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7 Best Income Tax Certification Courses in India

Open yourself to learn more with the new Short Term world-class life-changing Professional Income Tax Certification Courses. Learn extensively the important provisions of Indian Income Tax with all the updates of the latest development and change from the highly qualified, well-renowned professionals, Chartered Accountants (CA), and eminent speakers with expertise and experience of 10+ years. Learn in-depth from the basics to the complicated taxation. Break into the new field of taxation through this certification course and become job-ready for a highly in-demand lucrative career.


List of best income tax certification courses


Income Tax Certification Courses are quite essential for becoming a tax professional. A tax professional is well aware of all the taxation laws and makes use of all the opportunities available to reduce the tax liability of the client. A tax professional plays a huge role in managing the tax benefits, liabilities, correct payment, etc.


This course provides you the basic information on the various compliance that needs to be fulfilled by the taxpayer, various forms of submission, etc. This course is designed to provide you with extensive knowledge of all the sections which come under the income tax act, the process of assessment, and the filing of various returns.


This course takes you through the basics to master taxation. Income Tax certification courses are often of varied types, such as certificate, diploma, degree, post-graduation, and even independent professionals like Chartered Accountants, and Cost Accountants that also focus on tax planning.


For people who wish to pursue a career in tax or for professionals from other fields looking to grasp the concept of income tax better, there are numerous income tax certification courses available both online and in the classroom format. Unlike the structured specialization courses, these short-term income tax certification courses do not have any specific eligibility criteria.


A graduate with any stream can take up the course.  It is up to the individuals to make a decision on how best to reap the advantages of this course as anyone can take up this course and its multiple applications.  For some, the income tax certification courses can help in understanding income tax filing for personal purposes.


While for somebody else this course can be the stepping stone for a promising career in consultation.  For college kids, this course provides additional knowledge on the concept of taxation.


The Concept Of Income Tax


The Hardest Thing In The World To Understand Is The Income Tax. – Albert Einstein


The above quote is very true. It is not easy for everyone to understand or follow income tax. Certain laws keep changing at regular intervals or get updated.  Income tax as such is quite complex. The term income tax refers to the type of tax imposed by the government on our income.


This tax is levied on the incomes generated by professionals and businesses within their jurisdiction. Income tax is one of the main sources of revenue for the government. This amount is used for various things such as national security, expenses for new infrastructure, to fund public services, and many more.


Certain slabs are exempted from paying the income tax which falls in the bracket of lesser income. Certain sections, slabs, and people above a certain age have different slabs in the income tax payment.  There is slab-wise income tax payment depending on the income.


If the income is higher the percentage of the deduction is high, and if the income is less the percentage of income tax deduction is less.  Income tax is paid annually depending on the slab the individual fits into. The Indian Income Tax law is complex.


With new reforms periodically, it is very difficult to stay up to date with these reforms.  Extensive income tax certification courses with periodic updates can help understand and stay up to date with this.


Who is this Course For?


Certain types of courses or studies are not meant for everyone. A few other courses have certain prerequisites and certain eligibility criteria, but that is not the case here. Anybody with an interest to pursue this course irrespective of the education background can learn this both for personal (knowledge enhancement or for better managing of their own businesses) and professionals (for career) purposes.


Nevertheless, let us have a quick look at the listing below.

  • Anyone who is interested and wants to learn taxation.
  • Professionals from finance backgrounds like the CA/CS/CMA/Lawyers who deal with taxation.
  • Professionals who want to make a shift from the Finance domain to the Taxation domain
  • Individuals with any educational background who are keen on understanding how to file taxes and the intricate details related to taxation.
  • CEO, CFO, Analysts, business heads, finance directors, business owners, project heads, tax directors, and department heads.
  • Practicing Income tax professionals.
  • Students from the finance, commerce, tax, and accounting background who want to specialize or have a better and finer understanding of the concepts of taxation.
  • Traders, SMEs, tax officials, finance, and accounts officers.
  • Individuals/beginners who want to make a career in the taxation field.


Planning income tax in a common man’s view is one more way of saving which can help in saving Income Tax as well. It certainly is not as simple as it sounds as there are a lot of rules and regulations and governance involved in this. In India, as per the Government Of India rules, there is an Income Tax Act for all the matters pertaining to the Income Tax.


Finance, accounting, and taxation are subjects which are not the choice of everybody due to which there is always a huge demand for a well-informed, experienced, trustworthy professional Tax Consultant, though recently it has been noted that more students are opting for the commerce stream.


Most people prefer to outsource their taxation works and avoid any hassles to themselves due to which there is an ever-growing demand for tax professionals.  These short-term courses empower individuals with just that.  They give you the wings to fly high in your career.


Through these short-term extensive income tax certification courses, you stand to gain immense knowledge just for the sake of it or to manage your personal businesses.  Therefore, among so many other short-term courses which fetch good income, this short-term course tops the list.


This ensures a promising steady career.  Hence, it is a good choice for a great career.  There are a lot of intricacies that need to be learned to master taxation. Hence, the course basically concentrates on making it suitable for all the categories and is flexible to meet today’s demand.


