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Startup Jobs In India To Look out For In 2024 (Updated)

These days we see funding for startup jobs in India in all sectors i.e. deep tech, fintech, edtech, health tech, enterprise tech, and many more. Technology has overtaken traditional ways in almost every industry. In India, on one hand, we see basic infrastructure needs such as electricity, safe water, and road connectivity not being provided and on the other hand, we see the investors providing initial funding to technology-enabled start-ups.

Startup Jobs In India To Look out For

As start-ups play a key role in reaching people in all parts of our nation by using innovative products and services and for such purposes, start-ups play an important role. We can take the example of the telecom sector which has been successful in providing services to the people where they did not have access even to landlines helping people by providing them products and services they did not have access to earlier.

But this is different from the way the technology companies are coming up in the west, and for this reason, startups are essential for India’s development because to cater services to such a large population we need technology where infrastructure has not been able to reach, for example, the e-commerce has bridged the gap by directly linking the consumers and sellers, as now the consumers can get almost everything on their doorstep like fintech services have allowed people to access financial services where regular banking channels have not yet reached, as in India also we have seen several successful startups meeting the needs of the customers where traditional industries have failed.

For a country like India, the biggest potential lies in the sectors such as healthcare and education where the years old working models have yet to fill the gap in the market, and the Indian startup journey is going to be different from the rest of the world due to such a high diversity of customer base each having different purchasing power that’s why we are seeing most problem-solving start-ups as compared to the copycat approach of the past.


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Definition Of Startups

A startup is a company founded by entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or a service and bring it to the market, it meets the following criteria

  1. Initiative-a successful startup focuses on ground-level problem solving rather than profit-making. Its goal is to find a solution that is yet to be discovered.
  2. Socially impactful-It should cater to the large masses of the society.
  3. Employment creator-The potential aim should be to generate employment.


Conditions For Your Company To Be A Startup

  1. Company age– The period of existence and operations should not exceed 10 years from the date of incorporation.
  2. Company type-It should be incorporated as a private limited company, a limited liability partnership, or a registered partnership firm.
  3. Annual turnover-The annual turnover of the company should not exceed Rs 100 crore for any of the financial years since its incorporation.
  4. Original Entity-The entity should not have been formed by splitting up or reconstructing an already existing business.
  5. Innovative and scalable-It should work towards the improvement or development of a product, service, or process and should have a scalable business model with high potential for the creation of wealth and employment.

There has been a boost in the number of start-up jobs in India attributed to the structural and technological advancements in the country, however not all of them are successful.

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Starting of startup jobs in India

In 2007 two Sachin Bansal, and Binny Bansal alumni of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and former amazon employees founded Flipkart as an online bookselling platform, from its humble beginnings of 100 orders per day today Flipkart is the largest Indian e-commerce player, with competing enterprises such as Snapdeal, Myntra, Paytm, etc.

Types of startup jobs in India

1. Bootstrap-The investment here comes from self or family funds and investments and accounts for only 10% in India, the main objective is to earn profits.

2. Investor funded-Here the investors have the main hand in running the start-up companies as they are investor funded and the main objective is growth irrespective of profit or loss, such companies account for nearly 90% of overall start-up stories in India.

Who can kick-start start-up jobs in India?

There is no thumb rule that who can start a start-up company, but mostly there are two categories of persons who start it

1. Students-The pattern which is seen is that the students with an engineering or management background aspire to start a start-up, they aspire of starting their own business and with backings of reputable institutions such as IIT’S and IIM’S in India these students have the technical know-how and required knowledge to see it through, which makes them fund their start-ups with the help of family or others looking for innovative ideas for investment, however often it is seen that their start-ups succumb due to the lack of more funding, that’s why it is very rare to see the students of class 10 or 12 getting success in start-up businesses.

