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Resume Writing Services: 10 Best Services in India

A resume writing service helps create professional resumes. This article summarises what these services are and the top resume writing services in India. A resume is a professional document that displays an individual’s professional qualifications and achievements. A resume is used to showcase a person’s work experience, skills, and academic qualifications. In most cases, this resume is used to show the future of prospective employers.


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For a person looking to land a job that they desire, the resume is an important document. The resume highlights all the positive aspects and qualities of an individual. It provides somewhat of a summary of a person and their skills. It states the reasons why the individual would be a good fit for the company if hired.


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Every resume should include a few basic elements. They are – 

  1. Contact information
  2. Brief introduction
  3. Education
  4. Work Experience
  5. Skills


A resume is, therefore, by all means, an essential document that summarises and demonstrates to prospective employers reasons why should you be hired. It convinces them whether you are hirable or not, or at the very least worthy of an interview. For every person out there looking for a job in this rat race, it is almost a common sight to see a person running towards companies with resumes in hand. 


Therefore, it becomes necessary that your resume is appealing. Making your resumes attractive is what every professional strives for. A resume that stands out is a resume that is most likely to get hired. Your resume must be updated regularly.


Know the difference: Resume vs CV


But since this is a rat race, there is a lot of competition out there and a lot of resumes looking to snatch the attention of employers. With piles of resumes sitting on their desks, it becomes difficult to make them stand out. 


A resume writing service provides help to people in crafting professional-looking resumes. They write, revise and edit your resumes in a way that appeases the employers. In this article, we’re going to delve more into what these services are and the top resume writing services in the country but first, let us clear up the basics.


Learn about

The purpose of a resume


Resumes are formal documents that highlight your qualities and skills. They are generally used to showcase your qualities to prospective employers and summarise your professional background. A good resume that stands out displays whether you are hirable or not and encourages employers to hire you.


Resumes provide a concise and brief professional overview and your work ethics. An employer may consider inviting you to interview for the job and hiring you after a quick study of your resume. A resume gives a brief overview of who you are as a person.


Resumes are used to convince prospective employers that you are the right person for the job. It highlights your work ethics, work experience, skills that you have picked up along the way, and how you can convert them into profitable use.


Here are the Top 20 Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers 


Importance of an Attractive Resume


A resume acts as a bridge between you and a potential employer. An employer looks at your resume before they look at you. This means that whether you get the chance to interview for a job or not is decided by your resume. A recruiter glances at your resume, and if it meets their standards, the person is called for an interview.


Your resumes could also be a possible employer’s first impression of you. Therefore, it is necessary that your résumé talks about you and gives them a brief view of who you are as a person. It should be able to convince the recruiters of the benefits of hiring you. Your résumé needs to highlight your skills, including the skills you picked up over the years through different jobs or training.


Embellishing your resumes with these highlights might increase your chances of getting an interview and a step closer to being hired for the job. However, it is also essential that you try not to go overboard with the embellishments. Keep the resume brief and concise and state only the necessary things. A resume that is too jazzed up might not leave a lasting impression on the recruiters.


Acquire the most in-demand skills with the best courses such as Content Writing Course and Digital Marketing Course and highlight them in your resume to bag the jobs easily.


What is Resume Writing Services


Resume writing services are the people who help you in creating your resume. An attractive resume is important, but it is often difficult to make the perfect resume. Writing a nearly perfect resume is time-consuming and challenging. That is why most people prefer getting the aid of these services.


These services help you write, revise, review and edit your resumes. They provide a professional touch to your resumes, making them attractive and worth looking at. A resume writing service helps state your qualifications and skills decently and briefly in your resumes.


People turn towards these services to polish up their resumes, not wanting to risk their future jobs with a haphazard resume they create themselves. It gives a boost of confidence to the candidates, who want to interview for a job. By paying a specific amount of money, individuals can get a professionally written resume through a resume writing service and expect a formal, well-crafted resume.


People often go for resume writing services to make an excellent first impression on potential employers and grab interviews. They aid and improve your chances of snatching up the job. These services help write a new resume for you from scratch or even help improve an already existing resume.