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Career Opportunities After The Course


There is a huge scope for higher returns career after completion of the income tax certification courses.  The range of jobs is huge and is available at several levels.


Once after the completion of the course, you could work as an auditor, tax accountant, tax examiner, accountant, tax analyst, revenue agent, tax collector, income tax officer, tax advisor, tax manager, tax attorney, tax planner, tax recruiter, revenue manager, business tax consultant, income tax consultant, property tax consultant, employment tax specialist, and financial advisor.


The opportunities are endless with the package ranging from decent to exceptionally good package. This course is also useful for the businessmen who manage their own taxation.  There is enough scope for beginning or upgrading the career with the help of the taxation course.


Difficulty In Making The Right Choice?


There is a huge number of institutes offering various income tax certification courses. There would be some differences from one institute to the other in terms of the course fees, duration of the course, teaching methodology, etc., but the basic curriculum would remain the same.


Please check your area of interest, your requirement and expectations from the course, and your comfort, and also check for the ranking of the institute and its recognition. Every course will focus on what the institute deems important. The course content may vary slightly depending on the length and purpose of the course.


It is up to your discretion to choose the course which has the curriculum you have an inclination to. You can make the final choice by focusing on what your aim is. Getting clarity on thoughts such as the purpose of doing the course and the goal to be achieved makes it easy to take the decision.


Deciding gets easier if you can zero in on the reason you want to pursue the course.  Once the reason is clear, you can very easily zero in on the one that fulfills your requirements. Do not worry endlessly if you are unable to decide.  We are around to help you in making the right choice.


We Have Compiled a List of the 7 Best Income Tax Certification Courses to Suit Your Needs and Fit Your Necessities. 


1. TaxGuru Edu


The specialty of TaxGuru course is they are taught in 2 languages, both Hindi and English. Eminent instructors guide you through the course. Here the main focus is to teach with practical usage and create student income tax experts. The teaching of the income tax course is structured as 3 hours, 2 classes a week on weekends.


They have weekend classes to accommodate the working professionals. There are recorded classes available for the access of the students. There is an interactive query resolution session for resolving any queries through live interaction. The course is designed to suit all levels from beginners to professionals.  Once after successful completion of the course and the examination, the certificates would be provided.


Contents Of The Course

  1. Tax Planning
  2. Transactions were not quoting PAN may invite inquiry
  3. Scrutiny by self before scrutiny by Income-tax Department
  4. Precautions while filing ITR to minimize CASS Scrutiny Selection
  5. Precautions in real-estate transactions – for the buyer as well as the seller
  6. Maintenance of documents and period thereof
  7. Tax Deducted at Source, especially by non-businessman
  8. Comprehensive analysis of Income-tax Amendments by Finance (No. 2) Act, 2019
  9. Filing Essential Compliances, ITR, etc.
  10. Handling Online assessments
  11. Income tax Health Check-up
  12. Limiting Taxation Disputes


2. Tezpur University


This course stands out in this list as it is a 15-week free course helmed by Prof. (Dr.) Subhrangshu Sekhar Sarkar from Tezpur University and UGC via Swayam offers many learning points. The course helps you in understanding the direct taxation system of India. It teaches tax planning knowledge, income tax computing, and tax management. The program ensures you an assured journey towards becoming a successful tax consultant.


Contents Of The Course

  1. Definitions and Basic Concepts – Income Tax Act, 1961
  2. Residential Status
  3. Income from Salaries
  4. Income from House Property
  5. Capital Gains
  6. Income from Other Sources
  7. Deductions from Gross Total Income
  8. The pooling of Income and  setting off & Carrying Forward Losses
  9. Return of Income and Assessment
  10. Advance Tax payment and TDS/ TCS (Tax Deducted at Source/Tax Collected at source)
  11. Computation of Taxable Income of Individuals
  12. Computation of Taxable Income of Companies
  13. Appeals and Revisions
  14. Tax Planning


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3. EduPristine


EduPristine is an industry leader in training and has designed an intensive 190 hours program for the same. Here the focus of the course is on experiential learning, the latest tools, soft skills training, and most importantly practical experience. The aim is to ensure the development of professionalism.


The course concentrates on familiarizing you with the usage of the latest tools used very frequently in all the major accounting/finance companies.  This is extensive classroom training. The classes are conducted by expert faculties along with practical industry experts. A commerce background graduation is mandatory to enroll here.


Contents Of The Course

  1. Financial Reporting
  2. BUSY
  3. Direct Taxation
  4. Payroll and its Components
  5. Excel and MIS Reporting
  6. SAP Module (Simulation-Based)
  7. Goods and Service Tax (GST)
  8. Finalization of Financial Statements
  9. Effective Business Communication
  10. Interpersonal Communication
  11. Presentation Boot Camp
  12. Email and Virtual Communication
  13. Assertiveness & Communication
  14. Interview Workshop


4. Spark Training Academy


Spark Academy is ranked as one of the leading institutes offering income tax courses. They have adopted new innovative ideas for teaching the concept of accounting and taxation to the learners. Your skills can be upgraded here with the help of expert professionals. There is an opportunity for hands-on experience while checking on real projects. At Spark Academy, a conducive learning environment is provided along with virtual interactive learning sessions.


