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10 Best Free Interview Preparation Courses For 2024

To help you land your favorite job, here are the best free interview preparation courses.

10 Best Free Interview Preparation Courses

Compilation Of Professional Interview Preparation Courses, Including Technical & Coding Interview Training.

There can be seen a huge uproar among people, to take up a professional interview training program, before attending an interview. Fresher’s and professionals alike are running berserk asking the question, “how do you prepare for a course interview?”, “steps that need to be followed?”, “could it be downloaded at no cost?’ and the likes of these.


What’s driving the masses towards these job interview courses? To have a better understanding of the same we need to explore the difficult and disheartening employment conditions prevailing in our country today.


Now, let’s start with taking a tour of the business industry which is filled with job insecurities and often unrewarding remuneration. In a Parallel manner, let’s also take a look at the brighter side of the mentioned industry filled with knowledge and insights into a world filled with satisfaction, respect, and relatively well-paying income with assured job security.


The dismal plight can be distinctly noticed by a little peek into the Indian job market trend, it is more than enough to make one realize the worrisome scenario it’s plunging into. Securing one’s job is unpredictable and landing a job is unimaginable.


And to add to that, your dream job doesn’t knock at your doorsteps time and again. It is a rare and ample once-in-a-lifetime vacancy and you get one shot at making it happen and work in your dream company.


Irrespective of all the apprehensions, the undebatable fact remains that if one pursues a job of their passion, they become an indispensable asset to the company. It goes without saying that when you love what you do, you improvise and get it to the top.


Every individual is unique with talents we know nothing about. A few people project their work so well and effortlessly that they are handpicked with no sweat and are absorbed instantly. However, most of us have to put in that extra effort to ensure that we stand out in the crowd and are noticed to be chosen.


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Every job interview process is different and so is the requirement. Every company follows a different methodology and not necessarily an easy one. Acing one is a mammoth task but not impossible.

If the Job openings are for freshers, the expectations and requirements would be different from those for experienced ones.


There are different criteria for different openings and there are these tricky parts of an interview that are overlooked most of the time. How can one know and be prepared for an interview process and face it with confidence and conviction?


You have your dream job right in front of you and you for a fact know that no one else can do it better than you or want it more than you. But, how do you ensure that you get the job? You could excel at group discussion, or ace at the product knowledge, but what if you goof up at the HR interview?


The aforementioned criteria can take you by surprise. But, think of it this way, had you already known how to conduct yourself, present yourself, attire yourself, and practiced this scenario over and over again. It is but obvious that you would have got an upper hand in cracking the job interview with ease.


Before we go any further, let’s take a brief look at the benefits of preparing for a job interview.


  1. Confidence: Being prepared boosts your confidence. Mock interviews give you the experience of a real one increasing your confidence level, which is the key to cracking any interview.
  2. Nervousness: Your stress levels are catered to, further reducing your nervousness, stress, and anxiety. So, you can say goodbye to your mind blanking out in the middle of an interview.
  3. Dress: clean, presentable, and professional could mean a clean sweep rite from the start of the interview process.
  4. Exposure: Experience of corporal interview process would help overcome the fear of interviews and since you would be subjected to all the tricky questions and unexpected scenarios, on the day of face-off it would not seem to be a challenging task after all.
  5. Leave your mark: Practice makes a man perfect. And practicing the steps in the interview preparation process just makes you good at it. Being used to maintaining composure and cool leaves the interviewer charmed leaving a lasting impression.


Did you know that there are different types of interviews for different job profiles? They don’t follow the generic equally streamlined method.


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Let’s check out the 3 most popular interview preparation processes:


  • Technical Interview preparation process: 

 Unlike non-technical interviews, technical examinations are tougher and deal with on-the-job scenarios making them difficult to crack.


It has more to do with the display of practical skills in real-life situations than conventional verbal Q & A sessions. Here, the applicant is exposed to a routine then asked rather than experiment in a closed and protected environment.


Everyday challenges are thrown at the applicant and the various aspects of his/her behavior are gauged along with problem-solving capabilities. One has to understand that working in a new environment under high stress makes the task preposterously difficult, improbable, and unusual.


Blueprint of a technical interview process:

1. Phone screen interview: The first step establishes that you are shortlisted for the job and would be asked to attend the second round of interviews.


2. Remote assignment: This phase of interview exposes the applicant to various assignments and analysis that needs to be done remotely and submitted within the stipulated time- period, failing which the candidate is disqualified immediately.


3. In-house face-to-face interview: This last phase establishes the fact that the candidate is zooming towards the gateway to success. However, one on one sessions with the company’s top officials including the HR manager, CEO, MD, or your future boss could be a task in itself.


You could be asked to give a presentation or solve a technical issue, and you could also be asked about your skill-sets, educational qualification, and personal information based on the information shared on your resume.


  • Medicine Interview preparation process:

A medicine interview involves more theoretical queries which require you to establishes a rather spontaneous, accommodating, and engaging reply.


Detailed answers to probes with elaborate reasoning would do the trick. It is not a task-based interview rather a question-focused one.


