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High Salary Courses After 12th Commerce

 Today, in this article, we will provide you with insight into the high salary courses after 12th Commerce and will try to offer you clarity on what to choose. 

High Salary Courses After 12th Commerce


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius 

To be able to pursue a career that is satisfying is indeed a rarity and much sought after by all and sundry. If you have completed 12th class with commerce stream, you will have a wide window ahead of you which opens up to an array of such rewarding and gratifying career options. 


The commerce subjects in 12th allow entry to a variety of courses which can lead to lucrative careers for students. The career choices can range widely from commerce subjects-based fields like Chartered Accountancy or Company Secretaryship to creative fields like fashion designing or even hospitality management or Journalism courses. Those who are in pursuit of an academic career may also opt to teach in schools, colleges or become lecturers in professional institutes. A degree or diploma in business management or business administration also is an option for commerce students. Needless to say, all of these career options can be highly rewarding as well.


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Here’s a detailed discussion and an insight into the high salary courses after 12th Commerce, that can be opted by students for a satisfying and remunerative career:

High salary courses after 12th Commerce#1 – Bachelor in Commerce (B Com): 

B Com is one of the most popular courses preferred by students who pass 12th grade with commerce. The eligibility to enter this course is to pass the 12th grade. One can opt for BCom in general (B Com – General / Pass) or with specialization (BCom-Honours) or as an integrated course with specialization in legislative law (BCom-LLB). Some of the important areas taught in this course are Financial Accounting, Business Organization, Tax Laws, Company Law, Auditing, Corporate Governance, etc. B Com is taught in most of the colleges and universities in India but the admission is subject to the admission criteria in form of cut-off marks set up by the individual colleges. The duration of the course is 3 years. 


Though it is possible to get jobs after B.Com, it is important to note that a post-graduation degree after BCom is a must for a good and rewarding career. B.Com acts as a good stepping stone to a variety of other post-graduation courses like CA, CS, MBA, etc. which eventually lead to lucrative careers. Students also have the option of pursuing Masters in Commerce (M Com) and subsequently explore the option of teaching in schools, colleges or universities, if they wish to pursue an academic career. 


High salary courses after 12th Commerce#2 –  Chartered Accountancy (CA): 

This prestigious course can be opted for by students directly after 12th grade. The course duration is a minimum of 5 years.CA course has 3 main parts, CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final examinations. This is regarded as one of the highest salary Courses after 12th Commerce. 


For entry to the course after the 12th class, the students must appear for the CA Foundation exam which is held multiple times a year. The students will get a preparation period of 4 months after registering for the exam post which they can appear for the exam.


Upon qualifying for the CA Foundation exam, the candidate has to register, appear and clear the CA Intermediate examinations after a study period of 8 months. Post qualifying the Intermediate exams, the Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft Skills (ICITSS) training, of 4 weeks followed by a 3 years practical training with a Chartered Accountancy firm, also known as articleship will have to be undertaken and completed. 


The CA Final examination can be taken on qualifying the CA Intermediate examination and also after completion of 2.5 years of the articleship, during the last 6 months of the training. After qualifying for the CA Final exams, the candidate finally becomes a CA and applies to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India for membership. 


Even though the journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant is long and involves concentrated effort and diligence, on completion of the course one becomes qualified as an accounting professional certified by the statutory body – Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and is recognized throughout the industry for various roles like accountants, auditors, taxation specialists, financial advisors, etc. Needless to say, as a career option CA is a promising choice and can be considered as a high salary course after 12thCommerce.


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High salary courses after 12th Commerce#3 –  Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)  

This is a much-favored course graduation course that can be taken up after passing the 12th exam with commerce and can open up multiple job opportunities in finance, sales, and marketing, human resources, etc. BBA is a 3 years course. There are many colleges and private institutions which conduct BBA courses. 


Usually, an entrance test is conducted for admission by a particular institute/college. In some cases, group discussions (GD) and personal interviews (PI) are also conducted for the admission process, and the results are considered apart from the marks scored in the 12th exam. 


BBA can be done with specializations in various fields like finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, sales, hospitality and hotel management, communication, and media management. 


Though it is not mandatory to follow up the BBA course with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), it does offer an advanced level of knowledge and expertise in the subjects that may provide an edge to the candidates in the competitive professional world.


However, it depends on the student pursuing the course, if they wish to gather experience after completion of BBA or choose a further specialization or even, do both, i.e., gather a few years of experience and then choose to pursue further education in the field. The students also have the option of doing the 5year integrated program of BBA and MBA in case they plan to do both the courses after the 12th. 


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High salary courses after 12th Commerce#4 – BCOM -LLB: 

This integrated course can be a good option for those who want to choose their specialization in the legal field right after their 12th grade. The is a combination of a Bachelor of Commerce(BCOM) and Bachelor of Law(LL. B) degrees. The subjects taught in this course are a mix of commerce subjects like Financial Accounting, Auditing, Economics, Taxation as well as Law subjects which includes various laws and statutes. 


