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Top 5 Technical Writing Services in India in 2024

Have you ever read ‘Leavened grains smeared with a berry blend’ and thought this sounds tasty and ordered it? And to your surprise, it turned out to be bread and jam! Well, to avoid this confusion technical writing services come into play. Here, in this article we will explore more about the same. 


List of best technical writing services in India


The finance and IT industries are prospering today. Following technology, it’s creating a world of language which is relevant and desirable to all. It is quite obvious that the majority of people depend on technology and looking to learn a lot more about it. This then paves way for technical writers and their dexterity in creating such content which is much more simple and comprehensible.


Hence the following article contains information on technical writing and a few top technical writing services which will help provide you with technical writing and with its importance.


Meaning of Technical Writing


How often does it happen that we lose interest in something because of its complex nature? We might get confused and end up making mistakes because of the difficult use of language? To avoid such mishaps, technical writing is used. Technical writing is used to transform complex sentences into easy and clear sentences.


Whether it’s the complex language or the structure of the sentence, the aim of technical writing is to make it simpler. In short, in layman language, the primary goal of technical writing is to change it to layman language. Even in our day-to-day lives, we don’t often notice how complex and intricate everything around us is.


The working of our microwave or satellite television, math problems in our notebooks, even our very own human body. If we look at how complex each of these works, we won’t understand it. This is where technical writers come in handy and do their job. They translate these workings into simpler sentences.


Making us understand more readily. The how-to tutorials, manuals, guides are a few of the most common examples of technical writing content. However, these are not the only examples. Similarly, IT isn’t the only firm that employs technical writers. There are a number of misconceptions or doubts associated with technical writing and its scope. Let’s clear those out. 


Common Misconceptions Associated with Technical Writing 


1. You have to be a ‘techie’ to be a technical writer


One of the main misconceptions associated with technical writing is its constant relation with technicality and technical fields. Though the term technical writing is used vastly concerning fields like engineering or architecture. However technical writing was specific to such technical fields only during the previous times.


Now technical writing is employed in all fields to construct uncomplicated and precise language. Technical writing can be used in multiple businesses or fields to simplify their work and make it more understandable to targeted audiences. Therefore there’s no immediate need for an individual to have an interest in technical details because you don’t have to make a TV, you have to write about it. 


2. Technical writing leaves no space for creativity 


Technical writing can also be wrongly accused of barring creativity. This is invalid because any form of writing does involve creative expression. Similarly with technical writing. The misconceptions associated with technical writing that it excludes creativity are false because without being creative you can’t translate something complex effectively without changing its essence.


At the same time, one still has to make it appealing to the audience. The audience should be satisfied and provoked to buy the product, whereas the producer should be satisfied by not altering the content and staying true to the product. This work is not easy and definitely not possible without a creative person. Hence creativity is very well needed. 


3. Technical writing and business writing are the same things 


Other misconceptions associated with technical writing are alternating it with business writing. While both these types of writing do share some similarities, we can’t interchange them. Technical writing is more neutral and general while business writing can be specific to one business and is more communications.


The role of a technical writer will always be different from that of a business writer. Technical writing is the simplification of language and business writing is informative language. They might go hand in hand, overlap each other, cross over but cannot be considered the same. 


4. Technology is the only field that requires technical writers 


One might also feel that technical writing is only used in fields related to technology. Hence they find the need to have a technical background is a necessity of technical writing. This is not true. Writers are today largely successful because of their data interpretation and analysis skills. This helps them to gain knowledge from all the content that is available to them.


Similarly, with a technical writer, he or she may or may not have the expertise on the product they are writing on. But they will have the expertise in writing. Although having the right background or knowledge might help you gain an edge over others. But it’s definitely not mandatory and with practice, you might be as knowledgeable as a person with a technical background. 


5. Less pay and no value 


If this were true then there wouldn’t have been such great demands for technical writers and so much competition among the writers. Technical writers are the bridge between producers and consumers. They are the reason why consumer purchases or shows interest in the product.


To make the consumer want and understand your product is the main aim of every organization. Therefore it’s of utmost importance to have a good technical writer who makes this possible. Without this, no one will understand the language of an engineer. Thus making technical writers of value. 


