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7 Technical Writing Training Courses – Industry With Immeasurable Scope

The type and the number of products and services people are using at home and office are countless. And as they are operating and dealing with products by themselves, they need some guidelines on how it works.


The image displays 7 best technical writing training courses

The role of a technical writer emerges as an art of explaining how to use something specifically technical. Let us understand what kind of work you will do as a technical writer. And from where you can do the technical writing training courses to make yourself capable of becoming an outstanding technical writer.


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What is technical writing? 


A technical writer helps people/customers to understand how to use any product or service/process. Their role is to make every complex idea into a simple written piece to make life easy. The topic or the subject they write about most of the time involves a guide or direction or instructions. And technical writing training courses will provide a deep understanding.


Previously, technical writing was associated with software manuals, how-to instructions, and process documentation. Because of the rapid growth of the technology sector, the need for technical writers has expanded to include writing reports, composing briefs, and other tasks.


Any written content which carries technical information to help people can be considered technical writing content. Such type of content is used by most sectors of the economy and technology. Mainly widespread in high-tech manufacturing, finance, engineering, global supply chain, biotech, finance, aerospace, energy, and IT.


And now technical writing is no more limited to lengthy user manuals or guides. It aims to transform complex subjects into straightforward content.


Check out the Top 10 Technical Writing courses in India


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing training Courses Demo Invite


Type of technical writing generally divided into three main categories:


Traditional technical writing


Traditional technical writing is lengthy content that is for a professional audience. Experts in technical writing are for writing programming guidelines, repair manuals, and targeted research papers.


  • Science and Medical Papers


Scientists take help from technical writers to explain their research results. As these results get published in a medical journal, the presentation of the subject matter has to be well organized and accurate. These types of content act as professional growth for the practitioner to understand the method and outcome. Technical writers always make sure of the state of reliability in the content in any form of research.


  • Professional Reports and Reviews

Traditional technical writers write for scientists and doctors, but they also assist in writing reports for educational institutions and business expansion. They write such as legal case reviews, business and project status reports, and more.


 End-User documentation


After purchasing most of the things, users receive a written guideline on how to use or operate them. These articles are to make the user’s life easier when using a product or service. Anyways, what is the use of the product if a customer does not understand how to use or operate it? Here the role of the technical writer comes. And also, the written document instructions need to be simple and to the point. It is possible by breaking high technological terms into simple terms.


Find out Top 10 Online Technical Writing Course


  • User help Guides

Whenever anyone buys any software product and finds a list of difficulties while operating it, they can turn to a user guide to find the answers. These guidelines are written in a simple format to answer the common questions that can arise when using the product. It is usually broken into different sections depending on the type of assistance the user requires. And it adds value to the user’s life by allowing him or her to return to strengthen their understanding of the product.


  • Product Manuals

Product manuals are also called instructional manuals. They are booklets that come in a small size, which talk about the basic operations, maintenance, unique features. An example could be manuals for heavy machines or manuals for cars.


  • Assembly Guidelines

Assembly guidelines acknowledge the user about how to set up any product physically by following it. Here, the technical specialist’s role is to write uncomplicated and convenient step-by-step instructions for the end-user. The instructions should be structured in such a way that the user can effortlessly assemble the final product.


  • Technical Books

Technical writers, like user guides, are hired to write guidelines for purchasers to help them understand the details of a product, most of which are software products. The technical expert’s goal is to make technical book content understood by non-expert users.


Technical marketing Content


Technical marketing content writers are crucial for developers as they act as a helping hand for them to write product operations for the consumers. They are the ones who maintain the understanding between consumers and businesses.


After the company’s success, to show the success of some products or services of a company, White Paper content is used. Here, technical writers look into issues of a specific audience and then find the solution by integrating with a company product. However, the case studies are detailed reports of experience. How with the help of a product, the business target was possible to achieve.


  • Proposals and Pitches

As many B2B (business to business) sales associations demand proposals and pitches, the technical writer helps them. Technical writers unite with a team to explain the technical side as soon as the company discussed the requirements for collaboration or solution. And the moment the business plan is positioned. The technical writer assembles all the components of the executive summary to write a pitch.