Should you opt for Resume Writing Services?


There are multiple options these days that provide you with free templates to create your resumes. These templates are not only easy to use but can be customized also. One can opt for a template that is professional-looking or one that is more artistic and creative. While all these are good options, they are not great for long-term use. These templates allow you to add only the basic information, which is not enough to capture the attention of recruiters.


Typing up resumes for yourself is a great option, but people often choose to take advantage of a resume writing service. There is considerable satisfaction in the knowledge that you are paying for a resume that will be worth a read and up-to-mark.


Resume writing services help save your time and provide you with a great resume that you can proudly display to your potential employers. It stands out from people opting for easy-to-use templates and captures the attention of recruiters. Employers may take notice of dedication on your part when you choose to get a resume professionally made and spend time crafting it well instead of jotting down your works in a template.


When you’re investing in a resume writing service, you are investing in yourself. With this attitude in mind, it is advisable to invest some amount in a resume writing service and get your resumes professionally made.


Selecting the Right Resume Writing Service


Since a huge amount of importance rides on your resumes, it is only fair that you choose to invest in a service that guarantees you the best results. It will be money down the drain if you choose a resume writing service that provides you with inadequate and unsatisfactory resumes.


Therefore it is necessary to choose a resume writing service that provides you with your money’s worth. Before investing in a resume writing service, make sure that you do your research beforehand and read the reviews of the services. Based on your research, select the resume writing service that you believe will give you satisfactory results.


Here are some things to consider while choosing a resume writing service –


  1. Website – 

Good resume writing services these days have professional-looking websites. Opt for a service that has a website that is easy to navigate and easy to locate.

  1. Reviews – 

Search for reviews and testimonials online for the resume writing service you are choosing to opt for. Proceed with your transaction with them only if you are satisfied with the reviews you have read.

  1. Sample Resumes – 

Feel free to ask the resume writing services to provide you with samples or examples of resumes. It will help you give an overview of the kind of resumes they write and give you an idea of its quality.

  1. Guarantee – 

Opt for a resume writing service that can guarantee you the best results and a satisfactory resume.

  1. Competent writers – 

Get an idea of the quality of writers in the employ of the company. Check their qualifications and their style of writing. Also, research their titles and qualifications before you decide to hire them.

  1. Find a Good Writer – 

Get in touch with the writers provided to you by a resume writing service. Form a connection with the writer and try to communicate with them. Proceed with the transaction only if you can communicate your ideas and style with your writer.

  1. Avoid affiliate links – 

Be wary of any service that offers to write quality resumes, which are advertised on other blogs or websites as affiliate links.


8. Reputation – Make sure the company you opt for is reputable. It must have a good reputation and several positive reviews. It is always a risk to choose a resume writing service that does not have much information or people standing by it.


10 Best Resume Writing Services in India


Searching for a good resume writing service can prove to be an intimidating and overwhelming task. Especially, in a country like India where there are loads of companies offering professional resume services. Cutting down the list and choosing one that will provide you with the best and satisfactory results is a challenging task. If you do not have the time to research for a good resume writing service, fret not.


Here is a list of ten good resume writing services in India that you can opt for. These are services that have received good average reviews and are recommended by many people. While these services have a great reputation and many people stand by their results, it is always best to conduct your own research too before selecting one.


1. Write Right

Write right is one of the leading content writing services specializing in diverse formats of writing, resume writing being one of them. If you want your resume to stand out and appeal to your potential employers, Write Right is the service to opt for. Founder Bhavik Sarkhedi with his team of extremely gifted writers makes sure that they provide you with a resume that will help to establish a connect with prospective employers.


Testimonials and reviews of clients are a testament to the professionalism and dedication of Write right as a content agency. They craft your resumes in a way that highlights your strengths and provides the employers with a clear idea of your skill sets.


Contact: [email protected]


2. Avon Resumes


Avon Resumes has become a trusted brand for resume writing services in India. They have been in this business and helping people with their resumes and CVs for over 20 years now. Avon Resumes have a team of qualified resume writers in their company, having experience in most common job sectors.


