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How To Earn Money Using Digital Marketing In 2024

Today we are going to discuss the methods to earn money using Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is a tremendous blessing for professionals today.  It opens up plenty of new avenues to explore, experiment, and work in. The greatest advantage is all these components of digital marketing are intriguing and provide ample chance to learn and implement strategies in a far more effective way than traditional marketing.

How To Earn Money Using Digital Marketing - A Career Guide

With the abundance of digital channels and social media platforms, the internet has pervaded the lives of online users like nothing else. With these channels have come a plethora of opportunities. 

Since the digital marketing industry is still evolving in India, there is a very bright future for people interested in digital marketing. People from all walks of life can leverage the benefits of this dynamic flexible vocation and successfully build a career out of it. The path in a digital marketing career requires industriousness, a keen understanding of people and what they want and represent, as well as the willingness to make changes in the way as and when needed. 

Digital marketing gives plenty of opportunities to scout out money-making businesses that yield results in the quickest time possible. But, it comes with an attribute to evolve continuously to succeed. A trait that a digital marketer has to get accustomed to. Hence one should be prepared for all the challenges that are a regular part of the ever-changing dynamics of the components of digital marketing. The different components can be implemented in some or all channels of the marketing funnel. 

When you implement your plan to earn money using digital marketing with a website, peruse your social media sites, research your audience, engage with prospective customers.

Learn to earn money using digital marketing by gaining knowledge on the following concepts.

  1. Freelancing

Digital marketing provides ample scope for freelancing. Whether you are a content writer, a Copywriter, a graphic designer, a voice-over artist, a social media manager, you name a designation and you have plenty of vacancies and job opportunities in portals like Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer, Fiverr, etc. It is one of the finest ways to earn money using digital marketing

Develop skills and expertise in fields that are in demand. Before applying for jobs, build a portfolio of work to show your client that you have the necessary aptitude and skills to carry out the work. Research your clients before committing to work. The job portals are renowned but there are a lot of fraudulent companies and business entities too that get the work done but then disappear. Assess the work you will do, the time you will require, and then decide on the payment you want. Have your website ready your show your prospective clients.

Look for clients on several sites and start cole emailing and cold pitching to land your first NJ b. The sooner you get your foot in the door, the greater your chances of a higher income in a less span of time. Strive for more as well as better work. You gain ample experience that way which helps to boost confidence and apply for a more skilled job. Consequently, you gain insight on how to pitch, how to communicate more efficiently. Keep some proof of your negotiation in the form of a small contract, a letter delineating all important points to avoid any confusion or discrepancy. 

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Important Tip

When you get a portfolio of great clients and you work for them regularly don’t stop looking for new clients. It is always good to expand your client base. Maintain a calendar and schedule your work. You can use Trello, Excel Sheets, Workzone, Google docs, etc to manage and keep your assignments and your schedule updated. 

Practice your work as often as possible. Become skilled in two or more forms of digital marketing so that you never run out of options to look for a job. You might be a skilled copywriter but you can also be a great social media manager. That opens up new areas to work in making your work interesting, engaging and eradicates monotony.

  1. Blogging/Vlogging

Blogging is the process of creating content and publishing it on a website for the consumption of online users. This word has been derived from a weblog (a website that houses contents in the format of a journal). A blog is open for comments and discussions. It is a platform on which people connect and can share their opinions on the related article on the blog or on anything that sparks their interest.

Blogging and Vlogging are two prime ways to earn money using digital marketing. It has become one of the most lucrative ways of making money as the demand for content is at an all-time high. The desire for quality-driven content will only go up in the near future. 

WordPress is one of the best websites creating platforms. According to Kinsta.com WordPress has 60.8% of the market share in the content management system. 500+ sites are built each day using WordPress with only 60-80 built on other platforms like Shopify and Squarespace. 

So, the first step to earning money through blogging is to create a website using WordPress. Blogging also employs SEO skills like apt keywords, great content quality to be able to earn money. 

Pick a niche that you have an inclination towards. It can be fashion, fitness, music, books, or any topic in your area of expertise. Research the trending topics and start writing. 

How To Earn Money Using blogging

  • Affiliate Links 

When you start recommending products or services to your consumers and they click on those links to make a purchasing decision, you get a commission for such a transaction. Look for affiliate programs from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Storytel, and various other products

  • Adsense

Adsense is basically PPC ads. Get acquainted with Adsense, create an account, complete the application and start displaying ads on your blog page. It has two advantages, it helps you to get familiar with the advertising in the digital world and you make money easily through these CPC advertisements on your website. 

  • Paid Reviews

One of the most interesting ways of earning through your blogs is collaborating with brands and services, trying out their products, and writing reviews about them. It is useful to review products in your niche area since you will be more at ease with the products. Make sure to be transparent with your reviews. Otherwise, your reputation will be harmed. 

  • Start Consultancy on your blog

When you have expertise in a field and you are confident of your abilities. Create a detailed form and post it for users to pot their queries and questions. Play the role of an advisory to your clients and earn money. 


