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Learn SEO Basics: Trends That You Need To Know In 2024

At present, SEO is quite the important thing in digital marketing and it has become for every aspiring digital marketer to learn SEO basics. Here’s everything you need to know in 2024.

Learn SEO Basics Trends That You Need To Know

Won’t you agree that the basics for everything in life should be crystal clear? Then why not learn SEO basics too. If you are just starting with blogging, writing content, developing a website, or even just have an Instagram page then knowing about SEO is important.



We often think that SEO is a complicated technology that we won’t be able to figure out. And so we often hire SEO experts or quitting learning about it. Learn SEO basics. Because learning about SEO can be quite interesting and functional. You just need the internet and will get all information regarding the same. Still, if it becomes really confusing you can always learn SEO basics with the help of a course, paid or free.


Everything needs SEO. Be it your Instagram page, Pinterest, Facebook, website, or blog, everything needs an SEO strategy. But before digging into the strategies or the basics let’s understand what is SEO and why is it so important. And then move forward to learn SEO basics.


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In this Learn SEO Basics Guide you’ll get to know:

  • What is SEO?
  • Who should know about SEO?
  • Why is SEO so important?


Learn SEO Basics: trends that you need to know.

  • Content 
  • Keywords – Use of Long-tailed Keywords, what to avoid when using keywords, how to do keyword research, tools for keyword research.
  • User Experience – Causes of Bad User experiences, how to analyze your website’s user experience, strategies to improve your website’s user experience.
  • Social Media – Social Media Keyword Research, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.
  • Backlinking – Why are backlinks so important, Get more backlinks.
  • Engagement – Signs of Engagements, how to increase your website’s engagement.
  • FAQs – Some Frequently Asked Questions About SEO


What is SEO?

The word SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means that it is the process that helps improve the amount of traffic a website gets and also helps increase visibility in search results for the potential audience.


It is a strategy or process that optimizes your websites or blogs in such a way that it makes you appear in the search results of your audience. If the SEO strategy implements correctly then you will get high rankings in the search engines, in the first two pages of it. Which is most important and difficult to appear in.


SEO helps you to get an identity and brand credibility like no other amount your target audience. Hence, applying the right strategies is very crucial to generate great results.


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Who should know about SEO?

We would recommend everybody to know about SEO or at least learn SEO basics. With today’s world completely turning into a digital one. It is quite important to know about these trending technicalities so that you can use this to just give an edge to your simple hobbies.


If you find the internet world very interesting and are planning to get into digital marketing. Then learning about SEO can be a great help. At least you must learn SEO basics. It will definitely give your career an extra boost. Also, if you are already a part of the internet world then definitely get to know about SEO.


People who should know about SEO

  • Small business owners.
  • Content Writers.
  • Content Creators.
  • Bloggers.
  • Digital Marketers.
  • Freelancers.
  • Instagram Influencers.
  • YouTube Content Creators.
  • Lastly and obviously all kinds of businesses should know about SEO to help them grow their business on the digital platform.


So, in simple words how does SEO help? Let’s break it down so that you can understand more clearly:

  • It helps in generating more and more traffic. Be it a small business or a well-established one everyone needs well-optimized websites to get traffic.
  • SEO can give small businesses a rocket start. If you are a small business then start digging the SEO secrets. What are you waiting for?
  • SEO helps you reduce your bounce rate. Increase your page views, and the time your potential audience spends on your page. So, create clean, to the point and uncluttered websites.
  • Efficient SEO optimization helps in ensuring that the loading time of any website is very short and the customer is read it instantly. If your website or blog takes time to open then your customers are likely to go back and never visit your site.
  • SEO helps you to rank your business in the search engines with the help of certain keywords. So, that whenever your potential client searches for your services with the relevant keywords then you appear. We will talk about this in detail in the article further.
  • SEO is relatively cheap and generates 100% organic results. So, learning SEO basics can save up quite the cash!
  • Lastly, SEO helps you to establish authenticity and credibility among the masses.

