that you know about the benefits of having a certificate in a computer course, the time has come to tell you about the best and top computer courses after 12th Arts, which pays well.


As we previously mentioned that with time and technology, employers are getting open-minded and looking to recruit candidates, who have sound technical and computer skills.


In this world of the digital era, modern-day computer courses fetch different career choices and permit aspiring candidates to select various and unique career options.


With the evolvement of time and technology, computer courses are being included in the school and college curriculum and syllabus in every field. There are various computer courses like graphic designing, multimedia, animation, and many more, and also there are fields like data entry and visualization, out of which the students can select as per the line and future career plans.


Once the students pass their class 12 board exam, they can take up these courses. It is not compulsory to do a full-fledged computer course. Rather one can do a short-term or a crash course, which would also allow that person to continue their job or higher studies simultaneously. But once the person completes the selected computer course, many new job opportunities would be awaiting him/her.


Top-10 Computer courses after 12th Arts


1. Diploma in Animation – This course looks into the matter of animation. Any person, who loves cartoons, animation, should take up this course. Using 3D Animation you can easily show how the cartoon characters move inside the graphics. But this course is only for those, who have a perceptive and are extremely imaginary. Any Arts student can pursue this one-year course.


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If you complete this course, you can explore fields like an advertisement, software, movie, video game and others. You can also get the chance to produce your imaginary cartoon, but for that, you have to learn and develop it online. Once you acquire character-making skills, you can easily earn between Rs 129,000 and 700,000 per year.


2. Diploma in Multimedia – Along with 3D Animation, Multimedia is one of the computer courses after 12th Arts that is gaining huge popularity. Many institutes and colleges offer multimedia and Animation as a single course.


Here also, you have to use the computer to make multimedia like movies, short films/clips/videos, gifs, and many more, and all of these are taught and trained with a computer to make you capable enough to create and edit it from here.


Students, who complete this course, can get hired for movies, advertisements, video companies, and software firms. Moreover, the salary offered is also satisfying as it will be between Rs 134,000 and 750,000 per annum.


3. Diploma in Digital Marketing – Digital marketing is one of the greatest computer courses after 12th Arts, which is becoming the new and preferred job arena for employers as well as the employees. With the rise of Digital Marketing, a company can expand its business, reach more customers and gain more popularity. A student, who knows how to use the internet, can opt for this diploma course and achieve great career growth.


Generally, during the course, Digital Marketing students will learn topics like blogging, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, web analytics, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, etc.


There is no specific eligibility to enrol for digital marketing as any student from any stream can register for it. With Digital Marketing, employees can grow brand and product awareness for a company, which is why every firm hires a digital marketer. Usually, digital marketers tend to be a play a major role in a company’s growth. The salary tends to be something around Rs 180,000 – 750,000 per annum.


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4. Diploma in Graphics Design – Pursuing a diploma in graphics designing is almost similar to 3D animation, except for the fact that it is more involved in graphics designing. Here, you have to create graphical posters, banners, innovative designs, copies for the digital marketing team, and many more.


Graphics designing is a part of the digital marketing team, which is now working in all the companies. This is a highly demanding and well-paying job and plays a crucial role in a company’s growth. With evolving technology, graphics design will always be an integral part.


By taking up a diploma in graphics designing computer courses after 12th Arts, you are making yourself eligible to get a salary, which is fixed between Rs 180,000 and 700,000.


5. Diploma in Website designing, development – If you are imaginative and love to decorate and arrange things, a diploma in website designing, development is one of the most creative computer courses after 12th Arts. With proper dedication, passion, and interest, you can earn high and have a successful career in this field. With the emergence of technology and the internet, it became easier to build a website and develop it.


Every company needs a website to operate and that is why they are hiring website designers and developers. You can also start your own business, provided if you know how to build and develop one. The salary in this field starts from Rs 240000 and ends at Rs 840000.


6. Bachelor of Computer Application Degree – It is a proper three-year bachelor’ degree course in Computer Application. The BCA is among the full-time computer courses after 12th Arts, which you can take up, provided if you love to learn about computer and how to use it for work.