2. Professionals-This category of people dreams about starting a start-up company in the professional class, as they easily get bored of their mundane 9 to 5 jobs and have faith that they have the technical knowledge to start their own business, as they have sufficient industry knowledge gathered from their work experience, which makes most of the start-ups in India the brainchild of professional people.


You Must Know To Create Strategy for  Start-up Jobs In India

1. Idea-There are only two things in an idea that is a service or a product.

2. Investment-Facebook started from a dorm room and after that what made it run was the angel investment worth 5 million dollars from peter Thiel, which means to be a successful start-up company needs some amount of investment.

3. Manpower– It’s not a one-man show at all, it needs at least 3 to 5 people to look at the finer details of the business, example Facebook, as well as Flipkart, were started by a group of three people.

4. Execution-it is one of the most important of the five factors, where the main focus of the manufacturers who are trying to sell their product are the customers, i.e. they do not know who is going to buy their product, and the main issue for the service providers in the pricing. Competitors arise every day and gain customers through low pricing.

5. Corporate governance-Transparency with the authorities that is the government is very crucial. In the beginning, everything is alright but when a startup reaches a certain level they start working inappropriately if things are not in place.

How Are Start-up Jobs In India Recognized?

Any start-up company can get free registration at a platform called start-up India. You can click for more details here. Startup jobs in India.


Benefits Of Startup Jobs In India Certification

1. Tax benefits- A start-up needs to be incorporated after April 1, 2016, to be eligible for getting a 100 % tax rebate on profit for three years in a block of seven years provided the annual turnover does not exceed Rs 25 crores in any financial year.

2. Loan-A tax relief of 3 years is granted to new entrepreneurs.

3. Funding-A start-up can get funding from friends, family, or angel investors. These come with several advantages like mentorship, flexibility, and lower risk funding, networking, etc.



A successful start-up should be both sustainable and profitable. It should generate decent profits and also have the capacity to go on like a going concern.


List Of Top Startup Jobs In India

Below is the list of the potential companies trying to be unicorns in India, having a valuation of a dollar 1 billion or more.

1. Flipkart as startup jobs in India

Headquarters-Bangalore, Karnataka, India

No of employees-25000+

Revenue-INR 43,615 crores


With more than 100 thousand registered sellers and 100 million registered users, Flipkart is a leading e-commerce website in India, founded by two members today Flipkart is a large company selling 80 million products across more than 80 categories and has 21 states of art warehouses in the country.


2. Paytm as startup jobs in India

Headquarters-Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

No of employees-9000+

Revenue-INR 3579 crores


Paytm is one of the leading online payment portals and startup jobs in India provider, popularly used for online recharge, DTH, metro card, and data card and mobile bill payment. The company also offers a host of payments and financial solutions to offline merchants, consumers, and online platforms.


3. Oyo as startup jobs in India

Headquarters-Gurgaon, Haryana, India

No of employees-19000+


It is one of the fastest penetrators in the startup jobs in the Indian industry providing a livelihood to a large number of people, it started as a hotel start-up and has become the fastest-growing hotel chain in the world today, it has got operations in over 800 cities in 80 countries.


4. Ola as startup jobs in India

Headquarters-Banglore, India

No of employees-9000+


Ola came as the domestic version of the ride-sharing company Uber in India, it bridged the gap between the cabbies and the customers by becoming a portal to book your ride yourselves with options to choose your ride. With time it became a prominent startup job in India provider with its user base mostly in India, it revolutionized the way people travel by becoming your everyday travel partner serving over 250 cities across India. It helps in connecting customers to drivers and a wide range of vehicles across, bikes, metered taxis, auto-rickshaws, and cabs.


5. Renew power as startup jobs in India

Headquarters-Gurgaon, Haryana, India

No of employees-800+


Renew power is a leading renewable energy player in India providing solutions in solar, utility-scale wind as well as distributed solar. It is a provider of startup jobs in India having a current renewable asset base of over 8.5 GW of which more than 5.4 GW is operational. Renew power started in 2011 is having the backing of investors like Goldman Sachs, Abu Dhabi investment authority, JERA, global environment fund, and Canada pension plan investment board.