Vlogging is the way to earn money through your video blogs. Video blogs are detailed entertaining and informative videos accompanied by text, pictures, metadata that can be used to earn money online. When you post ads at the beginning and middle of your vlog posts and people view these ads you can earn money. YouTube is the most popular platform for vlogging and videos. You can warn handsomely through posting your content. The more popular your content gets, the more opportunity for you to earn money. You can also earn through affiliate links on your vlogs from different companies much like blogging.

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  1. Website design

One key aspect of digital marketing is designing. Graphic designing or web designing can prove to be a thriving career for people with a creative bent of mind. With the realization of the monetary advantages of digital marketing, website designing is seen as one of the most coveted career choices for a professional with an eye for creativity.

You need a mix of talent and strong people skills to make a mark in the industry. If you don’t have the knack to communicate your talents with clarity, it would turn futile. Find your leads, nurture them, convert them into customers and retain them. Additionally, you should look for new clients as well to prevent your business from getting stagnant. 

When you are a web designer, you must have a website of your own, an attractive landing page, and a CTA preferably on the landing page. 

A website designer has to possess a sharp understanding of the aesthetics of the design. What applies to written content applies to design as well. Whitespace is a necessity for any creative work.

Learn in detail about UX which is user experience design. UX is the more relevant factor for a website’s success today. It is the blend of different elements in a way that provides maximum utility for an online user when they are visiting your website.

Another very vital aspect is to have the know-how for CSS which is mainly formatting the HTML on a page. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is coding for a website and is mandatory for website designers to know thoroughly. They help to achieve the overall appeal on a website page and work with CSS(Cascading Style Sheets).

Things to Consider

Topography, image size, placement of elements, interesting templates for images and visuals, Overall layout, mobile responsive design, color schemes are some areas that need attention when you are a website designer wanting to earn through this craft.

Additionally, a web designer needs to be proficient in soft skills such as communication and client management. They should be creative and bring innovative ideas to the table. Also, managing deadlines are a must to build a rapport with your clients, more so in the web designing department. Since all of the digital work happens in and around a website, that is the crux of any business or brand promotion. It is expected that the client will have a ready website in the time given to designers. Failing to do so puts out a bad impression of you. 

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  1. Ecommerce

Starting an e-commerce business is no easy feat. You can not do this overnight. But if you are a skilled digital marketer with a zeal to start a business and possess the required acumen to carry out the activities l, then there is nothing more satisfying than having an online business of your own. 

What do we mean by an e-Commerce business?

It is the online equivalent of a traditional commercial store. E-commerce is the process of carrying out the entire business method through online means. That means starting from selecting a good or service to buying and selling of the product to the transactional aspeCT, everything is done over the internet. 

E-commerce can be Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C), and Consumer to Business(C2B). Any eCommerce site can function as one or more of these eCommerce modules. 

To start earning from eCommerce research and learn everything you can about the eCommerce business. That includes formation and how it is actually implemented. 

Even in the case of e-commerce pick out a niche especially when you are starting. You can harbor the ambition of becoming a massive business entity like Amazon or Flipkart but start small. Reaching that level of business will take time.


An online apparel business or a unique handmade jewelry business are some examples of niche products that can have great demand. Also, you can always have an eCommerce site for your food business.

Next research your focus group. You have to know who you are targeting for promoting your products. Select a brand name, create an attractive and eye-catching logo, register your business. Consider the theme of your eCommerce business. You can use the services of Woocommerce, Shopify, etc to build your online store.

They come with numerous templates for different components of an eCommerce website. Try to keep your website clutter-free with fonts, images, visuals, placed aesthetically to avoid any sort of disorganized look to your website. It should appear professional. Hire the required developers for your website. Choose eCommerce software according to your needs. Connect your store with a bank and provide the details for payment gateways.

Make sure your site is mobile responsive since most of the purchasing and perusing is done on mobiles. See to it that your website has optimum speed levels and Yslow scores (use GTMetrics to ascertain that your website is optimized). If a user has to wait for your website to buffer you will lose prospective clients. 

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How To Promote Your Site

Use social media channels and other platforms to promote your eCommerce site. Make sure you have good content to boot. You need good writing skills to inform people about the features of your brand, product, and service. Hire someone with impeccable writing skills to create valuable and compelling copy for your products. Have an appropriate email marketing campaign in place.

You’d want to reach out to leads with information through email. Let them know you are available to address any query, use attractive CTAs, and look at the traffic at your site. Metrics are important for any business so assess the data in complete detail. See where the challenges are. Cart abandonment, and bounce rate, are some primary factors to consider.

Finally, update your website for new products, and newsletters, and keep your website interface as clean as possible. The profit in a successful eCommerce business is huge. With the right promotions and business acuity, you can actually develop a very successful digital marketing business

  1. Influencer & Affiliate Marketing 

Influencer marketing is today a very prevalent method to earn money using digital marketing more. Precisely, the social marketing module of digital marketing. It entails the promulgation of a product or service by a person who has a certain number of followers on social channels.

