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How Much Should You Charge for Content Writing in 2024

Content writing requires you to create high-quality content that can drive organic traffic to a website. It helps the process of sales and improves the activity of the business. Since content writing is a creative profession, your success depends on your ardor to excel in the field. It depends on your knowledge, vocabulary, and ability to create articles that are going to resonate with the target customer. 

How Much Should You Charge for Content Writing

Content Writing Charges vary with the topics and the nature of the subject you choose. How much you should charge for your content writing depends on your experience. Also, how you evaluate your capabilities, the niche you are writing for, and the company you are working with.

People once considered content writing as a mere hobby, a thing to pursue a stable job. It was more of an avocation than an actual career choice. The scenario since that time has gone a mammoth change.

Content Writing has today established itself as one of the most lucrative career choices. More and more people are enthused to venture into this profession.

A big corporate organization will definitely pay you much more than a small, medium, enterprise as well as individuals who want content writing work for their own business.

In the Indian Context, Generally content writers get paid 40 p- Re 1 Per word which can increase with your work experience, quality of work, and how impactful your content is. Once you establish a brand name for yourself the payment is for the asking.

On average, Content Writers can start anywhere from 8000- 15000. Within a year with considerable experience, you have every chance of increasing your salary to Rs 18000 to Rs 25000.

You can also be paid a fixed monthly rate or a fixed rate per article. Obviously, this rate depends on the size and success of the business house, publication, corporate organization.

However, it is not a fixed rate that cannot be altered when you working as a content writer. If you are successful and bring quality work to the table you can ask for or whatever you think is apt.

It can depend on the work you are doing and the number of hours you put into writing. You need to refine your writing skills, evolve, and establish yourself as a content writer able to drive traffic. This will ensure that you put forth terms according to your convenience.

Indian content writers can also apply to international clients through different job portals like Upwork, Freelancers, Craigslist, and others.

The various factors that determine your charges for content writing in India are as follows

  1. Your Work Experience

This is undoubtedly the most important criterion for you getting the pay that you want for content writing jobs. As you grow in experience and knowledge you get paid more just like any other industry.

However content writers specialized in Search Engine Optimization techniques who drive qualified leads to the website have chances of earning more. This leads the company to a huge advantage. Therefore, employers are satisfied to give you the money that you feel you deserve.

  1. Location

Content writing jobs in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata will pay you more than the cities which are still developing. This holds for financial hubs, and technologically developed cities and hubs. They have excellent business potential and have vast opportunities available.

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  1. Services  

Your charges for content writing depends on the services you offer and the niche you cover. Some niches are more profitable than the others and help you earn more heftily.

if you are an authority figure in your area of work guest posting fetches you substantial money from content writing. However, guest posting is not a viable option for a long time.

It is liable to a lot of uncertainties. If you are a content writer able to write content on a variety of topics, you might have a look at a career as a blog writer for websites. Add to it, your Search Engine Optimisation capabilities, and your value increases manifold.

Sometimes you have a fixed rate for blogs, brands, and startups as content writers. You write a certain number of articles or words per month and get paid.

  1. Ability to negotiate

Your confidence in your capabilities and the ability to negotiate help you to determine your charges for content writing.

  1. Educational Qualification

This is not an absolute necessity but your educational qualification can come in handy when you don’t have enough experience.

For example, your formal education in journalism, mass communication, literature, creative writing can serve as an alternative to the lack of job experience to get that first foot in the door.

How you fare in creating content is what matters in the long run. Suppose you have the educational qualification but no acumen to correctly write articles that derive results. Then those certificates and degrees won’t come to any use. Your practical work is all that counts.

A lot of corporate organizations and international companies regularly outsource their content writing and creative writing jobs to India. The payment for international clients is also higher but you have to be able to prove your skills and abilities to be hired for international writing projects. 

How much you charge for your content writing work depends largely on the niches you are proficient in. The internet is filled with articles on various subjects. However, a few make it to the top 10 in the search engine results.