5. Gurukul Mantra Professional


Gurukul mantra is undisputedly one of the best income tax courses in India. They offer online courses.  The main focus of Gurukul Mantra is to make the learners confident through both theoretical knowledge and experiential learning. Eminent speakers and highly qualified faculty handle the taxation curriculum through live instances.


These programs are certified by Himalaya University. The concepts of taxation and accounting are taught thoroughly covering all the major aspects. Gurukul Mantra provides placement opportunities for the sake of practical exposure. It is a 45 days course.


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6. Institute of Company Accountants


This again is one of the finest income tax courses. This is most certainly the best place to gain explicit knowledge in terms of accounting. They offer online income tax courses and they are deemed to be the best. Their course covers a myriad of topics ensuring you are a pro at the finance, accounts, and income tax content. They have a certification course.


They offer practical-oriented GST and income tax courses. You can begin a new career related to finance/tax with loads of confidence. Their certification course is sure to guarantee you a great future in your career.


7. Henry Harvin


The Henry Harvin income Tax course is flexible to fit into the requirements of the individual and is available both in the online format and classroom format. Both formats are of 32 hours each. Many highly reputed National Media channels like the AAJ TAK and NDTV have covered the panel of speakers. All the important taxation content is covered in the curriculum.


You are provided with 1-year free membership of Henry Harvin Finance Academy along with an internship, live projects, career services, job support, etc., worth Rs 4000/- as a takeaway from the course. This Henry Harvin Income Tax course has been ranked at the top by Trainings360.


Contents Of The Course

  1. Litigation Management (Assessment, Appeal, Offences)
  2. Tax deducted at source
  3. Income Tax from other sources and House property
  4. Capital Gain
  5. Business Income
  6. Filing of Income Tax


The Henry Harvin income tax certification courses have been ranked as one of the best courses, which is suitable for all from freshers/beginners to professionals. This course provides a great platform for knowledge and a career in taxation.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the prerequisite qualification to enroll in the Income Tax Certification Courses? Is just being a graduate from any stream enough?

There is no such thing as a standard prerequisite for this particular course. Graduating from any stream is absolutely fine, but people with a commerce stream or math and finance background have a better edge over others if the aspiration is to make a career in this domain.


2. Is it possible to become an Income Tax specialist by pursuing these Income Tax courses?

Yes, most definitely the person can become a successful tax specialist with the help of this course.  It all depends on the institute the person chooses, the interest and dedication of the person to finish the course successfully, nevertheless it can be told that if the person opts for a comprehensive Income Tax course through an institution of good reputation comprising of the taxation foundations as well as the latest changes in the taxation policies then there is nothing stopping the person from becoming a successful Income Tax Specialist.


3. Can you list the benefits of doing this course?

This course basically makes you strong on the concept of Income Tax.  You will have an in-depth knowledge of the same which you can use to procure a good job as an Income Tax specialist or if you are a businessman or the owner of a startup you can use this knowledge in implementing this knowledge for your own benefit.


4. What are the fields I can explore after doing this course?

After successful completion of the Income Tax certification courses, a wide range of wonderful opportunities will unfold right in front of you. You will be able to pursue a career in various different fields such as marketing, foreign trade, public accounting, etc.


5. What is the minimum salary that can be expected after successful completion of the course?

The minimum salary varies from one individual to another, but the basic salary structure could range anywhere from 4 lakhs per annum to 25 lakhs per annum. This course guarantees a highly fetching prosperous career.  Depending on the individual’s capability the salary could be anywhere from a decent package to a stupendous package. The package is even dependent on the role, experience, and type of job the individual is employed as.


Wrap Up


All of the above-named institutes offer excellent unparalleled Income Tax Certification courses. They are ranked as some of the best in India. These courses focus on creating income tax experts through teaching practical usage. These courses are designed for all levels from beginners to masters. Classes are delivered by eminent and expert speakers as well as highly experienced CA professionals. Most of these courses provide at least a session of soft skills training as well. Some of these courses are offered free of cost and some are chargeable. Most of these courses are conducted online as well as in classroom teaching.


All the courses have a curriculum ensuring to make you a successful tax consultant. Most of these courses provide placement opportunities. So go ahead and choose the one that is right for you. This short-term certificate course requires no prior knowledge or experience for you to get started. Start learning new skills, empower yourself with the knowledge, and advance and update your career now. Income tax certification courses enable you to acquire new skills and utilize this to begin a new career or upgrade your career.  This course scales up your chances of a career in a very constructive manner.


Here is hoping you are able to find the course which is perfect for you.  Get ready for your new career or upgrade your career through this course.  We have listed the 7 best income tax courses in India to ease your search process.  You can choose the course to enhance your knowledge as well as learn tax-saving skills.  Be well informed, take time, make a wise decision, and choose the course that meets your requirements.  All the above-listed institutes have their unique and important content and different USP.  All these are budget-friendly, and some are even free.

Happy Learning and Earning!

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