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A Simplified Guide to the Polytechnic Courses after 10th

The Polytechnic courses refer to several specialized courses that are accessible by a given institute. These courses are intended to help simplify the development of the students, who have taken the side track to quick-start their lives! These courses are one of the most self-motivated and advanced courses. 


The is suggestive of the polytechnic courses after 10th

So, you have completed the 1st hurdle in life i.e., your 10th standard exams! Although the 2nd one is not too far, i.e., the 12th standard board exams, many of you wouldn’t want to go the conventional way. Some of you may not have the time or have certain hardships that may prevent you to take the traditional route.


Whichever the case may, education should lead the way. No course or education is smaller or ever goes to waste! Choosing a short-term course after your 10th standard can help you, quickly start your career. Your success lays in your hands alone, choose wisely for a bright future!


We have laid down a simplified guide to understanding the polytechnic courses after 10th or 12th, one can opt for. 


Polytechnic Courses after 10th

The Polytechnic courses after 10th have a structure has been considered as one of the unsurpassed careers focused courses for the young adults of our country. As their scope is also very widespread and has been reported to shape the young minds into doing something good with their lives. After one of these courses, the student can either go into the government sector or the private one, as well. 


Many Corporate and Private Companies have gone on record and stated that they would rather prefer a student from Polytechnic than a normal Engineering college. 


Many Gulf Countries welcome in many Polytechnic students with open arms. The demand is increasing every graduating year. 


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List of Courses


1.Mechanical Engineering: This is a Diploma Course and goes on for 3 years. Students who wish to follow a career in the mechanical arena can opt for this course. The main focus of this course is on the subjects like working of the machines, engineering visuals, thermodynamics, and so on.


Nearly all polytechnic organizations offer this course. The fees are also very nominal and would not pose a hole in the pocket. After one is done with the course and wishes to expand their academic structure, then they either go for the B. Tech or B.E course in Mechanical Engineering or get a job as it is as well. 


The Eligibility: Although the Cut-off list is Merit-Based, the minimum requirement of the course is to pass the 10th standard from a recognized board. 


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2. Civil Engineering: Here’s a major one for the students who are interested in the civil engineering field. This course offers a Diploma in the field of Civil Engineering as it is one of the most widespread options amongst students.


This is also a 3-year course with a wide syllabus of the civil field of the physical structures and buildings and planning and constructing them, making plans for their durability, and so on. The students can go on for further studying in B. Tech or B.E in the area of Civil Engineering if they wish. 


The Eligibility: 10th pass from a Recognised School or Board. 


3.Diploma in Computer-Aided Design Engineering: The Applicant must have appeared and passed the 10th standard examination with a lowest of 35% marks. There is no upper age bar but the applicant must have attained a minimum of 14 years of age. This is a 3-year course with a fee of Rs. 31,000* 


4.Diploma in Chemical Engineering: Here’s another prime course under polytechnic which seems to be grabbing the right attention. This course has gained a lot many students over the last year, itself. The students can learn about many new and interesting chemical reactions, processes, and diverse chemicals and the production method of the same.


There are numerous private and government jobs for a chemical engineer. One of the reasons for this course to grab attention is that the demand in the job sector is huge and keeps on rising every year. 


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5.Computer Science and Engineering Course: Now, here’s a course that has turned many heads and gotten many enrolments over the years. As we live in a modern and digital-driven day and age, computer engineers seem to get picked out soon.


Although the Government Sector has a huge scope for this course, the private and corporate companies are also asking for them. A diploma in Computer engineering is a course that one should go for. The course focuses on training the students in computer applications, programs, a basic computer usage. Both the Hardware and Software parts are taught in the 3 years of this Diploma Course. 


6.Diploma in Automobile Engineering.

7.Diploma in Electronics and Communiqué.

8.Electrical Engineering Diploma.

9.Interior Decorations- Diploma.

10. Fashion Engineering.

11.Ceramic Engineering.

12. Art and Crafts- Diploma. 

13. Instrumentation and Control Engineering.

14. In-depth diploma inIT Engineering.

15. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

16. Aeronautical Engineering.


Numerous popular courses have made a sustainable place for themselves in the education segment. Students are getting increasingly more choices to make their way towards a better and sustaining career. One such option that is a non-traditional and more contemporary program is the polytechnic. Polytechnic has been involved by an enormous number of colleges in India and abroad as well. 


 Some new colleges have been recognized by the Government of India which accommodates polytechnic courses only. From some of the leading colleges of the nation to the private and good sustaining universities, all have unified polytechnic courses in their prospectus and have started tolerant deferred entrance fees of the diploma holders to their mechanical courses. A wide range of polytechnic specialties and the polytechnic courses after 10th are also offered to students in many universities.