Why is SEO so Important?

We already talked about what it is and how can it help you. But why is SEO considered so important, Let’s get to know?


1) SEO Basics 1

Gets us Rankings

Good SEO means a good ranking for your website. If you have made a website or created a business, you want the audience to come to your site. SEO helps to bring those people to your website through rankings. A better-optimized page will ensure your website appears in the potential client’s search results. The SEO helps your site to rank in the google search result pages so that you are visible to your audience.


Ranking high on google search engines becomes very important. As there are millions of people providing the same content or service on the internet. So, to stand out and rank high than others, and have visibility. There is a need to use proper SEO strategies that would help in your rankings.


2) SEO Basics 2


The next obvious is traffic. Not road traffic but web traffic! If nobody views your content or site, how would you ever get traffic? So, as mentioned before high rankings bring you visibility. And high visibility or ranking is directly proportionate to huge traffic.


Try and get your website to rank on the first two pages of the search engine. Because those are the pages that get the most traffic. People are more likely to only see search results on the first or second page. How to prove that? Just ask yourself do you ever move to the second or third page when searching about something. And regardless of that, it is statistically proven. The first ranking page gets 33% of clicks and the first few listing on that page gets over 75% of all clicks.


3) SEO Basics 3

Gives Organic Results

Organic Results are the best aspect for small businesses or businesses that are just starting. If you are acknowledged with SEO then you wouldn’t have to invest huge money for advertisements. You would get natural results with any investments, just the investment of time.


Carrying out SEO strategies efficiently will surely help you get organic results. Such as:

  • Proper Research.
  • Competition Analysis.
  • Keyword research and planning.
  • Create a user-friendly experience. Making clean and uncluttered websites.
  • Engagement. Engage with your audience in the comment section.
  • Make use of important SEO tools. To help advance the process.


Hence, if you want organic results within a cheap budget then the above strategies are a go-to. Learn SEO basics with the strategies mentioned. You can also apply the strategies of more basics that we will talk about in the article in the further section.


4) SEO Basics 4

Builds a Brand Identity

From helping you to rank in the search engines to get good traffic. SEO helps you build a brand identity. When you get high visibility among your potential audience. You build a sense of trust with them. More people trust you and your brand.


Getting better at the rankings and visibility helps you to connect with people even across seas. You connect with a whole lot of people. Building a new brand identity in today’s world is quite difficult, because of those million and trillion people trying to establish their brand. So, it is a must to use SEO to its fullest potential to establish a successful brand identity.


So, now that we have talked quite a lot about SEO in general. Let’s get into the main focus; Learn SEO Basics: trends that you need to know. 


5) SEO Basics 5


Content is king. Period. Look wherever you want be it the latest social media post you saw or the notification you just got from Zomato. Everything thing is presented to us through content.


Content is used everywhere. But still, let’s list out some places we see content very often:

  • Instagram and Facebook.
  • YouTube.
  • Blogs.
  • Websites.
  • Messages or notifications.
  • Mobile Apps.
  • E-books.
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures.
  • Product Descriptions.
  • Fliers.
  • Videos
  • Infographics


Content and SEO go hand in hand. SEO makes your audience reach your content. And the content makes the person stay on the page. So, if carefully noticed we can say that content is even more important than SEO. Keep your content engaging enough and you’ll keep your potential audience on your page for the longest time.


Everything uses content and is the most vital aspect to rank your sites higher and get great traffic. Writing unique and engaging content will keep your audience on your page and get value out of it. If they like your content, find it helpful, and can relate to it. They will surely come to your website again and again.  Content will create credibility for your website like no other.