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Why are Technical Writing Services So Vital?


Not all business owners will have the time or sometimes even the expertise it requires from a technical writer to support their product. Hence it becomes very vital for one to hire or connect to any service to get their work done.  Any technical writing service will provide experts who can understand and eliminate these misconceptions associated with technical writing.


They also understand the need for creating top content for your digital marketing success. Hence it is very important and extremely necessary for any and all businesses to connect with any service. If we look at all the above-mentioned misconceptions associated with technical writing, the answer to all of them can be achieved through technical writing services as they have been in this industry for a long time now.


With their experience and knowledge, they can counter all misconceptions and confusions of technical writing and master the right-writing part. Let’s consider the first and the last point of misconceptions which talk about being a techie or having technological qualifications and background. If you take up any technical writing services you’ll find the best expertise you’ll need to have your article stand out.


All the necessary information and tips and tricks will all be mentioned. Without having the right means to write your article, you are letting your article be the best, with the right qualifications and knowledge. Without any degree, just through a service, you’ll be acing the field. The differences between technical writing and business writing and how to be a good technical writer.


As well as the creative expression required in technical writing is all taught to good technical writers. Hence it is at their tips to enjoy and create your project with the right information and expertise. Having a platform where you can find answers to your worst nightmares is a blessing in disguise.


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Who Can Make use of Technical Writing services?


The scope of technical writing and the opportunities provided by it are ample. Therefore the need to have good technical writing services is gold. Consider the following examples: 


  • For big organizations/companies 

Every day multiple businesses open, which leads to, every day multiple businesses gaining more competition. This shows how to reach a good writer with proficiency in technology and have an interest in all business organizations or corporate sectors. Without a technical writer, they won’t be able to communicate effectively with their target audience.


  • For international companies or IT firms

For companies who make technology-related products and are internationally based. Then it’s important to have a technical writer, to eliminate language barriers. Translate efficiently without altering any details.


  • Entrepreneurial venture 

For business startups and entrepreneurs, it will be an added advantage to have a service with you to help you write. Otherwise, a lot of time and effort will go to waste. And starting a new business requires attention to a lot of things. Writing should not be one of them, hence a writing service will be beneficial for you. 


The above three situations are examples of how and when to take advantage of the best service to help you. Technical writers will not only be a channel to your product and its consumer but will also be your aid in selling your product. 


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Top Technical Writing Services in India 


The main essence of the article is here which will walk you through the various options you can choose from. With the whats and hows of tech-related writing being covered above, we can now move on to the top technical writing services which are present: 


1. Content Whale


Several agencies in India provide writers to other companies. The content whale has marked its place tremendously over the years with curating lakhs of words for 10+ countries. Writing is a tough job and technical writing is even tougher when it is not met with the right guidelines. Your product can be misunderstood or complicated, resulting in faulty expectations or lower selling rates. 


This is why a Content whale is succeeding and providing you with technical writers best in their work. Technical writing includes content with industry knowledge, information on the products, expertise in fields, especially with technology and software. To know and understand their customers’ product /service is the top priority at a content whale.


They start with you, to create for you. Efficiency and quality content is only achieved when specific people write for specific fields. Their content specialists comment on how they have designed several categories and hired staff to efficiently produce those specific categories. The technical writers at content whale dig out information and keep no stone unturned when collecting information.


When creating high-quality content for its customers, the writers at content whale keep in mind the ever-changing nature of businesses, technologies, and inventions. Content on artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, IT, software, etc, are all at the tips of the staff at the content whale. Providing you with on-point and edge worthy content for your product or service. 


2. Acadecraft


The demand for technical writing has increased with the growth of IT, software, and other business organizations. Therefore the need for technical writers has also increased vastly. High-quality technical writing service is what acadecraft sells to its clients. The writers at acadecraft are trained to utilize their professional technical writing skills and produce high-quality content that pleases both the business organizations as well as its customers.


Teamwork, involvement with corporate social responsibility, on-time delivery, complete transparency, and efficient quality are the assets provided by acadecraft. Designing, strategizing, copywriting, and many more are offered at acadecraft in technical writing projects. Professional technical writing document translation is also provided in 100+ languages. 


