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Top 10 Books on Writing Skills To Upskill Yourself 

One must be able to use different styles of writing to match the circumstances given. This is why we have compiled a list of books on writing skills to help you in your writing journey. 

Books On Writing Skill To Upskill yourself


You Can Make Anything By Writing!!

                                                                                                                                  – C.S Lewis.  

Meaning Of Writing Skills: 

​What exactly does a writing skill imply? Writing skills involve the amount of knowledge and abilities one possesses when it comes to expressing one’s creativity and ideas through words in a written form.

When it comes to writing skills, it’s important that one sets the right and the appropriate tone over text and also adapts the relevant writing styles under what the situation calls for.


Importance Of Writing Skills: 

Writing is an essential form of communication. Writing is considered the most fundamental Job skill. One’s work, intellect, and knowledge are usually judged based on one’s writing skills. Writing plays a vital and indispensable role in making one’s thinking and learning evident and permanent.

Writing not only equips one’s learning, creativity, and thought process but also makes sure that it becomes visible and recognized. May it is school, college, workplace, or even in the community at large, writing is something that provides the basis for judgments.

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To sum up the significance of writing skills;

Writing is used in many walks of our lives.

● Writing is the first basic requisite to becoming a good reader.
● Writing is an essential job skill
● Writing is the primary basis upon which one’s learning, work, intellect, and thinking will be judged at schools, colleges, workplaces, and society as a whole.
● Writing equips us with communication and creative skills.
● Writing helps in expressing oneself about what kind of a person one may be.
● Writing makes our thinking visible and permanent.
● Writing fosters one’s ability to express and refine one’s ideas to others and oneself.
● Writing helps in preserving one’s ideas and memories.
● Writing helps one to entertain others and also to understand one’s perspective.

Types Of Writing Skills: 

Below mentioned are the five most common styles of writing that are best adapted:

  1. Narrative writing
  2. Analytical writing
  3. Expository writing
  4. Argumentative writing
  5. Persuasive writing

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What Is Defined As Good Writing Skills

It is not that difficult to describe writing as good or bad. One knows it simply when one reads it or sees it. But how to explain as to why a piece of writing is good or bad might be a challenging task. Let us simplify that a bit.
Making learning easier for the readers by the writers who use simpler phrases, direct methods of explanation, etc makes it good writing.

Good writing has,

A. Interesting And Notable Ideas

Ideas are the soul of a piece. The information the writer chooses to share and what the writer is willing to write about is the preliminary step.

B. Logical And Effective Organization Of the Ideas

This refers to the order of the ideas or the way the writer moves from one idea to another. It has to be organized logically and efficiently to not confuse the readers.

C. Appropriate Adaptation Of The Tone

This refers to the voice the writer chooses to use. It represents how the writing feels to someone who reads it. The tone is the representation of the writer’s personality through his or her words. Is it formal or casual? Does it sound friendly and inviting? Or reserved and standoffish?

D. Word Choice

Using the right word at the right place to say the right things defines good writing. Word choice has to be more specific and easily memorable.

E. Sentence Fluency ​

Fluent sentences that run smooth and which are also expressive make reading more fun and leads to a better understanding on the part of the reader. Expressions help to grip the reader tight to the subject.

F. Conventions​

​Communicative and the correct conventions make it easy to read for the readers. Conventions include punctuations, spelling grammar, and other things that are agreeably used by the writers to make writing more consistent.

To help improve one’s horrendous writing skills, great writers have written many books on writing skills. Books that contain all the essential tips and tricks for efficient writing. Books on writing skills are the perfect partners who seek help with any genre of writing possible.

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How Do Books On Writing Skills Guide A Newbie

Writing can be a real struggle for even the most experienced writers many a time. If it’s not for difficulties with grammar or having the knowledge to write and create a gripping and compelling story or a piece of material, it comes down to struggles with finding and attaining the creativity needed.
Writing being one of the most creative things in life, the difficulties that tag along with it are real too and inevitably occur often.

Luckily, numerous resources help one through these rough patches and get better. These books on writing skills help everyone to polish and better their writing and creative skills in all areas and undoubtedly have proven to be the most useful. These books on writing skills guide one to face such difficulties and unleash their buried skills.

Types Of Books On Writing Skills: 

There are broadly three types of books on writing skills

★ Books on writing skills that teach the mechanics of language – editing, style, grammar, etc.
★ Books on writing skills that teach story structure – how to structure your approach and frame of mind, how to structure your thinking, how to structure the story and other literary forms.
★ Books on writing skills about how to become a writer – how to channel and navigate the uniqueness of the inner life of a writer.

Which Books On Writing Skills Are To Be Read Based On The Stages Of Writer Development: 

➢ The Novice Writer: 

For a brand new writer whose ideas have just started wheeling and keep flowing all the more creatively, it’s important to choose the right path that will lead directly to the desired destination. Though your writing needs a lot of work, you are compelled to keep writing.

