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Average Earning Potential of Content Writers (Updated)

Individuals who are inclined to make a career in content writing do have this question in mind. Will Content Writing provide them with the standard of living they desire? Will earning of the content writer be enough? Content Writing is one of the most bankable jobs today. Even if the economy experiences a slump, businesses will need the customized services of Content Writers. The need will increase in 2022 and will continue. 

Average Earning Potential of Content Writers (Updated)

One of the key considerations for choosing any career is whether it is going to be lucrative for you or not. We approach every career opportunity with the expectation that it is going to help us prosper and lead a successful life. 

The same applies to content writing jobs as well.

Today we are going to talk in detail about the potential earning of content writers in 2021 and beyond. There is absolutely no doubt that content writing offers a plethora of job opportunities for you. It offers plenty of avenues in terms of sectors to choose from for your writing initiatives.

There are exclusive content writing agencies that concentrate on creating impeccable content for various businesses and sectors. These businesses want to create a niche for themselves in the online domain.

Therefore, they require the services of competent, well-informed, knowledgeable, content writers who can align their writing prowess with their goals and objectives for the best possible outcome.

Just as a person grows in any field, content writers have the opportunity to earn more as they gain experience. It is your penchant to provide the best services to organizations that make you successful.  Also, the enthusiasm to keep yourself informed and updated helps to excel in this dynamic field of content writing. 

In the case of content writing, there is no uniformity in the amount that they get as remuneration. it depends on the size of the company you work for, the sector you are working for among other things.

It is also dependent on the demand for content in that particular sector. Your ability to provide consistent content to make the business a success in the online domain. 

Many people today opt for a career in content writing because it comes with a lot of flexibility. It helps to explore diverse options, you can strike a good work-life balance if you chalk out a schedule judiciously.

For someone with a few years of experience in the field, content writers can easily get 25000 per month on average. For new career aspirants in content writing, the starting salary can be anything from 10000 to 15000 which obviously increases manifolds with your quality of writing.  It is a performance-oriented career that will reward you with every winning write-up you create.

Moreover, there are diverse topics to choose from in content writing. Your salary will also depend on the research that you have to put into the work and the challenges you meet when creating an article. For the incisive articles on esoteric topics, you can charge more.

In today’s business world a great reputation and presence of the organization in the online domain are mandatory. As a result, the perception of different sectors regarding content writing has seen a major change.

Diverse industries realize the importance of disseminating relevant content to concerned parties for better engagement and building camaraderie with customers.

These industries have also realized that content writing is the heart of any marketing initiative. It requires people with an inherent imaginative mind and the talent for exemplary storytelling. 

Thus it has to be pursued by people who have an innate love for writing. This is the distinctive quality that separates content writers from the rest of the individuals in different professions. 

With the Inception of several industries medium and small scale, the potential earnings of content writers in 2021 will increase. There will be a whole lot of new opportunities available for content writers interested in different domains and industries. 

In times of this pandemic, companies are going through a difficult phase in terms of pay strategy and overall business performance. Job portals still have plenty of opportunities available for content writers every day. Post this pandemic, the situation will improve increasing the chances of getting great projects to write on. 

Now we will talk about the opportunities available to content writers in this field. We will look at the various ways in which content writers can start their careers and thrive. 

Content writing career can be broadly divided into two parts freelancers and full-time employees. 

The difference between the two is obvious. Freelance writers are independent and are their own bosses. They can choose to work for multiple clients at any given time. 

They are not bound by any company law. The only requirement is that they should have timely delivery of the work. To create an immaculate reputation, they have to be sincere in their work. Thus from the nature of work, it is apparent that for freelancers there is some unpredictability in the income structure.

In the case of full-time employees, these individuals are connected to a particular company. They have to abide by the rules, regulations terms, and conditions of that organization. They also have a stable source of income working for an organization.

While freelancers have the independence to work as and when they wish they lack the perks of having the stability of a regular job. However if one aspires to be a freelance writer, they can earn very well. The only necessary things are, they have to market themselves aggressively and prove to potential clients they are suited to the jobs. 

Full-time employees are an invaluable part of the organization and have job stability that assuages the concern of having a lucrative career in content writing. 

The following are some of the primary areas in which content writers work. Whether freelance or full-time employees, these are some of the most coveted areas of work for content writers. They provide ample scope for creativity as well as great opportunities for earning a hefty remuneration. 

  1. Business Writers

Every business requires content compulsorily to distribute pertinent information regarding the brand. Business writing will never be out of demand.

It can be communicating the profits made by the business, some new development, new products, and services launched. Every aspect of the business activities includes creating content for the concerned parties. 