There are several types of technical writing services and acadecraft caters to them all, these are:

  • Hardware and software writing
  • User manual writing
  • Instructional manual writing
  • Training material writing
  • Patent writing
  • Standard operating procedures writing


Their team of technical writers is experts in developing, creating, and editing your project to maximize a company’s sales and profit.


3. Ibruk


Hailing from Mumbai, India, ibruk is a technical writing company delivering technical writing services to meet specific requirements by firms and organizations. Their team of writers curates comprehensible, easily accessible, and relevant content to target your audience in the simplest language.


The services at ibruk are always evolving and exploring the newly emerging advancements to ensure maximum efficiency. Ibruk creates the right content by interacting closely with companies to understand their product or service and combining their knowledge and expertise. They have writers with in-depth experience and expertise from this industry to ensure high-quality content. 


They also have expert tools and technologies to further help their writers to create the finest content. Such as:


  • Adobe technical communications, in design, photoshop, etc
  • Techsmith Snagit 
  • Microsoft Visio and word 
  • Madcap capture and flare
  • XML tools 


Writers at ibruk keep themselves up-to-date with changing information as well as up-to-date on their clients’ requirements. Thus producing efficient and updated content.  


4. Apna Writer


Apna writer is a content writing agency providing its services to 150+ clients across the globe. They help entrepreneurs and businesses to excel in their field by writing quality content. The technical writers at Apna Writer strive to offer technical information that is simple yet appealing.


They make documents and content which is understandable and communicative. Their writers are smooth with translations and converting complicated content into easy-to-read content. Claiming to be the best at what they do, they provide clients with the finest material available. 


Meeting industry standards, editing, publishing tools, and many more at the top of their team’s radar. Their team has expertise in curating language which is best comprehensible to the targeted audience. Clarity and simplicity are offered to ensure maximum client participation. 


They offer two categories to choose from for your business or product:


  • Premium 
    • For personal use
    • Basic research 
    • Proofread 
    • Limited corrections
  • Elite
    • For commercial use
    • Extensive research
    • Proofread and reviewed 
    • Unlimited corrections


Adding to all this Apna Writer also offers a 100% money-back policy if not satisfied with their service. While displaying and producing their unique, cost-efficient, and fresh technical writing content, they deliver the best to their clients. 


5. Brainwork


Understanding the responsibility of a technical writer, brainwork provides you with the finest technical writing services for your profit. To attract positive and large numbers of people to your product or service is what technical writers at brainwork work towards.


Their dedication to having close communication with their clients is to have an in-depth knowledge of what they are writing for. Technical writers’ job is to not change and alter their content yet simplify it. This is what writers at brainwork are here for, they make efforts to ensure zero alterations.


 Expert writers, on-time delivery, budget-friendly services are all offered at brainwork technologies. The above listed are top agencies that will provide you with technical content writing. Choosing from one of these will be extremely beneficial, time-saving, and worthy for any and all businesses or organizations. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Is technical writing a booming profession?

Yes, with the growth in the IT sector and entrepreneurial businesses, the growth of technical writers also goes hand in hand. Technical writing is definitely booming with its widespread and constant in-demand nature.


2. Are technical writers different from normal writers?

Absolutely yes, technical writers have expertise and knowledge which is specific to translating and converting complex language into simpler language. Whereas a normal content writer does not possess these skills. Hence it is important to hire a technical writer for technical writing purposes. 


3. Are technical writing services a must?

Not mandatory, but recommended. Having certified, experienced, and industry expert technical writers write for you will show wonders in your content. Their expertise always adds more to your work. Saving time and effort, while adding value and quality is what any technical writing agency will provide. Why not make use of it. 




Without having the expertise and techniques of a technical writer no business can flourish. Be it a restaurant creating their menu in a flashy complicated language or a television manufacturing company writing out their manuals in a technological way. Every business needs to speak in the language of the consumer. If not, the consumer will move to a business that does speak their language. This is the case why every organization, firm, or company will require a technical writer. 


Connecting with good technical writing services will give you the best technical writers. Adding value to your firm and product. Any successful business will need an exceptional product and an exceptional team to write content for that product. This article will help you with the latter, and the former you shall achieve. 

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