Therefore, you have to possess a keen sense of the niche and incorporate best practices of content writing to become a successful content writer.

The Top niches that pay the most to Content Writers are as follows

  1. Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism are extremely popular worldwide. In India, people travel even inside the country very frequently. The travel and tourism industry in India uses quality articles disseminating useful information to their customers to get recognized.

There are several jobs posted on different job portal sites asking for travel writers who can provide details about a certain destination, hotel, and the different places to visit.

Travel writers can start their own business and monetize their blogs by providing information on different unique places in cities and their distinctive characteristics.

You can also incorporate affiliate links, promotional offers, banners, and display advertisements from the travel and tourism sector. You provide potential customers information, travel, and tourism businesses get recognized and you get paid extremely well.

Another advantage is that once you become a thought leader in this niche you get to visit a lot of places while promoting their products and services sometimes for free.

  1. Health and Welfare

In this fast-paced world, today people have taken cognizance of the fact that health is the most vital factor for the proper functioning of the mind and the body.

Hence, it is one of the most profitable niches you can choose to write on. The health and welfare sector has witnessed a huge increase in the demand of content writers for this specific topic.

People have become conscious and now want information on different health aspects to avoid risks in the future. You can choose a variety of topics to write on in the health and welfare sector.

Also, people value topics that give them pertinent information on different hospitals, nursing homes, and wellness centers that can help online users find the right place for treatment.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is and will remain one of the best niches that you can select for a thriving content writing career. Content writing on the different modules of digital marketing and the core components of the online marketing system can pay you very well.

SEO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing are some of the very important topics that you can choose to write on. Blogs, emails, landing pages, how-to, reviews, testimonials are great forms that you can write your content on.

There are plenty of articles to write on these particular modules. So you never run out of inspiration while creating content for these particular subjects.

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  1. Finance

Finance will always remain an in-demand topic for customers. If one opts to specialize in finance in the content writing industry, they have huge potential for making an extremely prosperous career out of it.

Financial content writing covers important topics like budgeting, expenses, credit cards, loans, mutual funds, stocks and shares, investing in different businesses for profit, and so on.

A content writer specializing in finance has to possess knowledge of economics and mathematics to provide information successfully. Since content writing is a developed skill set you can read up finance blogs in-depth. Study the core concepts of accounting, business finance, and start writing.

  1. Hospitality

The travel and tourism sector is a broader perspective of the places a person visits. The hospitality industry provides information on different hotels, their capacity, payments, and the facilities available.

  1. Case Studies

Case studies are a very powerful niche in the entire content marketing system. It is also one of the fixed elements of the marketing strategy and has been around for a very long time. Content Writers specializing in case studies have the opportunity to get hefty salaries.

Now, we have often heard the term case study. But what does it mean?

Case studies are essentially stories about how an organization or individual has succeeded in their efforts of doing whatever they had set out to do.

It is a success story that helps to inspire confidence in people. Case studies generally delineate a problem that the individual or organization faces. It is then a comprehensive study on how they overcome it.

Case studies have proved to be immensely successful in drawing qualified leads to the website and making conversions. Everyone wants to read the story of triumph over difficulties.

The prerequisite to creating successful case studies is thorough research on your part to not leave out anything important.

  1. Video Script Writing

Video is one of the most popular forms of content, hence video script writing remains a very important form of content writing that pays extremely well.

The main traits of video scriptwriting are that you have to be succinct and convey the core message with efficiency. Since brevity is the key to successful video scriptwriting, you should have a strong knowledge of grammar, vocabulary to be able to put forth your points in a concise way.

It all depends on the company or individual you are working with. An eminent organization will pay you much more than a startup or an individual wanting to create a video script for a digital platform like YouTube. The average pay for video scripting is around 500000.

  1. Technical Writing 

Technical Writing offers detailed explanations on several specific topics like IoT, environmental science, hardware, software, data intelligence, medical, engineering, and others.