This is the space where you would be asked formidable questions however, you need to maintain your cool and try not to get intimidated rather try to kindle amicability.


Steps of a medical interview process:

  1. Surprisingly there aren’t any hard and fast rules to hire a doctor.
  2. Every hospital follows a different rule.
  3. A doctor who starts his practice need not go through any interview whatsoever.


  • Coding Interview preparation process

coding interviews test your knowledge regarding the fundaments and principles of concepts like data structures, algorithms, and system design.


This interview would test your ability to decode the toughest skills on the job. It would establish your problem-solving and cognitive abilities along with conceptual reasoning.


You would also be tested on your behavior that would determine how you work under pressure maintaining professionalism.


Blueprint of a coding interview preparation process

1. Initial introductory round: This round is the commencement of your interview where you would be asked about your background and personal life. This is where you can win half the battle by impressing the interviewer.


2. Problem- solution: In this particular round you will be given a problem by the interviewer and you are expected to solve it by working out the best solution. I;e to choose the best data structure or the algorithm.


3. Coding: After establishing the solution you would be asked to write a code. Instead of using a language that you are not comfortable with using something that you can effortlessly work on. Come up with something succinct and simple.


You can see a striking difference in the requirements of the three different professions.


And A bartender’s job interview process would be entirely different from that of a back-end coder. So, now you know that every job demands a different trait and hence, interviews for different job profiles are different.


As stated earlier it is very important to practice for an interview over and over again. Attending interviews without preparation usually results in failures, as you are clueless about the queries and rebuttals.


There are thousands of courses doing the rounds of the internet and also there would be many interview preparation courses near your vicinity. These centers do charge a considerable amount to help you crack the interview.


However, let us take a look at the top 10 interview preparation courses. These would help you nail an interview without shelling a penny out of your wallets.


#1. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses


 Job Interview Skills Training Course: Udemy

This is one of the best interview preparation courses available to you. This comprehensive course which includes 33 video lessons would help you master your interview, which would enable you to work on the most commonly asked questions in every round of interviews along with many other tricks of the trade.


These videos have been customized with classroom training methodologies and user-friendly guidelines ensuring individualized challenges are adhered to.


You would learn about precise interview techniques and the use of body language to impress your interviewer. Irrespective of you being a fresher or resuming work after a sabbatical or re-entering an organization, this content would help you work through your formidable challenges and overcome the concerns with ease.


Course duration: 1 hour 33 minutes, which can be completed at your own pace.

Course content consists: 32 lectures spread across 7 sections

Course fee: free


# 2. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses

How to succeed at interviews: future learning 

This 3-week course would help you identify the common questions asked at the interview and the ways to answer them. You would be well aware of understanding different types of interviews from telephonic and Video interviews to atypical ones and the way to handle them.


This course Handholds you right from the initial stage of drafting your resume to, handing it over to the authorities. It would help you develop your underlying skill sets and strengths and use them to your benefit in turn comprehend the requirements of the institution and project the same.


Apart from these, you would be trained on the best practices to tackle interviews for different jobs, apprenticeships, placement in universities.


Course duration: 3 weeks provided you put in 3 hours per week

Course content consists: preparing for interviews. Dealing with interviews, handling different types of interviews.

Course fee: free


# 3. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses

Online Interview Skills Training Course: how2become.com


One of the most popular interview preparation courses, this training module is designed by the award-winning career coach and founder of how2become, Richard McMunn. This self-paced course with 50 modules, covers the implementation of their techniques which has proven its credibility.


It prepares you with the dos and don’ts of the interview process. You would also be taken on a tour of frequently asked questions.


You would be given a clear understanding of the myths of the process and the ways to dodge blunders, ensuring you a higher success rate.


This course material gives you free access to psychometric job tests, works on your body language, helps you prepare for probing questions, and would also impart knowledge on the S.T.A.R interview technique.


Course duration: self- paced

Course content: 50 modules

Course fee: free


# 4. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses

 A must-do free interview preparation course: Geeks4Geeks

 This course is specifically for those who want to get into IT firms specializing in coding.


The course content covers mathematics and programming puzzles which include algorithms, number theory. Apart from this it also covers, arrays, string, searching, sorting, hashing, matrix, recursion, divide and conquer, linked list, stack, queue and dequeue, prefix sum and sliding window, bit magic, tree, heap, graph, greedy algorithms, backtracking, tire and more.


This Geeks4Geeks interview prep-up course would take you under their wings and help you build a resume, assist you with the application process, make you practice coding questions, help you understand the logical and frequently asked coding questions. Apart from this, you would also have mock tests which include 3 programming questions with varying difficulty.


The mock placement test is the icing on the cake, which analyses where you stand and accordingly curates your preparation for the upcoming interview.


It helps you understand your underlying skillsets and help you get the best out of yourself!

Course duration: self-paced

Course content: complete guidelines for placement preparation, practice test, and mock test

Course fee: Free


#5. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses

 Interview preparation course: codingninja.com

This course again focuses on coders and helps them crack interviews in the best companies in the world. This course trains you on solving problems, writing algorithms with solution analysis.


