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Maximize Your Chances of Success with the Best SAP Careers

Pro tip: If you are here to maximize your chances of success with the best SAP careers, this blog post must be your definite read.


The image sheds light on the best SAP careers

The new era has come up with various problems, like every other. Talk about solutions, these are unbelievably high in demand.


As BC Forbes said, if you do not drive your business, you will be driven out of business. 


What is SAP?


SAP ERP stands for:


  1. Systems;
  2. Applications; and
  3. Products in Data Processing


The business world is changing constantly so does the methods and their applications. In the world of ERPs, SAP is the market leader with 200 million users worldwide. SAP is a well-programmed software that combines internal and external management across an organization. It comprises finance, production, sales, human resource management, etc. The main objective of SAP is to maintain the flow of information throughout the organization.


Irrespective of the industry, SAP offers applications to multiple enterprises. That means, to get your first-hand experience with the SAP just look up to the industries with high demand for SAP, get trained, and voila! If it’s that serene. But no, you have to dig deep into multiple domains, for that matter.


To make it all trouble-free for you I am here to help you choose the best SAP careers based on your educational background and if that should not be the case, there is always hope—another blooming way.


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Future of SAP:


According to businessworld.com, SAP has the maximum demand in the IT sector with 68%. As IT is the biggest recruiter in India career opportunities are ever ending in the contemporary and upcoming era. Also, other sectors are rising to use cloud storage as a secure and efficient way to store critical information. That is why SAP is the hottest career in 2021 and the upcoming era.


SAP is among the craziest careers nowadays. There are multiple reasons for that:


  • SAP is a powerful way to boost job opportunities with big money and a reputation for freshers and experienced professionals.
  • SAP has a huge market in the future, even now.
  • A great way to get various job prospects and promotions for people inexperienced fields.

If you believe the same, we are unstoppable!


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SAP Modules and Eligibility:


SAP has 28 modules (functional, technical, business suits, and techno-functional) and each module is governed by its complexity. Different companies have their requirement for the SAP suiting their nature of business. This is one of the reasons people find it hard to choose the best SAP module with a promising career due to the complexity in its nature.


Eligibility may or may not be a concern while joining any SAP career, also completely depends on your interest, passion, and knowledge first. However, it is less frustrating for people with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in technology, science, and commerce. Nevertheless, a generic training in computer and some understanding of the area concerned will serve as a valuable addition to your thriving SAP career. The same is beneficial for experienced working professionals.


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Things to consider while choosing the best SAP careers:


  • Job opportunities-While you pick among the best SAP careers, keep track of the job opportunities in your area. It is utmost of importance that you have an idea about the demand or the amount you get paid as a service provider. The next step will be to narrow down the list of the best SAP careers and strike off the others.
  • Academic and work background-Either you are a professional or a fresher, it is valuable to work within your interested area (that you understand better) and enjoyable too! Your academic education or work experience in a specific area strengthens your profile as well as your experience as an SAP professional. You will face less difficulty even as a fresher and work incredibly as an experienced/trained SAP professional.
  • Life/career goals-Your life goals define your success in any chosen field, the same goes for this. You must not overlook your true intentions–whether to work or not while you choose an ideal SAP module. Your passion must be integrated with your life goals. Ask yourself, do you really want to work? If yes, why and what drives you in the future? Money, reputation, or thrill to work/improve? 


NOTE: Down below there is a list of all the dos and don’ts you must look like a reference to this.


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The 13 best SAP careers to maximize your prospects in 2021:


Below is the list of 13 SAP modules promising the best SAP careers as they are the most implemented in the industries. The need for certified professionals is relatively high in these areas depending on your educational background as it gets easier for the people with prior learning in the related field to understand the jargons better:


1. SAP FICO (Financial Accounting and Cost Controlling)


SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling are some of the main functional modules of SAP ERP. It covers various sub-components such as account payables, accounts receivables, general ledger accounting, asset accounting, bank accounting, etc. SAP financial accounting comforts finance management in corporations.


Finance control is required for every organization for smooth working throughout its existence. It is equally frustrating for the human to perform all work manually. Anyone with a commerce or finance education can opt for this module and have a sustainable career. 


SAP FICO is also suitable for, CAs, CPAs, CFAs, CMAs. 


2. SAP MM (Materials Management)


SAP Material Management is another HOT career these days. This module helps in inventory management and warehouse management to organizations of any industry. It covers all the business functions for the procurement of materials for production and storage chiefly for the manufacturing and delivery firms.


SAP MM professional needs to comprehend the implemented processes in material management. It has sub-components that are widely used: master data, inventory, purchasing, and material resource planning. If you have prior education in material procurement, logistics, and SCM (supply chain management) then it is ideal among the best SAP careers for you.


3. SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)


SAP Sales and Distribution is important for price determination, availability, billing, and the invoice of a product along with credit and debits memos management. This is another of the SAP ERP modules and coordinated with SAP PP and SAP MM. SAP SD is incorporated with key modules such as Sales, master data, billing, sales support, transportation of products, foreign trade, shipping of materials, etc. If you are a major in marketing, sales, and distribution practices then SAP SD is an ideal career option in 2021. 


