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List Of Top Creative Jobs With Striking Pay In India

To be successful in creative work two steps are very important- one is having a different idea and the second is to convert the idea into a process. A single individual cannot complete a creative process alone, it requires one or more creative minds. As we know that nowadays dependency is more on technology rather than human beings. Therefore, a creative job involves thinking of different ideas that stand out in the competitive market.

Top Creative Jobs In India

What is a Creative Job?

A creative job can be defined as a demonstration of our effort in a creative way which includes artwork like paintings, sculptures, sketching, dance, literature, music composition, etc. To pursue creative work, one needs to have a creative mindset or thinking. It cannot be compared with some random combination of an art piece or fashion design.

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Scope of Creative Jobs

Creative jobs are such wherein, one does not need necessarily should possess a qualified degree. We just need to start thinking in an innovative way to survive in the competition. The creative process does not necessarily need to involve production, consumption, and distribution together at one place but it should be defined as a creative process wherein the analysis of management teams, employees of the company and every other person who can give a valuable idea related to the project given should be taken into consideration while a decision making.

This is because a successful creative idea can be implemented when two or more people are involved to execute it. As mentioned earlier creative jobs are not an individual’s job. It can also be described as a holistic plan which also includes several tough discussions involving science, technology, and covering the overall economy.

Importance of Creative jobs

The significance of creating jobs is increasing day by day, especially in the year 2020 where everything is moving at full speed. Any company or people dealing with creative work cannot run their enterprise on old ideas. New ideas and innovation are required by everyone to stand out in the competition.

For example, anyone who is a dancer needs to cope up with new steps with modern times as style and forms changes with changing time. Someone who is an actor needs to improve his or her acting skills with time, someone who is a painter should also keep himself updated with the latest painting trends.

Therefore, the need for creative people and the scope of it will never decrease as humans compared to the machine can always give an effort to think of new ways and methods to bring their business and career in higher scale and also aim for continuous growth in their life.

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Benefits of Creative Jobs 

If someone is interested in learning new ways and techniques every day to complete their work and also likes to take up new challenges then creative jobs are just the right option for them. For many people, having the right opportunity to be innovative and different is enough for them to survive in a creative job. Some of the other advantages of choosing creative jobs as your career are as follows-

You Have Mass Flexibility:

Many creative jobs are not bounded by a 9-5 fixed schedule. The prime focus is on the new projects who also aim to hire self-employed freelancers. In many cases, those who choose to go for creative jobs also have the flexibility to set their own working hours as per their home environment. It is not necessary that one has to work through a defined desk job, they can choose to work from anywhere whether it is their living room, coffee shop, or even garden. They also have the flexibility to set their own rules and regulations and work on their own terms.

You Can Learn to Solve Any Problem in Unique Ways:

Creativity and innovation are always about finding new ways and methods every time to look into things. Continuing with the same pattern and style of working becomes very boring. Always having a fresh approach in finding the solutions also helps us to develop a fresh approach towards other new areas of our lives too.

 You Can Always Find Enjoyment in an Alliance:

Some people prefer to continue doing creative jobs on their own but some also enjoy the partnership so that together they can create something which never existed before. For example, if we consider the example of content writers and graphic designers, animators, and music composers. Working in an alliance and innovating something different every time is highly rewarding and full of joy.

It Also Helps Us to Keep Our Mental Health Fit and Healthy:

Research has shown that always trying to find out new ways to bring our creativity to a new level can be a great mental exercise. The study has also proved that 73 percent of people who likely to choose their career into creative jobs tend to have less prone to mental diseases. For those who are engaged in sewing and woodworking then 45 percent of people are likely to have less prone to memory loss problems.

Let Us Know About the List of Creative Jobs With High Pay in India Under Different Categories

Creative Jobs in Fine Arts:

Design is surrounded by a huge range of areas. Some designers use their creative and innovative skills to put together ideas into a new idea such as designing buildings, clothes, toys. Also focusing on amalgamating the planning done by the team together of the stage, screen or the room. Some of the possibilities for creative jobs in designs are as follows-

Art Director:

This job involves regulating the visual look of the advertisements, publications, videography, and movie productions is the responsibility of the art directors. They set the creative style for each project assigned and find innovative ways and look over the work of professionals like photographers, artists, and graphic designers. One needs to gain many years of experience to get this job. The average salary is approx. $1,10,000


Designing buildings is both functional, innovative, and attractive ways to build them. It also requires great mathematical skills. Architects need to understand different materials to be used to build in a detailed manner. One also needs to solve technical and mechanical issues in constructing homes, offices, stores, and factories. Those people who have an interest in creative design at a higher level will find good opportunities. The average salary is approx. $ 89,000.