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The Advantages of the Polytechnic Courses after 10th and how to go about them: 


  • Engineering enthusiasts start planning their future in around 7th – 8th standard, as there are 2 known ways: either one completes the 12th standard and then goes for 4-year Engineering Course from a regular college or via the Polytechnic Diploma course after 10th and then the 3-year engineering. Either way, a student can get a good base in engineering and a promising career in the same. 
  • The motive behind, why most people go for this type, of course, is that it is way less costly than the 12th standard fees. 
  • Not all pockets run deep, that doesn’t mean that a child should be devoid of his dreams and wishes to be an engineer. The polytechnic courses after 10th can make sure of that, as they are not costly and still have a good base structure for the world of engineering. 
  • Even if, one doesn’t wish to go for further studies, the Diploma can ensure a good job as a start. And not just a temp one, but a jolly good one as well. One can support their family with it. 
  • As the young adults who go for this course, have very strong reasons to go for unconventional way, these courses have proved to be very career-oriented and more focused than the regular colleges. 
  • The scope of the same also goes on a long way, either in the government or private sector. 


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Top Polytechnic Courses after 10th and polytechnic colleges across the Country approved by the All-India Council of Technical Education:


  • JKP Polytechnic: This college is located in Haryana and has a very good campus life. They offer 3-year courses in Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronics & Communications. It is an enterprise taken by a group of engineers and philanthropists who wanted more for future generations to get more than the usual.


An initiative to enhance technical education. As providing a diploma is easy, providing them with the latest technologies and skill set to come out as masters in the field can be scarce. They focus on providing the best opportunities to the engineering students so that they are not treated with a low greeting as they did not take the traditional route.


It is a center of brilliance were academics and the want of the industry are merged to convey skill-enhanced specialized education to make the students self-confident and accomplished. We believe that the institute has to keep pace with the always moving industrial situation. For the same, apart from the pre-arranged prospectuses, state-of-the-art pieces of training and courses are also available.


  • NSAM Academy of Fashion & Interior Design: Located in the heart of Navi Mumbai, this college is a well-renowned designing foundation for fashion, styling, designs, art, and also business in India. Also, several other simple yet complex courses in the arena of Interior Design, Event Management, Fashion Design, Makeup and Hair-Do, and many others.


Many young girls have opted for these courses and quick-started their careers instead of going through the rat race. They have a very special approach which is for the complete development of the students and to smoothen the study process, by offering an amalgamation of classroom teaching, internships, practical training, and research and development. 


Industry exposure is a must for the polytechnic students and the young adults get a good boost to focus more of their careers, this step is taken by this Institute. 


  • Institute of Hotel Management (IHM): This institute is situated in Mumbai and has a good record of producing excellent professionals. They are one of the top educators in Hotel Management, Applied Nutrition and Catering Technology, and Diploma in Food Production. They have state-of-the-art and completely equipped kitchens for training around 100 students. They also have a Mock-bar to try out their skills and practice. They also offer Hostel facilities for both male and female students with ample rooms. A functional hotel and conference rooms are also available for the complete training of the students. They have not a single stone unturned. 
  • Asian College of Journalism (ACJ): Situated in Chennai, they have a very campus and offer Diploma courses in Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (New Media), Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (Print), Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (Radio), Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism (Television). Sponsorship and concession can be opted for with proof of income. Even SAF Scholarship is also offered to students from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. 
  • (NIFT) National Institute of Fashion Technology: Is located in Navi Mumbai in the Maharashtra State. They offer diversified courses in Design, Accessories Designing, Fashion Communication, Fashion Designing, Knitwear Designing, Textile Designing, and much more. The designing studios on the campus offer plenty of opportunities to the students for experimentation and innovation, while the workshops provide state-of-the-art technology&work zones covering real-time characteristics of the industry. The classrooms are completely armed with good facilities and projectors for displaying the performances by the students. This is a real boost for young adults. 
  • Government Polytechnic, Mumbai.
  • Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray Polytechnic.
  • Vivekanand Education Society’s Polytechnic.
  • Chhotu Ram Polytechnic.
  • Government Polytechnic, Joida. 


Apart from the above-mentioned courses, there are certain special Women’s Only Polytechnic Colleges in India. Here’s a list: 


