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Top 7 Interior Design Courses In Hyderabad

Are you from Hyderabad and looking for interior design courses in Hyderabad? if yes then this article will definitely help you find one. But before we dig deep let us understand first what is interior design and what is the scope of interior design, so let’s get started.


List of the best interior design courses in Hyderabad


Interior design is a unique combination of art and science. To create aesthetic work, an interior design graduate employs scientific ideas and concepts. They use their creativity to improve building interiors and come up with a range of distinctive and innovative designs and ideas. So today we bring a list of Interior design courses in Hyderabad which we will discuss in detail later in this article.


Interior design programs are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Those who appreciate designing and have an inclination for word art will be able to succeed in the field of interior design. After completing the course, you will be able to design the interiors of offices, apartments, studios, museums, and other sites.


Interior design is a creative and technological field that entails constructing habitable and appealing interiors or indoor places for humans. Understanding the layout of the space, its usefulness, and building and environmental laws are all part of the interior design process. It’s also about being aware of the clients’ various wants and aesthetic preferences.


Interior designers are responsible for a variety of tasks, including creating a space layout, drawing designs, selecting furniture, colors, materials, fixtures, and equipment. Aside from design, the role entails budgeting, project management services, schedule creation, construction and legal document preparation, and coordination with various vendors and professionals.


Interior designers assist businesses and homeowners with property layout, construction, color schemes, furniture, and decorations. An interior designer/main decorator’s job is to make any institution seem appealing while also providing useful products. Interior designers and interior decorators are the most prevalent and popular employment paths after completing an interior design education.


The majority of well-known Interior Design universities use an entrance exam to select applicants for admission to their programs. Candidates must first take a design aptitude exam before submitting their portfolios as part of the admissions process. Candidates can view a list of prominent design entrance examinations that they can use to get admission to an Interior Design program.


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Below are some of the entrance exams for interior design courses in Hyderabad-

  1. AIEED
  2. Pearl Academy Entrance Exam
  3. GD Goenka DAT
  4. SEED
  5. CEPT Entrance Exam
  6. NID Entrance Exam
  7. IIAD Entrance Exam


Scope Of Interior Design:


In today’s environment, there are several options available to interior design students. Interior design is only going to become more popular, especially in India, the world’s fastest-growing market with tremendous development prospects in a variety of sophisticated and aesthetic industries. Interior design is one of the most inventive professions that is expected to expand rapidly. The fact that the production and interior design industries are likely to keep growing at a rapid pace in the future years.


As a result, a career in interior design in India, as well as a job in interior design across the world, appears to be on the rise and a fantastic career choice for deserving and industrious creative individuals. With a larger demand for quality and professional design, there has been a surge in the number of persons entering the field of interior design. Many colleges offer degrees in this discipline due to the continued demand for creative specialists in this industry.


The scope of an interior design curriculum varies based on the course type and the institute’s capacity to deliver it. In general, premier colleges offering such courses provide students with all of the necessary skills and resources to thrive in this highly competitive industry.


Here are the top 6 Interior design courses in Hyderabad:

  1. Certificate In Interior Design
  2. Diploma in Interior Design
  3. Bachelor Of Arts in Interior Design
  4. BSc In Interior Design
  5. B.Des Interior Design
  6. MBA in Interior Design


1. Certificate In Interior Design:


A 6-month full-time certificate degree in interior design gives comprehensive information on interior design technology, color theory, computer-aided design processes, and their applications in the field. It includes topics such as commercial and residential design, computer-aided design tools, drawing skills, as well as financial, legal, ethical, and other issues that interior designers face.


For this degree, students must have completed the 10+2 level or any other comparable examination from any recognized educational board with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks. The proportion of marks awarded may differ between colleges. The merit list or entrance test, as well as the performance in the personal interview session, are used to determine admission to the Certificate Course in Interior Design.


The cost of a course may differ from one college to the next. However, the typical tuition expense for this program at prominent Indian universities ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 2,00,000.


Students can receive work prospects in important industries such as architectural firms, interior design firms, event management firms, film firms, television, theatres, and more after successfully completing the course. Interior Designer, Interior Designer Executive, Architect, Event Manager, Assistant Manager, Accounts Manager, and other prospective employment responsibilities are available to them.