6. Policy bazaar

Headquarters-Gurugram, Haryana, India

No of employees-3000+


The insurance industry was the one where it was difficult to have someone providing startup jobs in India, but policy bazaar came out as an alternative for Indian consumers looking for insurance solutions across various services and products, which made it convenient for Indian consumers to compare policies by various parameters like prices, the area covered, vendors, etc. Policy bazaar is mostly known for providing transparent information on products.


7. Swiggy

Headquarters-Banglore, India

No of employees-3000+


This is one of the start-ups that changed the food industry by providing startup jobs in India to numerous people, by changing the way that India eats. It is a leading food ordering and delivery platform in India started by three graduates in 2011 and is penetrating the market fast by extending its reach to larger parts of the country.


8. Zomato

Headquarters-Gurugram, Haryana, India

No of employees-9000+


It is one of the leading restaurant aggregators and food delivery businesses in India. It was launched 13 years ago and is a well-known source of startup jobs in India, having a presence in 24 countries and more than 10000 cities worldwide, its collection of menus and user reviews of restaurants makes it different from its contemporaries.


9. Rivigo

No of employees-2000+

Headquarters-Gurugram, Haryana, India


Rivigo helps in generating startup jobs in India by offering safe and efficient logistical solutions by catering to the issue of truck driver shortage using a driver relay model. The company is having a fleet of over 5000 high-tech trucks and 200000 verified fleet owners.


10. Delhivery

Headquarters-Gurugram, Haryana, India

No of employees-8000+


Delhivery which started in 2011 is India’s leading supply chain services company, this is a company that also is an option for people to apply for startup jobs in India, the company uses logistic operations, high-quality infrastructure, cutting edge engineering, and technology capabilities. It has delivered over 650 million orders to more than 250 million households across India.


11. Big basket

Headquarters-Gurugram, Haryana, India


No of employees-8000+


Out of the many new upcoming start-ups, a big basket is the one generating startup jobs in India. It is a leading online grocery store in India. It has a wide assortment of 18000 products and over 1000 brands ranging from vegetables, fresh fruits, spices and seasonings, rice, and dals to packaged products, personal care products, beverages, meats, and other daily household needs.


12. Byju’s

Headquarters-Banglore, Karnataka, India

No of employees-10000+


Since 2020 was consumed by covid the schools are still not opened and during such times the online education was the only solution that students all around the country had to prefer, where Byju‘s offered highly personalized and effective learning programs for classes 1-12, it is an app launched by Indian education technology in 2015, with a large number of employees it acts as a startup job in India hub, it also provides online learning for competitions having a user-base of 50 million registered students and 3.5 million paid subscriptions.


13. Udaan

Headquarters-Gurugram, Haryana, India


Udaan is a start-up offering startup jobs in India designed as a trading platform for small and medium businesses in India. It brings together wholesalers, traders, manufacturers, and retailers in India. Businesses can reach sellers and buyers across the country through Udaan, which is known for offering good quality, low and best price, and best selection to their retailers.


14. Lenskart

Headquarters-Faridabad, Delhi NCR, India

No of employees-2000+


Lenskart is the leading and the only online portal for eyewear in India. Apart from providing startup jobs in India it also acts as a one-stop online store for purchasing eyewear and accessories for men and women in diverse styles and colors and across various brands.


15. Quikr

Headquarters-Banglore, India

No of employees-2000+


Quikr is an online platform for selling and buying used mobiles and tablets, cars and bikes, real estate, electronics, and appliances, etc. On its platforms it allows users to post free ads, it is one of the growing sources of startup jobs in India. It was founded in 2008, headquartered in Banglore, and has a footprint on over 1000 cities in India.


16. Zerodha

Headquarters-Banglore, Karnataka, India

No of employees-1000+


Zerodha engineered the discount broking model in India back in 2010. It has a clientele of over 3 million clients who place million of orders every day and contributes over 15% of all India retail trading volumes.