  • Brochures

Technical writers create content for brochures so that users can get a deeper understanding of the product regarding its functions, descriptions, and uses of a product.

List of technical writing training courses:


1) IIM Skills Technical Writing Course


IIM Skills is one of the notable and prominent institutes in India. They are the chiefs of the ed-tech institute, and they have a vision of bridging the skill development gap. Everyone can opt for this course as it does not matter if you are an amateur or a professional technical specialist looking to add up to your skills.


The institute offers one of the finest technical writing training in India. They offer their courses online, which allows students to learn from the comfort of their homes. Batch’s schedule is flexible, which is ideal for working professionals.


Regarding course content, they are designed and optimized by industry masters. The Course curriculum overview is as followed:


  • Introduction
  • Datasheets and user guides
  • Content conception
  • Discourse writing
  • Case study
  • And other


And it doesn’t stop there; you can also experiment with tools like Git, Scribus, Viso, MS Project, and others. Theoretical knowledge is needed, but this institute also has a perspective to empower students with practical tanning.


In addition to that, a live interactive session gives students a classroom environment where they can ask and clarify all their doubts. The additional benefit is that IIM Skills provides students with lifetime access to technical writing training courses via the Learning Management System.


It is one of the exceptional features that make IIM Skills different from its competitors. And this could be one main reason why you should opt for IIM Skills for learning tech writing. The institute is full of industry experts, and that will validate your technical communication skills. After completion of the course and assessment task, you will achieve an international certificate.


Moreover, this certificate will play a vital role in shaping and transforming your career prospects. Benefits don’t end here as IIM Skills assist their students with Global placement.


2) British Council


The British Council is an international organization dedicated to bridging the cultural and linguistic divides. They provide various range of workshops and technical writing training courses so that an aspiring candidate can get as per their career.


As per the course concern, they offer short-term courses which have a variety of topics. Out of all programs, technical writing is one of such courses that has been designed uniquely for technical professionals that also includes engineers.


Thus, they are well-known contributors to technical writing training courses. Before we get into what the training has in store for you, let me explain the benefits, because that could be one of your concerns.

  • You will be able to compose technical documentation.
  • You will become skillful at outlining the technical reports for the targeted audience.
  • You will learn how to apply Standard English in every document you create.


Within the next two days, you will encounter the following topics:


  • Clear and to the point technical documentation
  • Usage of diagrams, bullet points, and more to validate clarity
  • Elements of technical writing
  • Guidelines for tech writing
  • Tackling writing block
  • Knowing the readers
  • The method of power writing
  • How to edit and review before submission
  • Formats


List of topics mentioned above and a lot more knowledge you will obtain through this program for a price of Php 11,500. After the workshop, you are ready to make a positive impact on the reader.


If you are interested in advanced business, email writing, business writing essentials, then you can indulge yourself in that too.


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing training Courses Demo Invite


3) Blue Dots Consultancy


Blue Dots Consultancy organization is known for educating and training based in Bangalore. Moreover, it is one of the most committed consultancies in India.


When looking into the technical writing training courses, they offer a significant result-oriented technical writing course. In the two months of the training, an industry specialist oversees overall training in documentation, software tools, and technical concepts.


They not only provide candidates with theoretical knowledge. However, give them hands-on experience with tools such as DITA, Madcap Flare, Adobe FrameMaker, and others. And afterward, they followed up with innovative and exciting exercises and projects for the appraisal.


They are one of the most industry-trusted experts, and they have created an industry-mapped personalized curriculum. Hence, they have a great student base with over 2000+ learners. And as far as placement is concerned, you can expect quality placements based on merit.


The list of some top companies which recruit their students are:


  • ZOHO
  • BMC
  • HCL
  • IBM


4) Information Developers Foundation


Rahul Karn founded InfoDev, or Information Developers Foundation, in 2009. It is one of the leading institutes offering technical writing training courses. They have one main goal: to qualify people to become exceptional information developers in technical writing training courses.


The technical writing mastery course in InfoDev is for 15 sessions. And each session covers up a list of topics as per their designed curriculum until you reach the last session for evaluation. After completing all the sessions and fulfilling the final evaluation task, the candidate acquires certification.


