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How To Check Duplicate Content – A Detailed Guide With Example

Duplicate content check is a very necessary practice to be exercised by content creators and website owners as well. This is because the search engines like Google are developing strict rules for the websites which generate duplicate content.

How To Check Duplicate Content

Before we jump into the main topic that is “How to check duplicate content”, let us first learn what duplicate content is:

Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content, it is very obvious from this term that the content which has been copied from any other source is called duplicate content.

A lot of creators and website owners have started to duplicate content from websites with good ranking to rank better. Since search engines like Google function are entirely based on algorithms, earlier this kind of plagiarised content couldn’t be detected. Now that things have changed, and the internet is the medium for the limitless opportunities for people to make money, search engines had to develop algorithms for duplicate content check.

Duplicate content is not always intentionally created because over 2 million blog posts are being uploaded online every single a day which exponentially increases the chances of content being similar to another. These similarities could be adjusted through many online tools. While search engines still need to work on their algorithm function to become adept at the duplicate content check, many online tools have been developed which work very precisely for duplicate content check. Search engines like Google can detect suspicious behaviours such as whether or not a website is using bots to create and upload posts according to algorithm functions.

While search engines take time to detect such behaviour and have relatively less precision for the duplicate content check, the process of removing such websites when reported is done remarkably fast. The basic structure of search engines or any online tool for a duplicate content check is they pick blocks of content of a website and match the level of similarity of the content with any other site on the World Wide Web. The content that completely matches the content of any another website or has a larger percentage of it copied from another website could be considered as a duplicate content.

By 2016 the amount of duplicate content floating around the web was between 16 to 25 per cent. The process of handling duplicate content by search engines like Google is quite different than what we assume it to be. Here are some points that would give an idea about what happens to duplicate content and how is it being handled by search engines like Google:

Google Removes the Duplicate Content From the Search Results

As mentioned earlier, search engines like Google’s work are entirely based on a bunch of algorithms. These algorithms after detecting substantial blocks of a website which completely r partially match any other website, Google compares both the sites based on some parameters to judge and identify which website is authentic and which one is not.

These parameters include domain authority and other statistical facts of the website. The website which Google finds authentic appears of the Search results, while the one with duplicate content is kept hidden from the search results. Many times it has been seen that some websites copy the content from other websites which rank higher on Google. Being detected several times for duplicate content, the website loses its tendency to appear in search results.

Search engines like Google want the readers not to come across the same content again and again. Therefore through a duplicate content check, it removes such websites from the search list. There is no specified penalty for copying content but getting removed from the search results could be taken as punishment itself, for there is no point to have such a website. It is highly advised not to duplicate content from any website.

Get It Removed:

 There are lots of necessary content on Google which shouldn’t be copied and therefore the respective owners of the content being copied can report the website which duplicates content by requesting search engines to get it removed. While unique content is more likely to appear on search engine results, content creators have therefore become more cautious about their content being duplicate or similar to another website to some extent.

This is fairly possible because of such a huge number of articles, blog posts, and journal being published every single day. There are millions of blog posts available on the internet, therefore the chances of any content being similar to another are very high. This being the reason, people who have taken blogging and online industry seriously are practising duplicate content check.

While Google can detect it only after the content has been uploaded, there are online tools, which can perform duplicate content check while the content has not been uploaded. There are many online tools which perform the duplicate content check, and a lot of them have been verified by Google itself. These tools are very precise and detect similarity way easily through duplicate content check.

Because of such a huge number of content on Google, it could be difficult to compare and detect plagiarised content through duplicate content check. Whereas these online tools have to be handled individually, to perform a duplicate content check, which means the content creator or website owner has to upload the entire text of the content to check whether or not the content is similar to any other website.

Here Are Some of the Most Popular and Trusted Online Tools Which Very Precisely Perform the Duplicate Content Check:

Tools to Check Duplicate Content:

Small SEO Tools:

This is a very interesting and helpful tool to perform a duplicate content check. The method to detect duplicate content is very easy. This tool has a separate slot to check grammatical mistakes as well.

The interface of this tool makes it very easy for the user to perform a duplicate content check. This tool very precisely detects the duplicate content and shows up to what extent the content is similar to any other website. It also shows which website is most similar to the content that has been uploaded for the duplicate content check. One can generate reports in pdf formats where it is mentioned in detailed format. The pdf consists of stats showing how many sentences are there in total and how many of them are similar to any other website.

What is the percentage of similarity and which website it is similar to? This tool has been a lot useful for people who are serious about blogging and creating content in the online industry. We are aware of the fact that online industry, is growing at a tremendous pace and sooner or later it will commoditize every industry. In a world where internet commoditizes everything, it is important for people to generate content around there business which communicates and makes the audience aware on behalf of the business. It is expected that a larger portion of the online industry will be generating content by the end of 2023.

Therefore it is important for people to be aware of such online tools which are very precise at performing a duplicate content check. People who are serious about blogging and online industry are highly recommended to use this online tool. It is a highly rated online tool used by many people to perform a duplicate content check. The above-mentioned points are the reason why small SEO tool makes it to the list of best online tools to perform a duplicate content check.


Grammarly is a very popular website that provides many online tools. Grammarly is not only capable of detecting duplicate content but many other tasks like grammatical error detection. Grammarly has become immensely popular in a very less period because of the services it offers. It works best for business content, emails, and blogs. In 2017, the number of daily active users of Grammarly was 6.9 million. This stat is enough to learn how important Grammarly has been not only in detecting duplicate content but its other services as well.