So, how to create the perfect content that will keep your audience engaged:

  1. Use Simple Language. Don’t complicate your content by using heavy-duty words and sentences. Simplicity is the key.
  2. Write Unique Content. Write something different than your competition. Try and stand out.
  3. Personalized Content. Try using the word ‘you as much as you can. So, it sounds as if you are talking to the person who is reading the content.
  4. Start with a Question. You can often start your content pieces with a question. That instantly brings the reader’s focus on the content. And creates a curiosity to read further.
  5. Grammatically Correct. Content should be grammatically correct and should make proper sense.
  6. Keep it Relevant. Your content should be relevant to the current time.
  7. Well Researched. Your content must be well researched. Writing content that is not well researched can make you sound unethical.
  8. Include a CTA. CTA meaning Call To Action. At the end of every content, you must include a CTA. Like suppose, comment on your suggestions or subscribe to my newsletter. Include something that would get you some audience engagement.


6) SEO Basics 6


Keywords are those words that people search in the search engine. Using accurate keywords will land you up in your potential audience’s search results.


You must optimize your content with the relevant keywords of your services, topics, products. This will help you appear on the search results of your target audience. And would have a better chance of them visiting your site. The keyword is literally something that makes your audience find you.


Keywords also help communicate your content to the search engines. Through the keywords, they identify what is the content about. And will deliver your site to the target audience’s doorsteps. When searched with keywords relevant to your website.


But, there are definitely many who are using the same keywords, then how do you stand out and come before your target audience. Let’s see.


Use of Longtail Keywords

Longtail keywords are more specific keywords. For example; something like ‘yoga classes near me’ than just ‘yoga classes.’ Your results get more narrowed down when long-tailed keywords are used. More specific means less competition and that must be utilized. Still, it is always advisable to go through proper keyword research. Before using keywords for your website content.


Benefits of long-tailed keywords:

  • User searching trends have changed from then and now. Now people search for more specific information. And so long-tailed keywords come to use.
  • As analyzed the average conversion rate for the longtailed keywords is 36%. Long-tailed keywords have a more solidified base, to appear organically in the search results.
  • Long-tailed keywords are often low competition keywords. They are much easier to rank in the search engines and find great traffic from your potential audience.
  • The long-tailed keywords send out a very direct message. They are very specific and cater to people’s specific info needs.
  • To break through the competitive market, there is a need to use long-tailed keywords. So, that you don’t come under the competitive one-word keywords where you might get lost in the sea of competition.

What to Avoid When Using Keywords?

  1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing. Using the right keywords will land you upon your target audience’s search results. But, using too many keywords on your content. Will make the search engine think that you are a spammer! So, don’t use too many of those keywords, use according to guidelines of keyword density.
  2. Don’t Use Keywords Meaningless. Using keywords just for the sake of it will lead your content to sound meaningless. This will make your content less engaging. And nobody would want to read your content.
  3. Keywords Must Be Relevant. Include keywords that are relevant to your content. Adding keywords that are irrelevant to your content will make you look less credible.
  4. Don’t force your Keywords. Use your keywords in a subtle and flowing manner. It should look like it is a part of your content. Not just an extra word that has been unnecessarily added.


How to do Keyword Research?

Keyword research means analyzing how many people are searching for a particular keyword. And how high is the competition for that same? Meaning how many competitors are using the keywords for their own content creation.


You can start your keyword research by:

  • Brainstorming Keyword Ideas.

Come up with several keyword ideas that are relevant to your content. Write them down and begin your search by researching every single keyword written down.  Analyze competitions and searches. And pick yours.


  • Use a Keyword Research Tool.

It is not humanly possible to search up completion and search result numbers for hundreds and thousands of keywords. You will definitely need a tool. That will tell you the accurate analysis of every keyword you want to use. For this, you can use the Google Keyword Planner, which tells you about your keyword analysis and also gives you other keyword ideas.


  • Discover Suggest Keywords.

Look out for suggested keywords during your keyword research. This will help you to get an idea about what people are searching for the most. And what is trending?


  • Analyze Your Competition.

Analyze your competitions that come in the search results when you search with your chosen keyword. Get to know what kind of content they are writing. How can you make yours different and stand out among your target audience? Offer something more than them.