Candidates interested in pursuing a certificate course in interior design must pass the 10+2 level or an equivalent examination from a recognized educational board. Candidates must have a minimum of 50% aggregate in 10+2 to be considered for this program.


Here are some of the best institutes that offer certificates in interior design in Hyderabad:

  1. Hamstech Institute of Creative Education
  2. Hamstech Institute of Fashion and Interior Design
  3. Exterior interior limited
  4. International School of Design

2. Diploma In interior design:


A diploma in interior design is a one or two-year study, depending on the university, in which students learn about numerous aspects of designing a home, workplace, or the interior of any other location. Interior design is a specialized specialty in the interior design industry.


Candidates must have at least 55 percent in their H.S.C test in any stream from a recognized board in order to apply to different institutions or universities. Admission to the Diploma in Interior Design program is based on the results of the entrance test. A round of personal interviews follows the admission exams. In certain situations, admission is granted based on the results of the qualifying examination.


A diploma in interior design teaches you how to analyze a room and visualize it with various aspects, how to read a color palette, how to match colors to tones, how to comprehend furniture and how to fit it properly, and so on. Whether you’re an assistant designer or an interior decorator, these talents will come in handy in the long run. The primary advantage is that the course is brief, yet the fundamental principles of interior design and space management are covered.


Aside from work potential, an advanced diploma in interior design can be pursued at a later date. Candidates must have completed their 12th grade or an equivalent test from a recognized board. Candidates must get a minimum of 50% on their 12th grade or equivalent exams. In certain institutions, students must have mathematics as one of their required courses in their 12th or equivalent test.


Here are some of the best institutes that offer diplomas In interior design in Hyderabad:

  1. JD Institute of Fashion Technology
  2. Bonfire Institute Of Design
  3. Institute design innovation, Hyderabad
  4. Trendz institute of fashion Technology


3. Bachelor of Arts in interior design:


Bachelor of Arts interior design, sometimes known as BA interior design, is an advanced architectural school that focuses on the building, design, and maintenance of housing, as well as space management. This degree focuses primarily on the art of designing interiors and places to make them more pleasant and safe via the use of cutting-edge technology and the newest trends.


BA Interior Design focuses on the concept of transforming a blank space or an area into an environment that is acceptable for each individual based on their wants and desires. It also covers the fundamentals of planning and design, as well as the fundamentals of architectural concepts, in order to offer a full grasp of various types of spaces and their requirements.


Students are taught the fundamentals of all architectural keynotes, as well as how to use design tools. Computer-based design and software are also incorporated to offer precision in sketching spaces utilizing basic mathematics and statistics.


Students are also given practical experience by allowing their own imagination to flow while employing all theoretical and experimental techniques via design software to change a simply accessible area into something more polished and complex. The basic requirements for this program are a 10+2 degree from a recognized board with a 50 percent distinction. The annual price for this program varies between Rs 90,000 and Rs 5 lakhs.


Below are some of the best colleges that offer BA in interior design :

  1. Woxsen University
  2. ICAT Hyderabad
  3. Lakhotia Institute of Design
  4. Hamstech Institute of Creative Education


4. BSc interior design:


The Bachelor of Science in Interior Design is a three-year degree that teaches students how to plan and design the interiors of commercial and residential buildings, apartments, and houses. Students learn to visualize and show effective and career-oriented interior design ideas and plans, as well as get a broad understanding of fundamental and advanced interior design concepts to create the ideal environments for their clients.


The advanced understanding and knowledge of the science underlying creating interiors for a personal or professional place is provided by the BSc Interior Design program. The course is meant to broaden applicants’ scientific knowledge and comprehension. Candidates learn about a variety of software programs that might help them create places. Graphic design foundations, as well as 2D and 3D software, are taught to candidates.


Depending on the colleges/universities a candidate chooses, BSc Interior Design prices range from INR 3 to 15 LPA. A candidate may easily earn an average beginning salary of INR 3 to 4 LPA after successfully completing the course. Candidates must have completed their 10+2 exams. A minimum of 50% in the Class 12th or equivalent examination from a recognized board is required of candidates. In the event of merit-based admission, candidates must strive for a score of at least 85%.