InfoDev Technical writing course some topics are as followed:


  • Why are technical writers required?
  • Principles of technical writing
  • Introduction to the industry
  • Elements of different technical documents such as installation guide, troubleshooting guide, user manuals, and more
  • Content developing process
  • DDLC and SDLC
  • Important keys in technical writing
  • Business communication such as meeting documents, email etiquette
  • Grammar focal point for technical writing
  • Resume writing and Interview tips


Before enrolling in this course, candidates must have a graduate degree from any discipline, a basic understanding of English, and some knowledge of computers. People who are looking forward to expanding their skills can also opt for this course.


The plus point is InfoDev offers free classes or trials before you apply for the course, and this is an advantage that you use for your leverage.


5) Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning (SCDL)


Since 2001, SCDL has endeavored to become one of the dominant independent distant education institutes in India. SDLC has spent nearly two decades focusing on helping young aspirants to improve their educational outcomes.


They are specialists who provide all the needs in the technical communication domain and offer a Post-Graduation Diploma in technical writing training courses. It is an AICTE approved program that delivers both practical knowledge plus theory of technical writing.


SCDL has the intention of training students to become skillful technical writers to meet their professional requirements. After you acquire all the skills out of this course, you will open many career doors, such as web authors, business writers, technical writers, and many more.


According to the eligibility criteria, anyone from graduates to those awaiting final year results can apply for this specific course, which lasts two years.


The two-year course has four semesters and the course content of these semesters are as followed:


Semester 1:

  • Introduction to technical writing
  • Information Development
  • Different Writing Style
  • Important Editing


Semester 2:

  • Software tools
  • Advanced concepts of technical writing
  • Project handling in technical communication
  • Other practices


Semester 3:

  • Business discourse
  • Innovative writing in business writing
  • Advanced documentation knowledge


Semester 4:

  • Updated writing tools
  • Research procedure
  • Project


Let’s understand the fee structure. Fees vary depending on the student. It is like this: examination fees, main fees, and application fees. Indian inhabitants have to pay 1200/, and international/SAARC candidates have to pay 7,200 as an application fee.


And the main fee for Indian residents is 50,000/- there is a discount for military and police departments. For international candidates, the main fee is the US $2400, and for SAARC, it is the US $1300.


6) Coursera


Coursera is another top-tier institute offering technical writing training courses in India. The technical writing program is in high demand among Coursera’s programs, and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology offers it.


The tech specialist writing course is a complete online course with nearly 19 hours of training. The introduction session is one hour long, and the program has four modules.


Have an overview of the course. Check out some characteristics:

  • The measure of Excellence in Technical Documents
  • Understanding Audience and Purpose
  • Technical definitions
  • Laboratory research
  • The Content Approach
  • Information search example
  • And more


Along with the content, you also get graded quizzes and tests at the end of the module to self-assess yourself. Once you complete the tanning, you earn one of the compelling certifications.


IIM SKILLS Technical Writing training Courses Demo Invite


7) Henry Harvin (HH)


Henry Harvin is one of the foremost institutions in the territory of education. They also provide content services, skill development, training, and higher education.


If you look at their record, they have provided technical writing training courses in India and internationally. In terms of the training, they are interested in both online and classroom learning. They teach students how to transform technical data into technical documents and user guides.


The course lasts 16 hours of live instruction, 24 hours of follow-up instruction, and 50 hours of e-learning. You will also get to experience projects related to industry and a list of various assistant tools such as:


  • Openshot
  • Vengage
  • Lightshort
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Fireshot
  • org
  • Techsmith Snagit and more
  • What will be available for you? Check the list:
  • Projects and placement help
  • Live online sessions and recordings
  • Latest and advanced technical writing material
  • CTW certification
  • One year Gold membership with HH




The demand for technical writers will never go down as people will never stop buying products and services, and they will require guidance. Hence, the scope for you in technical writing is unlimited, and one institute out of the above list, for sure, will help you to become an excellent technical writer. Take one of the technical writing training courses and be consistent in your work to achieve the position as a technical writer.

I have worked as a Graphic Designer for 2years and have certification in visual Communication, 2D graphic software, Human Anatomy Drawing. I have recently got certified in content writing from IIM SKILLS and currently working as an intern content writer with IIM SKILLS.

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