WHAT TO READ – the ideal books on writing skills for such writers to read would be books on writing skills based on methods. While methods can kind of bore one to death right at the start, it’s a safe bet to read books on writing skills that talk and teach about the structure. It is okay to focus on mechanics later.

➢ The Competent Writer:​ 

As a writer with a decent skillset, you often keep wondering where to begin. But with occasional stellar moments, it is not hard to believe your competence.

WHAT TO READ – at this stage one should focus more on the books on writing skills which talks about the plot structure and approach. These books help one to think through the ideas before putting them down on the pages. For good writers often writing happens in the head even before jotting them as sentences. Read these books on writing skills until it becomes second nature before shifting to a new form. Studying the structure of novel-writing, poetry or screenwriting, etc will make the changes more dramatic and permanent.

Once the structure and approach are fixed it’s time to through the spotlight on one or two mechanical fixes to rewrite and edit with new eyes.

➢ The Seasoned Writer: 

At this point, you have mastered the art of writing to a great extent, spanning across business, medicine, academia, and other domains. You feel that the right time has finally arrived where you can shift your work to fiction or share your life’s lesson through blogs or other mediums. But to do so, you cannot share your ideas in your voice. Somewhere you lack the warmth and sparkle in the work.

WHAT TO READ​ – immerse in the books about writers and writer’s life. Leisurely reading memoirs would help in great ways.

How Does One Connect With Relevant Books On Writing Skills?

Let’s talk briefly about the most foundational usages of the books on writing skills before we move ahead with the list of books on writing skills. Just, in any case, one has strongly resonated with any of the above writing stages, then it’s right to say that one should jump down to read the list of books on writing skills listed under three categories and start right away without any second thought.

Even if one has already read any of the books, then it’s safer to re-read them from scratch along with a fresh point of view and with a notebook handy.

Not to worry even if one does not fit any of the above categories of writers mentioned. Grab a book that excites you the most right now as you read here, right away. The books on writing skills jump up and scratch your cheek like a hungry cat for your attention. Start with them. Just reading and thinking about it would not help you even closer. Bring it to practice. Take your time and import all the ideas and writing exercises into the current work.

“The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair.” 

                                                                                                                                                            — Mary Heaton Vorse

Top Ten Stunning Books On Writing Skills: 

When one is filled with astounding ideas and awe-inspiring views yet lacks the skill to channel it through words, the following top books on writing skills might just be what one is looking for. These books on writing skills help to rationalize and channel one’s knowledge and brain to the point of value which eventually improves one’s communication skills. From bloggers to content producers to budding novelists to aspiring poets, the below mentioned are some of the highly recommended collections of books on writing skills that will help hone an individual’s writing skills. These books on writing skills will help to write off all types of work.

While one has several half-read books on writing skills stacked up on the nightstand, several others squirrelled away in the desk drawer and many others added to the wish list searching for the perfect magic formula, these books on writing skills are just the thing one wants. These books on writing skills will transform one into a one-of-the-kind writer which the clients and the readers adore.

This magic will eventually erase off all the silent self-doubt where one keeps wondering and has the nagging thought about if one is even quite good enough of a writer.

Books have this uncanny power to teach us. If only we could find and choose the right books on writing skills, the true, tried and read books written by trusted writers, one would be invincible in expressing one’s ideas and let the creativity flow.

If one wants to become a good writer, then one must be a good read nonetheless.


“All Good Writers Are Good Readers”​


These books on writing skills are specially crafted to assist all kinds of writers- bloggers, creative writers, and also content creators. Such books on writing skills eventually speak to the heart and get to the core problem one suffers with currently. It not only changes oneself and one’s writing but also one’s life. Because somewhere mastering the craft of writing is directly proportional to the amount of reading one does. One must be regularly kept updated with the current affairs and also keep fine-tuning the skills.


Think about how magical this sounds that in the next few hours, one would have the ability at the fingertips to tap into the world’s best books on writing skills and get started with the next stages of transformation- only if one is willing to commit of one’s time.

The following books will make all the difference  

Books On Mechanics Of The Language:

★ Between You And Me: Confessions Of A Comma Queen;

Between you and me is the accurate book for someone who has a struggling time digesting information at the first take. It plays on the humour side of things by comically making funny references to the mistakes in grammar and punctuation like for example in The Simpsons. A stunning book that helps one truly understand the common mistakes one makes when it comes to grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc also while being able to laugh at the same time.

★ On Writing Well: The Classic  Guide To Writing Non-fiction By  William Zinsser; 

Categories – Primarily Mechanics but interwoven with thinking 

Zinsser’s writing tips have stood the test of time for all generations of writers. Such books on writing skills teach a lot of things even better than editorials, excellent grammar, etc. It significantly enhances and polishes one’s writing skills. His principles in the books of writing skills are still sound for any kind of writer, from bloggers to fiction to nonfiction and even any kind of digital publishers. The element of style by Strunk and white( William Strunk Jr and E.B. White) is another great one but writing well is the go-to book.