Tools For Keyword Research

Some of the best tools you can use for your keyword research, which are:

  1. Google Keyword Planner.
  2. Ubersuggest.
  3. Answer The Public
  4. SEMrush

All of them are FREE.


1) SEO Basics 7

User Experience

User experience is everything. SEO is not only about website optimization. But, is also about creating a user-friendly experience. I mean you don’t want your customer to just bounce off your website the moment they land on your page, right?


If today you buy a car, you would obviously want a test drive. And if you don’t like the driving experience you would reject the car instantly. No matter how beautiful it might look! Similarly, if your website looks cluttered, unclear, vague then no person would want to stay on your site.


They would find it difficult to navigate and read through. You need people to stay on your site for a longer period. That comes with a good user experience.


Causes of Bad User Experience

  • Low site speed. Over 47% of people expect any site to open within just 2 seconds and 40% will abandon it if it takes longer than even 3 seconds.
  • Content is not engaging enough. It is monotonous or boring.
  • Irrelevant content with the keyword search.
  • Unclear, cluttered, and poorly organized content.
  •  Too many ads and pop-ups during the website surfing.
  • Poor website navigation.
  • Not mobile-friendly.
  • Use of very complex and difficult words and phrases in the content.

So, how do we analyze these bad signs of user experience? Let’s move forward and you’ll get all your answers.


How to Analyze Your Website’s User Experience?

Analyzing website user experience will let you know how is your website performing among your target audience. Which will give you a chance to improve on any faults and give attention to details. Which is crucial in learning SEO basics.

You can analyze your website’s user experience by:

  • High Bounce rate: Check your site’s bounce rate. A high bounce rate means that your website could not serve the purpose of what the person was looking for. Or found your site to be very cluttered, vague, and unclear. That made them instantly exist on your page. A high bounce rate means very less people visit your page and more people leave it quiet instantly.


  • Time spent on page: Your page is not engaging enough to grab your target audience’s attention, to spend more time on your site. Time spent on the page by the audience if analyzed then you can understand if the page is serving any purpose. Low time spent on the page indicates that they did not find anything useful, and so they bounced back.


  •  The Pages Visited: The low number of pages visited can be a bad sign also, but not always. If your site is performing badly across all the above criteria then it can be an area of concern. Hence, a poor number of page visits can affect you negatively.


Strategies For Improving your Websites’ User Experience

  1. Write the most engaging content with the relevant keywords. Try and keep your content to the point and unique. Also, keep the language simple.
  2. Add relevant pictures to your content which would make your overall page look attractive.
  3. The organization of content must be properly taken care of. Make sure that your content is spaced out, has enough gaps, paragraphs, and subheadings. Don’t make it look like a cluttered set of text. Make it as organized and spaced out as possible.
  4. Try optimizing your website and increase site speed. Your site must open within 2 seconds.
  5. Your Call To Action(CTA) isn’t clear. make sure your CTA is clear to your target audience so that you have got the maximum engagement and traffic.
  6. Improve your site navigation. Optimize your site with a clear and minimal menu with the right buttons. That the person finds it easy to navigate through your website.
  7. Make sure that the mobile version of your website has good navigation features like the desktop version.
  8. Your site must be mobile-friendly.

Therefore, having a good user experience for your website is very important, as it directly affects your SEO. hence, make sure to take all the steps and pointers as discussed.


8) SEO Basics 8

Social Media

Learn SEO basics: In social media.

Now, you must be wondering how does SEO comes into social media. If you are a social media influencer, content creator, YouTuber, have an Instagram or Facebook page, this might be it. These small strategies might help you solve all the social media problems that you might be facing. Like getting or increasing followers, how to increase subscribers, how to drive traffic to your social media profiles.


Social Media Keyword Research

Not only website content needs keyword research. But, also social media needs keyword research. You need to find out what people are searching for and what’s trending! Knowing this will enable you to post content using keywords that are highly searching.

The idea is to use keywords that are highly searched. So, your content appears in your target audience’s search results.