Here are some of the best colleges that offer BSC in Interior Design :

  1. Inter National Institute of Fashion Design
  2. Vasyaa International School of Design
  3. Exterior Interior Limited
  4. Aimfill International


5. B.Des interior design:


B.Des Interior Design is a four-year undergraduate degree that emphasizes project-based learning to provide professional training in the development of innovative design solutions for interior environments. Aspirants to this program will learn to design by completing a variety of design briefs ranging from conceptual to real-world scenarios. Students will also be taught technical skills like AutoCAD, manual sketching, and model building, as well as verbal presentation abilities.


Through award-winning practitioners as tutors, the program gives students with real-world experience and insight into career opportunities. Furthermore, it provides a chance for students’ projects to be promoted in important public venues. Students will be able to conceptualize and build ideas after completing the program, thanks to their experience in spatial thinking and detailed resolution.


BDes in Design offers a comprehensive grasp of current professional practice and all aspects of project management in the field of interior design. This project-based learning course focuses on offering professional training in the development of innovative design solutions for interior spaces. This course costs between INR 20,000 to INR 1,50,000 on average. Depending on their abilities and expertise, graduates of this degree can earn between 3 and 7 LPA.

Below are some of the best institutes that offer B.des in interior Design Courses in Hyderabad:

  1. JNAFAU SPA, Hyderabad
  2. Citi Square Institute of Interior and Fashion Design
  3. Hamstech Institute of Fashion and Interior Design
  4. Woxsen University


6. MBA in Interior design:


MBA Interior design is a two-year program that covers topics including internal living room decorating, office building planning, marketing, accounting, client relationship management, and more. These ideas improve the look and feel of the space while also making it more functional. The area of architecture and infrastructure management is covered in this course. This course combines the study of interior design with business management.


The interior design portion of the project entails making optimal use of available space, acquiring and locating furniture, floor, and wall design, as well as ornamental objects for the room, wall, and floor. There are several benefits to pursuing an MBA in Interior Design, including gaining a thorough grasp of business, management, interior design, and architecture.


With an ever-increasing population and a shrinking supply of accessible space, making optimum use of loft space has become a requirement for humans. In India, talented designers are in high demand to service and solve numerous difficulties in the fields of interior design and architecture. MBA interior design allows students to study a variety of art and design disciplines, preparing them to work as effective interior designers.


This course teaches students how to analyze architectural features, determine the intended use of interior space, and build a design that reflects the users’ wants and preferences. During this course, students build strong communication and coordination skills, which will assist inspiring professionals such as architects, plumbers, and electricians.


MBA Interior Designing is typically more appealing to students who have the capacity to design creative solutions while balancing the growing need for technology. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from an accredited university with a minimum of 45 percent aggregate is required for this course. Students may also enroll in top MBA Interior Design courses in India bypassing the CAT, AIEED, NID, CEED, and SEED exams.

Here is some Institute that offers MBA in interior design in Hyderabad:

  1. Vasyaa International School of Design
  2. International Institute Of Fashion Design


Some Frequently Asked Questions On Interior Design Courses In Hyderabad:


  • Do I have to study math in 12th for the interior designing course?

Yes, you need to take math in 12th for interior architecture. However, if you are solely interested in interior design, you do not need to learn arithmetic in 12th.


  • What is the eligibility for BA in Interior design?

To enroll in B.Sc. in interior design or BA designing degree courses, a minimum qualification of 10 + 2 in any field is necessary. with a minimum score of 50% in 12th.


  • Is drawing required to become an interior designer?

Yes, if you want to work as an interior designer, you’ll need to be able to sketch really well. You must be able to comprehend the links between materials, color,  lighting, texture, as well as the overall effect they have on room, in order to work as an interior designer.



Above mentioned details are the Top 6 interior design courses in Hyderabad. if you are from Hyderabad and looking for interior design courses then this article will guide you and help you find one. Every project comes with its own set of problems and expectations. It takes a lot of training and experience to be able to juggle many tasks at once and work with accuracy. 

Enrolling in one of Chennai’s top interior design schools can help you go from aspiring to professional interior designers.

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