The eligibility to this course is to complete the 10+2 from any recognized board, with a minimum percentage of 45% to 50%, depending upon the university/institute. This is a 5 years integrated program. Entry to this course is usually through the law entrance tests like CLAT or LSAT India or through entrance exams conducted by the popular law colleges/universities of India. The students are tested on subjects like English, Mathematical ability, Logical reasoning, etc. in these entrance tests.


For aspirants who want to pursue a career in Law and become lawyers, advocates, legal advisors, or solicitors, this is a good course to join after the 12th. 


High salary courses after 12th Commerce #5 – Company Secretary (CS) 

A Company Secretary (CS) is a person who is appointed to ensure that the Company is adhering to and complying with all the applicable laws and statutes. A CS is responsible for advising good corporate practices to the company and is a vital link between the Board of Directors, shareholders, Government, regulatory authorities, and all other stakeholders of the company. 


The CS course is governed by the national professional body – The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). This course can be directly started after passing the 10+2 from any recognized board. For doing the CS course after the 12th, one has to clear the CS Foundation exam which is conducted twice a year, in June and December.  


The other 2 levels of this course are the Executive Program and the Professional Program. To be a CS the candidate is required to score a minimum of 40% in all the subjects and an aggregate of a minimum of 50% in the exams. During the course, the aspirants have to gain a thorough knowledge of Company Laws, Tax Laws, Information Systems, Secretarial Audits, Banking Laws, Financial Management, etc. 


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High salary courses after 12th Commerce #6 –Hotel Management:  

The study of running and managing the operations of a hotel is called hotel management. It involves an in-depth study of different areas in a hotel, from a grassroots level, like the Front Office, Kitchen Operations, Food and Beverage Service, Engineering, Housekeeping, etc. Considering the surge in the travel and tourism industry worldwide, a career in the hospitality industry comes with a lot of potential and opportunities, both in India and internationally. This remunerative choice of career can definitely be considered as one of the high salary courses after 12th Commerce.


The hotel management course can be directly joined at the Under-Graduate (UG) level, after completing 10+2. The eligibility criterion for this is passing 10+2 from any recognized board. Some institutes also prefer to have English as one of the core subjects in 10+2 for the students to gain admission into the course. 


Colleges offer different degrees for hotel/hospitality management courses. The subjects offered under these degrees also vary. Some of the common degrees that are offered in hotel management courses are BSc in Hospitality and Hotel Administration, Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), Bachelor in Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT), BA in Hotel Management, BA (Hons) in Hotel Management, BBA in Hospitality, travel & tourism, BA (Hons) in Culinary Arts, etc. 


The Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition (IHMs) is one of the best colleges in India to study hotel management and is present in many cities in India like Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Bangalore. There are many other reputed colleges and universities from where hotel management courses can be pursued. 


High salary courses after 12th Commerce #7 – Fashion Designing:

For students with a creative bent of mind and a keen interest in the fashion industry, Fashion Designing is a good option after 12th grade. This is a highly competitive field and it requires dedication and focus to be successful in this profession. Fashion designing also includes designing jewelry, handbags, and footwear, apart from designing clothes. Fashion Designing involves a detailed understanding and study of fabrics, patterns, styles, colors, and trends and is all about the creation of clothes and accessories. 


There are various courses of fashion designing with a degree, diploma, or certificate at the end of it. At an undergraduate level, the eligibility to enter the course is passing of 10+2 from a recognized board with a minimum of 45 to 50% marks.


The top fashion designing institutes in India conduct their own entrance-design aptitude tests which have to be cleared by candidates to get entry into these colleges. Some such entrance exams conducted by institutes are NIFT Entrance Exam, NID Entrance Exam, GD Goenka DAT, Pearl Academy Entrance Exam, etc.


These institutes have their own admission criterion like personal interviews. For pursuing a career in fashion designing, aspirants should have specific skills and keen interests in areas like drawing and sketching, visual imagination, creativity, business acumen, fashion trends, and a good understanding of the demand pattern, to be able to gain an insight into this dynamic industry.  


A post-graduation degree in fashion designing after graduation is a good career option. Eligibility to this course is usually a graduation degree in the same field. 


High salary courses after 12th Commerce #8 – Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA): 

For students having an interest in computers, programming, or hardware, a Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is a good choice of career. An undergraduate course in BCA does not require Maths or Physics in 10+2. Students who have passed their 12thwith commerce are also eligible to join this course, with a minimum of 45% to 55% score.


While some institutes allow admission on the basis of the 12th score, some institutes prefer to take entrance examinations and personal interviews. The cut-off percentage for admission into the BCA course varies from college to college. The duration of a BCA course is 3 years, over 6 semesters.