17. Loom solar

Headquarters-Faridabad, Haryana

No of employees-100+


Loom solar is a young start-up and that’s why it is an opportunity for job seekers as one of the platforms offering startup jobs in India. Headquartered in Faridabad Harayana, it helps its customer base in making more informed decisions regarding buying solar systems. It also aids customers in getting government approvals for net metering and subsidies. One of the great things about the start-up is that it is founded by an ex-employee of luminous power technologies Ltd, having a thorough and deep understanding of solar energy. It is registered with MSME, Government of India and is also ISO certified for providing a superior customer experience.


18. Droom

Headquarters-Gurugram, Haryana

No of employees-300+


Droom offers an online transaction platform for selling and buying new and used automobiles in India, it caters to individual sellers and buyers, large enterprises and dealers, and is a gradually growing provider of startup jobs in India, having a share of around 80% online automobile transactions market.


19. Pepperfry

Headquarters-Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of employees-600+


It is an online furniture store in India with over 1.2 lakh products to choose from and over 60 lakh registered users. The company is a young startup job in India creator delivering to over 500 cities in India and has 17 fulfillment hubs across the country, to give the customers hands-on experience it is establishing experience centers in major cities in India.


20. Practo

Headquarters-Bengaluru, Karnatka

No of employees-1100+


Practo is an online platform for diagnostic tests, booking appointments with doctors, storing health records, obtaining medicines, etc. The company ensures that each doctor’s profile is verified for qualification, specialization, and medical license. Practo also acts as a startup job in India portal for medicos and provides a hassle-free experience for consumers of booking appointments via telephone.


21. Urban ladder

Headquarters-Bengaluru, Karnatka

No of employees-1100+


The urban ladder is an online furniture and lifestyle store that provides a wide choice of furniture, lifestyle products, and home decor, with the number of employees increasing gradually it is one of the leading providers of startup jobs in India, started in 2012 urban ladder is a popular choice for city dwellers for fancy aesthetic and smart furniture houses giving them a feel of modern era living.


22. Xpressbees

Headquarters-Pune, Maharashtra

No of employees-1300+


It is one of the fastest-growing logistics service providers in India with its reach up to the hinterlands of the country catering to end supply chain solutions and generating startup jobs in India for the youth in tier 1,2,3 cities as well as rural areas, the company delivers 1.5 million shipments per day and has a size of 20000+ fleet operating in over 1400 cities.


23. Zoomcar

Headquarters-Banglore, India

No of employees-800+


Zoomcar is a unique idea based start-up giving you the option of a self-driving car rental model in India, its inventory consists of a vast fleet of hatchbacks, luxury cars, sedans, and SUV’s, helping generate startup jobs in India in the automobile sector, and providing an alternative to people who have a dream to buy a car. The company’s services include insurance with 24 by 7 roadside assistance.


24. Indiamart

Headquarters-Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

No of employees-9000+


It is one of the largest selling and buying platforms in India catering to suppliers and buyers in business to business marketplace. The company boasts a 60% market share of the online business to business classified space in India with 6 million+ suppliers, 102 million+ buyers, and 67 million+ products and services. The company became a hub of startup jobs in India with employees increasing every day. It was founded in 1999 to make doing business easy.


25. Bookmyshow

Headquarters-Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of employees-1200+


Bookmyshow.com is a platform that allows users to book tickets for movie events and parties etc. Founded in 1999, it saves its customers time that they lose by standing in the long queues for tickets for special events and movies


26. Nazara

Headquarters-Mumbai, Maharashtra

No of employees-100+


Nazara.com offers its users to compete with their friends in multiplayer games, to play multiple games, watch streams, etc. It also announces gifts to the users who are a part of its rewards program.


Conclusion – Above is the list of the startup jobs in India where you can apply and get a decent job, if you are having other suggestions and prospects feel free to share them in the comment box.

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