Youtube if you ask anyone, is a difficult place to rank. Because there are millions of people posting videos every single day. And it becomes quite difficult to rank. Your content must be interesting and good. And you must know how to create content that attracts your audience.


Below are some of the tools that will come to your help. And some of the strategies that would help your YouTube Channel.

For YouTube, you can use keyword research tools like:

  • ahrefs.com
  • Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Keg
  • Word tracker


Tricks or Strategies that you can use to increase traffic or engagement on your YouTube Channel:

  1. Use the right keywords for your video titles and descriptions. Make use of the words that are being highly searched for, so that you can also get visibility.
  2. Try out making longer-duration videos. This makes the watch duration of your videos longer. Which in turn will indicate engagement on your videos.
  3. Always include a CTA(Call To Action) at the end of your videos. Ask your audience to comment and give suggestions. This will ensure that they comment and engage with you.
  4. Always, reply to your audience’s comments. This will create credibility and engagement in your comment section.
  5. Look out for what is trending.
  6. Keep your content relevant to the topic you have referred to.

These were some of the small tricks and strategies you can use to boost up your YouTube journey.



Instagram is the most trending social media platform ever! And people are becoming popular and big sensations through Instagram. But, it can be quite tricky to trend on Insta even though it may seem very easy. As so many people are trying to trend, you would need an extra edge to get followers or somewhat get going.

The Content on Instagram

  • Make sure your content or captions are crisp yet quirky.
  • Provide a CTA(Call To Action) at the end of your post. Include phrases like ‘comment down’, ‘give your suggestions’, or ‘what do you think’.
  • Include attractive images and videos. That will instantly grab your audience’s attention.
  • Always have an interesting Bio. Because its the first thing someone sees when they visit your page.
  • Keep the engagement alive. Do regular lives and post stories every day. You must keep the audience engaged.
  • Have a personal touch on your content. That will make your followers connect.


Instagram Hashtags

Including relevant hashtags will help your target audience to find your page or your post that you want to trend. These hashtags that are most searched for can be found in Instagram itself. With how many numbers of people are using the same.


But, it is also advisable to use hashtags that have a little low usage. So, your content does not get buried in the sea of people using hashtags that have millions of users.  Try using hashtags that maybe have been used between 100 to 10k. So, that you can come to your target audience’s view.


Hence, use a mixture of popular as well less popular hashtags that will give your Instagram strategy another edge.



As like Instagram and YouTube. You need to also find out what’s trending on Facebook. Create an attractive page and follow all the guidelines that have been mentioned in regards to Instagram’s content.


But, what you can add to your Facebook strategy are:

  • Create a community or group on Facebook. That will get you engagement for your page.
  • Post daily content, with attractive graphics or videos.
  • Always include CTA(Call to Action) in your posts.
  • Be active in your chats.
  • Answer to comments and queries of your fellow followers.

Hence, use social media to create content and start your own business or service through it. Also, utilize it fully if you have a website or blog that you can promote.


9) SEO Basics 9


To learn SEO basics we also need to focus on learning about backlinks. Talking about backlinks simply, they are a kind of imprint that you leave on the internet. In somebody’s website, blog, or social media. Google or any search engine sees these links as a sign of positivity or confidence. That helps your website to seem valuable and rank high in the search engines. The more backlinks your website will have the more likely it would be for you to rank high.


So, backlinks are links from a website or a page on another website. That links the websites to the other one. If somebody links your site, then you have got a backlink from their site. And if you link someone else’s site in yours then they have got a backlink from you.


We get that backlinking is important for SEO but how does it help, and what will happen if we have got a good number of backlinks. To understand the same. Let’s dig into that further.


Why are Backlinks so Important?

  • Affects Rankings- More the backlinks the merrier for the rankings. The more backlinks you would have for your website, the more value it will have in front of google or search engines. Google finds confidence in you when it sees that your content or website is linked to another site or social media.


  • You will Get Referral Traffic- If any site or suppose social media channels link your site to them. Then you will get some amount to their traffic directed to you. This will be a referral as they will be giving your sites’ references in regards to some matter. Which will give you brownie points.