It would take you through meticulous and encyclopedic preparation for the top-notch companies. This course is available in English and Hindi ensuring a candidate understands this course easily with no language barrier.


It is a 4-6 months course with 41 classes covering varied topics like arrays, recursions, pointers, object-oriented programming in C++, trees, dynamic programming, system design and graphs, basic mathematics, applied and engineering mathematics, vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and abductive reasoning and data interpretation.


This course has considered the pandemic and introduced 60 days pause feature which enables you to pause complete your semester and exams and then continue with this course.


The proven methodology of this course ensures placement. They have live mentor support who solve 1500+ plus doubts a day. It would also groom you to take up advanced tests like Codevita, AMCAT, CEAT, ELITMUS, and the likes of these.


Course duration: 6-9 months

Course content-41 classes

Course fee: Free


#6. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses

Advanced interviewing techniques: Course Era

This free interview preparation course is offered by the prestigious University of Maryland. A world leader in research, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

This course gives detailed approaches for handling tough behavioral or competency-based interviews which enables you to convey your abilities and deep technical knowledge without any hesitation.


The course includes shareable certificates, self-paced learning options, course videos and quizzes, graded assignments with feedback, and graded programming assignments.


Its syllabus includes 25 videos where you would be taught how to respond to behavior queries, apply S.T.A.R response strategy, communicate your responses to the hiring authorities. It would also help you nail telephonic interviews apart from this, you would be exposed to “wild-card” interview questions, respond to questions related to your weakness, and help you with negotiating the job offer.


Course duration: self-paced

Course content: 25 videos

Course fee: Free


#7. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses

Android interview Prep: udacity.com

This course focuses on the technical interview preparation process. Giving you first-hand experience of an interview with mock interview drills and by reviewing detailed analysis on the way to tackle key industry questions.


This course would help you get into the interviewer’s skin. You would observe and learn the tactics to tackle a technical query, you would learn how to answer the question by experts. Understanding the interviewer’s requirements means winning half the battle.


You would be trained on working through key developer interview topics varying from explicit and implicit intents to designing a min stack. You would also be educated on the best practices for behavior questions and whiteboard problems.


It will help you work through your skills and would prepare you with different interviewing formats, help you analyze common mobile development and technical interview questions.


Course duration: self-paced. But it would approximately take a week.

Course content: videos on learning content, interactive quizzes, training by industry experts.

Course fee: Free


#8. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses

Free Short Course: Career building and Mastering the interview: itmasters.edu.au

 This course helps you apply interview skills in all the possible real-life scenarios which ultimately results in a positive outcome.


This course gives you a career development overview that would help you understand your skills better and help you build a career strategy.


Right from building your resume to inculcating the concept of self-coaching, this course would help you convert an interview into a dialogue with the interviewer.


It helps you with the necessary skillsets along with the soft skills required to ace an interview. The course material includes webinars by John S Pierce who holds a Masters in Organizational Coaching from Sydney University.


Course Duration: 4 weeks

Course content: career development overview, building resume, building and convincing interview skills, making the interview, a dialogue with the interviewer.

Course fee: Free


#9. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses

How to rock an interview: linkedin.com 

 This particular course was adapted from the famous podcast “how to be famous at your job.” It uses the storytelling methodology to help you overcome your insecurities and prepare yourself for a successful interview.


It covers interview preparation and career management. It helps you with planning your first impression, answering the most common questions asked in an interview process.


This course not only teaches you how to answer questions about yourself but, also tells you what not to say in an interview.


It shares short stories in the S.T.A.R format to give a better understanding of it. Helps you work on your body language.


Course duration: self-paced

Course content: interview preparation, career management

Course fee: 1st month free.


#10. Free Online Interview Preparation Courses

 Online classes for Job interview preparation: great learning. in

 This is one of the top-rated self-paced interview preparation courses that enable you to succeed at interviews enabling you with tools that would help you tackle interviews for jobs.


This course is targeted at freshers and for people who have been out of practice for a while and are considering getting back into the job market.


The job preparation course includes soft skills and the use of body language. Other than this, it takes you through telephone etiquette and setting up an attractive LinkedIn profile.


it focuses on harnessing the skillsets of software development engineer, data analyst, front-end developer, and database admin and would guide you through the general tips and prerequisites to crack an interview.

The key attraction of this course is the fact that they are all live sessions that are handled by industry experts. These experts would help you develop an understanding of the specific target interview questions and the methods of tackling them.


Course duration: Depends on the course chosen. Varies from 6 to 10 classes.

Course content: Quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning, data structure, and algorithm in C++ and JAVA, soft skills, general tips, and guidelines.

Course fee: Free



The above-mentioned interview preparation courses are shortlisted keeping the pandemic in mind, and also the financial crunch that a lot of us are enduring. Taking into account that shelling money on preparing for interview courses could be overbearing, these free courses have been handpicked to clock up your chances of getting your dream job.


You could go through these free courses and prepare yourself for your upcoming interview and impress your interviewers. Work hard, practice over and over again, take bits of advice from the experts and nothing can stop you from nailing your dream job.


All the best!


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