Fashion Designer:

If someone is a trendsetter in setting a fashion sense, anyone who is always keen on giving fashion designs then this job is very apt for them. The job of a fashion designer is to create a design from clothing to accessories and footwear. You need to have in-depth knowledge of the designs, color combinations and should understand the proper combination of different fabrics. It also helps us gaining knowledge about the textile production process in detail. A good way to step into this creative job is to start with an internship. The average salary is approx. $86,000.

Interior Designer:

The job of the interior designer involves choosing a room’s lighting, flooring, furniture required, size, layout, the function of the room, accessibility required in detail. You can choose to design any room, office, buildings, hotel, restaurant, school, or hospital. Some states also require a license to design which needs to be obtained. The average salary for this job can be estimated at approximately $60,000.

Set Designer:

The job profile of set designer involves the arrangement of furniture, and props required in a film production or theater film. Choosing this as a career involves consulting with the director or production house to research the requirements in detail and make the necessary details and creating 3D models and architectural styles to create the stage in a different style so that different elements of the stage look innovative every time for the audience. The average salary is approx. $62,000.

Graphic Designer:

Creating websites, brochures, flyers, product packaging are all examples of the job done by graphic designers. Graphic designers use visual communication and the internet as a mode of technology to create different ideas to create something new pass on a message to their targeted audience. Some of the graphic designers may also choose to work with advertising agencies, production films, web development companies. But choosing to work as a freelancer is also common nowadays. The average salary is approx. $56,000.

Floral Designer:

This creative job includes choosing the right set of combinations of flowers for any occasion or special event. It requires a great understanding of the significance of the different flowers. This job also includes making our clients understand how to preserve a different set of flowers. Since flowers need to be fresh at the event and everything can’t be prepared in advance, therefore, good organizational skills are required. The average salary is approx. $30,000.

Creative Jobs in Craft Arts

Jobs in creative arts involve handwork to assemble and create materials like wood, stone, and glass. Its creations would be clearly decorative and innovative. Many people choose to be self -employed but one can also choose to work in museums, galleries, or manufacturing firms. Some of the jobs in creative jobs that involves craft arts are as follows-

Jewelry Designing:

This job profile includes designing and creating unique and different fashionable earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. It involves a high level of manual ability to create such designs. Being a jewelry designer is a difficult job that involves melting stones and inserting them together. The average salary is approx. $45,000.


It takes lots of patience, and concentration to shape the glass into ornaments, mirrors, or any items made of glass. One needs to be very careful about safety. As the required temperature needs to be maintained while giving glass into different forms of shapes. It not only involves creating new creations but also giving new forms to the existing creations. The average salary is approx. $19.52/ hour.


Mass production of like furniture for bedrooms and kitchen appliances like racks, etc everything is designed by the woodworker. They use machine techniques which are controlled by computer to cut the shape into detail specification as mentioned by the clients. We need mechanical and math skills to get success in this field. The average salary is approx. $35,000.

Creative Jobs in Fine Arts 

Jobs under this category are most likely to be chosen by the people who think of starting their career in the creativity field. Fine arts are all about expressing your thoughts through creativity such as paintings, drawings, and photography. Some of the jobs in fine arts include-


Cartoonists use a unique and calligraphy way of writing and drawing to create designs. They also sell their designs to companies that sell greeting cards, gifts, and magazines too. Now also many of them choose to draw their designs using paper and pen. But nowadays, digital technology has become very common. The average salary is approx. $14/hour.


If there wouldn’t be sculptures then we would never be able to see great sculptures like the statue of liberty and other famous monuments made of marble, stone, or wood. Many of the freelancers choose to take this profile as their career ahead. The average salary is approx. $63,000.

Art Restorer:

This profile includes restoring the old form of art and giving it a totally new formation to the existing piece of art. Art restorer also enhances the old photographs which are very old and blurry. They also make it new and visible to watch them. So high concentration skills are required to pursue this skill. The average salary is approx.$84,000.


If someone believes that they have a great skill for color combination, shadows, and also the good compositions of different background colors then photography is just the right career for them. It involves recording the videos and photos from the events and also capturing the emotions that can be kept with us as a memory. Some click artistic creations and sell them in galleries or studios while some choose to excel in portraits or are also interested in the documentary. The average salary is approx.$45,000.


