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Microsoft Data Scientists: Courses, Job Profiles, And More

Data scientists are the ones who are responsible for nurturing the data to provide organizations with their unique needs. They help drive business and make efficient decisions that are helpful for the companies. Data science is very demanding. It is the most important subject that people are considering to study. Data scientist is the most sought-after job in the industry. Hence various institutions are taking the initiative to conduct the course. Microsoft data scientists are always on a cutting edge from others. Want to know why? Read the entire article and delve into the subject.

microsoft data scientists

Major career enthusiasts are bending towards joining this data industry. It is opening a new scope for the aspirants. The data industry is also changing the thought process of the industries. With the inception of the data, industries started relying on data as it does not involve any guesswork.

Data scientists conduct errorless and effective work. Data helps companies to give a more accurate and clearer picture of the solutions. It helps the companies to understand the trends and the patterns. Data scientists help organizations get meaningful information from the data gathered by the company.

As industries are getting addicted to the use of data there is a surge of data scientists. Data scientists are in demand a lot. Learners are trying to take up the course and join the data industry. Various top organizations are providing training to the new aspirants of data science.

The data science process is used by top companies. Thus, the requirement of data scientists is also increasing. Microsoft provides data science training as well they offer jobs to many candidates. Microsoft data scientists are different from others as they get a big banner to work with and detailed training on the subject.  Let us check in details about the same.

Data Scientists: An Overview

Data science has helped widen the demand for data scientists. The present era is the market for data scientists. People are joining the sector due to high-growth careers and good remuneration. Another aspect allowing people to join this sector is the challenging job opportunities.

The jobs involve a lot of challenges. The job of data scientists includes a lot of number work. People interested in numbers can check their luck in data science. Before knowing further, knowing about data science is mandatory.

Data science is a process that involves data collection, data preparation, analysis of data, and the way to present it to the required team or individuals. Data science involves the entire process right from the gathering of data to the deployment of data modules. Data science holds an eminent position in the heart of companies. Read the article to learn the functions, roles, and responsibilities.

Data scientists are comparatively a new breed in the organization. They are the persons who are responsible for the whole data system. They are selected for data collection, data analysis, and data presentation.

They use various statistical and analytical tools and methods to make it easy to conduct the data functions. To automate the process the data scientists also use the AI process. So, they should always upgrade their knowledge and skills so that they can constantly help the companies to get a lot of benefits. Data scientists are the people who are helping this entire data process.

The job of data scientists is not limited to only the analysis or presentation of data. They work for all the data departments. They organize as well as analyze the data. They stay till the end to deploy the models of data.

They help in knowing the upcoming trends and patterns. They also advise the management or the team on how to handle the situation and what measures to take to build a profitable organization. The practice of data science involves statistical and analytical analysis.

It also involves coding so that the work done is efficient. They help provide the company with various types of results, like the customer’s opinions and feedback, market trends, choices and requirements of the customers, process optimization, profit optimization, and other results as such.

These interpretations are done by the data scientists to help the companies make the most effective decisions so that they can make the ultimate profit.

Now we can check out the roles and responsibilities of the data scientists. The data scientists’ roles and responsibilities include the responsibilities of the entire data science process. Some of them are described below.

  • Data mining or data extracting from various data sources
  • Selecting features, creating and optimizing classifiers using machine learning tools.
  • Preprocessing of structured and unstructured data
  • They gather data from various sources for developing analytic systems
  • Processing, cleansing, and validating the data that is used for analysis
  • Analysing and interpreting data to find patterns and solutions
  • Developing machine learning algorithms
  • Data presentation and data visualization are an important role of data scientists
  • They guide the management to make correct decisions
  • They must work with many teams to get the data and analyze the problem
  • Data scientists should have a good network connection
  • They support the data analysts, data engineers, developers, and others associated with the data work
  • They should be well-versed in research and numbers
  • They aid in developing predictive models
  • They help in discovering the trends and patterns that the company should concentrate on to go ahead with its existing plans
  • The data scientists also aid in cost reduction, effort estimation, and cost optimization
  • They help in deploying and taking care of the models
  • They boost the production of the organization
  • They share the knowledge with their colleagues so that everyone can make use of the data

Data scientists perform these roles and responsibilities in the office. Microsoft data scientists also perform the task, then what makes them different? We will consider that in the later part of the article.

As they perform these activities, they come across many new challenges. These challenges help them to perform better and gain many experiences. These experiences help them to grow in their career and build a stable future.

But performing this task is not so easy as it is easy to read. Microsoft data scientists go through a good training session before joining the clan. People interested in joining the data industry should gain proper knowledge in data science.