Many businesses and professionals use Grammarly chrome extensions for generating more precise and unique content. When one is serious about generating online content, they should make sure the content is grammatically correct. Grammatical error sometimes changes the literal meaning of the sentence. People find it annoying to stop while reading inflow to understand grammatical errors. It is a very unprofessional approach to have grammatical errors in content. Apart from grammatical errors, Grammarly has been equally effective at performing a duplicate content check.

It has premium plans that people can take to have access to its unlimited content plagiarism detector. The number of Grammarly chrome extensions downloaded in 2017 was 10 million. The features offered by Grammarly are incredibly helpful in generating unique content. It is a highly rated website with millions and millions of users.

Grammarly has been very consistent in offering duplicate content heck services, along with many other services. It has been providing satisfactory results in performing a duplicate content check. It has been very successful at the described tasks ever since it was established. Grammarly is one of the best sites that offer tools to perform a duplicate content check. People who are serious about blogging are recommended to use Grammarly.

The above-mentioned points are the reason why Grammarly makes it to the list of the best online tools to perform a duplicate content check.

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Copyscape is another such website which offers online tools that help one perform a duplicate content check. Copyscape is used by many people, especially professionals. It is quite expensive as compared to the sites mentioned above, but the features and services offered are worth its price. It is a highly rated site, trusted by search engines like Google. It is solely dedicated to offering services related to performing duplicate content check only.

This site has been really helpful in detecting plagiarized content, as it performs duplicate content check very precisely. It shows what percentage of the content is similar to any other website. It also shows which sentences, in particular, are similar t which website. Copyscape because of its popularity and authenticity is used as a feature by content writers to make their clients sure about the fact that they generate unique content.

Having 100%copyscape free in profile could help the content writers to get more clients. Copyscape also offers a banner, which reads “ protected by Copyscape” This banner can be used as a parameter for the audience to judge whether or not the content is 100% unique. Now that the businesses have this need to generate content to communicate with their audience, Copyscape can be the right tool for them.

Copyscape has been very effective in performing a duplicate content check and has gained tremendous fame and popularity. It is a highly rated website and therefore is highly recommended. It has been very consistent providing satisfactory results to the users. Being very consistent ever since it was established, Copyscape has always helped its users with precise results about the duplicate content check. The above-mentioned points and key features are the reason why Copyscape makes it to the list of best online tools to perform plagiarism or duplicate content check.

Plag Tracker:

Plag tracker is another such online tool used to perform a duplicate content check. This is Ukraine based website which was launched in 2011, and ever since it was established, it has been very consistent in helping people perform the duplicate content check. The results have been very satisfactory as it does the duplicate content check very precisely. It shows up to what extent, the uploaded content is similar to any other website. It is a highly rated website, which has been performing satisfactorily for years. It has both paid and free versions. Both of them offer almost the same services, the paid version allow the user access to features for unlimited trials.

It is mostly used by students, bloggers as well as business professionals. It is solely dedicated to offering services related to duplicate content check. It is very popular and has gained a lot of fame and users over the past decade. It has performed very successfully in providing services with precise and satisfactory results. Plag tracker is mostly used in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Indonesia and also in some parts of Europe and America.

The above-mentioned points and key features are the reason why plag tracker makes it to the list of best online tools to perform plagiarism and duplicate content check. Being able to perform a duplicate content check, the bloggers and content writers of this generation are blessed with such advanced tools. Duplicate content check is very necessary. It has been mentioned many times earlier that, content writing industry is not very old, especially the digital content writing industry. This has developed years after the internet evolved. The entire digital content writing, which binds many other industries, firmly hold its stability on the internet. Internet will continue to grow and so will the content writing industry,

As the content writing industry binds many other industries, it is very predictable that in a few years, when the internet has wrapped almost every industry, people will need content to communicate with their audience. Now that the content will be the medium of communication for many industries and businesses, the basic requirement for generating content around the business to communicate will be that it should be unique. Similar content appearing, again and again, is not appreciated. With over 2 million posts a day, the internet is flooded with articles and blog posts in almost every genre, which increases the chances of any generated content is similar to any other existing website.

Therefore it is important to take care of the fact that, the content one delivers is unique and shouldn’t be copied from any other website. Along with the development of the internet, search engines also have developed in terms of their algorithms. The algorithms are framed such that they detect duplicate content and compare them with the sources. Whichever website the search engine finds more authentic, finds a place in the results while the other one is kept hidden. To avoid these circumstances, people are advised to perform a duplicate content check through many online tools that help one find whether or not the content is plagiarised.

This duplicate content check can be performed before even uploading it on the internet, making a creator surer, whether or not their content has possibilities of appearing on the search engine results. Above mentioned were some of the most recommended online tools for duplicate content check and they have been very consistent in terms of their performance and the precision with which they find plagiarism in any content. The data can be helpful for beginners, students, amateur writers, aspiring content writers, and professionals as well. With the tremendous use of written content everywhere, it has become a necessity to deliver unique content for which it is highly advised to perform a duplicate content check.

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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q1. Why is it important to have original content?

Content is very important. It should be powerful unique and original. If the content is copy pasted it will have no value and no ratings. People often get bored with the same things so to seek the attentions of your readers it is very important for the fresh and new content.

Q2. Does it affect the business?

Yes, offcourse. Duplicate content strongly has negative effects. It not only affects the SEO rating but it also take away your clients affecting the quality rating. It takes a second to loose trust but it takes years and a lifetime to build it.

Q4. Are the Dupli checker tools free?

Yes there are free as well as paid tools.

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