They have a well-maintained and easy-to-navigate website, making it easy for people to get in contact with them. They offer a variety of packages offering not just resumes, but CVs and helping in interview prep.


A quick search on Google and the testimonials displayed on their website reveals their workmanship and promises good quality of work. Avon Resumes boasts of holding a strong credential of serving the maximum number of clients as compared to anyone in the Resume Writing industry, and the claim is not far-fetched at all. 


Price – ₹1999 – ₹11999

Their price is on the more expensive side than most people would be willing to invest, however, their packages are worth considering. They insist you’re investing not just in Avon but yourself.


Reviews – 4.6 Stars based on 799 reviews (Google Reviews), 4.5 Stars based on 377 votes (JustDial) 


3. Monster 


Monster.com having already made a huge name as a domain specializing in job searches also offers quality resume writing services. The website helps speed up your job search and boosts your chances of employment through its services. It provides not just resumes, but the option to create CVs as well. Want top recruiters to see your resume or plan to expedite your job search process? Monster.com is a relatively good place to turn towards.


Monster.com offers three types of resumes as listed on its website – 


  1. Right Resume offers expertly crafted resumes tailor-made for you.
  2. Xpress Resume+ guarantees to help you stand out from the crowd. Thus, increase your chances of getting shortlisted for a job.
  3. Career Booster offers the benefits of both, expertly craft your perfect resume as well as assist you to grab the attention of recruiters.


Resume Highlighter helps you get noticed by potential employers. It boosts the chances of your resumes being seen by recruiters when they search for a profile that is similar to yours.


Price – ₹999 – ₹1999

Reviews – 4.4 stars based on 193 reviews (Glassdoor), 3.8 stars based on 265 reviews (Justdial)


4. Excel CV


Excel CV is a resume writing service that is based in Mumbai. It offers online services to its clients all across the country. The company offers a guarantee of drafting a resume and CV that keeps pace with your expectations.


Excel CV states they avoid the usage of any templates dedicating their efforts instead towards writing each resume from genesis. Their website is easy to go through, and they have made it simple to contact them when required. A list of testimonials praises their services on the front page of the website itself.


They have a 24/7 service. Among their list of guarantees are no usage of templates, provision of unlimited revision for 2 months. Moreover, they have a 2-day turnaround. The most appealing quality of this service is the fact that they provide samples of their work on the website itself.


Displayed on their website are resume and CV samples along with the various templates they use. The templates are customizable, but it gives you a great insight into the quality of their work. 


Price – ₹4999 – ₹8999

Reviews – 4.9 stars based on 149 reviews (Google Reviews). 3.5 stars based on 47 reviews (Glassdoor)


5. Mentorrd


Mentorrd is an online resume writing service that caters to the resume needs of clients. It has a web resume builder to make knowledgeable resumes within minutes. Not just that, it also has a resume analysis tool that can analyze your resume and suggest significant changes required to improve and edit your resume.


This website tailors your resumes according to your needs and in a way that helps increase the client’s chances of getting shortlisted. Their team of writers includes industry experts and professionals having an MBA and other degrees. The cherry on top of this resume writing service is that they also provide personal guidance to clients, should they need so.


Clients can opt for their Profile Enhancement Programme (PEP), which includes private sessions and more than 30 personalized sessions by their in-house experts. The testimonials on their websites are verified and provide positive reviews to their service and praise the quality of their workmanship. 


Price – ₹3490 – ₹12490

Reviews – 5/5 based on 6 reviews (Facebook), 4.9/5 based on 50 Google reviews, 4.6 based on 20 reviews (TrustPilot)


6. Get Set Resumes


Established in 2011, Get Set Resume is an online resume writing service based in Gurgaon. It has been producing quality professional documents for clients from across the globe. It is one of the oldest companies in India to offer services in resume writing, having written over 25,000+ resumes.


They provide a variety of services to their clients – from resumes to CVs, Letters, and Linkedin Profiles to Selection Criteria, Essays, Press Kit Introductions, and numerous other services. Get Resumes caters to clients not only in India but from across the globe – the US, Australia, Gulf Nations, and Eurozone. They have a dedicated team of qualified writers having years of industry experience.