For example – computer applications like using Microsoft Command Prompt to develop software, creating a website, and many more. After passing class 12 exams, the BCA, (this computer course after 12th Arts), is a good option to choose.


With BCA, the students can go a long way in their career and can be hired by any company in the job profiles like computer application handler, programmer, website maker, supporter, and many more. After doing a BCA and an MCA, the salary can be Rs 242,000 to 848,000.


7. Diploma in Digital Film Making – This course nearly resembles a Diploma in Multimedia, but what separates the two is the fact that in Multimedia you will be responsible for creating various forms of media like audio, video, gifs, or a combination of the three. But in Digital Film Making, you will be assigned to create digital films, which can be long or short, but deals in making a film that may be taxing for you. In short, you may have to produce a digital film in an extensive and exhausting period.


With the COVID-19 pandemic, the directors and producers have gone digital. The emergence of OTT (Over-the-top) platforms like Netflix, Disney Hotstar +, Amazon Prime Video and others, has made it easier to be a film producer or director. Choose this field if you want to direct or produce a web series. This field is a great career option, with lots of work opportunities available. The remuneration that will be offered is expected to open at Rs. 220000 till 780000 per year.


8. Diploma in DTP – If you were always curious about how all the types of banners, cards, books, a cover of a book, manuals/instruction guides, brochures were made. DTP (Desktop Publishing Course) is one of the perfect computer courses after 12th Arts for you, as you will be able to work in the arenas of graphics and image editing.


DTP is also required in a public house and sometimes, the government also needs DTP. The salary received in this field depends on the job posting and the company’s value and recognition. Initially, the salary for freshers is 10000 to 15000 per month, but if you have skills you can also receive Rs 20000 to 25000.


9. Accounting and GST using Tally ERP 9 – It is one of the best computer courses after 12th Arts/science/commerce. In this field, not only commerce students but also students from arts and science can also join this course.


Companies use Tally ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which is used to maintain accounts. In Tally ERP, 9 is the software version, currently, all the students are using the latest version to learn taxation, financial management, account management, Goods and service tax, etc.


Institutes, which are teaching and training this course, are using the latest version to keep the students ready for a job and be aware of the software that is being used by the companies. The Institutes normally offer certification or diploma courses.


After completing this course, students are offered the position of the tally operator, assistant where they have to file GST returns, and Income Tax returns. But as a new joiner, basic duties like purchase and sales entries with GST and others are performed. The average salary that is currently being offered is Rs 180000 to 230000 per year.


10. Data Entry Operator – If you have just passed your class 12 board’ exam or bachelors’ final year, Data Entry Operator may turn to be the best computer course after 12th Arts and maybe an amazing job for you.


You can take up this course after class 12 and there is no specific eligibility. In this course, you will learn how to add or insert data or information into a computer in the form of text or numbers from the origin file. The origin file can be a book, handwritten note, PDF, or photo. To be a data entry operator, you need to have some basic skills.


Basic Data Entry Operator skills

  • Knowledge of operating computers
  • High typing speed added with great accuracy, for example – 40 Word Per Minute with zero or 1-2 errors.
  • Typing language should be English and Hindi
  • Sound knowledge in English
  • Should have sound and stable concepts of Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and others.


If you complete Data Entry, you may get hired by companies for posts like

  • Customer care/Call centres/Customer Representatives
  • KPO ( Knowledge process outsourcing)
  • BPO (Business process outsourcing).


As a Data Entry Operator, your basic role would be to update, maintain data, and filing documents, verification, and many more. The average salary is Rs. 142372 per annum.


Conclusion on computer courses after 12th Arts

These are the best and top-10 computer courses after 12th Arts. With the help of the above-mentioned computer courses, landing jobs will get easier and that too with good or decent pay. We hope that you find your best-suited computer course after the 12th Arts line so that you have a satisfying career and life ahead.

Arka Roy Chowdhury has done his post-graduate diploma course from Asian College of Journalism. Previously, he has worked at a few publications. Currently, he is an intern at IIM skills. Arka is an avid reader of sports and entertainment news.

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