These are people who have proved their credentials as people who hold importance in the lives of their followers. Hence they can impact the increase in sales of a product or service by simply recommending it to a loyal group of followers.

As you promote the product or service, you get paid usually handsomely as the product gets immense exposure. You can create informational text around it giving details bout its features for authenticity. These are sponsored posts. There are different kinds of networks for influencers and an influencer should be a part of one or more of these networks.

For example, blogger networks, Instagram influencer networks, multichannel networks, etc. You can also become the face of a brand and promote it rigorously on your channel sometimes giving proof of how effective the product is. That builds confidence and trust in the brand and its features.

Have you ever seen limited offer deals, early access, and limited copies to be distributed on a social media influencer’s channel? They get paid as you subscribe to exclusive deals for the products and services they promote. 

Conversely, influencers can also employ the benefits of affiliate marketing to earn money. When they tie up with brands for products or services, the brand supplies a link to code. As soon as a follower clicks on that link to get a purchase the influencer or affiliate marketer, in this case, gets a commission. 

But in general, an influencer has a greater mass appeal. As a result, earns more than affiliate marketers.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the way forward according to pioneers in the field of digital marketing. It refers to the concept of creating meaningful content and sharing it on different platforms to educate, inform and inspire online users regarding a product or a service. Content Marketing is not a persuasion tactic for advertising. Rather the organic dissemination of providing value to the lives of customers through meaningful high-quality content. It can be through reviews, opinions, and can take the form of audio, visual, and audiovisual elements as well as written content. 

Content marketing constitutes the components of storytelling, idea generation, effective content, repurposing content for value, and promoting content to get recognition. Today content marketing is regarded as one of the top modules of digital marketing campaigns. Simply put, it instills faith in your customer. Also, helps to build camaraderie with them out of sheer honesty in transmitting information that is transparent and without the sole purpose of selling. 

Content marketing is extremely scalable. That is to say, repurposing content aligned with different channels, using the appropriate keywords, and inserting them in your copy for more effect, having an unwavering consistent message gives out the vibe that your copy is transparent. 

The greatest benefit of content is since it is genuine people are more willing to invest in the products and services based on the value provided by compelling storytelling. It solves the challenges and issues they faced. Since it is merely informative without glorifying the features of the product it has a certain trust element to it. Merely delineating how the product can solve an issue without going overboard and emphasizing its qualities is effective content. 

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Create your blog and start copywriting about your product and service. Add CTAs throughout the copy because you never know if your lead will go through the entire contents of the copy. It is advisable to not keep your CTA for the end only. 

Some examples of CTA are Apply now, get a free ebook, subscribe to newsletters for tips on strategy and successful digital campaigns, etc.

Additionally, invite and accept paid guest blogs on your site as well as on other blogs. Sponsored content is like native advertising. It is a method by which the advertiser pays the blog owner money for displaying their content on their blog site for promotion. 

The core objectives of content are to generate leads, create a favorable online reputation of a brand, build awareness, convert and retain consumers. Combine the characteristics of SEO and analytics to create content that will rank on web pages. That will invariably lead to more exposure and backlinks provided your content is a high-value copy. Some other examples are as follows:

Online conferences and events providing information on a particular niche, syndicated content, as well as subscriptions for valued information. 

  1. Mobile App creation and app store selling

A mobile app is an application that is created to display on mobile devices like Smartphones, tablets, iPhones, etc. Since mobile has become such an indelible part of humans today, it has given rise to plenty of opportunities to make money through creating an app and marketing it through different app stores. It is a great way to earn money using Digital Marketing The conceptualizing and creation of mobile apps require people from technical fields, primarily IT and technical fields. Once you master the skills. it becomes one of the best ways to earn money using digital marketing.

To start earning money from a mobile app one has to create an optimized mobile responsive application with all elements in place. A mobile app has to be easily accessible. Navigation should be seamless. Make efforts to have a clear user interface. Graphics, text, data all elements in place the app is ready to go live on different app stores.

Most of the time, applications run a beta test on sample consumers to measure the efficiency and efficacy of the mobile app. Once you get a favorable response you can publish your app on the application stores like Google Play, Mi Store, Apple Store, etc. Improve and make changes to your app when necessary. Make sure you update the app regularly for an enhanced user experience.

Use all the promotional tactics at your disposal, get feedback from consumers. Monetize your app according to the advanced features and quality that your app provides to your consumers. In-app purchases, pay to remove ads, pay for advanced features, pay for more device accessibility, affiliate opportunities are some ways in which you can successfully monetize your mobile app.

Conclusion on how to earn money using digital marketing

As you can see there are several ways to earn money using digital marketing. You need to understand and comprehend the concept well and be assiduous in learning the various techniques that can help you monetize your digital pursuits. With considerable experience and improvement in your skills and expertise, you can expect your income to grow to a great extent.

Make sure to leverage all the benefits of digital marketing wisely. Don’t take advantage of the trust of your consumers in the wrong way. Be clear with the message you want to communicate and be transparent with your work. In this way, you can make a highly successful career in digital marketing that way.


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