These writers have specialized in resume writing and career consulting services, especially for mid and senior-level executives. The company has been featured in well-known media outlets like The Times of India and The Indian Express.


Price – ₹999 – ₹5199

Reviews – 4.8 stars based on 190 Reviews (Google Reviews)


7. Make My Resume


Make My Resume has over 21 years of experience in HR, Recruitment, and Resume Writing. They have helped transform thousands of resumes across 30+ countries. Currently, their services are present in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune including customers across 10+ cities and 30+ countries. They provide professional resumes that undergo vigorous quality checks. 


They have transformed resumes for over 100+ unique roles in 50+ industries. The services they provide include writing professional resumes, visual resumes, international resumes, Linkedin Profile, cover letter, CXO resumes, and also help clients prepare for mock interviews. 


Price – ₹1199 – ₹9999+

Reviews – 4.5 stars based on 308 Reviews (JustDial), 4.7 stars based on 5 reviews (Facebook)


8. CV Designer


CV Designer is a resume writing service founded by Sushana Adurthi and Deepak Josey. Having 19 and 18 years of experience in this field respectively, they come with years of experience and know exactly what the recruiters are looking for.


Being industry insiders, they are familiar with how to make a professional and attractive resume. They are staffed with a team of experienced writers. CV Designers offer free support for 12 months after your resume/CV is complete. 


They cater not only to resumes but also CV, Cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile – all the things essential to make a good impression on your recruiters. With the head office located in Chennai, CV Designer has branches in Bangalore, Kochi, Noida, Hyderabad, and Trivandrum


Price – ₹7000 – ₹9500

Reviews – 4.6 stars based on 64 Reviews (TrustPilot), stars based on 29 reviews (Facebook), 4.8 stars based on 33 Reviews (Google Reviews)


9. Resume Master


Established in 2013, in two years’ time Resume Master developed a website and soon started providing resume writing services to clients online as well. With their Head Office based in Coimbatore, they have a team of dedicated Consultants, Content drafters, web designers and developers, graphic designers, and more who cater to their clients’ needs, striving to meet all requirements. They provide samples of their work on their website and free resume analysis. 


 Price – ₹499 – ₹45o0

Reviews – 4.7 stars based on 121 reviews (Google Reviews)


10. Find My Profession


Founded in 2005, Find my Profession is a global company that assists professionals and job-seekers. Featured in multiple major magazines like Forbes, these services provide online services to create your resumes in India.


Their elite team of writers includes people having experience in over 85+ industries and professions. They provide professional resume crafting according to their client’s unique background and experience. Find My Profession is a virtual company therefore there aren’t any physical offices or branches in India but are easy to contact.


Price – $395 – $995 USD 

Reviews – 4.9 stars based on 40 Reviews (Facebook) stars based on 22 Reviews (Glassdoor), 4.9 stars based on 216 reviews (TrustPilot)


11. Book Your CV


Book Your CV is a company that provides a professional resume writing service established in 2012 in Kolkata to help job seekers across the world. They have a qualified team of writers having vast experience in professional CV and resume writing in India.


They offer low-priced services to be available for people who are new in the workforce or have no idea where to start and also provide unlimited revisions during the writing process. Book Your CV also offers 2 years of free updates if you get a CV/ Resume written by them. Apart from writing resumes, also provide many other services like a cover letter, Linkedin Profile writing, mock interview, job search, and resume marketing. 


Price – Free – ₹3890

Reviews – 4.6 stars based on 347 reviews (Google Reviews), 4.3 stars based on 29 reviews (Facebook)


Final Word


Choosing a resume writing service is a hard job but investing in one is a no-brainer if you want to snatch your dream job. Besides these, other services offer writing your resumes that you can check out, however, ensure you do your research first and invest in the right place. Ultimately, it is your resume that is going to get you that interview.

Neha Pushkarna is currently a student pursuing her bachelor's degree in Humanities. She has a passion for reading and writing, and shows interest in learning languages, having done certificate courses in French, Chinese, and Japanese.

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