This includes giving a form to the form of an idea or complements the design too. They can choose to draw school books to illustrate the examples. They can also choose to also draw for calendars, for publications, or also to draw on behalf of any police station to pass any message to the general public. The average median pay is approx. $20/hour.

Tattoo Artist:

This job involves applying permanent designs to people’s skin. It also includes coming up with new ideas to draw and properly sterilize the injections so that there is no infection caused to the clients. Their job also includes teaching their clients how to take care of themselves to avoid any serious problems. Some states require a license to become a tattoo artist. Approx. the median salary is $34,000.

Creative Jobs in Multimedia

Professionals in the multimedia sector use technology in a very regular manner like computers and cameras to create the visuals into reality. They also combine technical and innovative skills to create films, video games, websites, or commercial ads. Some of the creative jobs under the multimedia section includes the following-

Mobile App Developer:

As time is passing by people are getting more dependent on mobile phones so the developer takes out new ways to create apps to make them more attractive so that their demand increases day by day. This involves a good knowledge of the coding too. Therefore, being well equipped with multiprogramming languages is very important. The average salary is approx. median $72,000.

Web Developer:

To pursue any type of job requires an appealing and innovative website becomes very necessary. From developing a full website design to only drawing the layout design everything is managed by a web developer. According to the current situation, this is the more demanding creative job in this field. The average salary is approx. $82,000.

Video Game Designer:

As we know that video games are very trendy nowadays. From children to adults every generation loves to play video games. Therefore, the job of game designers is always to create new development every day. They also tend to create new storylines every day to create different looks of the animated characters. They also work closely with game developers to do the programming. The average median salary is approx. $65,000


The job of a videographer includes shooting and editing videos on a small as well as large scale. Some can also choose to become a professional videographers or choose to shoot a wedding. They also integrate music and songs to make videos more creative attractive. Starting training in broadcasting or video production is a good way to pursue this career. The average median salary is approx. $44,000.

Creative Jobs in Writing and Communication

If anyone believes that writing and communicating simultaneously is their strength then the marketing and entertainment industry is the best suited for them. Any industry runs on promoting the products they sell, therefore spreading knowledge about the product’s well-crafted messages is very important. Some of the examples of creative jobs underwriting and communication are as follows-

Marketing Manager:

The job of the marketing manager is to manage the team efficiently together with the customers and their team members. Their role is to create new strategies, update themselves with the latest market trends. They also need to set new plans for pricing and promoting their products and services. You need to have years of marketing experience or skills to develop and manage the team and take the company to a new level for its growth. The average salary for this is approx. $1,49,200.

Advertising Director:

To continue maintaining the interest of the clients for the products and services is the job of the advertising director. These creative professionals produce different types of promotional campaigns for advertising their sales services. They coordinate with all the teams such as the sales, advertising, and operations teams. Part of the job also involves supervising the copywriter and graphic designers. The average salary for this is approx. $1,40,000.


Expanding scripts for movies and television series is one of the best ways to put your creativity into use. Screenwriting is all about visually describing the written scripts. The focus is more on explaining things through actions and dialogs rather than explaining through words. Good imagination skills and understanding of the filmmaking process are very useful to proceed with this option as a career. The average median salary is approx. $80,000.


One of the primary roles of the editor is to polish the piece of content already written to make it best for the audience. It involves analyzing the overall error and checking the inconsistencies in spelling, style, grammar, logic. One could choose to work in the publishing industry or choose to work as a freelancer as per their own preference. The average salary for this is approx. $70,000


Writing content is not just enough to promote the products and services. The job of the copywriter is to captivate the written articles into action so that it reaches the targeted audience. They are also responsible for printing the content into the ad form so that it helps the customers to understand in simple language. Their job profile is also to do proper product packaging, promoting websites brochures, etc. They might also choose to write slogans, jingles. There is a growth in both the aspect wherein you can choose to work as a freelancer in your own terms and conditions or can also choose to work as an employee in the company as well.

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Creative jobs can be of various forms. It is all about the ability to create and develop new ideas and innovative ways to get the job done in different ways. The scope of creative jobs as a career is more than what you can ever imagine.


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Q. What is scope of creative jobs?

There has been a decent rise in demand for creative jobs in freelancing specially in tech and marketing. It is only expected that the demand will rise in coming years. So definitely the future of creative jobs is bright.

Q. Do creative jobs help in making money?

Yes, of course. With the rise in demand for creative jobs. The pay for the creative employees has also increased.



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