  • Gives Value- If you get a backlink from a high domain site or high authority site then you will get a definite value. Getting linked to a high authority site gives an immense amount of value in front of the search engines. Which would in return make it think that the site must have something, that to be linked to a high domain site.


  • Discovery- You get discovered by a valuable audience if your site is linked to a high-domain website. As these sites drive the most valuable audiences and you might just get a booming discovery!


So, now that we get that backlinks are quite the most important aspect in SEO to rank. Then how do we get more and more backlinks? Don’t worry we have that answer.


Get More Backlinks

How to get more backlinks? Focus on the pointers below.

Creating Backlinks Manually

Creating backlinks can be quite a tedious job but is an effective option to try out. Manually backlinking would need; adding your site links to your social media profiles, share on social media platforms, commenting on high domain blogs, submit your links to business directories, and so on.


You can simply type ‘blog commenting sites’ in google and will get numerous blogs in which you will be able to leave a comment. This may need a bit of work and follow-up to keep track of the backlinking. But, is quite an effective process.


Earning The Backlinks

This is more of an organic process. You spread your content’s awareness through your social media platforms or word of mouth. Which people relate to or find interesting and add it as a link in their socials. Or even share it. This will create a backlink for your website. It is rather a slow process but an organic one.


Building Your Own Backlinks

So, how do you build your own backlinks? This can be done by reaching out to website owners, business owners, start-ups, or editors. And offering them if they would want to link your site to theirs. But, try to find people who have the same relevant content as yours. So that they get a sense of relevance with your site when you approach them.


You can also offer guest blogging. To write a post in their blog if they need and link your site along with the same. Therefore, try using these strategies and get backlinks for your site because that’s what will give you more visibility. Start small, and get started first with the manual one.


10) SEO Basics 10


And finally, we come to engagement as a key aspect of SEO basics.

Talking about engagement here we mean your target audience engaging on your website. Now, this engagement can be of two types: one being the amount of time they are spending on your site and another one is them actually commenting and engaging with you.


Engagement on your website is a really very important single to search engines. That the audience is finding your content to be interesting, valuable, and serving their purpose. which makes you gain brownie points from the search engines. And helps you rank high on search engine results. Hence, engagement is a very simple process but can take time to happen. Its’ a slow process but powerful.


There are some signs of engagement that can be identified if your site is getting.

Signs of Engagement

  1. Prolonged time spent by the target audience on the site.
  2. The target audience making an effort and comments about their thoughts and suggestions.
  3. Your audience, sharing your site links on social media and recommending people to visit.
  4. People recommending you for your services and skills to others.

Now, after knowing the signs of engagement. Let’s get into the strategies to increase engagement on websites. That you can use for your own site or blog.

How to increase engagement for your website?

  • Write engaging and unique content. That is simple to read and grabs the audience’s attention.
  • Use attractive yet relevant pictures with your content. So, your page doesn’t look boring. You don’t just want to add text, text, and text.


  • Include a CTA in all your content copies. CTA meaning Call To Action. Write something like ‘would love your suggestions, ‘comment down below, ‘which part you liked the most, and so on. This makes the person reading want to comment and tell you about what they liked the most. If they loved your content then you might also get a share.


  • Tend to mention your site or blog on your social media platforms. So, that you could get some level of engagement at least from the people who follow you.


  • Spread the word of mouth about your content. Let people know that you have a site and content up on the internet. This might interest them and make them want to visit your site or blog.


Therefore, engagement as an aspect is quite easy to understand and can be taken care of by you alone. Just apply the right strategies as mentioned, and work consistently towards it. And you will succeed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About SEO

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the short form for the same.


What is SEO?

SEO is a process that focuses on optimizing the websites in a way that helps in bringing your websites to the search results of your target audience. It helps in generating organic or natural traffic without any investments. The more efficient your SEO optimization is the higher you will be able to rank in the search engines.


Why is SEO important?