  • South Delhi Polytechnic for Women: They offer ample diversity in courses for Women. Hospitality and Travel, Design, Arts, Animation, Mass Communication, and Media, etc; in full-time and part classroom options. They have all the necessary facilities for a good study background like the Library, Cafeteria, Hostel, Sports Complex, Gym, Hospital / Medical Facilities, Auditorium, and Labs. 
  • Meera Bai Polytechnic for Women (Govt. Polytechnics) in Maharani Bagh: They offer 2–3-year Diplomas in Architecture Assistantship, Beauty Culture, Commercial Art, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Interior Design, Library Science, Medical Lab Technology, Modern Office Practice (English and Hindi) and so on. They also offer a good campus life and ample facilities. 
  • Kasturba Polytechnic for Women (Govt. Polytechnics) Prem Bari Pul: This is the 2ndGovernment Polytechnic completely for women. This college offers permanent diploma courses in hi-tech and developing areas of technology. They offer a Diploma in Computer Engineering, Digital Electronics & Microprocessor Based System Design, Fashion Designing, Medical Electronics, Public Health, and Environmental Engineering. Some of the amenities comprise well-ventilated teaching space, recreational zones, indoor and outdoor sports, a well-supplied library, medical amenities, etc. They also provide Hostel facilities. 
  • International Polytechnic for Women: The organization is affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru Technical Education. This Polytechnic is well-resourced with up-to-date equipment, technology, appliances & modernization. They also offer an option for dual-degree curricula in numerous specializations. The students of this institute also get a chance to take part in various seminars, competitions, and exhibitions, globally and internationally. They offer Bachelors of Science, Journalism and Mass Communication, Interior Designing, Fashion Designs, etc. They offer state-of-the-art libraries, hostels, and also scholarships can be applied for. 
  • Government Girls Polytechnic, UP: Located at Faizabad Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh offers a variety of polytechnic courses after 10thout of which, about 60% structure is practical and students learn from experimenting and the 40% structure is concerned with theoretical and analytical procedures. Slides, videos, slides, mock-ups are used by the teachers to make clear commencement of the complex engineering procedure. Diploma in Modern Office Management & Sec. Practice, Interior Decoration & Design, Instrumentation & Control Engineering, Fashion Design, and Garment Technology, and so on; are just the tip of the iceberg. 
  • Faroqia women Polytechnic, Karnataka.
  • Government Polytechnic, Karnataka.
  • Polytechnic for Girls Gujarat.
  • Polytechnic Colleges in Ambala City.
  • Polytechnic for Women, Haryana.
  • Kalpana Chawla Government Polytechnic. 
  • Women’s Polytechnic Kerala.
  • Ma’adin Polytechnic College, Kerala.


Applicants who have pursued the polytechnic courses after 10th can easily join in any engineering courses for further studies. Not only in the same field but can switch into other fields of engineering as well. The Diplomas of the same are equally important and have the equal weightage as any other diploma.


Scholars who have accomplished the three-year polytechnic course can directly join in the 2ndyear engineering course like B.Tech bypassing the ESET entrance exam. These courses have a more practical approach and are more focused on application.


This aptitude will aid the students to sheen well in any industrial company. The topics that pupils study in polytechnic are also there in engineering. Study of engineering will be easy after finishing the polytechnic. Administrations are employing more diploma accomplished polytechnic students rather than engineering trainees as they tend to leave jobs more frequently. 


Future of the Polytechnic Courses after 10th: 


As stated above the polytechnic courses have a greater advantage than realized by many. The prospects are really good and are growing every year. A student can spruce up his catalog or resume with the Polytechnic courses after 10th. 


Junior Engineer as a Start-up: One can directly get into being a junior or trainee engineer in a government project or even a private one with a good starting package. After all, it’s a respectable job that cannot be done with mere knowledge. Only good engineers can sustain in this line of work. 


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What is the Difference between a Polytechnic Courses after 10th and a B. Tech?


The straightforward variance between a B. Tech and the Polytechnic courses in Engineering is that a B. Tech is a Degree course whereas a Polytechnic is a Diploma Course. One can apply for the polytechnic course, right after passing the 10th std while the B. Tech needs the 12th passing. 


The polytechnic course intended for applicants who have accomplished their 10th std is definitely worth the time and money. Nevertheless, it is recommended to rethink and consider completing the 12th and pursue the course after the 12th. If you manage to complete 12th, even if you find it problematic to finish one polytechnic course, you can move on to the next course as you have completed 12th and it is a precondition for most of the courses.


After accomplishing the polytechnic courses after 10th, an applicant can opt to choose any bachelor’s degree. Most frequently, colleges and institutes admit them and declare them. In their bachelor courses as adjacent entry and applicants could join the 2nd year of the bachelor course. The job openings for a contender who has finished the polytechnic courses after 10th and the bachelors are comparatively higher than the applicants who have just accomplished any one of the courses.


If you have followed the course from a well-known institute or academy, the polytechnic certificate that you obtain will be accepted abroad with ease. Even for advanced studies in many European nations, a polytechnic diploma is accepted.


One of the upsides to getting a Polytechnic diploma is one can start working at any age or stage of life. The same cannot be done with many certificates or diplomas. Many reputed and well-known institutes or colleges go to the trouble of fetching good packages and jobs for their students. 


The polytechnic courses after 10th require skill, hard work, and dedication to be completed. Many students overcome their financial issues and come out flying with brighter futures with these courses. They can easily make a good and solid life with their diplomas and basic studies. A good foundation can only build a good construction over it.


Any basic course from the Polytechnic world can form a good base and can also set goals for the future in many cases, where there are none. Many parents and guardians have reported that they were so worried about their wards and children during their school years and with the given financial situations, they had hoped no or bad future for them. But with the right course at a polytechnic, those bad cases were also seen working hard and build a bright future. Anyone can do it with hard work and determination.


The polytechnic courses after 10th can also stop many young adults from falling into bad company or bad habits and rather focus on exciting studies and make a respectable name for themselves!

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