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How To Apply For Content Writing Internships – Step By Step Guide

Internships are the very first step taken towards career growth by mostly students, young and aspiring people in any genre. The same is the case with content writing internships. Students and people who aspire to become content writers, before trying for stable opportunities, usually go through content writing internships.

How To Apply For Content Writing Internships

They could prove to be very useful for the ones who are freshly starting their careers in content writing. Though there is a lot of theoretical knowledge available almost everywhere about content writing, to execute that theoretical knowledge practically, one needs to get their hands on live projects to experience how exactly the industry works.

Content writing internships are the best sources to find live projects and assignments to work for.

For such experiences, which are very useful to achieve better content writing opportunities, these internships are a must. They allow one, to practically handle things they have been taught, whether it is through any content writing course or the internet.

These also dramatically boosts the content writing resume score, therefore, increasing the profile strength.

Content writing internships are also a medium for young content writers and students to develop skills and exercise their abilities in a very effective manner.

Irrespective of the organisation from which the content writing internship is done, there is a lot to learn from this content writing internships. 

It is suggested for students and aspiring content writers to do as many internships they can. This is because there are numerous advantages of doing an internship. Few of them are listed below:


  • Career Growth:

Doing multiple internships helps to find better content writing jobs. Having experience in content writing internships with multiple companies could be very advantageous.

It helps the employer to understand the level of comfort with which the intern can work for now they had been through multiple internships and know the fundamental requirements of the job.

The students who have been through such internships are highly preferable for content writing jobs because employers believe the risks of making wrong decisions is quite less. The students who have been through content writing internships must know the entire process of how content writing industry works.

Companies also prefer students with prior experience in content writing internships because of the precision with which they can deliver any assigned task.

  • Skills Enhanced: 

Even though the students might have been through theoretical learning, content writing internships amplify the content writing skills. 

The skills and knowledge of the students are polished through practical experience. They are a great way to develop content writing skills which are highly necessary for a content writing job.

Therefore content writers are advised to do such internships for the skills developed thought the process will be really helpful for them to get content writing jobs.

  • Creativity:

They allow exposure of students to practical aspects of content writing through live projects and assignment. This works as an opportunity for students to use their creativity.

The practical approach helps them think innovatively. Being creative in the content writing industry is highly essential. These encounters with real situations where students have to make efforts to create the best possible piece of content for clients, push them to be as much creative they can.

Therefore these internships are the major reason for students to understand their true potential in terms of how creative and innovative they can be.

How to apply for these internships?


There are many job and internship portals where hundreds even thousands of employers need interns on a very regular basis. These internship portals are the most common way of finding content writing internships.

Internship and job portals have been really helpful for many students as they may even find content writing internships while they are pursuing their education.

Through these internship portals, one can find multiple content writing institutes, which ultimately increases the chances of getting hired.

Here are some of the internships and job portals where one can easily find content writing internships:

  • Internshala

Internshala is India’s no.1 internship and training platform with over 40000+ paid internships. It is a highly trusted website and has plenty of employers.

Students can apply internships based on their preferences.  Internshala allows students to filter internships depending upon their requirement.

Students can also apply for a work from the home-based internship, for they do not have to work at the office, rather they can work at flexible hours from their home only.

Process of applying for an internship there on Internshala is quite easy. One has to choose the internship they are interested in and apply for it through a form which requires them to answer some very fundamental questions.

Depending on the resume and the answers given by the candidate, employer cans shortlist the potential candidates who they think are fit for the internship.

Later through the provided details, the employer can contact the candidate to have a further discussion which leads to the decision whether or not the candidate is hired.

Internshala is crowded with content writing internships. There are thousands of employers looking for interns regularly on Internshala.

Because of internshalla being the very popular and reputed website for internships, the flow of employers who offer content writing internship increases tremendously.

Students and aspiring writers who want to start their content writing career can apply for internships on Internshala. Because of its high popularity, many big companies and brands also look for interns on Internshala.

  • Shine.com

Shine.com is also a very popular website which offers content writing internships. It not only offers content writing internships but also offers jobs and internships in other streams as well.

Shine.com has been very helpful for many students to find content writing internships and content writing jobs. 

The method of applying through shine.com is quite similar to that of Internshala. Most of the job portals and job searching websites use the same format for the application procedure.

While Internshala forms a resume based on the information provided, here on shine.com one has to upload a self-made a resume which will later be shared to the employer.

There are plenty of content writing internships available on these platforms, and also there are very evident examples of students and aspiring writers finding great content writing opportunities through it.

Students and aspiring writers are recommended to search for content writing internships through this website.


There are many companies which generate and distribute written content. These companies also need content writers regularly. 

Such companies may be publishing magazines, online news and entertainment page or maybe website. 

Students can look for such companies on the internet and send them their resume with work samples. 

Depending upon the resume, work samples, work experience and abilities mentioned in the resume, the employer may later contact the candidate for further discussions.

These kinds of internships may not be a work from home-based, and therefore the candidates looking for work from home-based internships should mention it while applying.

Interested students and aspiring writers are recommended to apply for such internships.

  • Guest Posting

Guest posting is another way to find these internships. It is not a regular method of applying for internships. Here one doesn’t need to send a resume unless required.

Guest posting is writing and publishing posts on other websites. Many popular websites like Buzzfeed and Shoutmeloud allow people to make guest posts.

Though these articles are then evaluated thoroughly, and then published if approved, the writers whose articles bring value to the consumers of such websites or the articles which bring more traffic to such websites could be contacted later by the website.

This is quite uncertain than the regular methods of applying for an internship. But publishing good articles on such websites possibly increases the chances of getting hired by them.

If not necessarily those sites hire the writer or not, because of being published regularly on such popular websites, the writer could be contacted by other bloggers out there.


Students and aspiring writers are highly advised to enrol a content writing course from any content writing course available across the country.

This is because these institutes play a very vital role in getting internships. It is easier to get a content writing internship after completing a content writing course from any of the content writing institutes. 

This is because many content writing institutes are completely job oriented and offer students live projects increasing their experience and knowledge.

These content writing institutes also assist students in getting these internships. Having a content writing certification from any of these institutes makes it a lot easier to grab better internships.

Companies which offer content writing institutes are also looking for candidates who are adept at their content writing skills. 

Having a content writing certification from any of the content writing institutes helps companies to easily have an idea about the training the candidate has undergone. 

Just like content writing jobs the content writing internships also do not demand any specific qualification but definitely would require a candidate to have a thorough understanding of content writing and therefore content writing institutes are helpful.

These content writing institutes teach the very necessary fundamentals required for getting content writing jobs.

It is highly advised to go through any content writing course offered by many content writing institutes across the country.

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Above mentioned were some of the ways to apply for a content writing internship.  Content writing internships are quite important for people interested in starting their career in creative pursuits.

Students and aspiring writers can try these internships to increase their chances of getting hired. The only requirement being, they should know about content writing.

There are many other internship portals other than the ones mentioned above. 

Manish Kumar is a writer by Passion and Profession. Over the years he wrote for many projects, blogs and websites which actually pushed him through a phase of learning. With his excellence in other domains, he is now a day exploring depths of content marketing. As a thought leader in Content Domain, Manish understand the scope of Content Marketing Industry & wants to reach out to the world with his thoughts.

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