SEO helps you get traffic and create your identity for your target audience. It increases your visibility in the search engines and provides you a cost-effective strategy that if becomes successful then can easily convert your visibility into; traffic, potential target audience, possible leads, and revenue.


Hence, SEO brings you traffic that is turned into potential leads. so, it’s important to get good quality traffic and to get that you must appear on the first two pages of the search engines. With the help of no SEO strategies.


Does traffic affect rankings?

Yes, traffic affects rankings. Rankings as in the ranks on the search engines for your content or website. The search engine determines the traffic on your website as something valuable. It means that people are visiting your website and spending time, reading content.


If they spend time on your website then that’s a single that something valuable is there at your site which is making the audience come to you. This value addition is important for ranking your site. Hence, traffic is quite important for ranking.


Why does SEO take time before we see results?

As like anywhere the competition has also increased in the digital world. Appearing on the first page of the search engines has become very difficult now.


Hence, you have to consistently work towards your SEO strategies because there are millions of relevant search results with the keywords that you might be using. So, those results can be showed when your potential audience searches for the same. Therefore, your SEO strategies will take effort even though a bit late. So keep working!


What are the SEO best practices?

You want to Learn SEO Basics. Hence, there are a few important SEO practices that everyone must know about. Like choosing the right keywords, researching well about your competition: about their tends and content creations.  The content as we hear is the king. It must be engaging and always at power or one step ahead of your competition.


Backlinks are also important. Creating backlinks with high domain websites or websites that have high value is a plus. It is like an imprint that you leave on these high-domain websites. And lastly, engagement. If you have your target audience commenting and engaging on your website then it will give you great value and recognition.


What is on-page SEO?

The practices that you take to optimize and improve the performance of your web pages or on websites is what is on-page SEO. Some important practices:

  • Writing and optimizing content with relevant keywords. With the correct density. Avoid stuffing of the same or that would give you negative results.
  • Ensure that your site loads up very fasts.
  • You must be optimized for mobile devices as well as like desktops.
  • Provide inbound and outbound links on your website.
  • Do not provide any duplicate or plagiarized content. Make sure your content is 100% unique.
  • Avoid giving thin content on your website which is the content of low word count.
  • Keep your site clean and uncluttered. It must be easy to navigate and read. Your reader must not face any problems while going through the website.


Why are the Keywords Important?

Keywords are the most important. If you don’t mention keywords in your content or website, how will the search engine know what your website is all about?


Keywords help navigate your content in the search results when searched with the relevant or same keyword, by the audience. It helps your content to appear in the relevant search results. Which will eventually help you gain traffic.


To get the best results by using keywords. It is most preferable to use long-tailed and less competitive keywords. So, it is easy for you to rank high on the search results.


Why is site speed important?

Over 47% of people expect any site to open within just 2 seconds and 40% will abandon it if it takes longer than even 3 seconds.


So, site speed is quite an important factor for your traffic and rankings. Because you don’t want that your site has a major bounce rate. Which is your target audience comes to your site, but immediately goes back because they have to wait for the site to load. Hence, it is very important to ensure that your site speed is optimal.


What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO mainly focuses on links. It focuses on links, as it gives the search engines a signal that your content is very valuable is being searched and shared by people or website.


But, to get more value from links in terms of SEO. It is important to see if you can create backlinks in high-domain websites. Which has a higher value in front of the search engines. This gives an impression that your content or website must have something, to be linked in these high domain sites.


Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks mean linking your website to another. Which gives access to someone already on a website to another different site, through that link.


This linking can be very crucial for SEO. As it creates an impression that your site might be valuable, for it being able to get a link in other sites. The other sites where you get linking must be a high domain site to get more credibility and visibility by search engines. A high-domain site will always add high value to your site.


Can you use duplicate content for your website?

No, you cannot copy content from someone else’s website and put it on yours. This can badly affect your website and you can even be penalized for the same. So, avoid using copied content. And always go through a plagiarism check after every content you have written to be put up on the site.


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