Many institutions are offering data science courses. Similarly, Microsoft is also offering courses for data scientists.

This is a brief overview of the data scientists, their functions, roles, and responsibilities. Now we can go forward with the discussion of the Microsoft data science course and check what they offer.

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Microsoft Data Science Course

The name Microsoft is a huge banner in the tech world. It is one such organization in the world of IT that everybody dreams of working with. Microsoft data science course offers complete knowledge about data science subjects. Microsoft data scientists receive the best modules of data science and also the most upgraded knowledge.

Microsoft offers training to candidates through Microsoft Learn. Their course is also made available in Coursera. Candidates interested in gaining potential knowledge about the data science course can take up courses.

The candidates can check the Microsoft Learn website, go to the career paths section, and check out the available data science courses. Microsoft also offers the candidates to join the big community of data scientists. The candidates can join the tech community or they also have the option to join the career-connected community.

Three types of courses are offered to the aspirants of data science. They are:

  • Self-paced training
  • Instructor-led training
  • Get Certified

The self-paced training course is an online study where the participants can choose to study and take up the training at their will. The entire course is according to the student’s convenience. In this option the students three courses.

  • Explore and configure the Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • Working in data with Azure Machine Learning
  • Experiment with Azure Machine Learning

The next option is instructor-led training. This is like classroom training. The students can set their classes and schedules at their own specific time and place. It involves one course. That is:

  • Designing and implementing a data science solution on Azure

The last is the certification course. The certification course of Microsoft is in huge demand. People tend to join this course to earn a certificate in data science. This course will also help them to get established as a more important data science candidate.

The scope of being a successful data scientist path starts right from joining this course. This course is also a part of Coursera learning. This course will help the students get a better opportunity to become Microsoft data scientists.

It is a certified course that people can take up after the online self-paced course and instructor-led course. To get this certification the candidates should take up a practice assessment test. This is a self-check to see if they are prepared to take the certification exam and earn the certificate from Microsoft.

Now let us check, the details of the Microsoft data science course. As already discussed, Coursera offers the Microsoft data science course, let us check out the nitty-gritty of the course.

This intermediate-level course has a flexible schedule. The learners can learn at their own pace and place. The course can be covered in two months at 10 hours a week. We all have read above, that the course has five series completing which the students will be eligible for a professional certificate from Microsoft. This will enhance their journey as Microsoft Data Scientists.

The students gain the knowledge to manage Azure for machine learning, they learn to do experiments and how to train models and they inculcate the knowledge of how to deploy and functionalise the machine learning solutions. They also gain the knowledge to implement responsible machine learning.

The students can learn the most in-demand skills from the course. Some of the skills that Microsoft data scientists will get are a high level of professional-level training from Microsoft, they will be able to develop technical proficiency. Besides this as they are already receiving employer-recognised certificates from Microsoft they also get the chance to prepare for an industry certification program.

The Microsoft 5-series professional certificate program in data analytics is intended to make experienced data scientists more knowledgeable and upskill their knowledge. For freshers, the course acts as a complete guide and explains to the individuals how and what steps to take to call themselves the best data scientists.

Besides providing a deep understanding of Python and machine learning frameworks they also offer knowledge in Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, and TensorFlow for those who want to build and operate machine learning solutions in the cloud. The Microsoft Azure data scientist course makes the student’s fundamentals clear on aspects like creating end-to-end solutions in Microsoft Azure.

The course teaches the students how to manage Azure resources for machine learning conduct experiments and to deploy machine learning models. Training is provided on Azure Databricks to explore, prepare, model data, and integrate the data bricks machine learning process.

The candidates of the course, engage in interactive exercises. The students get the opportunity to work directly with Azure Portal. They are also offering the students to learn about Microsoft Learn Sandbox.

This free platform teaches conceptual designing and practical desk-ready skills to the students. They make the students work in a practical, controlled environment, where they can apply what they have learned in the theoretical classes.

This gives them the benefit of learning through experiments. This practical experience can be done free of cost, just by opening a Microsoft account.

Data scientists can explore, create, and manage resources with no incurring costs or breaking production. The five series on which the data science course is offered are:

  • Creating Machine Learning Models in Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure for Data Scientists: Machine Learning
  • Build and Operate Machine Learning Solutions with Azure
  • Perform data science with Azure Databricks
  • Prepare for DP-100, Data Science on Microsoft Azure Exam

This is a brief about data scientists course which is conducted by Microsoft and that helps the learners to grow in their career and get a stable job. Next, we can turn the discussion table to are job roles of data scientists in Microsoft and what the data scientists need to work.