Books On Writing Skills Which Talks About The Frame Of Mind And Structure: 

★ Save The Cat By Blake Snyder

Categories:​Mainly about structure. The best book on the structure.​      

Save the cat is essentially a formula book that simply focuses on the structure of Screenplays. It’s simply similar to Story Engineering (mentioned below) which also explains the structure and the element of the screenplay. Having said that this book on writing skills is more approachable. This is just like the introductory college course that teaches you the basics of the subject.

From this book on writing skills, you will learn the main story archetypes of storytelling, how to structure a good story or screenplay, and many basic subtle techniques of a screenplay like how to create a character that will attract instant audience attention.
If one’s goal is to write a good and decent screenplay, then these kinds of books on writing skills like “Save the cat” is the perfect tool that will help you achieve that.

★ Story Engineering: Mastering The 6 Core Competencies Of Successful Writing By Larry Brooks: 

 Categories: Heavy on the structure.​

Compelling stories are the undercurrents that propel successful writers and bloggers of all kinds. Whether it is a blog post writing, magazine, novel, or an E-book if that does not contain a compelling story, then no one would remember you as a writer. One has to possess the ability and skill to deliver a story deftly to the audience to become memorable, an in-demand writer and loved by them all.

Story engineering is like the master class for story writing and novel writing. It mainly focuses on the six main competencies or core elements of storytelling, screenplays, or novel writing. An intense and comprehensive book that will help you take your writing a step ahead professionally if one consistently reads and applies the concepts mentioned in the book.

★ Zen In The Art Of Writing: Essays On Creativity; 

Categories: focuses on creativity.​

This book on writing skills is another magnificent book when it comes to unleashing your creativity and scaling from the common writer’s block. Ray Bradbury has wonderful tips on how to tap on one’s creative side and improve the quality of writing like writing 1000 words a day and, making writing a daily habit and bringing it into a weekly regimen, and letting oneself explode.

This book on writing skills is like getting a transfusion. Not of blood but Ray’s enthusiasm.  This book on writing skills is like getting a transfusion. Not of blood but Ray’s enthusiasm.  

★ How To Write A Damn Good Novel James N.frey:

 Categories: Primarily structure and storytelling.​

“Damn good novel” is similar to “Save the cat” which offers a structure and formula for the construction of a novel. But this book is filled with more principles of good writing and excellent examples of storytelling. By now one has figured that storytelling and structuring a good story are the critical elements and skills to becoming a great writer or even more a competent writer.

The more you read and learn about storytelling in all its forms, fiction or nonfiction, short stories, or long stories, the more tools you have in your writing toolbox. With tens of thousands of new blog posts created every day, according to WordPress.com, compelling storytelling is the only proven way to make your work stand out and your writing stand apart from the masses.

★ The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide To Character Expression; 

Category: expression of characters.​

The emotion thesaurus helps the writers to better their skills in terms of expressing their emotions to the readers through writing fascinatingly. Not just in terms of fictional characters but also personal stories that one wants to sell to the readers by writing in an enthralling way.

Books On Writing Skills That Help All Writers And Help Being A Writer

  • On Writing: Stephen King

Even when one has not read any of king’s gory thrillers, this book on writing skill is a have-must, a must-read. And also one has to make it a point to re-read it once a year.

Very much a memoir, King illustrates his wild childhood stories to explain his making of the writer.
Besides memorable stories, king emphasizes structure which gives us strong insights into the structure, key takeaways on mechanics and shares his opinion on what is and what is not important for a writer.

One gets to peer in his head and see how his mind formulates those bizarre ideas and crafts the unworldly plots. One will be filled with awe and inspired to see all the story writing elements one is surrounded with.

  • Bird By Bird: Anne Lamott; 

Categories: Being a writer interwoven with the frame of mind.

Lamott’s small book is one of the most loved books on writing skills that captivate readers’ minds with how to structure your frame of mind and the writer’s life. With rare and long-acquired storytelling skills, she adeptly and invisibly reflects her thoughts and shares her personal life experiences which engross the readers. This gives the readers a personal connection with the writer.

  • Writing Down The Bones:  Natalie Goldberg;

Categories-​ frame of mind and being a writer.

Goldberg’s fresh observations will reintroduce one the wonders, magic, curiosity, excitement that lured one into writing in the first place. Although an old book she still explains the skills of writing through her Zen-inspired posts on how to become a writer, how to beat procrastination, and the beauty of language.


The above mentioned are the hand-picked excellent books on writing skills which helps one to improve one’s writing skills. Hope they were helpful !!! One can always surf through this especially summarized list of books on writing skills to lay hands on when one is looking for improvising and broadening the writing skills.

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