It is a very lucrative form of content writing that provides the reader with ample value. Manuals, documents, about these topics cover the content on technical writing.

Technical writing is extremely rich replete with detailed guides, data, and information on a particular subject. Technical writing solves two issues.

One- It helps to break down complex sentences, jargon, and terms into simple text for people without a technical background to comprehend.

Two- It provides information to professionals in the field of technical writing. These articles contain terms, words, phrases that are unique in that particular industry.

  1. White Paper

White papers are exhaustive articles on specific subjects and topics. They generally prove your authority in that particular niche.

The articles cover every perspective of that topic. They are incisive and provide the reader with every piece of information they need on that particular subject.

White papers need a lot of dedication and commitment because it takes into account trends prevalent, the advantages, disadvantages, and implications of a particular subject.

Every industry especially B2B industries use content writers for white papers to disseminate authentic information to the target audience.

Whether it is manufacturing, retail, insurance, financial services, or transportation, every industry has white papers to build faith and rapport with their potential and existing customers.

  1. Beauty and Grooming

Fashion, beauty, and grooming are popular topics for content writing that pay you very well. With so many new products and services launched every year, there are innumerable opportunities in the sector to have a very successful content writing career.

For a successful content copy in this industry, you need to incorporate the details of the product or services offered. Explain in your copy why the product is different than others and what sets it apart from its competition. Mention special ingredients if any. Boost your content copy with testimonials and reviews.

  1. Parenting

Parenting is another aspect of life that people need constant tips. strategies, and advice on. If you search the internet you will see a plethora of articles on good parenting, on what to do and what not to. Parents today are all the more conscious of how to discipline and bring up their children.

This makes for a very good content writing niche. It includes several topics like the importance of family, single parenting, co-parenting, adopting, and others.

  1. Home Decor

Every industry that includes content writing as a part of their marketing strategy, drives at least twice more traffic than people who have no content writing strategy.

The home decor industry is no different. Though the home decor is primarily perceived as an image dependent niche, without content writing to back the pictures, they appear ambiguous.

Content writers with experience in interior decoration, and expertise in aesthetic home decoration can have an extremely lucrative content writing career in this particular niche.

The several topics you can cover in your topic are

  • The Products That A Customer Should Use
  • The Latest Trends
  • Lighting And Color
  • Space Management
  • Safety Measures To Be Taken
  • Materials Suitable
  • Eco-friendly Decor Among Many Others.
  1. News 

News is always in demand. Choosing news as a niche in content writing will enable you to always drive traffic to your website.

You have to adopt a journalistic form of writing and provide facts with proof. It can pay you well provided that you follow the best practices of news and journalistic writing and do not indulge in any yellow journalism. Ensure that your write-ups are responsibly written and do not invite censure for libel or slander.

  1. Gourmet And Food

The Food sector is the most thriving industry in the whole world. It is the most basic need of people so you can imagine the demand for more information on this particular niche.

Content writers specializing in this specific need to be familiar with the different ingredients, spices, cuisines, and herbs used.

A content writer specializing in this niche generally works in top magazines, journals, publications, radio shows that deal with the food industry.

Some of the key attributes for content writers in this niche to be successful are the enthusiasm to try out new food and recipes, interviewing customers as well as chefs, and having information on food-related complementary businesses.

  1. Mental Health and Personal Development

Mental health and personality development Content writers are essentially people who have a lot of empathy for others. You have to be sensitive and possess the skills to persuade and motivate people to make positive changes, The tone should be friendly and approachable.

Talking about mental health requires you to understand that there are people out there who need help to change the lives for the better.

This area can be an extremely lucrative form of content writing provided you are honest, authentic, and sensitive to your readers’ queries, feelings, situations, and demands.

  1. B2B Guides

B2B guide is for businesses that deal with other businesses by selling them products and services that the other business requires. These guides are an important part of the marketing strategy for businesses around the globe.