Microsoft Data Scientists Job Profile

Microsoft has a large need for data scientists. They hire many individuals as data scientists. They hire individuals from this profile from all over the world. Based on country and location the company decides their job profile and salary.

As per LinkedIn India, there are as many as 11000+ data scientist jobs available in Microsoft. With a strong network, having the best knowledge as per the desired role will help the candidates fetch the job.

There are plenty of jobs available in the sector in multiple locations. Most of the data scientists’ jobs in India are in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Noida, and Andhra Pradesh.

Some of the eminent job positions are:

  • Data Scientists
  • Operational data scientists
  • Applied data scientists
  • Research SDE
  • Data science engineer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Senior Data and Applied Scientist
  • Senior ML Engineer
  • The principle applied to data scientist
  • Principle machine learning engineer

These are the positions that a data scientist can aim for in Microsoft at the initial level. Each job role has different job descriptions, eligibility, knowledge, and skills. The requirement varies for different job profiles.

The requirement also varies depending on whether the job is 100% work from home or 50% work from home or the candidates need to come to the office for work regularly.

Below is the job description of a data scientist who needs to work individually, that is 100%, work-from-home data scientist. The basic qualification required for the job profile is

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • 2+ years’ experience in business analytics, data science, engineering, software development, data modeling, or data engineering work or internship experience OR
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Math, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, or a related field or equivalent experience.
  • Experience in asking with traditional and big data repositories (MS SQL server, SQL Analysis Service, Azure SQL DB/Data Warehouse, Azure Kusto, MS Fabric/Synapse)
  • Data visualization skills to be able to present information that drives business impact.
  • The candidate should also meet Microsoft, customer, and government security screening requirements required.
  • Microsoft Cloud Background Check – This position will be essential to pass the Microsoft Cloud Background Check upon hire/transfer and every two years thereafter.

These are the preferred qualifications required for the data scientist who can work individually. The responsibilities of the job holder are:

  • They assist with initial data collection and understand which analysis techniques and tools are appropriate for data exploration. They also develop a foundational understanding of the methodology and standard statistical options to analyze and organize data.
  • They need to work with large, complex data sets, solving difficult, non-routine analysis problems with advanced data science methods.
  • The candidates should help in applying the necessary tools and pipelines to efficiently collect, clean, and prepare massive volumes of data for analysis.
  • The candidate should understand modeling techniques used within the team and then run model tools on prepared data sets.
  • They aid in the identification of dependencies and the development of design documents for a product feature with oversight.
  • The help in creating and implementing code for a product, service, or feature reusing code as applicable.

This position is required for the Microsoft Azure Storage team for the cloud storage solution of Microsoft. It is a scalable, highly distributed, ubiquitously accessible storage system, designed to scale out and serve the entire world.

The candidates need to work with large volumes of data to create machine-learning solutions. The team also needs insights from the data scientists to make data-driven decisions. The candidates should be confident in working with engineering teams, product managers, and business leaders. This will help to build data pipelines and bring intelligence into the storage service.

There is no doubt that the candidates will gain precious experience by working with the Microsoft brand. They will explore the opportunity to learn about Big Data, Machine Learning, and Distributed Systems in cloud services and storage.

The experience will accelerate their career growth and provide them with an opportunity to work in a highly dynamic, flexible, and globally distributed team. This is what Microsoft wants from its data science candidates. The other profiles require other details and the job description is also different.

This was an overview of the data scientist job at Microsoft. We have also seen how Microsoft provides training to learners and gives them a better opportunity to learn. This makes the data scientists at Microsoft different from others. Microsoft knows the needs of its employees and works accordingly.


1.      Can I apply to any other organization after the Microsoft data science course?

Yes, it is possible.

2.      What is the remuneration of Microsoft data scientists?

As per Glassdoor, the average base pay of data scientists in Microsoft is around INR13.0L to INR24.8L per year.

3.      What are the benefits of a data scientist?

Discounts on products and services, healthcare facilities, savings and investments, education, and others.

4.      Is the Microsoft certificate industry certified?

The certificate is globally accepted by all industries.


Microsoft aims to help every individual and all organizations to achieve its success. It helps its employees by providing them with a good place to work and learn and boosting them for better performance. The company tries to build respect and integrity that creates a culture of inclusion where everyone can thrive at work and beyond. Microsoft data scientists know their work and the training offered to them helps them to build a good and stable career. If the article inspired you, stay tuned with us for more such writings that will inspire your future.



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