4. SAP PP (Production Planning)


SAP Production Planning is coordinated with SAP MM, QM, FICO, and SD. In this module, a student learns to keep the record of the manufacturing process from the time to set up a machine, the quantity of raw material consumed to time consumed in producing finished/semi-finished goods. Also, provides real-time access to controlling deviations in product costing.


Furthermore, it tracks the wastage of resources while manufacturing. In this module, 5 master data are to be maintained by organizations: routing, work center, material master, product version, bill of material. A person must have a piece of business knowledge in the area of manufacturing and supply chain planning for a balanced career. 


5. SAP HCM (Human Capital Management)


SAP Human Capital Management module is all about managing human resources in the organization. It automatically processes the recorded information for administration and payroll resolutions. It enhances all the HR processes including workforce performance, planning accuracy, and reduction in operational costs.


These are the5crucial modules in SAP Human Capital Management: organizational management, personnel management, time management, payroll accounting, travel management. If you are proficient in the area of human resources or organization management then SAP HCM is an ideal career option for you.


6. SAP BASIS (Business Application Software Integrated Solution)


SAP BASIS/NetWeaver is another HOT career as an SAP professional chiefly for people with a technical background. This module is concerned with the internal layers of SAP- its building blocks. The job of basis administrators is to monitor and provide regular updates to the users of SAP FI, CO, and PP, etc.


SAP BASIS works as an operating system for SAP applications to connect with external resources. If you have previous education in computer science or computer engineering then SAP BASIS is a perfect choice to move your career forward.  


7. SAP ABAP(Advanced Business Application Programming)


SAP Advanced Business Application Programming is a high-level fourth-generation language extracted from the base computing language: java, C, C++, and python. ABAP is used as the language to develop/program the SAP application server. To customize the workflow of organizations, SAP ABAP offers easy customizations for SAP FI, PP, PM, and other modules. SAP ABAP has 10 components: editor, dictionary, repository browser, menu painter, etc.


This is another one of the best SAP careers for people with technical bent/programmers. However, you need not have any prior knowledge or work experience in any domain except a knack for coding and analytical skills with a strong command of the database.


8. SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


SAP Customer Relationship Management focuses on building an organized and manageable consumer relationship with the firm. it is a part of the SAP business suite and completely flexible and user-friendly to keep connected with the customers. This is highly constricted to consumer-focused areas and provides information about the target market to analyze and implement strategies for sales. 


9. SAP BI (Business Intelligence)


SAP Business Intelligence is an SAP ERP module. This converts raw business information into a readable form for consumers and other related parties. SAP BI extracts the unstructured content in the data warehouse and delivers to the end-users the relevant knowledge of the organization. Also, it helps in decision-making, manageable reports, and report analysis.       


10 SAP QM (Quality Management)


SAP Quality Management is one of the main functional modules that focus on key factors: quality planning, quality inspection, quality control. This helps in controlling product uniqueness and development. Also, helps in analyzing quality notifications and charts. It is completely integrated with inventory and purchasing management which offers planning benefits. It is a great career option for people with prior knowledge of logistics and supply chain management.


11. SAP PM(Plant Maintenance)


SAP Plant Maintenance is an additional functional module, a tool for the maintenance of all the activities to be performed in an organization. It comprises predictive maintenance, shutdown maintenance, and preventive maintenance. Therefore, it is closely integrated with other SAP modules. it allows the user to record maintenance requests, plan human resource requirements, etc. as per the production schedule.


This in turn helps in assets management, problem-solving and regular workflow and provides ample software resolutions for plant-based planned maintenance. SAP PM has 3 sub-modules: technical objects management, task maintenance, work order management. If you have a few months’ experiences with plant operation, services, and maintenance this module is ideal for you. 


12. SAP s/4 HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance)


SAP S/4 HANA is the latest addition to the SAP business suite designed to perform on SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) allowing companies to analyze data in real-time. By connecting people and business networks, this new addition has promised more efficient use of information.


The key component in SAP s/4 HANA is finance. It is almost like SAP FI however, the main difference is technology. SAP S/4 HANA is based on the in-memory HANA database whereas, SAP FI is based on the ECC model. This is another HOT career these days and is simpler to understand for developers.


13. SAP PS (Project System)


The SAP Project System is another crucial module to manage the performance of any project regardless of its size and structure. It also incorporates Work Breakdown Structure, network, and confirmation on the movement of the project. SAP PS helps in executing strategic decisions.


This is a technical module. If you are looking to undergo training in SAP PS, basic knowledge of project management and implementation is required for the aspirants along with, basic education in logistics and accounting.


Getting enrolled in a certified SAP course:


After choosing the ideal module from above, the next step is to get into your favorite SAP course by picking the valuable institution which cherishes your investment of time and money. 