Business writers have to possess a strong understanding of economics, statistics, and mathematics to be able to create comprehensive articles with clarity. They can approximately earn up to 50k or even more per month provided they are thought leaders in the field. 

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  1. SEO Writers

For talented content writers, additional knowledge of SEO can be very advantageous for their career growth. SEO writers are specialists who understand the utility of search engine optimized content. They also understand the nitty-gritty of the technicalities of Search Engine Optimization. 

SEO is an essential element in getting business visibility and recognition in the web space. A content writer with a strong knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is an invaluable part of a business that requires a strong online presence. SEO writers can get approximately !5k-20k as newcomers in the industry. As they gain experience and create results that benefit the organization they can get approximately up to 40-50 thousand per month easily. 

  1. Copy Writers

Copywriters have to generate content to influence target consumers to make a purchasing decision regarding a product or service. They are some of the most coveted content writers across industries and sectors. 

It should also be noted that copywriting is an intrinsic part of any marketing initiative of a company. Whether you are an aspiring writer or an experienced copywriter, you have ample opportunity for growth and substantial earning. 

They can get up to 1- 1.5 lacs per month depending on the efficiency of creating campaigns and meeting the objectives of the business.

They inform the target audience about a product and service with the intent to make sales. Copywriters communicate the distinctive features and qualities of a product to induce sales for that particular business.

 It is one of the most exciting fields of work in writing. It can be a very satisfying job profile. The only prerequisite is for you to have a strong grasp of the product you are writing for. This will need thorough research of the topic you will write on and marketing analysis of the business. They can help in getting massive conversions.

  1. Blog Writers

Blog articles are today one of the most important means of communicating different information to prospective customers and online readers. Every day plenty of blogs are posted on several topics. 

Blogging which was once considered a hobby has today turned into a full-fledged career for people who want to pursue content writing. Several businesses employ bloggers to create content for their websites. The click-through rate of blogs is also extremely high. This prompts businesses to create articles consistently with in-depth information on topics related to the industry.

Apart from an exhaustive knowledge of the language they are writing for, bloggers have to be able to understand the technicalities that draw audiences to their blog sites. Anesthetic blog page, optimizing the blog for scanning by Google are important areas to consider. 

The success of blogs depends on how well you can communicate the core points of a topic to your audience. The attention span of your online reader is less. Therefore you have to make efforts to appeal to these target consumers within a specified period of time for them to go through your blog entirely. 

Bloggers when successful can earn up to 10 lakhs or even more. However, it takes time and patience for blogs to be successful. Bloggers can earn anywhere from 12000 to 18000 initially. This can go up to 25000 and more as you create more focused quality articles. 

  1. White Paper Writing

White paper content writing is a field that speaks of the credibility and authority of the content writer in that particular niche. These writers create topics on challenging issues and complex matters. This requires the expertise of a particular person to enlighten the readers on the matter. Specialists write it to inform and educate different people about an interesting but lesser-known topic.

White papers can be used for a variety of industries and the earnings also vary in the case of freelancers. According to various surveys, they can charge anything from 3-4 Rs per word to 5000 rupees per article. 

It depends on the success and size of the business you are writing for. Also, writers consider the hours they spend on creating the article including time for research and preparation. Then they charge accordingly.

Competent white paper writers are known for being thought leaders in particular niches. Thus, they can charge any amount they deem fit for the hard work they put in. 

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  1. Lead Generation Writers

Lead generation writers are very important content creators who possess exceptional communication skills. They have to be able to persuade the visitors of the website to turn into leads. Companies can then nurture and fostered them to facilitate the marketing process. 

Lead generation writers create a lot of content for websites like landing pages, ebooks, blogs, emails. They create and update social media content as well.

Lead generation writers are not limited to a particular type of content writing. They should know the different types of content and be able to generate excellent content based on the requirements of the business. 

An understanding of analytics and the market is to their advantage. This helps to create more focused content which results in better results for the company. 

  1. Social Media Writing

Social media presence is absolutely integral to the success of a business enterprise today. Online reputation and recognition are maximum when you have a strong online presence. Social media content writing is the art of creating write-ups and content for diverse social media platforms. 

You not only have to be conversant with the nature of the different social media platforms. And, have to possess a comprehensive understanding of the different social tools. That will help facilitate the process of communicating your core objectives to your social media target audience.

Brevity is an essential characteristic of any social media content dissemination. Out-of-the-box thinking, presence of mind, and skillful use of words are important attributes for a social media content writer.

A social media content writer can get anywhere between 25000 to 40000 per month as a full-time employee. For freelancers, once successful, the money is for the asking. 