The BCA course covers areas like software languages, computer architecture, operating systems, database management systems, web technology, data structure, networking, etc. One can also pursue higher studies like a Masters of Computer Application (MCA) for better career opportunities. Many premier colleges offer the MCA program. 


As the Information Technology industry grows in leaps and bounds, a BCA degree can open up multiple job opportunities for the aspirants pursuing the course. BCA graduates can join the IT and software industry in various roles like computer programmer, software developer, software tester, system engineer, web developer, etc., and make a lucrative career during this IT boom. 


High salary courses after 12th Commerce #9 – Cost Management Accountancy (CMA): 

CMA is a certified course that trains professionals in managing the resources of the company. CMAs contribute to the companies by the management of scarce resources like funds, land and apply strategic decisions to work within available resources. 


The CMA course can be joined after completion of 10th grade from any recognized board, through the CMA Foundation course. Candidates who have passed or are appearing in 12th are also eligible to apply. Candidates must be 17 years or above. The next 2 levels of the CMA course are CMA Intermediate and the CMA Final programs. CMA exams are conducted twice a year, in June and December. The exams and training of CMA are regulated and governed by the statutory body Institute of Cost Accountants of India(ICAI). 


CMAs play multiple roles in the corporate and the public sector, as Cost Accountants, Cost Controllers, Finance professionals. The students pursuing this course can get lucrative job offers upon completion of the course. 


High salary courses after 12th Commerce #10 – Journalism and Mass Communication 

Communicating to a large group of people at the same time is known as Mass Communication. This communication can be through various media channels like television, social media, newspaper, radio, etc. The study of mass communication is gaining an in-depth knowledge of these methods of communication and involves the study of journalism, television reporting, corporate communication, advertising, public relation, etc. 


In the current scenario, media has touched our lives like never before. The presence of media is in every walk of our lives. Under these circumstances, the study of Mass Communication and journalism has great potential and can provide many opportunities for students. 


The Mass Communication course can be done at an Under-Graduate level. The eligibility criterion for this is to pass the 10+2 level from any recognized board with a minimum percentage of 50% to 60%. In the cases of some institutes, there might be an additional age criterion of 17 years. Some institutes conduct National level entrance exams followed by personal interviews (PI).


Some of the entrance exams are Jamia Millia Islamia Entrance Exam, IIMC entrance exam, JNUEE, FTII JET, etc. The Mass Communication degrees that one can get at an undergraduate level are Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC), Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC), and Bachelor of Journalism (BJ).  


Mass Communication studies offer specialization in various fields like Journalism, Broadcasting, Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media, Film and Television, Photography, etc. Students can choose from a plethora of roles across industries including journalists, actors, radio jockeys, TV anchors, corporate PR managers, copywriters, media planners, directors, editors, and many more. It is a dynamic and versatile field and can provide lucrative job opportunities to students who pursue this course. 


10. Bachelor in Economics: 

This is yet another popular course amongst students after completing 10+2 in commerce. A study of economics at graduation levels provides a good understanding of finance and business as well as involves a detailed study of the economic and financial situation in our country, financial policies, workings of the financial institutions, etc. Post completing the course, this knowledge can be leveraged in pursuing careers in finance or banking sectors. Usually, after completion of a Bachelor in Economics, students mostly pursue a Masters in economics or an MBA/PGDBM course for a rewarding career path. However, job opportunities are multiple and remunerative, in all the above circumstances. 


The eligibility for admission to a bachelor in economics degree course is the completion of 10+2 in any discipline with a minimum of 45% marks. It is important to note here, individual colleges determine the cut-off marks for applying for the course. Some recognized universities also have their own entrance examinations for entering into the course.

On completion of the BA in Economics, one can join corporate houses in various roles like    

Sales Analyst, Investment Analyst, Economist, etc. The skills learned during these 3 years in terms of various financial concepts and financial analysis, a thorough understanding of economics, and the principles and concepts governing the subject helps in taking up and handling such roles. Overall, it’s a good choice of a subject after passing 12th with Commerce.  


The options for a high salary courses after 12th Commerce are plentiful. Choosing Commerce as a stream indeed opens up a plethora of opportunities. Passing out 10+2 with Commerce means that students have the option of pursuing all the courses that Arts students can pursue along with ones that the Commerce students are eligible to. The important thing here is to try and recognize your strengths as well as the things you enjoy doing the most and play them to your advantage while considering any career path This way, you will be sure to love the job that you do while being good at it as well! For getting a clear understanding of all the available options, may be a good idea to consult a career counselor and any experts of the profession that you may consider as a career for practical guidance.  

As famously said by George Lucas, “dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it.”

Take an informed decision based on your interest areas after carefully considering all possible options, while choosing a course and career path after the 12th. This will help you in setting your goals early, and then work towards these goals to achieve the career of your dreams!


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