Institutions in India that provide certification courses for the best SAP careers:


Multiple institutions provide SAP certification courses both registered and unregistered. Your job is to find the right one for your benefit. Below are a few of them:


· Lithan Genovate, Mumbai

· AIMS, Pune

· ERP training academy, Pune 

· VGIT, Chennai

· Sapware technologies, Bangalore

· Sappallclass, Mumbai

· Income software technologies, Hyderabad


SAP also provides training across the globe:

· Instructor-Led SAP Academy

· SAP E-Academy

· SAP Learning Hub


Entering into SAP world:


After completing the SAP certification course, you will want a place, to begin with. For this, you must look out for internships, fresher jobs, or a recruitment drive. These are the expected job posts you may get to work on. 


Job opportunities after SAP Certification Course:


Remember, jobs are dynamic in SAP which is evident from the data above. Multiple companies offer jobs based on prior domain knowledge of the candidate or as a fresher. Following are a few job posts to expect:


· Project manager

· Team leader

· SAP trainer

· Application consultant

· SAP ABAP Developer

· SAP basis administrator/consultant

· Manager material

· Process developer

· SAP FICO consultant/FI or CO consultant

· SAP HR consultant or recruiter

· HR executive

· Technical/functional consultant

· SAP end user

· Senior designer


Companies that recruit SAP Certified professionals:


SAP benefits companies by eliminating the need to synchronize the changes between various systems/departments and provides comprehensive information at any time and anywhere. It also secures the confidential data of the organizations. Moreover, it helps efficient ways to analyze the records for better decision-making. Many Indian companies have adopted SAP and below are a few recruiters: 


· International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

· Deloitte

· Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited 

· Shasun Chemicals and Drugs Limited

· Wipro

· Infosys

· Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited

· Hitachi consulting

· Accenture

· Apollo Tyres

· TVS Motors

· Hindustan Unilever 

· Gujrat State Petroleum Corporation

· HCL Technologies Limited

· Ambuja Cements Ltd.

· Bharat Oman Refineries Limited

· Times of India

· Rico Auto Industries Ltd.

· Honda Two Wheelers

· Hindustan Motors Limited 


Bursting some myths about SAP Certification Course:


No opportunity has ever been myths-free and SAP is no exception. Human nature tends to keep hold of them so dearly:


· SAP certification does not definite job guarantee and good ROI.

· SAP certification does not assure a way forward to high-paying jobs.

· SAP certification is not the ultimate thing to be engraved on your CV.

· The SAP certification course is not a piece of cake, it demands constant efforts even after the certification and knowledge in a particular domain. 

· Only Students with a commerce background can enroll in the course. Yes, it is not completely wrong because they surely have an upper hand however, anyone who is willing to put in the required effort can earn SAP certification.


Dos and don’ts while choosing the best SAP careers:


There is a lot of overlap of information provided on the internet about SAP education. Here, I have tried to filter that all into 5 buckets filled with useful information:




· Choosing an inappropriate area that does not match your skills and market demand. You must have a passion for the chosen arena not because it is high in demand but it is required and you are willing to assist in providing a solution.

· Operating with the onesize concept for all organizations. While joining SAP as a fresher, you should be flexible to work as per the culture and working environment of the company. You should be able to provide solutions based on the factors that affect the company and its operations.

·        Lacking practical knowledge as an SAP professional is another thing a business owner does not want. Your theoretical knowledge of SAP will not get you far in your career. It will not help you build a client and convincing report. Hence, the more practical solutions you be able to present the more chances you get to enrich your career.

·        Inability to network for future clients is a major drawback of SAP professionals, especially those prepared to work on a contract basis. Networking is essential to get multiple tasks in the future and a strong profile.

·        Hesitation in upgrading the knowledge with the advancement in specific techniques can be a huge hindrance in the career as an SAP professional. Therefore, it becomes vital for anyone perusing SAP or has been working as an end-user of SAP to stay updated with the latest technological updates in SAP.




· Choose among the best SAP careers depending on your concern. Although a background in the same area gives a definite upper hand, however, this is not always true. If you are willing to put the desired efforts educational background becomes unnecessary.

· It is advisable before getting into any module, to gain basic training in Business Process Understanding. It works as a value addition for a better understanding of related activities in the same field.

· Beginners should gain knowledge as a fresher first and later ramp up to an advanced level with the gained experience. 

· Choose a trusted/registered course for SAP certification.


It is not easy to pick one among the best SAP careers neither it is beneficial. To get the worth of your time and money, you must avoid the mistakes people usually make while choosing among the best SAP careers. In a hurry, students or even professionals forget to look at the key points which a new career demands.


It is vital to know about what SAP is, how it is being taught, the time duration of each course (which may vary), how much salary to expect. Furthermore, you have to choose the options to get certified from (Instructor-Led Academy, E-Academy, or SAP Learning Hub). Also, it is important to understand how to keep up the game within your ideal space. Now, it is your turn to think likewise. 


She is a commerce student, passionate about words, paper, and pen. She loves to explore different books, areas and curate content to write about it.
  • have completed sap FICO course and now i m struggling to get shortlisted also for a job. I m looking as a fresher and everyone wants an experience. Not even getting any internship also. Feeling like stuck and lots of regrets. I dont know what to do n how


  • I have completed sap sd course and now i m struggling to get shortlisted also for a job. I m looking as a fresher and everyone wants an experience. Not even getting any internship also. Feeling like stuck and lots of regrets. I dont know what to do n how

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