When you want to do business with corporate organizations, small and medium business enterprises, you need to get noticed. That will facilitate the success of your business by enabling you to sell your services and make a name for your brand in the B2B ecosystem. That is why content writers for B2B businesses come into the picture.

B2B content writers should be able to identify the buyer’s behavior and pattern. They should focus the writing to create a rapport that will help in a long-lasting relationship with the other business.

The articles should be in-depth, highlighting all the important points of your business that can be of help to the other organization. The pricing strategy, details, and background story of the business should be clearly explained for building trust.

  1. Cyber Security

With digital advancement, cybersecurity has become a great concern for businesses around the world. The knowledge of cybersecurity, protection of privacy, and security have become integral for every business.

Since it is an esoteric branch of content writing, this area of work pays very handsomely. If you have a technical background with knowledge of cloud, data, software as a service (SAAS), enterprise, Technology, Internet of Things(IoT), ERP solutions, you can apply for jobs in content writing in the cybersecurity sector.

  1. E-commerce

E-commerce content writing entails explaining the advantages of that particular business commercial business, the products and services offered.

It also involves disseminating information that will increase brand equity and get the brand noticed by a focus group of customers.

While writing content for eCommerce, you have to maintain honesty, transparency and include customer reviews and testimonials preferably to bolster your write up.

E-commerce sector pays well and you should consider taking it up if you have the penchant for writing creative stories with a human element that can evoke inspiration.

  1. Real estate

Real estate is another prosperous niche that offers a lot of opportunities for content writing. It is also a very highly paid niche that pays extremely well.

A content writer specializing in real estate has to churn out compelling articles for clients, various stakeholders, employees, and other parties concerned.

They are also responsible for research for keywords that perform well in search engines. Also, the primary requirement is to create content aligning with the vision, objectives, and the need for a particular business.

Real estate offers many engaging topics to write on. Content writers in this niche need to be e circumspect, research, provide quality articles consistently.

  1. Education 

With online education taking precedence today because of its intrinsic properties of flexibility and comfort of studying, content writers in the education niche are highly in demand.

These content writers help to create landing pages, course syllabus, and provide information to prospective students and clients about the institute, qualities, affiliations, and its achievements.

They are responsible for providing valuable articles on the fundamentals of the courses that are taught in that particular Institute.

The content writers in the education sector also provide information on various universities, colleges, and certification programs that can come to the aid of professionals, freelancers, homemakers, and everyone interested in pursuing online education.

  1. Recruitment Agency Content Writing

Have you ever considered applying to write the job advertisements you rummage through on job portal sites and recruitment agencies? Content writers for recruitment agencies help to write job descriptions, templates, responsibilities, and duties of a particular job profile. This information is then disseminated on several platforms for aspirants to go through and apply.

It requires content writers to have a thorough knowledge of the duties and responsibilities that they need to describe in their copy. Moreover, they have to be well versed with specific terms unique to particular industries.


From the above article, you will now have a fair idea of some of the most profitable niches that you can select to have a flourishing content writing career.

The main benefit of pursuing a career in content writing is that you can write whatever interests you. Also, people adept at writing content for events, awards, hospitality industry, food industry, travel, and tourism have the opportunity to travel all around the world and get paid for the same.

Now think, can it get better than that? You not only have a job that you are passionate about but you can charge as much as you want and fulfill your dreams.


Q. Is content writing best choice for career building?

Yes. If you are passionate about writing then why not. Also you can choose been a content writer along with your corporate job and create a strem for side income making.

Q. There are many online courses in content writing how to select and enrol for the best content writing course?

There are many online courses that offer content writing courses. Before you enrol and invest for the course a little research will always be of great help. However if asked for recommendations, IIM SKILLS lists on the top of the best ed-tech companies that offer the best skill development courses and content writing master course is one of their most recommended course across the globe.

Q.  Can a degree college student eligible to enrol for the content writing course?

Yes, of course this course is eligible for who is passionate about writing and is 12th grade plus.

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