Potentially freelancers charge anywhere between 12000 to 20000 approximately for complete social media promulgation of products and services. This includes the planning and execution and impressive writing that would get results. 

  1. Press Releases

Content writers specializing in press releases write short articles on the latest news of business they work for. They disseminate it to the different news publications for the readers. Press Release content writers understand the importance of writing concise sentences providing as much information as possible. 

The important parts are to provide authentic information vividly. The detailed description should have a certain pace and should be lucid.

Press release writers are in great demand in India because of new businesses and startups coming up. The outreach with press releases is massive that can h=get customers in plenty.

  1. Feature Articles

Feature articles require a certain proficiency in understanding human nature and creating stories that resonate with the audience. Like every other content writing format, a feature article requires you to be well versed in language writing. 

One should have an affinity to empathize and strive to create stories that would impact the reader to take the desired action. They are educational as well as appealing to target consumers. 

Interviewing is an integral part of feature writing. Hence feature writers should have an affable personality and should be able to get the best information out of the interviews they conduct. 

  1. Product Description

You see a lot of e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon recruiting content writers who are adept at creating product descriptions. 

This type of content writing requires you to be adept in writing about the products and services. Create extensive notes on the distinctive features of the product. 

E-Commerce businesses pay these content writers handsomely. They provide immense value to the target audience.

They are efficient in breaking down the complex terms and providing details so that any online reader can comprehend the qualities of the product without ambiguity. 

  1. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting has been a part of the content writing sector for a very long time. It will remain a popular form of writing by speeches, fiction, nonfiction. This content is written by ghostwriters. They credit it to someone else.

This, actually can be a very lucrative form of writing provided you are fine with your writing published in someone else’s name. Ghostwriters are paid extremely well in different sectors. They create content emulating the tone, voice as well as personality of the person they are writing for.

As ghostwriters, you have to practice discretion because your client will entrust you with the responsibility of creating content for them. Therefore, you have to be self-aware, confident, and understand the nuances of writing in this genre. Only then you will create optimized content as ghostwriters. 

  1. Technical Writing

Technical writing and tech writing are two extremely coveted forms of content writing. These writers are greatly in demand because of their ability to understand complex jargon and glossary terms. And, then converting them into simpler terms for better comprehension. 

Tech writers on the other hand are writers who create content for industry people. They can earn from 40000 and can go on to earn in lacs per annum based on the skills and the value they provide to different industries especially information technology. There are also highly in demand in B2B businesses. 

Technical writers can be regarded as some of the most accomplished content writers. These writers research, develop, collect, and communicate core information regarding technology. 

They have to judiciously maintain a systematic structure to disseminate data, collaborate with the different departments, and create content for end-users to comprehend with convenience. 

  1. Marketing And Communications Writing

Marketing and Communications writing is multitudinous. It can take the form of advertising for non-digital media, public relations, and coordination with verticals within the business.

Content writers in this sector have to be thoroughly apprised of all the developments in the company. They should convey the new initiatives as well as the strategic goals and objectives of the business to employees shareholders and other concerned parties. CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Corporate Communications Writing come in this category.

These writers are responsible for coordinating and integrating all the departments to form a team that is responsible for the overall development of the business. 

To achieve this they have to be enterprising and create different forms of content like web stories, blogs, Slides, PowerPoint presentations to communicate effectively. 

Some key attributes

Content writers have to include the best practices of content writing in whatever content they generate. You should write in an active voice, proofread for error-free writing, check grammar and use of words. Also, create short sentences, use consistent language, and a neutral tone.

Every Content Writer has to be a consummate researcher with a deft knowledge of analytics. If one wants to excel in Content Writing in 2021, they have to be an all-rounder. This means, merely writing is no enough. They have to adroitly grasp all the vital elements that create visibility in the online domain. For Example, Social Listening, SEO, Understanding of CMS like WordPress, Plugins, and Email Writing among others. 


So now have an idea about the different potential of content writers in 2021. The important thing here to consider is that there is no set uniform rule of getting a certain remuneration for the writing you provide to businesses and industries.

 It is dependent on a lot of factors. Like any other profession, this comes with its share of risks and challenges. Therefore, you have to be able to identify your strong points, overcome the weaknesses, and market yourself in a way that accentuates your key qualities. Again, you need sincerity and diligence to be able to go on unhindered, even after facing challenges.

Remember once you create a mark for yourself in the industry, uncertainty will be a thing of the past. Write every day, read a lot, and make sure that you identify where your interests are. 

It is important to acknowledge the areas that you are passionate about. Only then will you be able to create content that will resonate with your target audience and give you the best possible results.

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